3 Bachelors Who Found Love On TV, 12 Who Found It After (+ 5 Who Need To Return)

Still an extremely popular show to this day, The Bachelor is one of the longest running “reality” shows in the history of television. Designed to be about a single man’s attempts to find love within a large group of eligible and interested women, the show’s audience often comes to deeply care about the participants.

Despite the fact that the star of each season of The Bachelor is meant to be there to find a mate for life, that doesn’t mean that all of them end up pulling off that feat. Instead, the show has a spotty history of being able to create couples who actually are devoted to one another. With that in mind, it is time to look at this list of three Bachelors who found love on TV, 12 who found it after, and five who need to return.

In order for someone to appear on this list, they first and foremost need to have been chosen to serve as the Bachelor at one point in the hit “reality” show’s history. On top of that, they either need to have found what appears to have been love with someone they met on the show, found someone since then, or need to make their TV return for another shot.

20 Needs To Return: Chris Soules – Season 19

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Introduced to TV viewers when he competed on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, it didn’t take long for Chris Soules to become a fan favorite. As a result, it made all the sense in the world when the man that some called Prince Farming was chosen to star in The Bachelor’s 19th season.

After Soules opted to propose to Whitney Bischoff at the end of his season, he then went on to star in Dancing With the Stars which may have taken a toll on that relationship.

After they broke up, Soules's life took a bad turn when he was involved in a car crash and fled the scene. Considering how great he has seemed in the past, once those legal troubles fade away getting another shot at love could turn Soules's life around.

19 Outside The Show: Brad Womack – Season 11 & 15

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An entrepreneur who left college at the age of 19 in order to work in oil fields all over America, by the time Brad Womack appeared on the 11th season of The Bachelor he was no stranger to hard work. Despite that, he failed to find the woman of his dreams in the initial group of woman who vied for his attention.

Brought back for the show’s 15th season, this time around Womack seemed to fall for Emily Maynard but even though the pair got engaged, they’d already broken up before their season stopped airing. However, several years after he last made a regular appearance on TV, Womack briefly seemed to find real love with AshLee Frazier, a contestant from Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor.

18 Outside The Show: Byron Velvick – Season 6

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One of the most unique Bachelors in the history of the franchise, before Byron Velvick made his “reality” show debut he’d already found some TV fame. A competitive fisherman who was a two-time WON Bass U.S. Open Champion, he also went on to be an on-the-water reporter for ESPN’s coverage of the sport.

Engaged to Mary Delgado at the end of his season of The Bachelor, the couple actually stayed together for five years before their unfortunate breakup. Thankfully for him, he went on to fall for and marry a woman who is now named Belinda Velvick and they have a daughter named Kamber together.

17 Needs To Return: Brad Womack – Season 11 & 15

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The only Bachelor to star in two seasons of this popular “reality” show, it just feels fitting that Brad Womack appears on this list twice as well. Considering that he has had two chances of love on The Bachelor over the years, it may seem a bit farfetched to consider having him return a third time. However, we strongly believe that if he were to make his return it would be a lot of fun to watch and could ultimately result in a lasting relationship for the man.

After all, he was quite likable in the past, it has been eight years since his last chance at “reality” show love, and he likely is better prepared to make a relationship work now that he has matured.

16 Outside The Show: Jake Pavelka – Season 14

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Definitely no stranger to the world of “reality” TV, not only did Jake Pavelka star in The Bachelor but he was also a part of The Bachelorette, Dancing With the Stars, Famous Food, and several other shows. Still, there is no doubt that he is best known as the star of The Bachelor’s 14th season, which ended with Pavelka proposing to Vienna Girardi.

Sadly, their relationship ended the following year. From there, Pavelka went on to date the immensely talented Kristin Chenoweth for a while before they broke up. Since then he has found another woman to share his life with, an Arkansas attorney named Tiffany.

15 Outside The Show: Andrew Firestone – Season 3

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An heir to the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company fortune, Andrew Firestone has made his own way in the business world as the principal and founder of StonePark Capital which is a hospitality firm. Chosen to star in the 3rd season of The Bachelor which premiered in 2003, in the end he got engaged to Jen Schefft who moved to California to be with him.

