25 YouTubers That Should Be Followed For A Guaranteed Laugh Every Video

Imagine your "happy place" for a minute. Are you in bed surrounded by blankets and pillows, and you're feeling cozy, and the world is absolutely perfect? No matter where your paradise place of choice may be, it's probably fair to say spending time on YouTube is part of your perfect plan to unwind! YouTube has been a source of unlimited entertainment since its 2005 debut. It's so easy to spend countless hours watching music videos, learning a new skill, or discovering a new beauty tutorial. YouTube has become such a vital part of our culture, it's really no surprise YouTube has given us a number of celebrities who have become superstars!

YouTube has been a pioneer in entertainment since its earliest days. The website's widespread appeal came from the fact anyone could have the ability to make a video about absolutely anything, and post it online for the entire world to see! Many of the most popular celebrities on the internet today took advantage of YouTube's uniqueness by turning on their webcams, and creating their own channels, therefore, showing the world what they're made of! Since YouTube's content is so diverse, many YouTube celebrities, or "YouTubers" have dedicated their channels to documenting their lives, giving us a glimpse into their personalities, and an opportunity to connect with them! A lot of YouTubers have used their channels to make us laugh and there is nothing better than the gift of laughter. Here are 25 YouTubers to leave you with the LOLs!

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25  The 'Not Too Deep' Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig is an entertainment powerhouse! Since the birth of her first YouTube channel, she has secured multiple film roles under her belt, and hosts a podcast. Before Grace took hold of the entertainment world, she took YouTube by storm with the "DailyGrace" channel (now known as "DailyYou", according to YouTube), where viewers could follow Grace's daily life through vlogs. In 2014, Grace branched out and launched her current channel, It'sGrace, which has over two thousand subscribers, according to Wikipedia!

24  The 'Fortunate' Ashly Perez

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Ashly Perez is the older sister you didn't know you needed! Ashly got her start as a member of the Buzzfeed staff where she created countless segments for Buzzfeed's YouTube channel and launched her own web series, Unfortunately Ashly in 2016. Unfortunately Ashly is perfect viewing for twentysomethings when we need a reminder we are not alone in this whole figuring-out-the-world-around-us-thing. As of December 2017, the cast has been hard at work shooting the series' second season, fortunately for us!

23  'Bing Bong' Beauty Christine Sedelko

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If you're looking for "laugh-until-you-snort-and-then-cry-for-hours" content, look no further than Christine Syldelko's YouTube channel! Christine burst on to the scene as a popular Vine (R.I.P.) star, making us laugh in six seconds or less. Thankfully Christine continued to bring her comedic genius to YouTube following Vine's heartbreaking demise, posting vlogs with fellow comedian Elijah Daniel. Earlier this year, Christine went her separate ways and embarked on a solo YouTube channel while embarking into podcasting, with "Don't Mess With Christine Sydelko!"

22   The Empowering Kelsey Darragh

Navigating the world can often be a difficult task, and there's no question it's always better to have a confidant who lets us know we're not alone! Kelsey Darragh, YouTube and Buzzfeed comedian, totally fits the description! Kelsey's videos on Buzzfeed's channel are so relatable and engaging, continuously making us scream "SAME!" at our screens. Over the years, Kelsey has contributed to many different YouTube channels; she currently appears in many videos on the "As/Is" sub channel for Buzzfeed!

21  Helpful Happiness Activist Tyler Oakley

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Tyler Oakley is the ultimate example of using YouTube as a positive platform for growth and inclusivity! Oakley got his start on YouTube to communicate with his high school friends as they all went their separate ways for school, as per his Wikipedia article. Tyler used his emerging YouTube channel as a platform for positivity out of a tough situation, and he hasn't slowed down with his extremely helpful and inclusive content! He is also an author, actor, and activist.

20 The 'Fearsome Foursome': "Try Guys"

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The Try Guys are the boyband of YouTube; each member brings their own hilarious spin to their channel! The Try Guys take on a variety of topics and discover the low down on various topics from the hilarious (creating Tinder profiles), to the heartbreaking, (exploring the immigration system in the United States). All of the Try Guys are so personable, and quickly start to feel like our best friends who we love to hang out and eat Taco Bell with!

