25 Vegan Dishes That Helped Us Really Consider Giving Up Meat For Good

Vegan food doesn't have to be boring. There's a notion out there that Vegans only eat simple, plain meals of raw vegetables and fruit. But that just isn't true. If you're trying to be Vegan and you don't switch up your diet and keep things interesting, you won't get very far. One of the simple joys of life is eating wonderful and delicious foods, and there's absolutely no reason that Vegans shouldn't be able to enjoy this part of life just as much as anyone else. Whether you're craving burgers, cookies, cheese, or pastries, there's a vegan option out there that can satisfy you just as well as the real thing.

We've compiled the 25 most mind-blowing vegan recipes that we could find, and at least one of these is guaranteed to make your mouth water. This article proves that Vegans can eat all of the foods that other people enjoy, or at least very similar versions of the same dishes. In many cases, these dishes might actually be better than the real thing. Of course, there are plenty of recipes in this article which are unique creations - dishes that don't try to copy anything, but rather create something new. Whatever your tastes, we're sure you'll find something tasty in this article...

25 Caramel Chocolate Biscuits


Let's start off with something sweet - dessert! Because after all, we all know that one of the hardest parts about going Vegan isn't necessarily giving up meat, but those lovely sweets and treats we were previously addicted to. But all it takes is a quick search to find some incredible dessert recipes that are just as good as any other treat.The Guardian posted a wonderful recipe for salted date caramel biscuits, with tons of rich chocolate and sweet, sweet caramel.

24 Sticky Sesame Cauliflower


If you know anything about Vegan cuisine, you know that cauliflowers can be some of the most useful vegetables in any recipe. These wonderful veggies can be used in a variety of different foods, and depending on the way you cook them they can be vastly different in taste. Well, Yup It's Vegan posted a mouth-watering recipe for Sticky Sesame Cauliflower, and this snack is a thoroughly addicting vegan version of a plate of chicken wings. Agave nectar and garlic is what gives that sticky sauce a strong, wonderful taste.

23 Crepes


Crepes are some of the most delicious foods ever invented, and most Vegans have sadly accepted that they will never be able to eat these wonderful treats ever again. But is that really true? There are some determined Vegan chefs out there, and a recipe from Vegan Yum Yum proves that there is still hope for Vegan crepes. And the great thing about this recipe is that it's really easy - so easy that we're asking ourselves why we hadn't thought of this before. It's basically just your average crepe mix but with a few minor substitutions.

22 Vegan Mushroom Ravioli


Whenever Vegans see a creamy sauce on a menu at a restaurant, they immediately understand with regret that they cannot eat that dish. Creamy sauce almost always have some form of dairy product, like cream (duh). But this amazing recipe from Vegan Yumminess proves that we can still enjoy those beautiful Alfredo sauces that make pasta dishes so wonderful. The key ingredient to get that creamy quality is coconut milk, and as for the pasta, the recipe calls for homemade ravioli with a mushroom filling. Vegan yumminess indeed.

21 Molten Lava Cake


As you might have noticed, we're very big on dessert here, and who isn't? Some of the best vegan recipes we've found are dessert recipes, and near the top of our list is this delicious molten lava cake from Veggies Don't Bite. The best thing about this flourless recipe is that it takes only 5 minutes to make! This treat is positively packed with sweet, mouth-watering ingredients such as chocolate chips, maple syrup, vegan marshmallows and crushed graham crackers. This incredible dessert will be hard to resist even for the most healthy Vegans...

20 Peanut Butter Carrot Cake


We're betting you've never even heard of a Peanut Butter Carrot Cake, as it's definitely not a common combination. But trust us, this totally works, and the fact that it's vegan is just the icing on the cake (pun intended). However, as Veggies Don't Bite notes, this isn't an easy cake to make. It'll be a slightly long and arduous process, and it includes plenty of interesting vegan ingredients such as cashew milk and cinnamon. This recipe also boasts no refined sugars or oils.

19 Vegan Tempura


Tempura is one of our favorite foods to eat out at a Japanese or Korean restaurant, but that famously delicious batter isn't always Vegan. However, you can make it at home pretty easily with this amazing recipe from Mary Makes Dinner. In fact, some would say that the traditional way to make Japanese tempura is actually Vegan, using rice flour and carbonated water as the main ingredients. That's the method this recipe uses, and it's incredibly delicious, whatever veggies you choose to fry.