Despite that very serious step, their relationship was over before the year 2003 came to an end. However, in 2008 he got married to a model named Ivana Božilović and the two of them now have three children together.

14 On The Show: Jason Mesnick – Season 13

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When it comes to Jason Mesnick’s attempts to find love on television, things have not exactly run smoothly. Initially introduced to Bachelor Nation fans when he competed on the 4th season of The Bachelorette, he wound up being named the runner-up. From there, he was chosen to star in the 13th season of The Bachelor and at first, it seemed like he was going to wind up with the winner of his season, Melissa Rycroft.

However, he very quickly called off his engagement with Rycroft and got involved with his season’s runner-up, Molly Malaney. Eventually those two got married on national television and since then they've had a daughter together.

13 Outside The Show: Jesse Palmer – Season 5

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Already able to accomplish many incredible things before he starred in The Bachelor, Jesse Palmer first rose to prominence as a football player. A veteran of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes, he also played five seasons in the NFL between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers before making the transition to sports commentating. The star of The Bachelor’s 5th season, at the time Palmer decided not to propose to Jessica Bowlin but the two of them went on to date for several weeks before breaking up.

Still a TV personality today, as an ESPN commentator and Daily Mail host, he currently is romantically linked to model Emely Fardo.

12 Outside The Show: Charlie O'Connell – Season 7

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Long before he made his way to “reality” TV, Charlie O'Connell had already experienced a certain degree of success as an actor in Hollywood. The younger brother of famed actor Jerry O'Connell, Charlie portrayed minor characters in several notable movies, including Dude Where’s My Car? and Cruel Intentions. On top of that, he landed the most notable role of his acting career when he was cast as a recurring character in his brother’s long-running TV show, Sliders.

Chosen to star in the 7th season of The Bachelor, he didn’t propose to Sarah Brice, the star of his season, and their relationship was very short-lived. Instead, he went on to marry the model Anna Sophia Berglund in May 2018.

11 Outside The Show: Aaron Buerge – Season 2

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As the second person chosen to star in The Bachelor, Aaron Buerge has worked in the banking industry throughout his professional career. Currently working as the Executive Vice President of Legacy Bank and Trust, he also owned a Springfield, Missouri restaurant named Trolley’s Bar & Grille.

The first Bachelor to actually propose at the end of his season, sadly Buerge and Helene Eksterowicz only stayed together for a matter of weeks.

Thankfully, he went on to meet a woman named Angye in a sports bar from his Missouri hometown and they went on to get married and raise three children together.

10 Needs To Return: Nick Viall – Season 21

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The star of the recent 21st season of The Bachelor, Nick Viall last appeared on the show in early 2017. Considering he has barely been gone from the show for two years, it may be a bit too soon to bring him back right now, but if we give it another year or two and he is still single we would love to have him back.

A two-time runner-up on The Bachelorette and a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise’s 3rd season, Viall isn’t universally loved by fans of this franchise but he has made for entertaining television. Unable to make things work with his former fiancée and the winner of his season, Vanessa Grimaldi, Viall appears to be single and since he seems to be made for TV, his return feels inevitable.

9 Outside The Show: Juan Pablo Galavis – Season 18

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Another former professional athlete chosen to star in The Bachelor, prior to being a part of the show Juan Pablo Galavis played football for a decade from 1998 until 2008. From there, Galavis went on to shoot commercials before competing in The Bachelorette which led to him being chosen to star in the 18th season of The Bachelor.

At the end of his season, Galavis decided against proposing but he continued to date Nikki Ferrell for a while. Despite going on VH1’s Couples Therapy together, they still broke up. Since then Galavis went on to have a Miami wedding with the Venezuelan model and TV host Osmariel Villalobos in 2017.

8 On The Show: Arie Luyendyk Jr. – Season 22

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Born in The Netherlands, Arie Luyendyk Jr. would go on to take the whole world by storm as a race car driver who managed to prevail at the Indianapolis 500 on two occasions. Far from his only accomplishment in the racing world, he also showed his impressive stamina by competing in the grueling 12 Hours of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Daytona.

As the star of The Bachelor’s 22nd season, Luyendyk Jr. chose to propose to Becca Kufrin but evidently it became clear to him that he’d made a mistake. As a result, he broke off his engagement in order to begin dating his season’s runner-up, Lauren Burnham. They're married and have a daughter together.

