25 Text Messages He Sends That Are Immediate Red Flags

We know how hard it is nowadays to dissect a man’s text messages. So much so that women are fooled daily by the red flags that are in front of their eyes on their very own screens. Although some women can spot the red flags immediately because of experience and dump the guys in question, others are sadly still giving these men the satisfaction.

Whether this guy is just a total creep, a possessive and jealous man, or a fool who is in it for one thing, all his text messages can help to show if he's bad news. Don't write off his texts as not being important because they really are!

Keep one thing in mind, ladies: texts can be super eye-opening. They will show us how a man will treat us and what he really thinks, so keep your eyes open to avoid the crazies and the guys who are only down to waste their girl's time. You might think it is a difficult task to get rid of the duds, but there are texting behaviours that are so easy to notice.

Here are 20 texts that are major red flags and should have you heading for the nearest exit.

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25 If He Sends The "Where Are You Text?" Like It's A Habit

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Want to save yourself from potential heartache? Ditch the guy who is constantly texting you asking you information about your whereabouts. Ladies, all that is needed to know about a guy is clear in his early texting behaviour. Why the constant inquiries? Is he the FBI or...?

Basically, no woman should feel an obligation to constantly check in with a man, especially when not in a serious relationship with him. A guy who consistently wants to know where you are shows signs of possessiveness, and it may also be a sign that he's got insecurity issues.

A major texting red flag is if he is sending out this text numerous times a day ― run away as soon as you can!

24 Nothing But THE "What's Up?" Text

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When else should any woman take the exit? When a guy thinks it is all right to always text a lady asking her "what's up?"

If you are not one of his buddies, he should not be texting you like you're a bro, or like you're an object. Do not feel important when you receive a dull "what's up?" text from a man, because it is unflattering and lazy. Sex And The City's Carrie Bradshaw would not accept a "what's up?" text so neither should any other woman.

A text like this implies that he has nothing to say, nothing to contribute, and he will probably send it over when he has nothing to do and needs some entertainment. Keep in mind that you are not there for his entertainment and neither are you there to talk to him only when he is down or bored.

23 When He Only Texts You To Go Over

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How typical in today’s day and age, right? If this was in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, he would have been brushed off a long time ago. We hope we don’t need to delve too much into this, but if a guy only texts you to come over, and you are not dating, don't think it's because he is in love with you. This text will usually come out of the blue, and it will have you feeling special, but it is a really lousy thing for a man to do to a woman.

Do yourself a favour and drop him like a pin. He is only stringing you along and only wants you when he wants you.

22 The "I'm A Little Strapped For Cash" Excuse

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We smell a fiery hot red flag! Alert: please abort mission. A woman is about to go on a date with a man (in this case, a boy) and at the eleventh hour, he bails on her because he has no cash. If any woman believes that this excuse is valid, know that it's completely phony.

Yes, he cancelled; no, he is not interested in you. Also, lame reasons for cancelling on a date like having no money keys you in on his character and personality. Take it as a blessing and run. We are sure he could've spared a toonie for a coffee.

21 The One Word "Haha" Text Repeatedly... Not Cool

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Wow ladies, if a man is constantly sending out the “haha” or “lol” text, why aren't all my single ladies comedians? We are quite impressed that so many women can make men “haha” at just about anything. Ugh. If this guy is responding with “haha” and “lol” constantly, he is a waste of your precious time.

First, this man is totally lazy and can't carry on a human conversation. Second, he has no desire to keep the conversation going. A bland response as such is a red flag that clearly indicates it is time to go talk up another man.

20 Oops "Sorry, I Didn't See Your Message"


Hold up, what? He did not read your message and answered two days later claiming he is “sorry.” Does he think women are aliens from outer space?

There is no denying that every single one of us uses our devices numerous times a day, so how does any man just “miss” a message?

And for some odd (or not) reason, he skips out on messages when he is asked to hang out or make plans. Let us be real and tell our fellow sisters that it is time to drop the mic and walk away. This is an easy red flag to detect, since we all know a man does not repeatedly miss the texts of a woman he is digging.

19 Days Later Comes The "Hey Stranger" Message

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One current dating trend that guys partake in is ghosting. This is when you see them and chat with them and then they randomly disappear. However, there's the type of guy who likes to disappear and then resurface whenever he likes. He'll send you a “Hey stranger” text out of the blue.

If he thinks he can come and go when he pleases, he is stringing you along. He also likes to pop up because he doesn't want you to be with anyone else, while he doesn't want more with you, either. He's such a waste of your time.

18 He Just Texts You GIFs

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It is just so easy to communicate with people nowadays. Select their name, take five seconds to type out a text and press send, and it is done―not too demanding, right?

