• 25 Things To Know About Budding Star Brooklyn Beckham

    The pop culture world moves very fast, and someone can be the talk of the town one day and forgotten the next. But there are many stars with staying power, and one of them is Brooklyn Beckham.

    Brooklyn Beckham is a name that people are hearing all the time now (and it's an amazing and cool name at that—it just sounds so great). While most people might have only known him as the son of very famous people (aka Victoria and David Beckham) and seen photos of the family out and about together, now Brooklyn is getting lots of attention on his own.

    The 19-year-old has definitely become a star in his own right. Growing up, many people dream about becoming famous musicians or actresses, and others dream about soaring to the top of their chosen sport. Admittedly, it must have been pretty incredible to grow up with Posh Spice as his mom and sports star David Beckham as his dad.

    Now that Brooklyn is a young adult and living on his own, what's he up to? What should fans know about him? He's super interesting and it's time to take a look at his life. Here are 25 things that fans should know about Brooklyn Beckham.

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    Could He Be A Football Star Like Dad...

    When we watch the kid of a famous athlete growing up, we're going to wonder if they share the same athletic skills and talents.

    People would say the same thing if someone's parent was a singer or actress.

    According to Msn.com, Brooklyn played football for a while like his dad: "He and his brothers Romeo and Cruz are all enrolled at Arsenal's Hale End academy and in February Brooklyn was promoted to the Under-18 side." It sounds like since the three boys all played this sport, there was a real love of it in the family, at least for a while.

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    He's Not In Control Of His Own Social Media
    Hello Magazine

    These days, parents have a tough time trying to figure out when their kids should have their own social media channels and how much screen time to have every day. We can imagine that it's even harder when you're a well-known family.

    David and Victoria Beckham are in charge of his social media. According to Harpers Bazaar, David Beckham said to ABC News, "It’s hard because our 16-year-old, Brooklyn, he’s got like four million IG followers. We control everything that he posts, everything that he does, and it’s the same with our other kids.”

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    Male Model
    Marie Claire

    According to Harper's Bazaar, Brooklyn Beckham started modeling when he was 15.

    Many people get started as a model and then become a singer or actress, but it sounds like Brooklyn is pursuing another creative skill (more on that soon because it's really amazing).

    Brooklyn definitely has a cool sense of style and he always looks put together, so we can see him modeling for sure. He modeled for a label called Reserved and was also in many magazines, according to Marie Claire.

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    He Learned His Cooking Skills From Gordon Ramsay

    According to Mirror, Brooklyn Beckham not only cooks but Gordon Ramsay taught him how to make Beef Wellington.

    This is so cool to hear since we love nothing more than a guy who cooks. Every girl wants to start dating someone and learn that he knows his way around a kitchen (and there's nothing more romantic than having someone cook dinner for us). Also, we might be thinking that Beef Wellington is a really impressive thing to know how to make. It's basically a filet steak in puff pastry.

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    He's A BIG Fan Of The Biebs

    According to Msn.com, Brooklyn Beckham (and his famous fam) love Justin Bieber.

    "The Beckhams met Justin Bieber at the Teen Choice Awards in 2011 and they're such big fans they have a life-size cardboard cut-out of the singer at their Los Angeles mansion!"

    That's pretty adorable. If we're big fans of Justin Bieber as well (and we probably are since his songs like "Sorry" and "What Do You Mean?" are awesome), then we can relate to their fandom for sure.

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    His Ex-Girlfriend Is A Movie Star
    Evening Standard

    Brooklyn Beckham has a very famous ex-girlfriend and she's a movie star.

    Yup, his ex is actress Chloe Grace Moretz. Their relationship sounds like it started in 2014 and they took classes at SoulCycle. The two were pretty on-again, off-again for quite a while, and if we were following their romance, then we know that there were some dramatic moments. It seems like by the spring of 2018, the two had split up, and fans who thought that they were cute together had to resign themselves to yet another star-studded breakup.

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    Meet His New Girlfriend
    Us Weekly

    Brooklyn Beckham has moved on and his new girlfriend is a model named Hana Cross. She's 21 and two years older than him.

    There are many photos of the two of them cuddling online.

    In December 2018, the Daily Mail said, "The new couple looked happy as they enjoyed some time together while basking in Los Angeles' winter sun. Brooklyn confirmed his new romance last week, after the two were pictured holding hands after enjoying the star-studded British Fashion Awards."

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    He Worked A Regular Old Job

    When Brooklyn was younger, he worked at a coffee shop in London the weekends.

