26 FashionNova Outfits We’re Obsessing Over (Because They’re Like, Really Pretty)

Fast fashion isn’t everybody’s favorite, but many fashionistas have a soft spot for one company in particular. FashionNova is an exciting new website which has taken everyone's social media feed by storm.

Full of leggings, crop tops, and high waisted jeans, FashionNova is absolutely begging to be photographed and shared. There are a ton of visually stunning pieces, and they’re incredibly reasonably priced. What’s not to love?

Not to mention the fact that so many of everyone's favorite celebrities have also been spotted rocking the #novababe hashtag, dressing up for a night on the town in one of FashionNova’s party styles. While the search function isn’t the greatest (seriously, be prepared to scroll for ages) the outfits themselves are worth it.

For those who might be hesitating about whether or not to take the Nova plunge, hopefully, this will help a little with convincing them. Whether it’s a new pair of jeans or a glamorous wedding reception dress, these outfits will showcase all the amazing reasons every lady has to build a FashionNova wardrobe.

Celebrities and average fashion-lovers alike are literally obsessed with some of these looks, and for good reason. Read on for the really, really pretty reasons why!

26 Kyla Pratt Rocks This Track-Friendly Two Piece


Who doesn’t want a little bit of Gucci in their lives? For those of us who are decades away from making enough expendable cash to cover a Gucci buy, don’t worry: FashionNova is here.

This tracksuit is one of the cutest ones we’ve seen, and it’s perfectly styled with high heels and some hoops.

While we couldn’t find an exact match to the pattern and the green stripes, we were pleasantly surprised to find a few other high fashion matching tracksuit options.

25 But Adrienne Bailon's Looking Ready For The Beach


Adrienne Bailon knows how to rock a crop top. That statement goes double for this outfit, which is basically the essence of summer (but wearable). While it might not be the best choice for these long, cold, rainy winter days, it’s the perfect outfit to pick up now before the summer sun hits. Even if the palm fronds aren’t your favorite, there’s still hope for this outfit.

They carry it in both a striped version as well as a delicious looking pineapple one.

24 This Simple Outfit Makes Us Believe That Less Is More


Of course, it’s not all tracksuits and summer breezes. FashionNova is also a great place to pick up some classic pieces too. The people who look the most fashionable are the ones who build their wardrobe up with personal style in mind.

Having some well-fitting classics is the first step when it comes to creating great outfits, which is why we can’t get enough of this classic union.

A long sleeve shirt in a neutral color and a pair of high-waisted skinnies are a must for any budding fashionista.

23 But Sometimes A Girl's Gotta Show Off


And then we’ve got this look. A very far cry from the classic style that’s featured above, this is a look that says “I’m here and I’m not leaving.” Those bright red shoes are absolutely gorgeous, and the jeans are accentuating an already amazing look. Finished off by layering on a leather jacket, we couldn’t be happier to report that this is a style easily achieved. Even these similar heels can be found on FashionNova, for a price that’s way less than what we would have guessed.

22 Draya Michele's Serving Up Neutral-Toned Sass In This Casual Outfit


No matter what we’re working with naturally, FashionNova is here to accentuate it. Not only do they make pants that are comfortable, but they’re actually built in such a way that the shape helps to smoothen and round whatever it is we’re working with. That’s the trick to this outfit. A little bit of a sassy shoulder, this outfit is everything when it comes to making an understated, casual style really pop. The best part? There’s a huge variety of colors and shapes, so we can get that sassiness in any style.

21 It Even Holds Its Own With Gucci


We’ve talked about the faux Gucci looks that they’re semi-famous for, but what about actual Gucci? Is it possible that a fast fashion brand could truly hold its own when accessorized against a truly iconic brand?

Gucci has almost turned into a way of life now, but that won’t stop certain “Nova Babes” from embracing a more realistic aesthetic.

By pairing these camo joggers with a Gucci bag we’re able to live in that perfect in-between: saving on trending items while splurging on the timeless pieces that tend to break the bank.

20 White Outfits Are Gorgeous, But Hard To Keep Clean


There’s something about the status that a white outfit has that always has us mesmerized. Maybe it’s the fact that the light reflection can’t help but catch our eye. Maybe it’s the fact that most of us can’t wear white for two minutes before spilling coffee or tomato sauce on it. Whatever the cause, white outfits have a magnetic power. We don’t need to worry about permanent staining on this two-piece when it’s so easy to order a new set. That makes wearing white seem way less nerve-wracking!