Well, some men, the type any self-respecting woman should not bother with, like to send GIFs instead of replying with words and actually having a conversation.

It is hilarious sometimes, but this kind of reply is a red flag because it lacks complete maturity. This man is just trying to get rid of the conversation ASAP and he clearly doesn't take anything, like texting, too seriously. If you're looking for a real man, drop the GIFs guy.

17 The Infamous "Are You Up?" Text

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This man is surely Cinderella's Prince Charming, precisely because he sends over the "are you up text?" late at night. If the "are you up?" text is accompanied with a "babe," it is even less appealing.

Ladies, you need to show yourself some respect, and hit this guy back with a "Thank U, Next" ― that will certainly shut down this unwarranted text. We all truly know what this text that comes in the middle of the night means, and if it is a relationship you have in mind, he is not the one, and is actually straight up letting you in on that with this text. Tell him to keep his icky and objectifying text to himself.

16 He Hits You With The "K" Often

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Does he know how to hold a conversation? Or do you have to teach him like he is a 12-year-old?

You might just feel that way if a man keeps sending you the classic "k" or "ok" text. Welcome to modern-day texting, where many men resort to replying to women with a simple "k" because they forgot what it means to have a conversation. Also, the one-word text is trouble because he is not down for commitment. If he were, he'd make more of an effort.

Unless you are dating this guy for quite some time, and the "ok" comes because he is busy, run away and save yourself. At the end of the day, what woman is down for a one-letter text? This text is obviously really saying, "I am just not into you."

15 Then Comes The "I'll Text You Later"

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Sadly, nowadays, we really must worry about texting because it says a lot about a man when you first meet him. In other words, many simple texts can raise red flags, like this one. Have you ever received the "I'll text you later" text from a man? If you have, has he actually NOT texted later?

If so, send this man away!

That text is basically a nicer way to tell you that he is not down to chat with you, but yet, will still make you stick around so that when he wants to chat you up, he can. You will be expecting him to text you later that evening, but he won't. Just remember to flat out reject him when he eventually decides to.

14 My Plans Tonight? "I'll Let You Know"

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We all need help from our female friends when it comes to texting. We have to admit that sometimes men’s texts are like extraterrestrial stuff to us. However, don't let a guy use your loving heart, like the guy who can't inform you of his weekend plans or tell you right away if he can see you or not.

If you ask him of his plans because you'd like to see him, and he responds with "I'll let you know," it is because he only wants to be in your company "later" if he decides to. He is certainly not going to make plans ahead of time.

He only wants to see you at the last minute. He's definitely not boyfriend material!

13 He Tries To Be The Nice Guy And Sends A "Hope You're Having A Great Weekend"

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Little by little, with this guide, you'll be able to get rid of those pesty men taking up your precious time. Listen up though, the "have a great weekend" text has two varying interpretations.

First one: all of a sudden, out of the blue, a man you were talking to and had interest in messages you wishing you a wonderful weekend. What does this mean? He has probably stopped seeing the other woman that took your place, so this is his door to make his way back to you ― red flag! Secondly, he is playing the nice guy card, and is sending you this innocent text because he is probably a little too obsessed with you, needs some validation and just needs to know what you're up to. Next!

12 10 Minutes Later He Texts, "I Guess You're Busy"

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Hold on to your horses there, fella ― why the aggravation after 10 minutes when she does not reply to you quickly enough?

You are not even an item with this man, and he is being extremely needy with you. Alert! Alert! This is an immediate red flag. Unless you are looking for some sass or craziness in your life, run away and save your life. The "I guess you're busy" text is rude and a bit clingy. He shouldn't get so dramatic about things, especially if you don't even know the guy. You do not owe him anything, so please be aware of this red flag and run with it.

11 He Always Wants To Know Who You Are With

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Much like the "where are you?" text, the "who are you with?" text is no text a man who you are not in a committed relationship with should constantly be sending over.

You should be the least of his worries, especially since you two are only getting to know each other. So, why the need to know who you are with, even when you informed him you were spending your Friday night with the girls? There is a difference between him asking who you're with when you mention you're going out, and him just insisting on always knowing who is in your close surroundings. Escape it all and leave this man behind.

10 He Randomly Texts Asking "Did You Call Me?"

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This is again the kind of man that needs some validation from you. He comes across as insecure, a little clingy and childish because he needs so much attention from you.

This is how it usually goes down: you have not responded to him for a while, so on any given day, probably during the evening, he shoots you a text all nonchalantly asking, "did I just miss a call from you?" Obviously, you did not just butt-dial him, so let him know he's delusional, or if he had a little too much, just brush him off. There is nothing chill and innocent about this text. He's trying to get your attention, but in a lame way.