    It's so cool to hear that he had a regular job and it sounds like he has a great work ethic. Every parent wants that for their children, whether they're celebrities or not, so we bet that he has some super proud parents. Also, we're jealous of everyone who was able to pop into the coffee shop to grab a drink. We would have loved to be served by Brooklyn Beckham.

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    He's Starting To Lose His Accent

    We know that Brooklyn was born in London, but does he have the same accent that he did before?

    According to Celebrity Toob, "After moving to the United States, David Beckham revealed that all three of his children had started to lose their accents."

    The website quoted David from a 2009 interview with Ellen DeGeneres where he said, “Every time we go back to London, which is not that often, my parents and Victoria’s parents will say, ‘Wow, their accents are really [different] now’…They’re really into it. We live here now, it’s an amazing thing for them. They are happy in their school and their lives.”

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    We All Know His Godfather

    Having a godmother or godfather is a very special thing. Typically, this is someone who is incredibly meaningful to your parents, and you love knowing that you have this connection. It's just a nice feeling to have someone in your corner always.

    We would probably guess that Brooklyn Beckham's godfather would be a really amazing person and it turns out that we're right. We all know his godfather: he's none other than Elton John. How awesome is that?! When Elton John and David Furnish got married again a few years ago (they had a 2005 civil partnership but had a ceremony when it was legal in the U.K.), Brooklyn posted online, "Amazing day with family and special friends. Congratulations Uncle Elton and Uncle David #ShareTheLove."

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    He Didn't Realize His Parents Were Famous, Until...

    What's it like growing up with a famous mom and dad? This is something that we would totally ask Brooklyn if we ever met him. It's pretty unique to have both parents be well-known instead of just one.

    According to In Style, Brooklyn says that he wasn't aware that he had celebrity parents until he was 13.

    He said, "I didn't actually know that they [his family] were big until I was about 13. I went to a football game and people were shouting my dad's name and I was like, 'What?! Oh my God. I don't look at them like that.'"

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    He Likes To Feel Normal
    Tom + Lorenzo

    It sounds like Brooklyn wants to be a normal kid, which is something to admire for sure.

    According to Msn.com, David Beckham said to Good Morning Britain a few years back when Brooklyn was still at home, “He's at the age now when he doesn't want me to drop him outside the school and things like that. I wasn't happy about it because I'd got up at seven in the morning to take him to school, so I dropped him round the corner, and as he was walking into school I opened the window and shouted 'I love you!' to him. It didn't go down too well.”

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    A Published Photographer
    E! Online

    Brooklyn Beckham is not only a super talented photographer but he had a book of photography recently published. It's called What I See.

    He told magazine that Penguin contacted him about doing a book.

    He said of the process, "It took two years to really get it to its final thing, but it’s been a really cool process, and I’m really happy with it. They actually first saw my work on [social media], which has kind of helped—it's where I post my photos and use my following to get my work out there, which I feel like is what most people nowadays do."

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    What He Loves Snapping Photos Of

    Brooklyn loves taking pictures of his family.

    He told magazine about this: "They’re kind of used to it, really. At first they were like, Why are you taking pictures? But I really enjoy taking pictures of my family, and I feel like they're some of my strongest work—and what people like. I love taking pictures of my mum, brothers, my sisters. My dad’s pretty cool, too." His family is would be amazing photography subjects so we totally get this.

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    He Likes Surprising His Parents For Their B-Days
    W Magazine

    A birthday party is a fun time, and a surprise birthday bash takes things up another level and is even better. Everyone likes knowing that the people in their lives are thinking about them and want them to have a great birthday.

    According to Teen Vogue, Brooklyn came up with a great surprise for his dad's 43rd birthday on May 2nd, 2018.

    He flew to London from NYC and, as the publication says, "In the video, we see Brooklyn walk into the restaurant where his family is having dinner and embrace his dad from behind; the surprise on David's face is evident." His dad asked "What are you doing here?" and it's too sweet for words.

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    He Actually Likes Hanging Out With His Mom
    Us Weekly

    It sounds like Brooklyn actually likes hanging out with his mom. They seem to be very close and are often spotted hanging out together. In fact, Brooklyn and his GF Hana Cross even spent an evening out with Brooklyn's mom and dad, according to Ok! Magazine.

    We just love hearing this. First of all, we love our moms, and second of all, it's adorable and heartwarming when we see a young guy who spends time with his mom. That's totally what we're all looking for when we search for a partner to spend our life with. There's just something sweet about a guy who is nice to his mom.

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    He Works Out With His Dad
    Irish Mirror

    We all try to find a kind of workout that makes us actually want to get moving, but no matter what we chose, chances are, our dad isn't a super famous athlete who can work out with us.

