26 Unique Baby Girl Names That Aren't As Popular As They Should Be

Who doesn't love a unique name? There is a chemical reaction far beyond excitement that is exchanged between two people when one says their name and the other is intrigued by their response, as they've never heard that name before. Names are powerful and meaningful and are the one thing everyone is constantly saying and repeating throughout your life, no matter who you are. Okay, with the exception of maybe Oprah? I couldn't imagine folks that aren't aware of who Oprah is but they probably exist, too.

Everyone remembers Oprah's name not only because she is one of the most famous and powerful women worldwide but because she has a unique name.

I have a unique name also, that if you ask me should be a lot more popular than it is. I go by the name of Veracia. Said like "Ver-ay-sha" and although I'm glad it's rare it's also been hard work growing up, but so incredibly worth it. It is derived from the Latin root word "veracious" meaning "truthful". And boy, I've had no choice but to be truthful all my life because of it. Names matter, they do. So I'd advise, that you don't hesitate to name your daughter something out of the ordinary, they may hate it at first and desire a name like "Stephanie" but eventually, they'll grow to love it. Oh, and feel free to name your daughter Veracia if you please.

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26 Amedea - God's Love


When you think Amedea, do you also think of Amadeus? That might be because both names are one in the same. Amedea is the female version of the name, whereas Amadeus is more suited for a baby boy. Both terms are birthed out of Italian descent, although I think it's safe to say Amedea is a lot cuter.

While the name still remains unique and ensures that your baby girl will stand out from the crowd, the name isn't overly cute but is one that warrants respect.

Respect trumps all in this day and age and most cute names just aren't going to cute it. Us, women need to continue to run the world! Especially in our names.

The name is currently catching on in Italy but isn't quite as common in North America. Italy is an incredibly religious country and is governed in accordance with the Vatican and Catholicism. As a result, the name directly translated to "lover of God" or "God's love" and can be correctly pronounced mainly two ways. According to nameberry.com, Amedea can either be said like AHM-a-DAY-a or as ah-MED-ee-a. The feminine version of Amadeus can also be spelled "Amadea". Other names that fall within the same name group include, Amandi, Amadora, Amarante, Amarinda, and Amayble.

25 Clemencia - Merciful And Mild


I couldn't see many reasons to name your daughter Clemencia unless you really loved clementines, the flower or fruit. Not to mention the name could rhyme and there isn't no telling what riddles kids might come up with to tease her at school. But hardships breed warriors and that your daughter will be! Not only because you gifted her with such a pleasant and unique name but because Clemencia is a derivative of Latin origin meaning "merciful" and "mild". Honorable mentions for the name Clemencia includes Clemence, Clementina, and Clementine.

So there you have it, she'll fend off her haters with class and grant then empathy and mercy. That is if she values the merit of her name and chooses to live her life accordingly. This name carries a sort of ancient or at least Elizabethan vibe and thus seems to suit older women. But have no fear, your beautiful little flower or orange-like fruit will grow into her name in no time. Name your daughter the way you want her to be - it works.

24 Talitha - Little Girl


Talitha is another uncommon name that was birthed from Arabic and Aramaic origins. The name came to be through Biblical reference, in a story found in the Gospel of Mark. In the story, Jesus resurrects a little girl by uttering the words "talitha cumi" which translates to "Little girl, I say to you, arise!". So, naming your daughter Talitha (not to be mistaken for Tabitha) would be literally naming her "little girl". But the significance of the name is rooted in its Biblical context and that sets this name apart from many and amongst other greats.

Talitha is also the name of two stars in the Ursa Major constellation.

The Arabic term behind the stars Talitha Borealis and Talitha Australis stands for "third" in the phrase al-qafzah al-thālithah (or القفزة الثالثة), representing the third leap in a folklore Arabic story. A startled gazelle leaped three times to three different points in the constellation. So, if you aren't too thrilled about naming your little girl well... little girl you can resort to telling others you named her after a star in the northern sky. Now, that's unique. As previously mentioned, Talitha puts a unique spin on the name Tabitha. Another unique name that may be in the same name family is Talisa.

