25 Trendiest Summer Sneakers That Are Must-Haves For Athleisure & Sneakerhead Chicks

The term “sneakerheads” being solely for men is just a thing of the past. All around the world, women are proving that they have just as much knowledge (if not more) about sneakers as any man does. Sneakerheads tend to be people who are obsessed with sports footwear and have even created an industry based around athletic shoes.

Just take a look at some of the famous athletes today: if LeBron James is caught wearing the latest Yeezys, the sneakerhead world goes nuts and the shoes will be sold out in no time flat – even if they cost an arm and a leg. Men have revolved entire shows and podcasts around the sneakers that athletes wear, so it shouldn’t be a shock that women are jumping on board (or have always been there, to begin with).

Celebs like Rihanna have even indulged women sneakerheads when she teamed up with Puma and released a line of sneakers aimed at women (and, why yes, her shows can be found in this list) because they understand it’s not always about heels when it comes to ladies. Yes, we enjoy both being comfortable AND being fashionable at the same time too.

Here are 25 of the top trendiest summer sneakers for the year 2018.

25 Straight Fire: Vans Flame Old Skool


There’s just something about those flames that you can’t really deny. While, at first, these shoes come off as somewhat masculine (Vans makes them available in men’s sizes as well), they’re actually perfect for the woman who is straight up fire.

Elle Magazine even named them one of their coolest kicks for women this summer.

They seem to draw attention without being too ostentatious with their classic skate style that has the Vans sidestripe. You can find them on Vans.com for the low price of $60 bucks.

24 Essential Nike: Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus Nike Air Max 180


Don’t let the pink fool you: these kicks are hardcore as all heck. “NikeLab x Comme des Garcons pairs the famed American sportswear brand with the iconoclastic Japanese fashion label to reimage celebrated sneaker silhouettes,” the makers say, according to Barney’s website, where they’re being sold for $99 bucks (60 percent off).

But you’ll have to wait a second until they restock since they’re all sold out for the moment. The shoe was first released in 1992 but was recently given a bright and bold new look.

23 Color Blast: Adidas Twinstrike ADV Sneakers


Being a former soccer player myself, I always know that you could never go wrong with Adidas – especially these puppies.

“Retro vibe runners from Adidas,” Urban Outfitters says on its website.

“Chucky silhouette offers a textile upper with soft suede overlays and leather lacing anchors, with a logo hell pull and lace front closure for an easy on/off.” These bad boys are marked at $180 but are currently sold out on most shoe sites, so you probably have to wait just a little bit longer before you’re able to get your hands on them.

22 Off-The-Wall Awesome: Ganni Ebba Floral Sneakers


When you first glance at them, you may think you’d have to be out of your mind to attempt to rock those, but the thing is – they grow on you. And grow on you so hard that you start to think that you must have them.

In fact, these floral sneakers are one of the hottest pairs of shoes that are flying off the shelf this summer. They sell for $350 on the Moda Operandi website and were named one of Elle magazine’s hottest summer sneakers for women.

21 Must Have Of The Summer: Fenty Puma by Rihanna Ankle Strap Sneaker


Since these puppies were designed by Rihanna’s company Fenty, one would think that they’d have to be uber expensive and put a dent in your wallet.

These particular sneakers are going for $99 bucks on the Puma website.

“Ready to be schooled?” the website starts out. “Then strap yourself in, you’re going on a wild fashion ride! The classic Creeper provides the inspiration for this spectacular style, elevated by a platform sole, adding luxe materials, formstripes, and colors as well as lacing for a great fit.”

20 Everyday Wear: Steve Madden Cavo Rainbow Sneaker


Designers over at Steve Madden appropriately named their latest, and hottest, sneaker the Cavo Rainbow Sneaker, a name that has a certain amount of flare to it. “Rainbow stripes playfully update a street-chic sneaker designed with a stretchy neoprene upper and ribbon laces,” the description on the Madden website reads, according to Nordstrom.

The shoes are going for $89.95 on the website and are also available in a daring camouflage if you want to take a different, but still cool, approach. Either design is off the charts, however.

19 For Superfans: Vetements + Reebok Logo Instapump Fury


While these don’t have the insane color pop that most of the sneakers on this list have, this Reebok shoe has a classic, vintage feel that can’t be denied.

However, this particular sneaker is a tad bit on the expensive side.

And by “tad bit” I mean a whole lot. Net-A-Porter has the listing price at $950 and they’re already sold out. You can get on a waiting list for them when they come back around, but will they be as in-style when they return? Or are they just a summer fling?

