26 Facts About 'The Real Housewives' Only Superfans Would Know

Let's be honest: some people might pretend they don't like reality television, but we all have guilty pleasures that we turn on when our significant other isn't around, or when we're having a night at home by ourselves.

It's just so relaxing and refreshing to watch #drama play out in a relatable and real way without having to actually have any part of it.

One such guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives franchise. With the numerous spin-offs, the hit TV show provides an endless amount of pure entertainment. The housewives give us a front row seat to the drama within their family and social circle, all the while we get to indulge in some of the finer things in life. With so many different characters and sagas, there are a number of extremely interesting secrets about The Real Housewives that, up to this point, only superfans have known.

If you're interested in learning about which Housewife sued who, careers that the Housewives had before being reality television stars, or anything related to how much money the diva-licious Housewives make, you're in the right place. But beware, this article might be more intriguing and drama-filled than the Housewives show itself!

26 'The Real Housewives Of OC' Was Actually Almost Called 'Behind The Gates'


It's always super interesting looking back at the formative start of new television shows. In this case, The Real Housewives of Orange County was almost called something totally different.

Behind the Gates was pitched as a show for viewers to see the glitzy and dramatic lives of five women in Orange County, California. The premise remained, but it was decided that the name of the show would instead be The Real Housewives—which is a much better pick in my opinion! Behind the Gates seems to put the focus on the physical properties themselves, which is a contrast to how The Real Housewives title puts the focus on the characters.

All the shows in the franchise are incredibly character-driven, so the name that was ultimately picked does seem appropriate.

Final fun fact: even after the showrunners decided on The Real Housewives name, there was some debate on whether they should add the "of Orange County" part. Some thought it was redundant, but others thought it would be good to have in case one day someone produced a spinoff. Twelve years and nine spinoffs later, how keen that thought turned out to be!

25 It Was Partially Inspired By The Show 'Peyton Place'


Peyton Place was a television show that aired from September 1964 to June 1969. Many people consider Peyton Place to be the birth of the American soap opera. The show aired in prime time, and at its height, it released three new episodes a week. During the first two years the show aired in black-and-white, then in 1966, it began airing in color. It starred many celebrated figures, like Mia Farrow and Dorothy Malone.

Peyton Place is the town where the show is set. It follows the various townspeople and explores controversial subjects like infidelity, religion, riots, and war. The show was a massive hit with viewers, and you can definitely see where The Real Housewives took inspiration from. For instance, Peyton Place was also extremely character-driven. Indeed, the show's slow decline started after crowd favorite Mia Farrow left the show at the intense urging of her then-husband Frank Sinatra.

Peyton Place trudged on after Farrow's departure until 1969, but it loses a lot of momentum when she departs in 1966. Leigh Taylor-Young was brought in to replace Farrow, but lots of other original characters wanted out too. Another quiet similarity with The Real Housewives—how often characters seemed to rotate in and out.

24 And 'The Real Housewives Of New York City' Was Almost Called 'Manhattan Moms'


And funnily enough, the housewives weren't even told of the name-change for the show until the very last minute. Apparently, it's a reoccurring trend within The Real Housewives world that many of the spinoffs start by telling the participants that they are a Housewife-like program, before revealing that all of them will actually be Real Housewives.

According to TheThings, Robyn Dixon confirmed that the exact same thing happened on The Real Housewives of Potomac. All the participants were told that the show was to be called Potomac Ensemble, and only two months before the show aired the producers asked the cast to assemble on a conference call where it was revealed that they all would be Real Housewives.

The theory is that by keeping the "Real Housewives" moniker away from the show, the participants can film the initial season more organically, without unwanted attention from the media or fans.

For what it's worth, Manhattan Moms seems like a much better title than Behind the Gates, but then I feel like it's really hard to try to get away with introducing characters who aren't moms. Like that seems like something the viewer would notice almost immediately!

23 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Don't Even Live In Beverly Hills!


The hilarious irony is laid on thick here. The whole namesake of the show is based on Beverly Hills, but the ladies of the show don't even live there!

Based on information from TheThings, Adrienne and Lisa live in a super fancy Hollywood Hills neighborhood called Beverly Park. This neighborhood is completely gated and known for being the residence of tons of famous people. Samuel L. Jackson, Magic Johnson, Sylvester Stallone are some of the many, many famous celebrities who call Beverly Park their home.