23 Kassiani - Famous Greek Poet


Sugar and spice and all things nice, like Kassiani. Why? You might ask. Simply because the name Kassiani derives out of a Greek term that translates to "cinnamon". Kassiani is also an ancient name that was given to a famous Greek poet, composer and hymnographer who later became a Saint. The Kassiani hymn is usually sung on the Tuesday of Easter in Greek Orthodox churches. Kassiani was one of the only Eastern Roman women who was known to have written using her own name. She wrote a number of popular hymns, many of which are usually associated with fallen women.

The 9th-century Saint was known to be rejected by the love of her life. She was in love with the Emporer Theophilos, but Kassiani was rejected by him when it was revealed that she was smarter than him. Go figure. Many of her epigrams or aphorisms were referred to as "gnomic verse" one of which she writes "I hate the rich man moaning as if he were poor." Kassiani was my kind of woman, a revolutionary far before the term was even coined. A renaissance woman at that, whose name should be honored and mentioned amongst the greats more often like Saint Joan of Arc. Variations of Kassiani include Cassia, Kasia, and Keziah.

22 Zephyrine - West Wind


Zephyrine is a name derived from both Greek and French origins. Zephyrine is an alternative spelling for the name Zephyr. It is not a common name in North America, but the name is mildly used in parts of Europe. The literal translation of the name means "west wind". The name feels and sounds similar to names Severine and Seraphina, so you are free to consider them a part of the same name family.

According to astrology, those with the name Zephyrine are known to be very honest in their life and when dealing with others.

Although their intentions are always clear and true, they are free thinkers that may unknowably offend others in their quest to be free in thought and action.

Moonastro.com claims those with the name Zephyrine are also extremely confident beings that exude confidence and are natural born leaders. But to whom much is given, much is tested. In astrology, people with names that start with the letter "Z" are also targeted as they tend to draw many towards them. That may make it hard to trust people or have real friends, but as natural born leaders I think Zephyrine will find her way just fine.

21 Crisanta - Golden Flower


Crisanta is a Spanish name but a derivative of Greek origin. The name means golden flower or specifically a chrysanthemum (sometimes referred to as mums or chrysanths). These flowers are a part of the Asteraceae family and are native to Asia and northeastern Europe. Today, there are a bunch of variations worldwide. I say all of this to say that regardless of where you are or your future daughter will be, with a name like this, your baby girl is sure to be the flower of everyone's eye.

Crisanta is a cultural twist and the classic name Christine but provides a unique alternative. Not to mention all the overly cute nicknames that can come out of a name like Crisanta. I mean, there is Cris, Crissy, and even Santa of course. She will able to flip the whole Christmas thing and make the day her own. And nothing beats making another entire holiday about yourself. Self-love is the best love and creating days to showcase that self-love is the name of the game. Get it...name of the game? No. Me neither.

20 Zaylee - Australian Word Meaning "Flower"


Zaylee sounds a lot like Swae Lee from the rockstar rap duo Rae Sremmurd. If you aren't a fan of the group or their music or have entirely no idea who they are, ignore that last sentence. Besides, Zaylee is a much more beautiful name. It sounds like the name of a flower which is no coincidence as the name is of Australian descent and quite literally translates to flower. Oddly enough, the name Zaylee also lends a comparison to the Australian rapper Iggy Azelia. Azelia in Hebrew and also means flower. According to my calculations, a young Zaylee has potential to be a very swaggy girl and may have the potential to be a rapper herself.

Notice the name has a unique spelling factor too.

As the -ee suffix gives the name a unique flair but also does not pull the name too far apart from the array of names with a similar feel and sound. Let's see, there is Hayley, Kayley, and even Bailey. These are all somewhat a part of the same name family but even more of a unique similarity is the fact that they are all unisex names and that my friends makes for great conversation starters.

19 Doveva - Graceful


Doveva, is a beautiful, beautiful name. My only caution with this one is how you would have to prepare your daughter for the mispronunciations even though the name is incredibly straightforward. You literally read it how it looks but I have one of those names and take it from me, a fellow unique namer. But it isn't the end of the world, it will clearly just teach one patience and to take pride in her one-of-a-kind name. Doveva is another Hebrew name and it happens to mean graceful.

Doveva is a feminine name but also embodies strength and diligence. According to nameberry.com, the name is heard mainly in Israel. Nicknames of Doveva include Dove and Dova. Doveva - the dove who also happens to be wrapped up in the smell of baby Dove products and well regular dove as an adult. It has a lovely ring to it, doesn't it? And is even a potentially Dove collaboration or commercial waiting to happen. All I ask for is writing credits and perhaps 10 percent of any earnings. Thank you in advance, Doveva.