18 The Throw-Back: Nike Force 1 Swoosh Pack

The Sole Supplier

You can never have too many pairs of Nikes in your closet, everyone knows this. From famous athletes to your everyday high school student. These particular bad boys come with different versions of the famous Nike logo that you can switch out or pile on the side (thus explaining the swoosh in the title).

They come with six Swoosh designs in bold colors that help make the entire sneaker pop with imagination. “Switch your Swoosh out daily to hook up with your look,” the Nike says. The sneakers start at $110.

17 A Touch Of Pink: Adidas Originals EQT Racing Adv Sneakers

Sneaker News

They’re feminine with a hint of masculinity that is a throwback to the Adidas original that came out in the 1990s.

“These women’s specific shoes are big on style and feminine appeal,” Footlocker says.

“Design cues are taken from Adidas Originals celebrated ‘90s runner, while performance-inspired lacing adds a sleek street-ready look.” The shoes start at $99.99 at Footlocker and come in a variety of different soft colors that appease the eye and the mind. Pretty sure you can nab them on sale thanks to 4th of July sales.

16 For Those Who Know Their Stuff: Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers

dior eyewear

These are the type of sneakers for you… if you have a little bit of money to burn. The subtle style and grace of these particular sneakers are why it has a hefty price tag of $411 at Nordstrom.

“Common Projects white smooth leather Achilles low-top sneakers are accented with a signature metallic numbers at the heel” Barney's describes. They come in black, white, navy, and soft pink. These are also selling out pretty quick at different department stores, so you better move fast.

15 Back To The Basics: Cos Lace-Up Canvas Sneakers


These sneakers are dandy in price, but stunning in style.

“These sneakers are made from textured cotton canvas with tonal laces and metal eyelets,” Cos Stores describes.

Cos further states: “Designed with thick rubber soles that extend over the rounded toes, they are completed with rubberized leather loops at the back.”

Good news is that these beauties are only $79 on the Cos website but only come in two subtle colors: Off-White and Powder Pink. But that’s really all you need if you want to pair up the shoes with a more colorful summer outfit.

14 Summer Time Tropics: Mango Leather Sneakers


If you’re looking for a dash of off-the-wall color that makes your entire outfit pop, these are the shoes for you.

And they come at a very affordable price ($49.99) and look INCREDIBLE with any sort of look you’re attempting to pull off: whether it’s a casual getup with jeans and a tank top, or with white shorts and a fancy blouse that you’re donning at Sunday brunch. Either way, these are a must-have in your closet for any season, really.

13 For The “It” Girl: Gucci Rhyton Logo Sneaker


Just as expected when you briefly saw the Gucci logo, these sneakers are on the pricey side at $820 bucks.

“Designed with a thick sole and bulky construction, the sneaker has a retro influence in leather with a vintage Gucci logo inspired by prints from the 1980s,” the website reads.

And '80s they clearly are.

Luckily for us, the 80s appear to be back in style this summer so if you’re a little bit stacked in the pocket, these are the shoes for you.

12 Sporty And Sure: SkechersD’Lites Now And Then Sneakers


If since Skechers arrived onto the scene, women have been in love with them whether it’s for casual purposes, or you’re a hardcore athlete yourself.

Skechers has always been there for all types of women, and their D’Lites have always been a huge hit that clearly has a ton of staying power. These particular memory foam D’Lites go for $54.99 at JcPenny.com and come in white/silver and a plethora of other colors. The memory foam makes you feel like you’re running/walking on a cloud as well.

11 East Coast Vibe: Acne Studios Manhattan


I’m really not sure if I’m having a flashback of the mid-to-late 90s when the Spice Girls were topping the charts and girls everywhere were in love with their platform sneakers, or I’m actually living in 2018 and seeing these shoes make a comeback.

While the look is clearly Spice Girls vintage, the price is pretty hefty on the ol’ pocketbook.

On the Ssense website, the price is listed at $470 USD and are, yes, already sold out if you’re looking to upgrade your shoe closet.

10 To The Max: Nike Air Max 95 LX Women’s Shoe

Sneaker District

And the “woos” and “ahs” continue for Nike with their Nike Air Max 95 LX Women’s shoe starting at $170.

From the Nike website: “Designed for everyday, anytime wear, the Nike Air Max 95 LX Women’s Shoe updates a legendary silhouette and revisits the outstanding cushioning that made the original a hit with runners when it debuted in 1995."

These sneakers just prove that classic is always the best way to go when shopping around for sports gear this summer.