18 Super Kale Pesto


Pesto is a very easy addition to an otherwise bland pasta dish that be simply delicious. But as Vegans are no doubt aware, not all Pesto brands are Vegan, with some containing cheese or other ingredients. But the good news is that it's very easy to make Vegan pesto sauce, and Cookie And Kate has a wonderful Super Kale Pesto recipe for us to try. It's called "super" pesto because it contains Kale, which is considered a "super food." So this pesto isn't just tasty, it's very healthy for you.

17 Green Pea And Chickpea Falafel


All Vegans know that Falafel is a wonderful food that has been suitable for them long before the Vegan diet was even a "thing." Hailing from the Middle East, this food is great in wraps, on its own, or with some hummus. The Kitchn gives us a brilliant recipe which they promise is as easy as opening a can of chickpeas. There's only a handful of ingredients in this one, but tasty additions such as lemon juice and red pepper flakes promise to make this Falafel recipe stand out.

16 Butternut Squash Pasta


You can never go wrong with pasta, and you can probably tell by now that these dishes are some of our favorites. But if you like pasta and you're a Vegan, there are plenty of other options for sauces, aside from pesto and creamy alfredo. Green Evi brings us a wonderful Butternut Squash Pasta recipe, that's sure to satiate a few taste buds out there. This recipe promises to bring a wide range of tastes, such as sweet and savory notes, but there's still a very manageable list of ingredients here.

15 Spinach Dip Crescent Roll Ring


We've covered a lot of different dishes that are great for dinners and quiet nights in, but what if you're hosting a party and you want to have some vegan snacks available? Well, One Green Planet shares with us a recipe that is perfect as a party appetizer, and this is of course the Spinach Dip Crescent Roll Ring. There's only 6 very basic ingredients in this recipe, and one of them is simply a canister of crescent rolls, such as the Pillsbury brand (which is vegan, by the way).

14 Pecan And Mushroom Wellington


Staying on the subject of pastry-related dishes, One Green Planet brings us a mouth-watering Pecan And Mushroom Wellington Recipe. For those who don't know, this is a Vegan version of a very popular dish - the Beef Wellington. But the meal is just as good if you substitute the beef for an animal-friendly alternative. This recipe calls for the pecans to be blended and mixed with the mushrooms, creating a healthy and delicious filling for this scrumptious pastry. One Green Planet recommends that we serve this with a fresh salad.

13 Potato And Leek Quiche


Yet another delicious idea for all those Vegan pastry lovers out there is a wonderful Quiche recipe from Connoisseurus Veg. Quiche is another one of those dishes that Vegans tend to miss out on, as it usually contains egg, cheese and perhaps milk. To get that same quiche flavor, this recipe calls for almond milk and a crispy vegan pie crust. Other additions to this vegan quiche include tofu chunks, crispy potatoes and leeks, although the great thing about quiche is that you can add pretty much anything you want to the basic mix.

12 Vegan Pizza


Another amazing dish that all Vegans tend to "miss out" on is everyone's favorite Italian food - pizza. Obviously, cheese is a no go for Vegans, but there's also the matter of non-vegan pizza dough and sauce to consider. But as Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes points out, it's delightfully easy to make your own pizza at home. This is a slightly different pizza than what many of us are used to - in fact they don't even call it a pizza, rather a "tomato tart." But whatever it's called, it looks delicious, and the use of a pie crust instead of pizza dough is pretty genius.

11 Cinnamon Rolls


Is your sweet tooth feeling a little bit left out? How do a tray of gooey cinnamon rolls sound? These are obviously not your average cinnamon rolls, and this recipe from Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes shows us all how we can make a vegan version of these delicious treats. These rolls include tasty details like nutmeg, chocolate chips, and a deceptively simple glaze made from powdered sugar and almond milk. The guidelines state that you should plan ahead at least 24 hours for some of the preparations.

10 Vegan McChicken Sandwich


Let's face it, McDonald's isn't the healthiest of choices, but it's definitely addicting. Their food is satisfying and tasty once in a blue moon, but Vegans obviously can't eat the majority of what they have to offer on their menu. Recent converts to the Vegan lifestyle might actually miss some of the fast food chain's popular burgers, such as the McChicken Burger. Well, The Edgy Veg brings us a recipe that lets us recreate the McChicken in the comfort of our own home - and a vegan version to boot!