Kyle and Taylor live in Bel Air, which is a pretty well-known neighborhood thanks to the ironic show starring Will Smith called The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. As for some of the other women, Camille Grammer lived in Malibu, and Brandy lived in Encino. If you plotted all these different neighborhoods together, they are absolutely all over the place. For instance, Encino is probably a thirty-minute drive away from Beverly Hills. Malibu is ever farther away, probably closer to an hours drive. Heck, some of these Housewives might be as far away from Beverly Hills as The Real Housewives of Orange County are!

I mean, this is reality television so we certainly don't expect everything to be real, but isn't anything sacred these days?

22 Kyle Richards Has Actually Been A Super Prolific Actress

According to Fame10, Kyle Richards has managed to amass a significant filmography with her acting roles over the years. Looking through Wikipedia, it looks like she has been in over 35 different television shows and movies. Most notably, she was in one episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, an episode of 7th Heaven, and 18 episodes of Little House on the Prairie.

She became notably less prolific in different acting roles since starting on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (I definitely would be too!) but she has made several appearances as herself in TMZ on TV and Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Recently she was a contestant on The New Celebrity Apprentice, the rebooted version of the Celebrity Apprentice hosted by former California Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who replaced longtime host Donald J. Trump when he left the series to run for President of the United States.

Unfortunately for Kyle, she didn't do too well on Celebrity Apprentice.

She came in 12th place, which means she lasted four rounds before being fired by "the Governator".

She was judged for not being creative enough when it was her turn to be the product manager for her team and was terminated. She did earn $25,000 for charity, however.

21 Carole Radziwill Met Her Husband When They Were Both Journalists Covering The Same Case


Carole Radziwill's original career was as a television journalist. She worked with her future husband Anthony Radziwill while at ABC News, and according to TheThings, a tough case brought them together.

They were both covering the case of Lyle and Erik Menendez, who were accused of conspiring against their parents in Beverly Hills, California. Investigators did not initially consider them as suspects until they both started lavishly spending their parents' fortune in a matter of months.

Anthony Radziwill was the producer on that particular case at ABC News, and Carole was assigned as a journalist on it as well. On her website, Carole says, "And that’s where I met Anthony – at work. So much for fairy tales."

After five years, Anthony lost his battle with cancer in 1999. According to Page Six, Carole was later criticized by the family of Anthony for "exploiting" this loss on the Housewives show.

20 At One Point, Camera Crews Caused A Gigantic Plumbing Disaster


During season five of RHONY, some members of the camera crew allegedly triggered a major plumbing crisis while using Sonja Morgan's toilet. According to Town & Country, the toilet overflowed during a party and Sonja blamed the crew for "excessive" use of her bathroom.

Immediately blaming the crew isn't super out of character for the high-brow Sonja who runs in social circles with designers, business leaders, and European royalty. She is used to high-class, clearly, and would definitely be one to get upset if it was mucked up by assistants.

Sonja is also certainly one to overreact over parties as well.

E! News details how, Sonja boycotted a party thrown in her honor because she had a beef with the host, Tinsley Mortimer. The whole thing seems incredibly petty, but I suppose that's basically all reality television is. I mean, how big of a deal is one overflowing toilet anyway? Can't someone just grab a plunger and figure that one out real quick? I understand that to be on The Real Housewives you have to be dramatic, but this seems much ado about nothing.

19 Anna Wintour Is A Fan Of Katie Rost


Anna Wintour is a renowned fashion journalist and critic. She has been at the forefront of many trends and is overall a pretty big deal. She was the inspiration for the main character in The Devil Wears Prada which tells you just about all you need to know about her.

As it turns out, this icon of the fashion world is a fan of Katie Rost. In 2009, Wintour asked Rost to join the Vogue 100 List. This prestigious list is made up of 100 different creatives from across the globe who "inspire" the editors of Vogue. The number of different creative fields represented on the list is actually pretty intense. It features artists, athletes, chefs, activists and many many more differing areas. The list often features "rising stars" and obscure names, instead of A-list celebrities who everyone knows. Those who are chosen get featured on a special Vogue landing page and get a dedicated article explaining a little bit about them and their craft.

To this day, Vogue Italia still has a dedicated page for Rost—featuring pictures of her many runway displays.

18 Eileen Davidson Is An Actual Published Author


Eileen wrote her first novel, Death In Daytime, in October 2008 alongside writer Robert J. Randisi. The book's main character is a woman named Alexis Peterson who is the star of a very successful daytime soap opera. According to the summary on Amazon, however, things slowly become more dramatic off the set than on.