18 Marciana - Dedicated To Mars


Marciana, like the women clothing store Marciano except ending with the letter "a". This girl name has a Latin epistemology. No surprise there. Marciana is an alternative to the name Marcia, which is just as lovely and unique. Similar names include Marcene, Marci, and Marcille. Marci can also be used as a nickname for Marciana. Have you ever considered getting a name change?

I mean names like this make the hassle of potentially changing your name worthwhile.

Thinkbabynames.com explains that the name Marciana is dedicated to mars. Now, I've got two things to say about that: 1) that might not be the explanation you'd like to share with others when asked what your daughter's name means. All I can think of is how kids will find a way to fix your kid's name into that awful nursery rhyme. You know the one, "boys go to Jupiter...and girls go to mars..." And no one wants that. 2) If Marciana really did mean dedicated to mars, I'm sure Outkast would have made some song about it.

17 Danica - Morning Star


A woman I use to get my hair cornrowed from back in the day's name was Danica. Danica where ever you are and if you ever get the chance to read this, thank you. Whenever my mom failed, you were right there to help a young girl out - I digress. The origin or the name Danica is Slavic. These were an Indo-European group located in central and eastern Europe and throughout Russia. The meaning of the name Danica is "morning star" and that's exactly what my childhood hair braider was!

All jokes aside, Danica is truly a nice name. Nameberry.com claims the name is usually synonymous with the name Venus in many countries, even though we hear of Venus quite often. In fact, it's surprising that a number of these's names have not made it on the most popular list as of 2018. There a number of overused names that we can all attest to that need to be put to rest so creativity and new meaning can shine through, just like the morning star.

16 Nimah - Blessing


The name Nimah comes from Arabic origin. It is a unique name in the Western world but is a known name in Arabic speaking countries. As a result, many different groups of people have commonly used the name worldwide. The name Nimah can be found in African and Muslim circles. As reported by thenamemeaning.com, Nimah has a spiritual and significant meaning.

Nimah in most contexts means devotion but is also defined as "blessing" or "favor".

Other definitions of the name, minimize the beauty of the name to being "a loan". I guess depending on how you view things, a loan can be considered a blessing but for all intensive purposes, you'd most likely want to name your daughter specifically as a blessing.

Aren't too thrilled about Nimah but feeling the name just a little. Here are a few alternatives that are close enough, Naamah, Naaman, Naimah, Nama and even Nami. Of course, Nama and Nami seem a lot like the short forms kids will use when they can't be bothered to say the full name, but it's the thought that counts. If you believe in the spiritual connection that is born out of the naming process than choosing to name your daughter Nimah is a meaningful and safe bet, not to mention a beautiful name at that.

15 Elodie - Foreign Riches


Say Elodie to yourself in a slow and loud manner right now. Go ahead, "e-low-die". It almost sounds like you are saying "hello, there" doesn't it? Okay, maybe it's just me. No, this name does not translate to a single greeting but a holds an overall richer meaning - if you catch my drift. Elodie is a French name by which a variation of the name can also be traced back to Greek Alodia. However, wait for the kicker...the name Elodie means foreign riches. What a great name to bestow on your little one.

Everyone's parents just want their child to be alright in life and a part of that stability means financial wealth. Now foreign wealth comes with a lot of other luxuries. Let's see, there are foreign calls and foods and people to meet and fall in love with - oh, the possibilities. There are so many amazing things around the world to experience and amazing places to explore. Your daughter will come to know of these many delights and delicacies with time, especially because her name will warrant her to a whole 'lot of foreign riches.

14 Jubilee - Rams' Horn


Without even providing an explanation Jubilee sounds like a cheerful name. It's of Hebrew origins and derived out of Biblical content even though the term quite literally translates to "ram's horn". Jubilee in plain terms is the celebration of a particular anniversary or event. For instance, one's 60th wedding anniversary is a jubilee. In The Bible, a jubilee is used to describe is associated with celebrations once a monarch as passed a milestone amount of years in rule or power. A "silver jubilee" refers to the 25th year of ruling while a "golden jubilee" refers to the 50th.

