25 Vintage Baby Names All Millennial Moms Will Want To Steal

Love is in the air and baby season has arrived. Most of us have managed to get all our ducks in a row when it comes to the preparations. We’ve got the perfect breast pump complete with supplies, enough bra pads to last a lifetime—even managed to snag enough baby formula to last a month or so just in case the girls decide they’ve had enough. By now our nurseries are decked out to the hilt, we’ve hired the best nannies Care.com could find—and sometime soon we’re going to have to push this baby out.

Looks like we’ve got everything checked off our lists except the one thing that matters the most. This is one of those things that could make or break our little one’s future. As a matter of fact, we’ve probably been back and forth over it a thousand times too many with our partners the past few months. We’ve used prediction services and hired specialists. If all of that that didn’t work—well—we can always ask grandma. In today’s world, it’s more common for moms to get inspiration from the flowers, trees or fruits of the Earth. Sometimes we need creativity with a dash of old charm. That’s why we have a list of 25 vintage baby names all millennial moms are super eager to name their future babies.

25 Aurora: Since The Dawn Of Time

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According to SheKnows, babies with this name tend to be thinkers who seek out the spiritual side of things.

They are also known to be intuitive and have vast imaginations.

She is an 11 in the world of numerology and may charm you with her charismatic ways and highly intuitive mindset. Behind the Name says that it is derived from the Latin language meaning “dawn” and has been used since the Renaissance times. Aurora has been most popular in European countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Romania.

24 Pierre: A Literary Icon

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Pierre comes from the French language meaning stone or rock.

It is a derivation of the American name Peter.

According to Oh Baby! Names, some of his characteristics are being a problem solver, tenacious and wealthy. Peter was also one of Jesus’ 12 disciples in The Bible. Pierre Bezhukov is the main character of the famous novel War and Peace written by Leo Tolstoy in the year in 1869. It tells the story of Napoleon's invasion of Russia. His soul urge number is one, which means that he is innovative.

23 Celestine: A Sensitive Soul

Originally derived from the meaning “heavenly,” this name was the inspiration behind the 90’s classic The Celestine Prophecy. According to experts at SheKnows, it was the name of the famous French painter Degas’s mother and is also known as the alternate name of the blue healing crystal celestite, which is known in some circles as a teacher of New Ageism. In numerology, her expressive number is 11, also known as a master number, which signifies higher potential. She is seen as a socially conscious child and can have a sensitive nature.

22 Edward: Fit For A King

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Edward is derived from the English language and means wealthy guardian, according to SheKnows. Another variation of his name is spelled Eadweard from the traditional language. His name is also of significant importance to writer William Shakespeare who denotes him as a king.

According to Oh Baby! Names, his personality number is 22—which represents the master builder.

He is said to be very strong and intuitive. His ability to complete large tasks can also bring on his perceived sense of being domineering.

21 Vivienne: Ruler Of Venus

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According to Nameberry, Vivienne is the French version of the Gaelic name Vivian. It also includes Latin origins of the male chosen name “Vivianus”, which is interpreted as “life” or “lively.” As one may know, a very famous mother Angelina Jolie used it for one of their twins as well. In astrology, her ruling moon sign is Taurus while her strongest element is Earth and her ruling planet is Venus. She may be known as a lover of things, a protector and a great person to handle money dealings.

20 Rex: Bringing Back The Fifties

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Rex has its origin in the in the Latin language with its translation meaning king or mighty ruler. According to Our Baby Namer, it ranks within the top 100 baby names in the United States.

It was at its most popular amongst parents in the 1950s and has steadily gained popularity during the 20th century.

A famous name to note is Rex Tillerson. He has a numerology number of five, which means he has an autonomous soul. He cherishes his and feels most at ease when there are no restrictions on his freedoms

19 Natalie: A Christmastime Angel

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According to PokeMyName, Natalie is one of those throwback names that everyone wants. It ranks high on the popular baby name list for Americans. Some variations are Natalina, Natali, Nataliya, Nataly, and Natale—just to name a few. Originating from Russia as Natalia, many French and Americans adopted this name shortly after it appeared in the famous ballet Ballet Rousse in the 18th century. Children with this name are considered quiet and reserved, much akin to their meaning of being born at Christmas.