Alexis' new head writer blames her for stealing the love of his life and tries to exact revenge. Marcy is eventually found, and Alexis is the police's main suspect.

This crime-drama-thriller has four stars on Amazon and inspired three different sequels—the last of which was published in 2011.

Reading through the Amazon reviews, people seemed to mostly enjoy the novel. The top positive review says, "Davidson puts together a light, enjoyable read." The top negative review claims that the writing was a bit too novice for their liking and that they would be wary about buying another book by Eileen, saying: "I was disappointed throughout with the quality of the writing, which was amateurish at best."

Honestly, the premise of this book seems super interesting, and I might actually pick up a copy. Not all writing needs to be Jane Eyre, after all.

17 In The First Season Of 'The Real Housewives Of New York', Each Member Only Made $7,000


It's normal when you start working in an emerging company/production to make a little under market rate, but this stat absolutely floored me. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be on The Real Housewives for $7,000 a season, but that seems pretty darn low for Hollywood standards.

According to Business Insider, reality television stars typically make $200,000 to $15,000,000 per season. That's a fat chunk of change, especially in comparison to $7,000. It's a wonder that Bravo could get all these hilarious ladies to participate at that salary level, but I guess it's a pretty fun job?

It certainly explains why these shows can be over-the-top sometimes. Audiences crave drama, and if you can prove that you are the reason folks tune-in, that payday can get a lot sweeter super quickly. Much like in real life where you have to prove to your boss that you're invaluable in order to get a raise, these ladies are trying to prove that they are keeping eyes glued on the television screens. Like it or not, ratings are the name of the game for television shows to remain on television, and for the Housewives to get their nice paydays!

16 Better Than Slade Smiley, Though, Who Paid $2,500 To Get On 'RHOC'


Okay, this is probably my favorite story of them all. Good ole' Slade Smiley forked over $2,500 for his chance to be on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Okay, okay, so the story is a little bit more nuanced than him just handing over a bag of cash. Slade spent the $2,500 at a charity auction where the prize was being apart of a still-unnamed reality television show. Slade won the grand prize and got a slot for himself and his then-fiance Jo De La Rosa on the show. I wonder if he had any idea to the extent this would change his life?

Slade seems to have really enjoyed being on Housewives because after breaking up with Jo De La Rosa, he almost immediately started dating Lauri Waring.

Many people speculate that he entered this relationship to keep getting face-time on Housewives.

The relationship was short-lived, however, and Lauri broke up with Slade in season three. Slade staged a comeback in season five, however, dating newcomer Gretchen Rossi whose partner had recently passed away. According to the DailyMail, Rossi strongly considered leaving Slade over his alleged infertility, as she wants very much to have a child.

15 Today, Though, Most Cast Members Make $40,000-$60,000 An Episode


In case the point above made you fearful for the Housewives' livelihood (lol) let us assure you, they are doing much better now. While their pay rates vary wildly, most typically make $40,000-$60,000 an episode.

Some, though, can make considerably more. According to Fame10, Vicki Gunvalson reportedly brings in about $750,000 a season. Teresa Giudice earns a sweet million, while Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey rake in $1.3MM. The biggest earner appears to be Kandi Burruss, who gets a check for $1.8MM every single season. Interestingly, it seems like The Real Housewives of Atlanta are the ones really raking it in, perhaps because that particular spin-off is known as one of the most dramatic and entertaining.

Overall, these paychecks make the salaries earned by some of the OG Housewives look like mere pocket change. For what it's worth, according to LA Weekly, the median salary in Los Angeles is $55,00 and according to Payscale, the median salary in Atlanta is $59,000. Being a Housewife is certainly an above-average lucrative career path (where do I sign up?).

14 The Cast Has To Sign An Agreement Promising To Not Sue For ANYTHING


Many companies these days require their employees to sign various agreements, but as controversial as a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement is, this one is particularly intense.

Legally, participants of the show cannot sue anyone else on the show for anything.

This actually became a huge issue in 2015 when according to TMZ, Brandi Glanville tried to have Joanna Krupa's defamation lawsuit thrown out of court because of this key legal clause in the contract. Joanna was suing Brandi for some crude comments made about her that she believed amounted to defamation.