19  Pop Culture Princess Elizabeth Martinez (Californialuv84)

Imagine hanging with your friends at the mall food court; you're sitting around and gabbing over fries, and you have tons of fun talking about everything under the sun; Elizabeth would be a must-have addition to your girl group! Known as Californialuv84, she's created vlogs for over a decade, ranging from celebrity reactions to gift unboxing videos. Elizabeth regularly features her hilarious sisters in her videos, who make us really want to crash one of their marathon thrift store trips!

18  Legendary YouTube Sensation Jenna Marbles

When you think of famous YouTubers, there's a good chance Jenna Marbles (and her dogs) come to mind! Jenna began her YouTube career in 2006, and became a sensation in 2010 when she filmed a video which would earn over five million views, according to Wikipedia. Jenna's videos are truly deserving; she has a variety of content to make absolutely anyone get the giggles! From candid vlogs to totally relatable segments, no wonder Jenna has a statue at Madame Tussauds!

17  The 'Swiftie' Beauty Blogger Parker Roberts (Storiesinthedust)

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Watching Parker Roberts' YouTube videos is like having a constant (and very therapeutic) sleepover with your closest friend! Also known as storiesinthedust, Parker chronicles her life as a twentysomething living in Los Angeles. She covers a variety of topics in her vlogs such as beauty tutorials, pop culture, and her dedicated and everlasting love for Taylor Swift! Parker's never-ending ability to be extremely candid and relatable gives us a variety of laughs from the "ME TOO" chuckle to happy hysterics.

16  Mamrie Hart Has This Round

In this day and age, finding a role model of the lady variety can be super vital! YouTube is full of gifted, hardworking, and hilarious women, and Mamrie Hart is high on our list! Mamrie is a veteran of hilarity; she began doing sketch comedy with YouTuber Grace Helbig. According to an interview with the BUILD series, Mamrie was inspired to break into the world of YouTube after Grace began her channel! Since then, Mamrie's channel has been hilariously successful!

15  'Wine-ing' Sensation Matt Bellassai

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If our minds and desires could emerge in human form, Matt Bellassai would suddenly appear! If you've never seen any of Matt's videos, prepare to gather your friends and giggle-tissues for repeated viewings! Matt began as a member of Buzzfeed, where he hosted the super relatable series "Whine About It." It features Matt sitting at his desk and complaining about a variety of topics, which are honest work goals. He currently stars in his own YouTube series, "To Be Honest!"

14  Your Dream Brunch Buddy Hannah Hart

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You know when you try to master a skill and progress doesn't quite happen as fast as you've hoped, and you need someone to identify with? If you've answered "same" to this question and your skill happens to be kitchen related, Hannah Hart and her channel might be a helpful resource! Hannah has been filming videos where she documents her kitchen antics since 2011. If you're not into the kitchen, Hannah's channel has a ton of positive and inspiriting content!

13  Vine Veteran Cody Ko

One of the silver linings of Vine being no longer, is the multitude of Vine stars making their way to YouTube! Cody Ko is one such popular Vine creator and he has found a home on YouTube! Cody creates relevant videos where he covers a variety of topics like the most viral videos on YouTube, the ins and outs of Instagram, and shares a bunch of shenanigans with his girlfriend. Cody's videos are like our innermost thoughts on everything trendy!

12  Mother And Daughter Duo Ava And Katie Ryan

Seven year old Ava Ryan has had us laughing nearly her entire life! When Ava was eighteen months old, her mom Katie uploaded a now famous Vine of the little girl staring out the window and proclaiming, "I smell like beef!", according to People Magazine. Ava has grown up right before our eyes, and she now has her own YouTube channel with the help of Katie; Ava has created a number of characters including Charlene, everyone's favorite "hot mess" millennial!

11  Your New Best Friend Kate Peterman

We know that person in our friend group who is well rounded and we envy her talents, and might be a little jealous? Kate Peterman would be "that girl" in our dream YouTuber group! Kate is currently a writer at Buzzfeed, but she has also starred in lots of Buzzfeed's YouTube content. She's incorporated her writing into the YouTube series, Unfortunately Ashly, and has been active in stand-up comedy! Don't we wish we could have a hilarious friend like Kate?

10  The Glowing Glozell Green

SANTA MONICA, CA - AUGUST 24: GloZell Green attends the Streamy Awards Nominations Announcement Event on August 24, 2016 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic)

GloZell Green is one of the original YouTubers! She has been making us laugh for a full decade, and she's also been inspiring us as well. GloZell's uplifting and diverse videos provide us all with hours of material! She has interviewed a multitude of celebrities, including President Obama, and a certain famous boyband member, Justin Timberlake. Not only are we able to see GloZell hang with celebs, she gives us regular glimpses into her life with her signature green lipstick!