19 Kylie Jenner Is The FashionNova Goddess We Can Only Dream Of Being


It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner loves FashionNova, and FashionNova loves Kylie Jenner. They’ve got a whole section just named “Kylie Jenner,” giving us some majorly accessible versions of Jenner’s best looks. The reverse is true too, though, as Us Magazine reveals that Kylie Jenner has been known to style herself with outfits almost exclusively from FashionNova. Take, for example, this version of that awesome orange jacket that’s been popping up on our feeds (thanks in part to this selfie from Jenner herself).

18 Even In A Simple FashionNova Dress


Real talk: We’re not sure if Kylie Jenner is actually wearing the FashionNova version here. FashionNova has been known to rework certain designer dresses and outfits and sell them at a fraction of the cost.

This is one of those dresses that they definitely keep in stock, but might not look exactly the same as it does on dear Kylie here.

We’ll be totally honest and admit that we went so far as to order it, and then refused to wear it out of the house. The look isn’t for us, but it’s absolutely gorgeous on Kylie!

17 We're Living For This Powerful Woman Outfit


A lot of the appeal of these FashionNova styles is the fact that we look at them and think “who could style that?” Sure enough, FashionNova is providing unique items for all of us to live out our style dreams in. This outfit is a perfect example. Who would have thought that this season's fur jacket and pants combo would work? Sure enough, the outfit is totally chic and head-turningly amazing. The best part is that it definitely doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either, which means we can pick up the next season’s cool and edgy stuff too.

16 The Boots Make The Outfit


Accessories and shoes, that is! Who could forget about these friendly feet covers? FashionNova is primarily a clothing site, but they’ve got a variety of shoes on there too that can elevate even the simplest of outfits. We definitely recommend finding a fun pair of shoes like these to own. Who knows when we might need a pair of brightly colored boots to dress up a style? They also keep us a little warmer when going out in the winter, so these shoes are really a practical purchase.

15 We Can Easily Have Wings Thanks To This Outfit


This is a shirt that we seriously love, and think that it makes for an absolutely gorgeous outfit.

While the photo itself really focuses on the shirt, there’s more to it than that.

Some small hoop earrings and some faux leather pants take this shirt from being pirate-esque to totally angelic. They look light and delicate compared to the heavier materials. It’s an easy look to achieve, too, since everything can be found on their website and added to your shopping cart with one simple click.

14 Shining Like A Diamond Is Par For The Course


Gold, silver, multi-colored sequins... FashionNova does it all, and we couldn’t be more in awe of their collection of sparkly dresses. The company crafts detailed, elaborate designs that catch the light but don’t intimidate. While a lot of budget companies find themselves with dull sequins or shedding sparkles, FashionNova does really well on that front. Their dresses are not only nice to wear, but they look absolutely incredible too. Just take this beautiful dress. The way it falls looks like a dramatic, sparkly water fountain. But, like, in a pretty way.

13 Monica Brown Shows Subtle Accessorizing Is Key


This is a two-piece track set that’s still got some varieties in stock, and is still going to look good even if it’s not the summer. Based on our quick searching, this is a style that’s not going out of fashion any time soon.

However, there seems to be a shift from wearing the neon colors of 2018 into some darker hues this year.

This tracksuit offers a splash of color with it too, which is well accompanied by some yellow toned sunglasses. Looks like it’s true: accessories really do make the outfit.

12 Tamar Braxton Builds A Business Casual Look


It’s not just tracksuits that are trending! Two pieces, in general, are definitely having a moment, and we’re totally here for it. This checkered two-piece look is the perfect thing to bring a little bit of fun to office outfits (and then out for drinks afterward). Adding a buttoned-up blazer over top of the crop top can hide the fact that there’s a fair bit of skin showing, while still looking coordinated enough to pass as a classy business look. Take the blazer off and BAM! Ready for the party.

And the best part? It's not the only business to casual two-piece.

11 Mono Color Is Trending, And FashionNova Knows


Monocolor is a trend that’s been seen in a few different places. It’s also a fancy term for our wardrobe, which is mostly made up of the mono-color black.

This outfit is enough to convince us to start wearing some color, though, as the style and fit are gorgeous.

We might have thought that a fully yellow outfit was too much, but our minds are officially changed after seeing this style. The sheer shirt makes the yellow less obvious, while the pants straddle that professional-but-trending look.