Eventually, the two parties settled outside of the court, with Brandi making a public apology, saying: "I want to apologize to Joanna Krupa for the statements I have made about her. I regret ever making such statements about Joanna Krupa; I also certainly never intended my statements to be taken so seriously and out of proportion." Brandi actually apologizing does make it sound like the judge might've given Joanna away around the no-sue clause, but that secret is going to remain between them I suppose.

13 Which Is The Only Reason Why Carole Radziwill Didn't Sue Aviva Drescher Over "Book Gate"


Oh gee, another lawsuit? You bet.

Season six of The Real Housewives of New York was consumed by #BookGate, a scandal between Carole and Aviva. Before this drama, Carole was often on the sidelines of major feuds, serving as an audience advocate in being bewildered by all the drama and feuding. That ended here, of course.

Based on information from Buzzfeed, Aviva started talking about how she "heard on the street" that Carole had hired a ghostwriter for her 2005 memoir. Carole shared with Buzzfeed how she was able to brush off most drama, but the attack on her career was finally a straw that broke the camel's back.

"I could have understood Aviva repeating gossip about my work, and saying people said I had a ghostwriter, although it seems implausible. But listen, there's no industry that's immune to gossip and professional jealousy.

But when the attack was not only about my career but impugns my late husband's family, belittles my accomplishments, and kind of trashes my novel in a way that I knew to be untrue — and then she ridicules my age — it's, like, Whoa!"

Carole also revealed later in the interview that the reason she didn't sue was because of the "no sue" clause in her contract with Bravo. She said that some Housewives have considered taking on Bravo in the past for their right to sue, but that it wasn't worth it for her.

12 There's Actually Other Crazy Stuff In The Contracts Too...


If you found the "no sue" clause hard to believe, you're about to be amazed about some of the other stuff that found its way into the Housewives' contracts.

According to TheThings, Housewives can't decide to seek any public office for 12 months after ending their roles on the show. So if you were hoping that your favorite TV star would be running for President any time soon, they better leave the show as soon as possible.

Participants also have to change their appearance at the discretion of show producers and showrunners. This means that hair, makeup, and style could all be subject to the scrutiny of the higher-ups at Bravo. So awkward!

Perhaps most concerning of all, though, is the fact that participants leave their portrayal on the show totally up to the showrunners.

That means if the producers of Housewives want to manipulate or fictionalize events on the show, they totally can. They can manipulate footage, change how things happened, all in the names of ratings—and the Housewives have given them permission to do that.

If any of these clauses are broken, stars can be hit with a $50,000 fine or a lawsuit from Bravo.

11 Vicki's Son Actually Tried To Get On The Show, But The Crew Liked Her More!


The publication Slice tells the hilarious story of how Vicki ended up on The Real Housewives. Her son Michael had responded to a newspaper ad that announced a casting for a reality television show. Producers came to the house to meet Michael, and it was there that they also met Vicki.

As it turns out, they liked Vicki. A lot more than they liked Michael (sorry!). So they signed Vicki to the show and she became an #icon.

Don't worry too much about "rejected" Michael, though. He still got his share of public attention, and in 2017 bought a glamorous new home in Pacific Beach, San Diego. It's a three-bedroom house on the west coast, (also apparently just steps from Pacific Beach) so I assume that he is doing pretty dang well for himself.

As for Vicki, she turned out to be a great investment for the series as she has remained with The Real Housewives of Orange County for the entire run so far. I guess everyone ends up happy?

10 More Recruitment Drama: Terry Dubrow Forged Heather Dubrow's Signature On Her Casting Contract


This is a legally dubious fun-fact. Apparently, Heather was reluctant to join The Real Housewives because she thought it might harm her more "professional" acting career. Not a totally unreasonable worry, considering the reputation the show has.

Terry, however, apparently really wanted her to do the show. So when push came to shove, he signed the paperwork on her behalf.

Terry himself is no stranger to sensational television. As a plastic surgeon, he has appeared on many different shows, including Botched, Bridalplasty, The Swan, and Good Work.

His latest show Botched by Nature, where he is the co-star, premiered in August 2016. The show featured Dubrow and his co-star Paul Nassif going around the country trying to help people who were physically disfigured by genetics or traumatizing physical incidents. The show only ran for one season but has a 7.8/10 rating on IMDB.

While it seems to have not backfired on Terry yet, I strongly recommend that nobody reading this decides to take a leaf from his book and forge someone else's signature on a legally binding document! You probably won't end up on reality television, you'll probably end up in jail.