7 Outside The Show: Ben Higgins – Season 20

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Among the most recent Bachelors, Ben Higgins starred in the 20th season of the show which aired in early 2016. At the end of that series, he proposed to Lauren Bushnell and the pair was so popular with viewers that they were given their own short-lived spin-off called Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? 

Sadly, that show came to an unfortunate end after the two of them announced their breakup. Since then, Higgins has stayed in the spotlight as the co-host of the Almost Famous podcast. On that podcast, Higgins announced in January of 2019 that he is seeing a mystery woman he described as the “best, purest person.”

6 Needs To Return: Alex Michel – Season 1

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The man who started it all! If people didn’t like watching Alex Michel trying to find love in a group of eligible women, The Bachelor franchise could have easily failed. Still, to this day we find it hard to believe that anyone would turn down a woman as extraordinary as the original Bachelorette, Trista.

His questionable taste in ladies aside, Michel has reportedly gone on to find huge success as a media industry executive in New York City. Still said to be single today, perhaps it is time for him to take a bit of time off work and use his increased life experience to successfully tackle finding love as the star of The Bachelor again! 

5 Outside The Show: Bob Guiney – Season 4

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Even though Bob Guiney starred in the 4th season of The Bachelor, he arguably was the first person from the show to really become a big part of the popular zeitgeist. After all, at the height of his fame, many people who never saw him on TV had still heard of “Bachelor Bob.” In fact, he was able to take the notoriety he earned on the show and used it to become the host of The Game Show Network’s GSN Live from 2009 until 2011.

Someone who opted against proposing to the winner of his season, Estella Gardinier, they did go on to date briefly. Since then, Bob had a failed marriage with All My Children actor Rebecca Budig before he found his current wife and the mother of his child, Jessica Canyon.

4 Outside The Show: Travis Lane Stork – Season 8

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Throughout the history of the Bachelor franchise, several of its stars have gone on to stay in the spotlight.

Among the most successful of the group, since starring in the 8th season of The Bachelor Travis Lane Stork has gone on to star in the popular daytime television show The Doctors since 2008.

Another example of one of the Bachelors who decided against proposing to anyone when his season ended, Stork also briefly dated the winner of his season, Sarah Stone. He was married to a pediatrician from 2012 until 2015 and is currently engaged to an attorney from Nashville named Parris Bell.

3 Outside The Show: Matt Grant – Season 12

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The first Brit to star in a season of the American version of The Bachelor, Matt Grant was a business development manager from London, England. Chosen to be a part of the show’s 12th season, he eventually went on to propose to Shayne Lamas who herself would go on to land a few minor movie roles.

Just like her limited success in the acting world, Grant and Lamas didn’t last very long as their relationship was over mere weeks after their season stopped airing. However, Grant did go on to have another Bachelor-related relationship when he dated a Bachelor Pad star named Natalie Getz. After they broke up, he met Rebecca Moring at a neighborhood pub and they got married in late 2017.

2 On The Show: Sean Lowe – Season 17

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As one of the most popular stars of The Bachelor, Sean Lowe was at the center of the show’s 17th season. Given that role for a very good reason, Lowe was cast after fans named him as their favorite competitor in the 8th season of The Bachelorette, in which he placed third.

While he clearly wasn’t successful the first time he appeared on “reality” TV, Lowe’s second attempt went a lot better as he met Catherine Giudici during his season of The Bachelor and they fell in love. Still married to this day, they now have two children together and both have spoken about how much they love each other.

1 Needs To Return: Andy Baldwin – Season 10

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As the star of The Bachelor’s 10th season, Andy Baldwin was a US Naval Officer who obviously cared deeply about treating the ladies that were vying for his love with the utmost respect. Unfortunately, even though he proposed to Tessa Horst at the end of his season, which was subtitled “An Officer and a Gentleman,” their engagement was not meant to be as it was soon called off.

Previously briefly linked to Dancing With the Stars’ Karina Smirnoff, Baldwin now appears to be single and dedicated to serving his country and various philanthropic endeavors. If that doesn’t sound like someone who deserves another shot at love then nobody does.

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