18 Maximillion: The Little Royal

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The name Maximillion—or Max for short—means greatness according to BabyNamesPedia.

It is derived from the origin Maximillianus and is the name of a Roman Catholic saint from the 13th century.

A variation of Maximus is also Latin for a human body part. This name was very famous in royal circles as it was common to be bestowed by the king. Babies with this name have a soul expression number of five and are often multi-talented. They can also be a bit impulsive and lose focus at times.

17 Rebecca: As Pure As It Gets

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Rebecca originates in the Hebrew language. According to SheKnows, her name means knotted cord or captivating. She is also mentioned in the Bible as the wife of Isaac.

Americans didn’t begin calling their ­­babies Rebecca until the 1900s when it was being widely used by the Puritans.

Some mildly popular variations of this name are Becca, Becky and Becks. Becks is also the name of a German crafted beer or Lager. Her personality traits are being powerful and career minded. On the contrary—she can also be a bit stubborn.

16 Leonardo: Paintbrush In Hand

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The name Leonardo is meant to signify a lion with its origins in the Spanish language. According to SheKnows, it is also another name that partially owes its significance to Teutonic roots. A master painter from Europe by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci is world famous for having created the Mona Lisa, which has also been the subject of a movie by the same name. A very famous Italian American actor by the name of Leonardo DiCaprio has been in dozens of movies over the years.

15 Rachel: She'll Travel The Globe

Rachel takes its meaning from the Hebrew language and was characterized in the Bible as Jacob’s second wife. Her name signifies “Ewe”—according to BabyNames.

Ewe is defined as a female sheep in the English sense but represents a well-traveled person.

It can also mean a predominant leader of a flock in the Hebrew language. Her personality and characteristics are being a person who is inspirational, generous and loving. In a numerological sense, she has a personality number of five.

14 Grant: He Won't Back Down

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Grant is a name that oozes sophistication. It is derived from the Scottish language and has the meaning of tall or great. The eighteenth president of the United States—Ulysses S Grant—also bears this name. According to SheKnows, Grant has also been used historically as a Scottish surname. His demeanor is often flexible and upbeat due to his personality number of five. Children with this name are also known for being innovative as well having a demonstrated competitive nature.

13 Reese: A Sweet Spitfire

Reese is a name that comes from the origin of the English tradition—according to BabyNames.

It has a meaning of ardent or fiery and was originally meant to be given to boys.

A famous actress named Reese Witherspoon, you may have heard of her,  was famous for portraying America’s sweetheart in the movie Sweet Home Alabama. According to The Baby Name Wizard, the name is also a play on the name Walsh Rhys which comes from Anglo tradition. Her personality traits are one of leadership, ambition and strong will.

12 Wesley: The Western Meadow Child

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The name Wesley originated from the Old English language, with an original spelling of Wezley. It has a meaning of western meadow—according to Nameberry. A famous American actor by the name of Wesley Snipes came to fame for his movie portrayals in the 1990s. His personality traits are being intellectual, materialistic, analytical and selfish. Children with this name are also said to be destined to have a career in financial services, albeit paying taxes on time is crucial to success. ­­

11 Madison: Impulsive But Strong

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Madison is one of those old baby names that never lose its charm. Her name comes from the English language. According to SheKnows, its meanings vary anywhere from 'gift of God' to 'strong fighter'.

Madison was also originally used as a surname—or a last name.

Her soul urge number is seven, meaning she is of an intellectual nature and participates in creative endeavors. She can also display negative traits at times such as aloofness, distractibility and impulsiveness. That’s why a little caution is helpful.

10 Thomas: Full Of New Ideas

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Thomas is a name fitting for a person of many great endeavors in life. One of the most famous inventors of our time was Thomas Edison, who is thought to have invented the light bulb, phonograph, movie camera, and carbon microphone. It’s also the name of the third president of the United States—Thomas Jefferson—who served from 1801 to 1809. This name comes from the Aramaic origin, a Semitic language dating back to the 7th century AD according to Keys Of Enoch. Its meaning is “twin.”