9 The Original Iteration Of The Show, 'RHOC', Has Now Had 19 Housewives


The iconic original has outlasted many of the spinoffs, having successfully gotten through 12 full seasons of drama and craziness.

Only Vicki Gunvalson has been a full-time cast member in each and every season. Tamra Judge has remained on the show consistently since she joined in season three, and Jeana Keough has appeared in all but three seasons—but sometimes only as a guest or friend.

Some of the shortest tenured Housewives include Peggy Sulahian, who only lasted through the 12th season but will not return in the 13th, and Lydia McLaughlin who has only been in the 8th and the 12th.

Overall, the show has had 19 Housewives over the thirteen-year run. Pretty impressive for a show that couldn't initially decide on a name and paid each actor $7,000 a season.

Interestingly, the seasons steadily got longer and longer until the 10th season. The show initially started at 8 episodes, and during the 10th season grew to 24 episodes. The show scaled back in the 11th season, however, and has since held steady at 21 episodes for the last two seasons.

8 Here's A Funny Connection Between 'RHOC' And 'RHONY'...


Carole Radziwill has an interesting connection with Meghan King Edmonds: Carole actually co-parents a dog with Meghan’s brother.

The dog's name is "Baby" and she really is a baby with all the love and attention she gets with her three parents. According to BravoTV, Baby is co-parented between Carole Radziwill, Tripp Swanhaus, and RJ King—who happens to be Meghan King Edmonds’ brother. Such a small world, right?

The arrangement is a little unorthodox but seems to work.

Essentially, the friends all live in the same SoHo apartment building and split time with Baby.

Since all three people involved in the dog-parenting trio live extremely busy lives, it seems like a good idea to have multiple people available to take care of the dog. Pet-sharing arrangements are becoming more and more common as people live busier and more mobile lives.

But isn't this such an incredibly small world? Who would've thought that Carole would've ended up sharing an adorable puppy with a relative of Meghan's all across the country? For her part, Meghan considers herself a proud "doggy aunt." I wonder how often she gets out to New York City to see her little "niece?"

7 Speaking Of Carole, She's Dated George Clooney


Yes, our good friend Carole had a short-lived relationship with George Clooney in the late '90s and early '00s. When talking about her time with George, Carole only has nice things to say, "he’s a really great guy – really amazing guy," she told People in 2017. Carole also made a teasing tweet in 2012, confessing, "I don't kiss and tell but if I did tell I'd say Clooney was a very good kisser." She also shares some intimate details about their dating life that can leave us all assured that they both enjoyed the relationship while it lasted.

She doesn't give much of a hint as to why the relationship ended, but it seems like she doesn't have any hard feelings. She praises Clooney's current wife Amal, saying, “[She] seems like an amazing woman. I think it’s fantastic, and when anyone falls in love it’s a good thing for everybody.”

Carole seems to still be going strong with the #singlelife, as she hasn't remarried as of yet.

6 And Ralph Fiennes...


There seems to be no end to the interesting facts about Carole!

This relationship appears to have been substantially less serious than her relationship with Clooney, on first glance. Carole told Us Weekly that she spent a summer in London, "long ago and far away" when she met Fiennes.

Apparently, they had an intense summer relationship, but it didn't last any longer than that.

More interestingly, there has been speculation that her fling with Fiennes was part of the inspiration for portions of her book The Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating.

"Our relationship was not the basis for a storyline in my novel, but like most fiction, stories are a pinch of the writer's experience and a part their imagination," Carole says. Though she did confess that a scene in her book alluding to Fiennes is inspired by a time when she met up with him at a bookstore. She still stays somewhat coy, however:

"I hadn't seen Ralph for some time and heard he was in town. I left a note at his hotel. It was a copy of a note that Sam Beckett had once written to a friend. I knew Ralph would get the reference. He's very intelligent, you know. That note and the subsequent meeting at the bookstore was loosely detailed toward the end of the book. I'm afraid that is all I will say. Wink."

5 More Weird Connections: Bethenny Frankel Is Old Friends With Kyle Richards

Bethenny and Kyle don't let the fact that there's a whole continent between them get in the way of their friendship. They've both been besties for 25 years, and it's still going strong.