    Brooklyn and his dad work out together, which sounds both heartwarming and funny since there's some competition going on. 

    Bbc.co.uk quoted him as saying, "We always go together, me and my dad, but sometimes he gets a little - it's kind of like a competition, me and my dad - so he sometimes gets me a bit angry and goes when he doesn't ask me and just sneaks off. It's a pretty big competition between us. I kind of have to step it up a little bit..."

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    He Moved To NYC To Study
    Daily Mail

    Moving away to go to college or university is always a really big deal. It's emotional for kids and parents alike, and even if someone comes from a famous family, this is still going to be a big step.

    Brooklyn Beckham moved to NYC to study photography, and he's attending the Parsons School of Design. It sounds like he went through all of the normal things that teenagers do before moving away. Entertainment Tonight Canada quoted him as saying, “I’m nervous about moving away from my family, that’s one thing that I’m really scared of, but I feel like it’ll be good for me to live on my own for a bit and really knuckle down on what I really love and study."

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    Skiing Accident
    Direct Gossip

    It definitely seems like the Beckhams are a close-knit family, and one thing that they seem to do together is going on skiing trips. If any of us ski, then we know how fun it can be to get some exercise in the middle of a winter wonderland.

    In 2017, Brooklyn Beckham broke his collarbone while snowboarding.

    According to Hello magazine, his famous dad posted a picture that he had snapped right before it happened and he captioned it, "Just before his accident... Brave boy xx sorry (man)."

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    He's Used To Wearing Disguises...
    Vanity Fair

    According to Bbc.co.uk, Brooklyn said that sometimes, they would wear disguises so no one would recognize them. He said, "We kind of have to wear hats and glasses but, y'know, it was fun. I kind of just wore a hat."

    This is so interesting to hear since we often wonder what it's like to be famous (or, in this case, to grow up in a very famous family). It's adorable to hear about the disguises, and it makes us wonder if anyone actually recognized this well-known fam?

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    Tattoos Galore

    David Beckham is well-known for having many tattoos, especially ones on his chest. It's a look that many fans would associate with him.

    According to E online, Brooklyn has gotten chest tattoos, just like his dad.

    As the website says, "Like father, like son! Brooklyn Beckham appears to have added some new ink to that chest tattoo he debuted earlier this summer. The 19-year-old son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham took to [social media] on Tuesday to show off the expanded ink, done by celeb tattoo artist Doctor Woo."

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    His BFF Is Famous Too

    It's easy to assume that if someone is famous, then they hang out with other celebrities. We definitely see that happening, like Taylor Swift and her girl squad which includes other singers, models, and other stars.

    In Brooklyn Beckham's case, his best friend is the son of another famous face. Yup, he's best friends with Jack Ramsay, the son of Gordon Ramsay, according to Wattpad.

    There are many articles about the two of them hanging out, whether they're going to the movies, the gym, or riding on a gondola in Venice (sweet).

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    He Started A Hairstyle Trend

    By now everyone knows the man bun. You either love it or you strongly dislike it. Or maybe you're undecided (or maybe you think that it depends on the guy). Okay, so this is a pretty complicated hairstyle and it brings up a lot of feelings.

    According to People, Brooklyn has rocked a unique hairstyle: "the man braid."

    In 2016, the publication said, "Brooklyn Beckham Ushers In the Year of the Man Braid." It was a slicked-back look with a small braid, and it looked really cool.

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    Doing It On His Own
    Famous Biographies

    People always have the same question for the kid of celebrities: do they have an easier time of things because of the last name, or do they have to work that much harder to prove themselves?

    Brooklyn Beckham has admitted that his famous last name has probably been helpful, but he wants to succeed on his own terms. Entertainment Tonight Canada quoted him as saying, “People are always going to know me as Victoria and David Beckham’s son, and people thought that [I’ve succeeded] because of my parents—and part of it maybe, yeah, of course, it does help, but I’m just trying to make my own way."

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    What's In A Name?

    When you hear a name like Brooklyn, you have an idea of where the name came from. We're probably all thinking the same thing about the origin of his name, and as it turns out, we're right.

    According to Celebrity Toob, he is named after Brooklyn, New York.

    The website quotes Victoria Beckham from her book: "It was when we were in Marbella that we came up with the name Brooklyn. We already knew he was a boy and so I knew he could end up a footballer, so it had to be a name that was a bit blokey. I had always liked the name Brooke and then we suddenly thought about Brooklyn. I’d always like it as a place – it’s very multi-cultural, very grounded."

    That's so cool. We bet that we're going to be seeing a lot more of Brooklyn Beckham.

    Sources: MSN, Mirror UK, Seventeen, E Online, Instyle

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