9 The "What Are You Wearing?" Text

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We want to help out all the fellow ladies out there who are seeing a guy but have no idea what is going on. We are going to straight up inform you that if this man you are crushing on seems to only text you to ask what you're wearing, he's not interested in you as a person, but in your physical features. Do you two want the same things? Surely not.

If you want to ultimately be respected, this is not the man for you. Do not think he cares about your outfit (unless it is your boyfriend or hubby asking). What he really wants to know is what the underneath looks like. Tell him to take a hike!

8 We All Love The "Send Me A Pic" Message... Not

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In this weird world we live in that is powered by technology, people start relationships over text before they barely even meet. Everything is so accessible for men nowadays, including free pictures. Whether you're guilty of sending those over or not, we want to help you out.

Love was so simple before, but now, some men have this notion that asking for pictures on Snapchat is romantic or something. If you are seeking a relationship, the guy who almost immediately asks you to show him your goods is not the one. Repeat this several times to yourself since you should not be at his disposal. It is obvious he does not care about you.

7 When He Tells You "Sorry, Was At The Gym Pulling A Sweat"

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We just totally rolled our eyes. Men, if you just pulled the sweat of your life at the gym, we really do not care, especially if we just started talking. No, we won't fall for it. Ladies, if you never made much of the "I was sweating at the gym" text, we are here to let you know this guy is a total jerk ― and who wants to waste their breath on one of those? He will mentally drain you with his bragging, so let him know you don't want to hear it.

This guy is more concerned about his abs and biceps than anything else, so just do yourself a favour and tell him sayonara.

6 He Constantly Texts You "I'm Bored"

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How much can one complain about being bored? Turns out, many men are so bored that they must constantly tell the woman they are texting that they are feeling bored. Well, "I'm so bored" is another way of saying "I am thirsty for attention." Do you hear those bells ringing? We want you to hear the bells of freedom ringing since you should avoid this "bored" guy for the rest of time.

Why is this text a red flag? He obviously does not have much to say, he will probably be clingy and always want your attention. Oh, and he needs you to entertain him when he's got no one else around. What a nerve!

5 He Brings Up His Ex-Girlfriend Via Text

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Do not bother with the man you are talking to if he mentions his ex-girlfriend via text. Just spare yourself. Ladies, if you are chatting up a storm with a man via text, and he naturally brings her up like nothing is off about it, it is an obvious red flag.

Depending 0n the circumstances, a text like this should not even be sent to a woman when the man and woman have still not met in RL. If it does, this is because he is still hung up on his ex, and you don't want to come in second place.

If he's always moaning or talking about his ex, it's a clear sign he's not over. Let him deal with his own issues - they're not your problem.

4 Be Aware When The "I Like You, But..." Text Comes

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Time is ticking, so who has time to waste? Single ladies, you certainly do not. At the end of the day, we would all cherish having someone in our lives who values us, but the guy who sends the "I like you, but..." text doesn't and won't ever.

We are not surprised that many of the women who have received this text before have stuck around with the guy, but the flag waving this text down could not be redder. There should be no “buts” and “ifs” if he likes you, because if he truly did, he would make the effort to be with you. And to be frank, if he cannot do that for you, you shouldn't waste another second on him.

3 You Just Met Him And He Texts "Have You Ever Had A Friend With Benefits?"

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With all the dating applications and social media platforms out there, dating has become a dizzying process for many.

If you just started talking to a man and without hesitation or embarrassment he asks, "have you ever had a fwb?", let him go!

Some men are just curious and that is okay, but the majority ask that question because they do not see you as more than a friend. Do not make a mistake and go along with this conversation. He'll just string you along because clearly he only wants something casual with you.

2 At The Last Minute He Texts, "You Want To Come Out?"

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Ladies, like Ariana Grande says, you should actually be very grateful for all these petty texts that men send, because when the right one comes along, you'll know it is real.

The weekend comes along, and so does a text on Saturday night at the very last minute from a guy you are either crushing on, or just started talking to. It says, "I'm at a bar, you should come out."

Come on! Ladies, none of you should be a man's last resort. If he wants to see you and spend time with you, he won't ask when he is already out and having a good time. You'll be more of a priority to him.

1 He Only Wants To Know What You're Doing Later Tonight

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This text is like the previous one, but it's worse. Why do we say that? Because this guy will constantly resort to texting you at night. He will send you lots of texting red flags, such as the "are you busy right now?" text or the "can we hang out?" text, or just about anything else. The only thing this man is making sure of is that whatever he messages you, it only gets to you at night or in the wee hours.

Even if he is asking you about something a little more serious, or what you thought about The Big Bang Theory episode, this texting behaviour is a red flag simply because he is messaging you at night. Why can't he text you at other times of the day?

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