25 Zodiac Combinations That Are Only Meant To Be In Short-Term Relationships

People are in a constant search for the right partner. Some people look high and low to find the perfect one. They may go across the country or buy books to try and uncover what they believe to be their soul mate. The search is a never-ending and nearly everywhere you turn, you hear about topics such as these. One source of finding that perfect match has been around for centuries and nearly everyone has heard of it. Strangely enough, everyone has a connection to this source as well. If you are really looking for "the one", then look no further than the stars.

The zodiac is an area in the heavens that is divided into 12 divisions that are represented by signs. We are all familiar with these signs because everyone is associated with one. These signs are used in astrology and also used by dating experts. People use their sign to try and find a potential partner that is just right for them. Many people may not realize that some signs may have some compatibility, while other signs may be incompatible. Some relationships were not meant to last, and the following signs were just not meant to go together.

25 Aries & Taurus

It is quite easy to understand why a relationship between an Aries and a Taurus would last for only a short time. Both Aries and Taurus have tenacious tendencies. People under the sign of Aries and Taurus signs will naturally stand up to a situation and not be willing to back down.

When it comes to admitting faults, neither Taurus or Aries will admit them until either one or the other gives in.

Taurus wants to be in the know about the relationship, while Aries wants to take time to decide on what they want in a relationship.

24 Aries & Aries

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You would expect two rams to clash against each other, and two Aries in a relationship will do just that. Aries is a sign that is very competitive and naturally will want to take charge in a relationship. Similarities with both partners under the sign of Aries make for a difficult relationship. Aries take the blunt approach when it comes to telling the truth, and this would lead to some heated arguments and brash decision making. Temper between two Arians can lead to a short relationship.

23 Taurus & Taurus

Taurans are competitive and do not give in to change easily.

They feel more comfortable when there is a steady flow in the relationship, but once that changes, arguments are bound to ensue.

If someone under the sign of Taurus gets hurt, they will shut off any emotional reconciliation. They also have a fear of being hurt by their partner. Taurans are close-minded and may be unwilling to open up with their emotions. Two individuals who are Taurans will have a complex time after an argument because of their stubborn disposition.

22 Taurus & Gemini

Taurus and Gemini couples have several opposing qualities which may lead to some friction in a relationship. Taurans are sensitive and are opposed to any changes in their routine. They also pretty much keep to themselves and are likely to hide their emotions. Gemini's are opposite and are sociable towards others. They are inclined to socialize which may anger Taureans. Taureans love to be the focus of attention in the relationship. This will cause problems for the more sociable Gemini who loves to socialize with others.

21 Gemini & Gemini

Things do not exactly mirror when it comes to relationships for those under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Gemini's are passionate when it comes to relationships and this can lead to clashes between them.

A situation can go well one minute, and then they may clash the very next minute.

Some of their decisions are the same and some conflict with each other. Most Gemini's are not focused when it comes to their private lives and their careers and they become bored with anything routine very easily.

20 Gemini & Virgo

Gemini's are open-minded and love the feeling of freedom, which comes into conflict with people who are Virgoans. Virgoans have a hard time trying to engage in communication with Geminis because Virgos happen to be systematic and lean towards discipline. Virgos are cautious about jumping into things, while Gemini's are bold and adventuresome. Gemini's may see Virgos as sensitive and may say some things that Virgos may disagree with easily. When it comes to making decisions, Gemini's and Virgoans clash because of these opposing views.

19 Cancer & Scorpio

Cancers are heart-felt individuals and are thus led by their heart. They let their heart get in the way of their thinking and this causes them to also be suspicious of their partners. Scorpios tend to cling to secrets.

The relationship becomes rough between Cancers and Scorpios because Cancers will seek out their Scorpio partners secrets.

Cancers are also known to hide their emotions from their partners, and this will cause conflict with Scorpios because they will likely ignore their partner's emotions instead of tending to them.