9 Monroe: Woman Of The River

Monroe is from the Celtic origin. It’s meaning is translated as “woman of the river.” According to Baby Name Wizard, it’s also transferred from moine or morass, which is a Celtic element.

It’s known as the muddy or boggy swamp ground that battles took place on.

It also denotes a complicated or confusing situation—according to Merriam-Webster. A well-known city in Louisiana takes after this name. Not to mention the infamous television actress Marilyn Monroe, whose moniker includes it as a last name.

8 Danny: Free From Your Judgement

The name Danny was a hit in the 1900s—even peaking in the 50s with over 2.1 million babies being given the title. According to Baby Name Wizard, famous artists have this name such as Danny Bonaduce, Danny Zuko from the movie Grease, and even the cool, single dad Danny Tanner from the 90s sitcom Full House. Danny comes from the Hebrew origin meaning “only God is my judge.” Their expression number is 22. They also hold truth in high esteem and if pushed may give in to their temper.

7 Ada: One With The Earth

Ada comes from the German origin meaning happy. Some derivatives from the ancient German language are Etta or Eda.

In English, it is said to represent wealth or a wealthy person.

According to BabyNames, Ada Byron was the first computer programmer. Her soul urge number is two meaning she craves nurturing and warm environments. They are also known to express harmonic energy. According to Oh Baby! Names, in the 1880s Ada was one of the 33rd most liked names on the baby name list.

6 Christian: Dutiful Follower

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Christian is not only a baby name but also a title aptly given to a person in the faith of Christianity. The literal interpretation of their name is “follower of Christ.” Some variations include Khristian or Cristian. He is currently ranked number 90 on the baby name charts and number 46 in the United States. Their soul urge number is one, which is one of a self-confident character. According to Our Baby Namer, these children exude confidence and will place value on success or recognition.

5 Delilah: A True Giver

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This name originates from the Hebrew language and is written about in a Biblical sense. The meaning is interpreted to mean desirable, delicate or dainty.

Although it’s normally reserved as a first name for baby girls, a US Consensus conducted in the year 2000 shows that it was listed as an extremely popular last name as well, according to Think Baby Names.

Her soul expression number is six, which means that she will be heavily involved in the community and may seek out philanthropic causes such as environmental issues as an adult.

4 Richard: The Big Thinker

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Richard comes from the German origin and means brave or strong ruler. This is a Teutonic name spanning the European Middle Ages. Teutonic is known as the Deutscher Orden which—in full—is stated as the Order of The Teutonic Knights of St. Mary’s Hospital in Jerusalem, according to Deuscher Orden. It was established as a hospital in 1190. It is also the name of three English Kings. Babies who bear this name with an expression number of seven will have high interest in learning about deep or difficult subjects.

3 Jacob: A Budding Yogi

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According to Our Baby Namer, babies with this name have a soul urge number of seven. They possess an immense need to connect with nature and earth, as some believe it can help with their spiritual guidance and connection to the world.

Jacob comes from the Hebrew origin meaning the supplanter.

He is often mentioned in the Book of Genesis via the Bible as well as The Book of Mormons from the Church of The Latter-Day Saints. His name variations include Yakub, Yaki, and Jakob.

2 Caroline: Climbing The Ranks

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Some online publications may differ as to the original origin of this baby name as it is said to have come from German, English, and Scottish origins. Her popularity is ever-increasing as it ranks within the top 200 baby names in the country. The name has several variations such as Carolina, Karoline and Carrie. Her soul urge number is three, which describes her as a magnet for creativity and having the heart of an artist. According to Our Baby Namer, her playful personality stands out and is well rounded with a cooperative demeanor.

1 Archie: A Comical Fellow

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Archie comes from the German origin meaning truly brave. According to Nameberry, it’s generally a favorite on the British boy baby name lists. A well-known comic book character known as Archie from the Archie Comics is partially famous for the popularity of this name.

There is also a prize with the same name—called the Archibald Prize—in science, art, literature or poetry as a distinguishment in Australia.

Some nicknames of the full name of Archibald are Arch and Archy. His numerology soul number is four, which means he is down to earth and has an affinity for taking on complex issues.

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