The birth of your daughter is a jubilee in and of itself and every year thereafter will be celebrated as such, so why not give her a name that accurately describes her essence.

Although, with a name like Jubilee, one may have to constantly fend for themselves in light of expressing any other emotion. The thought of one being happy 24/7 is unrealistic but there is always pressure to "live up to your name" - just ask Drake's protege Bake Not Nice.  The name Jubilee carries a joyous spirit that your daughter will be able to draw upon and hopefully find happiness and light even in difficult and trying times. I'm all for naming children names that will inspire them to live their best lives.

13 Dariela - Beloved


"Hey there, Dareila. What's it like in New York City? I'm a thousand miles away. But, girl, tonight you look so pretty - yes, you do." Okay, so maybe the name in that Plain White T's song is not Dereila but the sentiment still stands. Your daughter will look so pretty and every time her name is pronounced she'll feel pretty too. And the chances of someone writing a song in her honor isn't that far-fetched, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine (it was me, I was that friend). Especially because the name Dareila means "dear one" and "beloved".

It's not quite Delilah or Daniela, but close enough so the name feels familiar when others say it. But rare enough that they'll have to take a second look or ask your daughter to say it again. The name is of French origins which makes perfect sense. Who else other than the French to create such a beautiful name to mean which such a beautiful meaning. You know the French folks love nothing more than the language of love.

12 Zuri - Good And Beautiful


The name Zuri is one that seems to be climbing it's way up the charts in recent years, although it's far from being common or overused. Zuri is an African name and is specifically derived out of Kiswahili (also known as Swahili). With the new found love for African culture worldwide with the success of Black Panther, this name will surely be making a come back. Zuri is not to confused with the Shuri, the technologically advanced princess of Wakanda,  but should be regarded with the same level of awe and wonder. Now, for the meaning of the name you've been reading and patiently waiting for...

Zuri translates to good and beautiful.

A short, sweet name that will exemplify everything your daughter will come into the world as and remain with age - goodness, and beauty. Names that start with the letter "z" will always have a certain appeal to them and remain exclusive. All of this talk has me wishing I had a name that started with a "z". Zuri can also be spelled with an "h" for extra appeal (not like the name needs it). In 2014, Lebron James and his lovely wife Savannah named their daughter with the slightly different spelling, "Zhuri".

11 Aviana - Like A Bird


Ooouuu, Aviana is pretty - very pretty. Aviana is sort of the full version of the megahit of a name Ava that has surfaced in the last couple of years. There is no telling whether people will call your daughter Ava by default or whether or not she'll enjoy Ava over her full name at that. However, both names are beautiful. Aviana is also a lot like the popular name Ariana and although littles everywhere would love to say Ariana Grande was their namesake, they'll grow and appreciate your creativity and quest to find some sort of originality. Aviana is a variation of the name Avis which is a name of Latin descent.

The Aviana means "bird" or "like a bird" which in most slang terms is not a flattering name to call a woman - ever. But names are what you make them and so are their meanings. For that reason, we can spin "bird" around to mean free or adventurous - yeah, that'll work. I say, if you like the name - go for it! Other definitions also state a combination of Via and Ann(e) which would collectively translate to "way of grace" or "living in grace". So, Avianna is not simply a wondering bird but a free being living in grace - breathtaking.

10 Suri - The Sun


Speaking about Black Panther, Suri is one of the top names of the film that you walk away with after the movie has ended. In the film, the princess of Wakanda, Shuri is spelled with an "h" in the middle but it's still the same name. But get this, in Hebrew Suri is known as a variation of Sarah. According to nameberry.com, Suri is a name of Persian origin that means "princess" while in Sanskrit the name means "the sun". For whichever one of these meanings, your future daughter chooses to take on, any of the definitions will suffice and be great characteristics to personify.

If all else fails, you can show your daughter Black Panther after all the dust settles.

You can claim that you named her Suri after the great warrior princess that was technically responsible for saving the day (along with other female warriors Nakia, Okoye, and T'Challa of course).

Shuri is a wonderful role model and movie character for any young woman to look up to in order to truly believe that she can do anything she puts her mind to. If you are one to be inspired by the celebrity names, note that in 2007  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes named their daughter Suri.