18 Cancer & Aries

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Cancerians are just as stubborn as people who are under the sign of Aries. The emotional and sensitive Cancer will come into conflict with their outspoken Aries partner. Partners who are Aries can hurt their Cancer partners with their outspokenness and their Cancer partner will take what is said to heart and hold on to it for quite a while. Cancer likes to take their time, while Aries likes to go full force and will impose rules that will make their Cancer partner leave.

17 Leo & Aquarius

Leos and Aquarians are two incompatible signs because Leos have a difficult time connecting with Aquarians. Leos love to take charge in any given situation, while Aquarians like to make their own independent decisions.

Aquarians may see Leos as being overbearing and controlling.

One thing that Aquarians and Leos share is that they can both become stuck on themselves. These two egos will clash easily and both love to be the center of attention. Aquarians usually pull away from arguments, which makes Leos want to agitate these situations.

16 Leo & Virgo

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Those under the signs of Leo and Virgo are somewhat compatible to a degree. When it comes to money matters, this is when the problems occur. Leos are known to splurge while Virgoans are penny-pinchers. Leos are known for spending money until the very last penny is gone which causes conflict with Virgos. Leos will also see Virgos as controlling since Virgos lean towards rules and Leos are willing to take risks. Leos are willing to listen to Virgos, but the very nature of Leos are to be kings and take charge.

15 Leo & Scorpio

Scorpios come into conflict with Leo the lion because of their unwillingness to compromise. Although there is passion and devotion between Leo's and Scorpio's, they are both competitive and they will take separate stances on different issues because both will believe they are in the right.

Scorpios are more willing to change than Leos, and a Scorpio partner has a very hard time trying to get their Leo partner to accept changes in their relationship.

It may take a while for Leos and Scorpios to resolve their issues.

14 Virgo & Aries

Arguments are prone to arise in relationships involving those under the sign of Virgo and Aries. Virgoans will point out any flaws in their Aries partner and become very critical of them. Virgoans will continue to push buttons of the fiery Aries to the point where the Aries partner will blow their steam. This is because those born under Aries have sensitive sides as well. Virgoans know that Aries hate to be alone and will push those buttons as well by not communicating with them in any way.

13 Virgo & Sagittarius

Virgoans have a lack of trust towards those who are Sagittarians. Partners dating under these two signs are prone to disaster because the two signs are not understood by each other.

Virgos are usually quiet and keep things to themselves, while Sagittarians love a partner who is bold and exciting.

Sagittarians do not deal well with being bored, and Virgos are prone to more sedentary activities. Sagittarians will feel that Virgoans are trying to control the relationship since Virgos like to think things through before taking action.

12 Libra & Scorpio

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All is not balanced when it comes to those under the sign of Libra. Libras can be conflicted in their decisions, and communication between Librans and Scorpios can be a problem because Libras do not like confrontation. Libra and Scorpio couples often clash because Libras take the stance of pacifism while Scorpios love a good challenge. When backed into a corner, Librans will stand their ground and get confrontational. Scorpios are also jealous and can be possessive in a relationship with a Libra.

11 Libra & Libra

Librans are seekers of justice, as their symbol implies. One would think that two Libras would have a totally balanced relationship, but this may not always be the case.

Librans do not lean towards confrontation, so any problems that exist between partners would certainly be held inside.

Librans can be agreeable and congenial one minute and belligerent and argumentative the next minute. If a Libra couple has two different points of views, they will always be in conflict with each other.

10 Scorpio & Aries

Scorpio and Aries have to have a relationship based on trust. This is perhaps the only way this relationship will last. Since both Scorpio and Aries are governed by the planet Mars, disagreements can easily come about between partners under these two signs. One lie on any one of the couple's part will erupt into chaos. Scorpios demand that they be the centerpiece of the relationship and that their Aries partner should love them only. Both signs have jealousy issues and the slightest clue of any jealousy will cause a rift between these two.

9 Scorpio & Gemini

Scorpios can pose a threat to a Gemini's free-spirited nature due to their intensity and tendency to be controlling.