9  The Rock Stars Of Reaction Fine Brothers Entertainment

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Excuse the pun, but The Fine Brothers create 'fine' and funny content for YouTube! The Fine Brothers set the bar high for YouTube content creators; a new video is created and uploaded on a daily basis. One of the funniest highlights of the Fine Brothers' channel is their "react" segment, where kids, teens, and elders, react to the biggest moments in pop culture! Watching people of all ages interact with the most relevant content of the day is super bingable!

8  Your 'Obvious' Subscription Akilah Hughes

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Obviously sketch comedy is hilarious and Akilah Hughes knows something about it! Akilah's videos on her Akilah Obviously channel provide us with a huge mix of laughs; her latest video "dumb bad advice from my Instagram timeline" reflects every nervous giggle we've let out after scrolling our Instagram feeds for the fifth time in an hour! Akilah's videos also cover real life topics adorned with her natural comedic talent; Akilah's channel currently features 317 unique videos for your every mood!

7 The Quintessential Quinta Brunson

Stand up comedienne, Buzzfeed video creator, and upcoming CW actress, Quinta Brunson has a goal-worthy resume! With a variety of credits to her name, there's no question Quinta has kept us laughing! According to her IMDB, Quinta began her career at the esteemed Second City in Chicago before joining Buzzfeed as a producer and took on many "viral projects." After starring in a long list of hilarious YouTube videos, she's starring in a new web series called Up For Adoption.

6  The 'LadyLike' Kristen Chirico

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Do you remember the scene from Clueless where Cher is looking at the contents of her closet on a computer? She was such a trailblazing fashionista. A real life version of a trailblazing fashionista would definitely be YouTuber Kristin Chirico! Kristin is most well known for creating content on Buzzfeed's "Lady Like" YouTube channel, where fierce female YouTubers are featured celebrating all of the lovely aspects of being a woman. Kristin's relatable content is guaranteed to leave you all smiles!

5  The Inspiring Josh Sundquist

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If you're looking for inspirational content whether you're in a funk or you just want to smile, look no further than Josh Sundquist's channel! Josh lost his leg during a battle with childhood cancer and turned his tragedy into triumph by learning how to become a ski racer, according to his Wikipedia entry. If you thought his story was inspiring, Josh decided to visually document his one-of-a-kind experience on YouTube! Josh's motivational speeches are hilariously warm and informative and subscribe-worthy.

4  YouTube 'SuperWoman' Lilly Singh

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If you ever wish you could achieve everything you set your mind to, (who doesn't?), Lilly Singh is your YouTuber soul sister! Her YouTube channel is called "Super Woman" and her videos are like visual accompaniments from our journals! Watching Lilly's videos can result in several chants of "YASSSSS QUEEN" as she depicts what it's like to be a millennial in 2018. She frequently pays tribute to her parents by hilariously portraying them react to various aspects of her life!

3 'Miranda Sings' Colleen Ballinger

Discovering Colleen Ballinger is the gift that keeps on giving! Colleen is a YouTube vlogger, who brings viewers into her life as a multimedia maven as an actress and author. Colleen's most famous character, which launched her into superstardom believes she is as much of an entertainment expert as her creator, is "Miranda Sings!" Miranda is a 'singer' who regularly attempts to showcase her "talents" to anyone ranging from her neighbors to fellow YouTubers like Grace Helbig, for lipstick laughs!

2 Grave Yard Girl Bunny Meyer

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If you've ever wanted a quirky best friend, or have ever wished there were more people who were interested in your authentically unique interests, Bunny Meyer is your girl! Known as Grav3yardgirl, Bunny posts content for those of us who are more on the "spooky side" and enjoy the paranormal material. Bunny's love for crazy cool and unique makeup looks keep us continuously clicking weekly for her regular segments, like "Does This Thing Work?" where she tests made-for-TV products and gadgets!

1 Body Positivity Activist Laci Green

Growing up can be a complicated journey where we might have a ton of confusing and awkward questions! Sometimes it's difficult because we may not have a comfortable source to ask these burning questions; luckily Laci Green meets our needs with her body positive channel! She specializes in creating videos about women's health and she puts a funny spin on discussing potentially tough topics. Laci really cares about making a connection with her fans; she also speaks publicly at colleges!

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