9 Akaysha - Thorny Greek Flower


Akaysha is one of those names that was gaining popularity in the early 2000's, sort of like the like Neveah. Akaysha comes from the Old Greek language. The name is a spin on the English and Greek name Acacia. The name Acacia comes from the beautiful Greek flower (or shrub) usually white or yellow petal clusters. This flower is usually shown heavenly around Easter time, as the flower is considered a signification of the resurrection. The original meaning of the Acacia is "thorny" but because the flower itself has many medical purposes and bore the wood used in the Ark of the Covenant (you know, the gold-covered wooden chest that held the 10 Commandments).

I know you are thinking Akaysha is a very different name from Acacia but let me reassure you that the two are one in the same. What you decide to name your daughter is based strictly off of preference, and both names are equally beautiful with that unusual alluring factor. Your daughter will not be "thorny" but rather a representation of immortality! Akaysha can also be spelled with a "c" - Acaysha. Other names that fall into the same name family include Akakia, Accassia, Kassja, Casha,  Kaci, Acasiya, and Acasia.

8 Valencia - Brave And Strong


Valencia sounds a bit like Valentina but not really. I can bet you've seen it written a whole lot of times but never imagined it could be the name of your future baby girl. Ready? Valencia is a font name, so whenever you are searching through fonts to eventually end up picking "Times New Roman" again and again, you've seen Valencia. Valencia is a Spanish name which makes a whole lot of sense as there is a city in Spain by the same name. But what came first the chicken or the egg? I guess it depends on your perception. I for one think the chicken came first...so city then name.

Valencia is not just an incredibly legible font but a potential girl name with an even more incredible meaning. As stated time and time again in this article, name's matter. A name with meaning won't change the world but might remind your little girl of the strength they hold within themselves.

Valencia is one of those very names as it means "brave" and "strong".

There is just something about them names that start with a "v".

7 Abrienne - Strength And Power


You can be honest with yourself and admit that at first, you read that name up there as "Adrienne". Admitting is the first step to forgiving yourself besides, it isn't all that serious. Adrienne is also a nice name but that is not the name at hand. "Abrienne" is a spin on the less common name with the simple change of a letter. But just as you have mistaken the two names (I promise your secret is safe with me) others may do the same, in spelling and pronunciation. That is quite often the price one pays with an uncommon name but it's all worth it.

Nameberry.com credits Abrienne as a variation of the name Abra, which is also the feminine version of the name Abraham. Abraham translates into "the father of multitudes" as Abraham in a Biblical context. This feminine name is the traced back to Italian descent where the name given is usually Abriana. So pick your poison, Abrienne or Abriana with an Italian ring too it. Thenamemeaning.com has also got Adrienne under the meaning of strength and power, as Abraham possessed both of those characteristics.

6 Cordelia - Daughter Of The Sea


Cordelia is obviously the feminine version of the name Cornelius, except that name seems outdated. Cordelia is less common and a lot nicer sounding, if you ask me. Similar female names in the same name group include Cordella, Cordelie, and Coraline. Cordelia is derived from Latin and Celtic origins which may explain the Old English feel on the name. But nothing is new under the sun and if a name was popular at a time, it'll probably go out of style and make an impressive come back. Your only job is to try and be ahead of the wave, even with the timeless names you choose to gift your children with.

The name translates to "heart" or "daughter of the sea".

What is not quite clear is whether "daughter of the sea" is cute and mystical like The Little Mermaid...or not. In any case, that's a great film to show your daughter in case she ever asks where you got the idea of a name like that from. "Well, sweetie I was watching The Little Mermaid and felt inspired to name you after a daughter known in the land of water...". You can thank me later and if she doesn't buy it, you won't know where to find me anyhow.

5 Avonlea - River By A Field


Y'all remember Avon catalogs? And the woman who always came around to persuade you into buying Avon from the Avon catalog? Yup, where I'm from she was called the "Avon lady". She was loved even though everyone thought she was wildly annoying. But looking back on it, she was just doing her job and trying to make ends meet. Plus Avon had some bomb inexpensive beginning makeup and chapstick. Although, we wish more for your daughter than to sell catalogs, so Avonlea is a far more compelling name. Like Valencia, Avonlea is a place name as well.