This in itself can get out of hand because a Scorpio partner may continue to call their Gemini partner and want to know where they are and even want to know if they are keeping anything from them.

They can view their Gemini partner as naive because of their congenial disposition, and Gemini's can become disturbed by Scorpio's lack of understanding.

8 Sagittarius & Scorpio

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A relationship between a Sagittarian and a Scorpio is not destined to last long. Oftentimes Sagittarians and Scorpios have a hard time trying to get along. These are two incompatible signs from the start. Scorpios have a mistrust of Sagittarians, and Sagittarians will see Scorpios as trying to dominate the relationship. Both signs will say something without thinking about it first and someone ends up getting hurt because of what was said. Sagittarians are also known to flirt with others and Scorpios have jealous tendencies by nature.

7 Sagittarius & Aries

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Sagittarius and Aries are two signs that are very much alike. This may sound like a good thing, but it produces the opposite results.

Both Sagittarians and Aries couples will speak their minds and could end up hurting each other's feelings because of their blunt behavior.

These couples argue every so often and speak before acting. Their aim in speaking is to be honest, but this often backfires. Those under the sign of Aries will also take things a bit too far even for a Sagittarian.

6 Capricorn & Aries

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Capricorns love their stability and love to plan their career path and also manage their money wisely. Relationships between Capricorns and Aries may be short-lived because Aries is very spontaneous which leads to bad management skills. Although those born under Capricorn and Aries love to lead by nature, Capricorns use logic in their decision while Aries tend to be guided by their feelings. Capricorns and Aries will not back down in arguments until they simply get tired of arguing.

5 Capricorn & Gemini

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Capricorn is an earth sign, while Gemini is an air sign. This instantly puts them at odds because Gemini's are emotion driven while Capricorns like to ponder on situations before taking any sort of action.

Capricorns do better with couples who are goal-driven and love to work hard, while Gemini's love adventure and those who play hard.

A Capricorn and Gemini couple may feel funny being with each other because of their different approaches in life. They can get along temporarily but their confusing nature will clash eventually.

4 Aquarius & Taurus

Two rights can make a wrong when it comes to Aquarian and Tauran couples. Taurus is an earth sign and Aquarius is an air sign. These two signs are opposed to each other from the beginning because of the earth and air sign. Both Aquarians and Taurans have preconceived notions about each other and they will stick to their gut instincts. They will not back down from each other in an argument because of their strong stances. Aquarians can become angry if they become jealous of their Tauran mate and Taurans will become angry if an Aquarian rejects them.

3 Aquarius & Cancer

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Aquarians are pretty much detached from emotions, which will cause conflict with a Cancerian. Cancers have strong emotions that they expect to be tended to and this causes problems with Cancerian and Aquarian relationships.

Cancers are sensitive and Aquarians will seem like they are uncaring because Aquarians do not deal well with emotions.

Cancers love to share and display their emotions and Aquarians will flee from emotions. If an Aquarian feels trapped in a relationship, then the relationship is then pretty much over. They will not stick around even after the emotional pleas of staying with a Cancerian partner.

2 Pisces & Libra

Pisceans have somewhat of a fear factor within them. This can cause conflict with another fearful sign such as a Libran. This will cause miscommunications because of their similarities. Pisces do not like to be told what to do, and Librans will try to impose beliefs on what should make their relationship better with a Pisces. Librans ultimately like to keep and maintain peace, while Pisceans may burden their Libran partner with annoying demands. Pisces are simple and lack motivation, while Librans love progress.

1 Pisces & Leo

The simple and easy-going nature of those born under the sign of Pisces will come into conflict with the passionate Leo. The disconnect between Pisceans and Leos occur because of the take-charge nature. Leos are aggressive about getting what they want, and Pisces loves to linger behind.

A Pisces mate loves to keep to themselves and live in their own world, while Leos desire to be the center of attraction.

These two signs are a mismatch from the beginning and a relationship between these two signs would not last for long.

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