9 For Experienced Sneaker Heads: Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Women’s Shoe


As one fashion writer on Elle put it, Nike is having one heck of a year when it comes to women’s sneaker gear. On the site, you’re able to buy this throwback shoe as is, or even design your own.

The sneakers start at $90 (the price does go up if you’re designing your own shoes).

“The legend lives on in the Nike Air Force ’07 Women’s Shoe, a modern take on the icon that blends classic style and fresh, crisp details,” Nike.com describes the throwback.

8 Standing Out In A Crowd: Air Jordan 1 Retro High


While these particular sneakers look extremely expensive, they’re actually not and are surprisingly affordable and are marked down from $150 to a cool $89.97 on the Nike website.

“The Air Jordan 1 Retro High pays homage to the original ’91 ‘Like Mike’ campaign that captured the world. Inspired by Gatorade flavors and featuring premium leathers, the shoe delivers all-day comfort and retro-Jordan style,” the site reads. So it’s true – Be Like Mike never goes out of style and the words (and shoes) are here to stay.

7 Skater Retro: Vans Gum Old Skool

Sneaker District

“If you want an it-shoe that’s not an It shoe, reach for a trending detail: gum soles,” Elle magazine says. “It’s slightly retro, slightly skater, and most importantly, won’t look dirty from daily wear.”

I mean, they’re called Gum Old Skool for a reason (the old part coming from the iconic side stripe).

These shoes are super comfy and super affordable at $60 on the Vans website. They’re basically essential for all of your comfy summer outfits.

6 For The Gumshoe In Her: Puma Basket Platform Core

Sneaker District

Even before Rihanna got her goddess hooks into the Puma brand, their shoes have always been seriously off the charts and up-to-date with your everyday sneakerhead in women’s fashion.

The Puma Basket Platform Core comes in a variety of colors and starts at $79 bucks (down from $121!). These sorts of shoes are pretty difficult to mess up thanks to their design and are brilliantly comfortable as well. A wise sneakerhead woman will always have a few pairs of these in her closet (in different colors, most likely).

5 The Gum Soles: Adidas Originals BW Army


At first glance, these particular sneakers may be waaaayyyy too old school for your taste buds, but take a closer look: they’re simply a new twist on an old, but favorable, design.

Marked down from $100, these babies are marked down to $70 and are basically a steal.

They seem to resemble your everyday street wear from back in the ‘70s and have a vintage feel to their appearance, which is probably why they’re selling out so quickly. Classic is always the way to go.

4 If Training Is What You’re About: New Balance 574 Casual Sneakers


“Nike’s co-founder Bill Bowerman designed the first consumer-friendly running sneaker with a literal waffle iron, making the sole cushioned yet lightweight,” Elle magazine said of the New Balance sneakers ($59.98 at Macy's).

“It kicked off the classic trainer style, still going strong today, inspiring wearers to reach for them no matter how old they are.” They also come in multiple colors, so you’ll never be without. As the site puts it, they’re “Laid-back with a retro meets modern appeal, the New Balance 574 Core is an essential for every day.”

3 Hitting The Road Hard: Spalwart Marathon Trail Sneakers


If you’re looking for more comfort, you’re looking at the right shoes.

They have a price tag of $242, which is slightly higher than some shoes, but trust us – they’re worth it.

“Low-top paneled technical canvas and suede sneakers colorblocked in white and ‘shell’ beige. Round toe. Lace-up closure in white. Logo flag at tongue. Padded collar. Buffed leather trim in white at heel counter,” Lyst describes.

Even though the price tag seems just a tad much, they are marked down from $295, so they’re basically a steal.

2 For The Fashionista: Zara Floral High Top Sneakers


Don’t knock ‘em until you’ve tried them. “This style is for the adventurous,” Elle says. “Sock shoes have been on the rise for the past few years, but the sneaker trend is finally gaining traction. Are you ready to step up?”

Even though they look expensive, they actually a steal on zara.com at $49.99, which means you can afford to have a pair on hand to go with basically any casual outfit you’re planning to wear. You most likely will NOT regret the purchase.

1 Out There, Yet Awesome: Fendi Rocko-Top Sock Sneaker

Humble & Rich Boutique

Of course, any Fendi purchase is likely to be up there in price (these shoes run for $880 at Nordstrom) and while they may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they sure are popular (they’re currently sold out on the site).

As Elle Magazine stated, sock sneakers are on the rise, and here is the pure essence of what a sock sneaker is.

“A high-top sock sneaker offers a cutting-edge take on athleisure with lace-up styling and a dramatically lugged sole.”

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