L. M. Montgomery is a Canadian author who wrote children's books in the early 1900's. She wrote short fiction and children's books that served as coming of age books for little girls. Her protagonist Anne would go on adventures in various places and Avonlea was one of them. As a result, the name Avonlea is notably translated to "river by a field" as a place Anne considered home. This fictional place later inspired the creation of a real Canadian town in Prince Edward Island. Not only will your daughter have a gorgeous sounding name but a story to tell and a place to visit one day that bore her namesake.

4 Cassia - Cinnamon


It's quite interesting to think that Cassia would not be a more popular name by now. Just saying Cassia seems like it belongs to a dreamy little girl, like the flower of some sort. And that assumption is not far-fetched. Cassia bushes or trees have yellow flowers and that's not all. The Cassia tree produces a spice that is extremely similar to cinnamon and at times can be used as a substitute for the french-toast essential.

If you haven't guessed by now Cassia translates to cinnamon.

I assume Cassia's were all flowery like which is true in some cases but for the most part they probably spicy. Who doesn't love their women with a little spice?

Cassia is a name of Greek origin, which is telling because it is considered the feminine version of the male man Cassius. Another male name that is similar to Cassia is Cassian, which would be adorable his & her names for twins. Cassia can always be spelled Cassiah. Naturally, your daughter will most likely be called Cass for shortly from lazy people that can't be bothered to pronounce two more letters. But you're daughter will be a trooper and a spicy one at that so after a few corrections, others will get the point.

3 Magnolia - Pink And White Flower


"Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?" If you name your daughter Magnolia, it is only a matter of time before she becomes the coolest girl in the room or at the hip-hop party. Why? You ask. When the DJ drops that Magnolia by Playboi Carti, it would only make sense that everyone would point to your daughter in anticipation that she busts the greatest Milly Rock anyone has ever seen. It would literally be her birthright. If you aren't a rap fan just look past the above sentiments and if you are curious, look the song up. None of this changes the fact that Magnolia is still one of the sweetest names you've ever heard.

For those of you who don't know, apart from a great song to Milly Rock dance to, a Magnolia is a type of flower. A flower that is usually pink and white in hue. It sometimes even appears peachy when both colors mesh into one. Magnolia lays within the family of botanical women names like Azalea, which was mentioned earlier in this article and Zinnia. In case you were wondering where the name of the flower and name originally came from, it's Latin, like the majority of the English language.

2 Truly - Truthful


It is always a good thing to aspire to be a virtuous and truthful woman. Many names for girls play on these seemingly innate feminine characteristics but the truth is women have been socialized to conduct themselves in a pleasant and kind way. These characteristics aren't necessarily bad things as the play a part in the reason why women are so awesome! Truth is a virtue to cling to and hold dear. It's one of the reasons why you are told to remain honest and keep honest people around you, cause it is sometimes hard to come by.

Although True is a particularly unusual name we hear it a little more often then Truly.

Even recently, Khloe Kardashian named her daughter True.

Truly, on the other hand, is a twist on the classic name. If we are being honest, the name Truly is a unisex name but I for one think it suits a little girl just a tab bit more than a baby boy. There is also beauty in the fact that a name like Truly doesn't call for any further explanation an is able to stand as is.  Not to mention all the cool idioms and sayings your daughter will be able to create surrounding her name. If social media is still a thing by then she'll have twitter and Instagram handles galore to choose from.

1 Zariah - Sunrise


Zariah Carey sounds a little cooler than Mariah Carey. Possibly because we've heard Mariah over and over again and she really should cool out on doing live performances. But we still love you, Mariah, you are indeed a legend. Zariah is one of those "Z" names and we can't help but acknowledge the extra oomph the letter Z brings. The name Zariah is not explicitly traced to one country or origin but can but according to nameberry.com can be attributed to Arabic, Hebrew, Nigerian and Russian. The more origins and meanings - the merrier, especially for you and your future daughter to chose from.

In Arabic, the name Zariah translates to "blooming flower" while in Hebrew the name is derived from "Azaria" which means "God has helped". Last but not least, in Nigeria, Zariah is the name of a major city in the country's northern region. In Russian, the name is derived from the name Zaria or Zarya, meaning sunrise or dawn. No matter what meaning you are drawn to, your daughter will have a lovely name. Those "Z" names are undoubtedly something else. They are almost as great as names that begin with the letter "V".

References: Nameberry.com, Babygaga.co, thenamemeaning.com

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