10 Funky Pants Add The Perfect Amount Of Fun


FashionNova has so many fun pants it can be hard to choose just one pair. We chose this set of fun pants solely because of the styling of the rest of the outfit. This is a perfect example of the kind of glamour that FashionNova can provide. A nice white shirt and a coordinated purse/shoe combo make for a fantastic, stylish outfit that’s also pretty effortless to put together. Since the pants are the star of the show it’s easy to match neutrals with them.

9 It's Easy To Look Our Best When Everything's Budget Friendly, Too


At the end of the day, it’s really all about the money. Right? We all want to be super trendy, but it can take a toll on our wallets to keep up with all of the fashion whims out there. FashionNova makes it a little easier. Their clothes are all really affordable.

This includes the Cardi B line, as well as all of the Kylie Jenner looks they offer.

From faux designer to totally stylish stuff, this is a site that we can (and have) spent hours and hours digging through without breaking our budget.

8 Yes, They Have Great Jeans. But Who Knew They Had Great Coveralls?


It was only a matter of time before all of those two piece tracksuit sets started to merge into one fabulous piece of clothing.

Overalls and coveralls have been seen in the fashion magazines for a while now, and it looks like they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

This denim set is certainly enticing us with its curve-hugging powers and cozy styles. Pairing it with the pops of red really make for a fantastic outfit, and so easy to get dressed all in one motion!

7 Distressed Jeans Can Get Dressed Up Too


FashionNova is really known for their jeans, especially after gracing the hips of Kylie Jenner. We’ve already discussed just how influential Kylie Jenner’s support has been. This is part of the reason we’re so excited about the brand. It can be really hard to find a good, flattering pair of jeans. While some of FashionNova’s pants really lean into that distressed look, like this pair, it’s artistic enough that even they can be dressed up. Loafers and a button-up shirt make this outfit casual meeting appropriate.

6 Sometimes We Don't Want To Craft An Outfit, Though


Remember when we gushed over that denim onesie a few entries ago? Well, we couldn’t resist including another one piece, and for good reason. They’re truly the trick to creating chic and flattering outfits quickly and easily.

Being able to pull on one article of clothing makes even us lazier folks excited about the idea of getting dressed.

After all, one piece of clothing is less than two. When that one piece of clothing is as comfy and flattering as this romper, it’s only natural that we want to wear it all the time.

5 For Those Days When We Can't Decide Between Pants Or A Skirt


This is potentially one of our favorite pairs of pants. Not only are they looking incredibly comfortable and soft, but they definitely have more than enough room for any and all activities.

Yoga, running, stretching; even twirling is made more fun thanks to these pants.

We’re low-key obsessed with them, but can anyone blame us? Not only are they gorgeously flowy, but they also make for a unique style choice. They also look amazing paired with a chunky belt, such as this designer one in the photo.

4 Playing With Patterns Is Giving Us '90s Vibes


Patterns are nothing to be afraid of wearing, especially when there are so many good ones out there. FashionNova might be full of solid staples, but we’re also big fans of their patterned outfit options. From athletic joggers that have dynamic colors on them to crop tops in various fun patterns and styles, there are very few places that could beat FashionNova in terms of pattern variety. We’re loving this pairing, which combines some two classic styles: checkerboard and colorful athletic dynamism.

3 Slouchy Sweaters Are Still Perfectly In Season


Slouchy sweaters are also on the FashionNova search list, and we’re so happy about it. Sweaters are the best thing in the world, and we’re stoked on how many options we’re given. From batwing to crop, the variety of sweaters is endless.

We’re particularly in love with this look, which is giving us total '80s vibes.

The long sleeves are also an excellent touch, as they give this otherwise plain sweater some visual interest. Yup, we’re adding this to our shopping cart.

2 Tess Holliday's Outfit Is Oh-So-Sweet


Tess Holliday, plus size model and fashionista to look up to regardless of our own size, is a well-known FashionNova fan.

FashionNova is one of those brands with an extensive collection, which means every shape and form is able to find an outfit that fits.

We’re literally obsessed with this crochet shirt. Yes, we know crochet has become the unofficial Coachella uniform; we’re still drooling over the pattern and dreaming of all the summer fun we’ll have in all of their crochet styles!

1 Celebrity Or Not, It's Easy To Look Like A Million Dollars With FashionNova


Overall it’s hard to imagine being able to keep up with all these fashion trends. Seasons change and so must our closets, even if our wallets don’t agree. Luckily for us, there’s the fabulous FashionNova. Able to provide us with classic pieces (and creative ones too), there’s nothing bad to really say about this brand. Sure, some of the clothes don’t look as good on us as they do on Kylie Jenner, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We can make our own style, and look amazing while playing around with those fleeting fashions.

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