9 Vegan Cheesesteak Sandwiches


Another meaty food that can be recreated in vegan form is a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. Connoisseurus Veg shows us how to make these wonderful sandwiches, and there are obviously a few notable changes to the mainstream, meaty versions. For one, the sandwiches contain pan-fried seitan instead of steak, and the cheese is actually a sweet potato vegan cheesy sauce. This cheese sauce is allegedly a unique creation of this particular chef, which is definitely worth checking out.

8 Homemade Vegan Snickers Bars


Ready for some more desserts? How about a Snickers bar? We know, we know, Snickers aren't Vegan... But what if you could make your own Snickers bars? That's the line of reasoning that Detox Inista followed when they created their very own Snickers Bar recipe, and of course it's 100% Vegan. But how is such a thing even possible? Almond butter, Coconut flour and maple syrup is all that you need to make the nougat, but the caramel filling takes a little bit more effort. Once you've got the caramel, the peanuts the and nougat together, you simply drizzle the dark chocolate over everything.

7 White Chocolate Bars


Another thing that Vegans have to give up is white chocolate. In fact, the general consensus is that Vegans can only eat dark chocolate. But wait... What's this? One Green Planet has come up with a recipe for white chocolate? How could this be? What is this sorcery? Well, according to the recipe, it's actually very easy, with only 5 simple ingredients. The white color actually comes from the vanilla vegan protein powder, which means these white chocolate bars are actually packed with protein.

6 Tumeric Coconut Rice


So far, we've been focusing mostly on eye-catching, elaborate dishes, meals that really make your jaw drop. But sometimes the simple dishes are the tastiest. And you can have all the crazy, interesting dishes you want, but you always need a side dish to tie everything together. One Green Planet gives us an amazing recipe for Tumeric Coconut Rice which won't turn any heads, but will provide exactly what you need to add the finishing touches to a perfect meal. And it's as easy as adding all the ingredients to a pot.

5 Garlic And White Wine Pasta With Brussel Sprouts


This might just be the Vegan pasta dish to end all Vegan pasta dishes. Just look at it in all its glory. If that doesn't make you hungry, then there's something wrong with you. Although this culinary creation might seem like the work of a master chef, Minimalist Baker assures us that you can whip this meal up in 30 minutes, with only ten ingredients. Sign. us. up. The alfredo sauce comes from a glorious mixture of vegan ingredients, including white wine and almond milk.

4 Thyme And White Bean Pot Pies


Another incredibly appetizing dish from Minimalist Baker is this mouth-watering pot pie recipe. Pastries are actually really easy to make with vegan ingredients, and many of us forget that. These pot pies feature thyme and white beans as their main ingredients, and Minimalist Baker promises us that this ten ingredient pie recipe will only take an hour to make. The dough is basically just water, salt, vegan butter and flour. The creator of these delicacies thinks that these pies are perfect for the holidays, and we have to agree.

3 BBQ Lentil Meatballs


Meatballs are a great addition to pretty much any dish, whether you mix them with pasta, put them on the side, or enjoy them on their own as a hearty snack. Although the term "Vegan Meatball" might sound like a complete contradiction, One Green Planet reminds us that meatballs can be just as good if they're in vegan form. Although these meatballs contain plenty of tasty vegan ingredients, the thing that makes them truly unique is the addition of BBQ sauce.

2 Vegan Mozzarella


This might not be a meal by itself, but it's definitely a recipe worth mentioning. Cheese is something that many Vegans have ruled out of their diets, but One Green Planet reminds us that Vegans can enjoy cheese just like the rest of us. The main ingredient in this vegan form of mozzarella is cashews, and you only need 5 ingredients to make it. Other key ingredients include lemon juice and psyllium powder, and it's perfect for those melted cheese sandwiches.

1 Veggie Summer Rolls With Spicy Garlic Peanut Sauce


We're sure Vegans out there are more than familiar with summer rolls, and although it's hardly a unique creation, One Green Planet brings us their unique take on this timeless dish. Rice paper and vermicelli make these rolls as traditional as any other version, but the Spicy Garlic Peanut sauce is what really what gives these rolls their own special punch. These are quick, easy to make, and they never fail to satiate vegan or non vegans. A great choice.

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