According to BravoTV, they both met in Los Angeles where Bethenny was working in the food industry while developing her business pursuits. Kyle was dining at La Scala Boutique, a popular restaurant where Bethenny worked and introduced herself by saying, "Hi. I'm dating your ex-boyfriend." That's a pretty bold opening line, and I can't help but wonder how Bethenny even knew who she was, and what made her want to just go up and say that?

Surprisingly, this was an effective friendship intro line, as they stayed in touch afterward. They both love posting #TBT posts on Instagram and relish in sharing old memories together.  They might've also been brought closer together by Bethenny working as an assistant to Kyle's sister. But either way, they are definitely still BBFs.

It is very interesting that these two characters remained friends and both ended up as stars on different reality television shows. I bet that mutual boyfriend they shared is really happy that he dated them before their rise to fame on television!

4 Andy Cohen Has A Big Role In Casting


Andy Cohen apparently spends a lot of time thinking about who he wants on the show, and what attributes they need to have.

In an @skAndy segment, he revealed that having a sense of humor was absolutely key to being on the show. This makes sense because, after all, The Real Housewives is riddled with fierce humor and constant jokes (and shade).

He also really likes when a potential new cast member has connections to current cast members. This can increase the drama and the stakes, with a "real life" personal relationship in the mix.

Also, and this seems to be an obvious one, a potential cast member must be ready to live their life fully in front of the camera.

The best candidates are willing to hold absolutely nothing back and give it all to the drama-hungry viewers. Privacy is pretty much non-existent, and remember, the producers can make up whatever they want about you anyway.

Luckily, one requirement that doesn't exist is that you don't even actually have to be a housewife. So if you're rocking the #SingleLife and want to be on Housewives, it's totally still a possibility.

3 And He Almost Squashed 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Spinoff


There was a big concern among showrunners that having two different shows featuring Southern California areas would be a bust. As it turns out, that assumption was totally wrong as The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills both still truck on, while some spinoffs featuring more "unique" areas (The Real Housewives of the Potomac) fizzled out.

According to Glamour, Andy Cohen was one of the showrunners leading the charge to shutter the Beverly Hills-based project. As we all know, he must have eventually seen the light, as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been on the air for 8 seasons and featured a pretty big cast of 16 different Housewives. The incredible success of the show also led to a hit spinoff show featuring Lisa Vanderpump called Vanderpump Rules.

An interesting similarity to the OC version, however, is that not many Beverly Housewives have found longevity. Only Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump have survived all eight seasons. Six of the Housewives have stayed three seasons or less. I guess after a while the appeal of being followed every day by television cameras eventually wears off.

2 Producers Yelled At Kelly Bensimon For Looking Too Low-Maintenance


Remember how we mentioned before that the producers could dictate style points to the Housewives? Well, as it turns out, that happened at least one time.

According to Town & Country Magazine, Kelly Bensimon was told by show staff that she was looking "too natural" (as if that is a bad thing??). In one episode she was going for a ride on a horse and afterward was confronted by producers.

She was told that she looked way too "natural" on the horse, and they gave her detailed instructions on what she should do next time.

According to Kelly herself, "They were like, 'the next time you film, you need to have your hair blown out and be wearing makeup. You're supposed to be a supermodel, not a drowned rat!"

Like I totally get that this is reality television and you want people to look good, but it's like a horse ride? Are people supposed to get all dressed up and look fancy for workouts too? Probably, I guess. I am pretty happy with myself when I put a hat over my bedhead when I go the gym.

1 Before Joining The Show, Dorinda Medley Owned Her Own Cashmere Business


Dorinda got her career start working in New York for Liz Claiborne. She later followed her husband to London, where she started her own cashmere business called DCL Cashmere.

The company had some upscale clients, like Princess Diana and Joan Collins. She eventually moved back to the United States, sold the company, and started working in real estate.

The company was apparently pretty successful because, according to Bustle, she has a net worth of $20 million. I guess this shouldn't be too surprising. According to Slate Magazine, cashmere is one of the most expensive fabrics out there. For instance, one cashmere cardigan from Banana Republic costs nearly $200. Apparently, cashmere is a pretty tough fabric to get your hands on, as it is only found on the underbelly of goats, and it takes more than two different goats to get enough cashmere to make a sweater. That's a lot of effort for one super comfy sweater!

Interestingly, Dorinda is one of the more "low-key" Housewives, not really bragging about her wealth or flaunting her success. But she definitely has had a great career, and no doubt, The Real Housewives is only adding to her financial success, as it has for many of the Housewives over the years!

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