25 Stunning Images Of Katy Perry Jet-Setting The Globe

Fans love Katy Perry’s upbeat music as much as her fun-loving personality and colorful sense of style. When she is not making sweet music in the recording studio or performing her heart out on stage, she is either enjoying her down time at home or someplace even more spectacular.

It certainly seems like Perry has plenty of time to travel, and lately she has been jet-setting the world with the handsome and talented Orlando Bloom. This high-profile couple seems to be totally smitten, spending lots of time living it up. And who could blame them?

When Perry travels, it can be hard to keep her trip a secret. The paparazzi always seems to scope her out, and the pics make their way to the internet where we can all catch a glimpse of our favorite pop gal swimming, sunbathing, surfing, snowboarding, or just heading to supper.

Here are some of our fave images of the star as she sets her sights on some of the world’s most wonderful vacation destinations. Are we jealous? Sure, but we can live through the lens of the lovely lady we long to become besties with. Perhaps then we’ll be invited along for the trip!

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25 Entertaining in Italy

via pinterest

Just because she is on vacation doesn’t mean that Katy Perry can’t give the crowd a taste of her talent. While the others are having fun during a night out, Perry is singing and showing them a good time. She has a super-short ‘do, she’s rocking some funky yellow glasses, and her form-fitting dress shows off her fit figure. The fans in the crowd must have been shocked and surprised to see the singer, especially as they enjoyed her company in such close quarters. Perhaps this was karaoke night and Perry was having fun just like the rest of the revelers.

24 Tropical and Over-the-Top

via instagram

Not everyone could get away with putting on a dress like this, but somehow Katy Perry makes it work. And we’re not surprised. She looks like she’s having a great time while on vacation, dressed in this whimsical light blue number with a fresh flower in her hair to finish off the quirky look. She’s surely visiting someplace tropical as we can tell by the greenery growing behind her. One thing’s for sure, there couldn’t possibly be anyone else in the area wearing that same guitar-themed dress. No “Who wore it better?” for this babe! Although, she’d surely win that contest!

23 Coachella Fun with Friends

via pinterest

As she raises her hands high up in the air and smiles for all the world to see, it is evident that Katy Perry is having one heck of a time at Coachella. There’s a big crowd there to see the many musical performances, but Perry manages to stand out from the pack. She always dresses with her own sense of fashion flair, and this occasion is no different than any other. Showing just a smidge of her belly, we can tell that Perry is comfortable in her own skin, and she looks amazing. This concert must have been a blast, and if Perry had such fun, everyone else must have too.

22 “You Can’t See Me” in Cannes

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She can cover her face all she wants, but that won’t stop us from staring. Here we see the brunette beauty in Cannes, dressed in blue and looking like a bombshell. Her short and sweet mini dress is decked out in white stars, and her accent pieces like her shades and cross-body bag are pretty in pink. It looks like a gorgeous day with the blue water behind her and the sun shining brightly from up above. It could be that Perry is just protecting her “peepers” from the sunlight, but with all the paparazzi lurking around, she may be trying to avoid any unwanted attention.

21 Partners in Prague

via pinterest

A trip to Prague seemed to be the perfect way for lovers Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom to spend some quality time together. Both are all bundled up from head to toe, so the weather must have been quite chilly. But a little dip in temp doesn’t mean the two couldn’t have a good time. Just look at the sincere smiles on their faces as they take in the scenery as they shuffle along. While they aren’t walking hand-in-hand, it does not mean they aren’t feeling a connection. When it is cold outside, warm pockets are more pleasing anyhow.

20 Disney Darling

via instagram

You are never too old to enjoy a Disney vacation. Singer Katy Perry is living proof that it is always a blast at the magical amusement park. Here she is posing with her favorite animated pooch, decked out in her shiny Minnie Mouse ears and sporting a bright smile. She must have had plenty of security on hand, but fans were still able to see their favorite pop princess between rides and attractions. We are not sure if Orlando Bloom made it on this trip, but Perry seems perfectly fine hanging out with the Disney characters. She could always send him a postcard.

19 Aspen Adventure

via pinterest

It looks like Katy Perry and her man Orlando Bloom enjoy the fun of the freezing cold. They are keeping warm in well-insulated snowboarding outfits as they get ready to hit the slopes for some snow-related fun. While we often see Perry sunning by the ocean in a two-piece swimsuit, here she is all covered up to protect her body from the deep freeze. After the two spend the day snowboarding, they can sneak inside to warm up by the fireplace with a couple of hot cocoas. Relaxing in the lodge can be the best part of the trip.

18 Doing It Up for Dinner

via Wire Image

These two certainly clean up well. Looking dapper and drop-dead gorgeous, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are headed out for a night on the town during a vacation together as a couple. Perry looks lovely in her copper shimmery dress, and Bloom is keeping it basic in a black suit. Perry’s platinum blonde hair is a nice change from her brunette ‘do, and it seems like her man is into her “blondes have more fun” look too. Perhaps these two are headed to the hotel bar or have dinner plans at a swanky restaurant. Dressed as they are, we’re sure they’re not just going for burgers and fries.

17 Checking In With Her Cutie

via pinterest

It looks like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have arrived at their destination. Although he is covered in an oversized pink hoodie to hide from the crowd, it is pretty easy to recognize the international mega-star. And even though Perry is wearing dark sunglasses, there is no way fans could miss their fave singer. Again, Perry and Bloom are dressed in layers for the cold weather, making us wonder why they often opt for snowy getaways rather than someplace sunnier. But the cold weather doesn’t put a damper on their fun, as we can tell by their gorgeous grins.

16 Snuggled Up For a Snowy Getaway

via pinterest

We’re convinced these two might have been Eskimos in their former lives by the way they love spending time in frigid weather. Then again, perhaps traveling to cold regions gives Katy Perry an excuse to wear her over-the-top winter getups. And Orlando Bloom can unleash his inner lumberjack as well. Maybe they are headed to a costume party, but by the way Perry loves to take fashion risks, this look is probably one she has been waiting to wear for no special reason aside from it being a sub-zero day. They look quite happy despite the chill in the air. It could be the romance between the two that keeps them warm from the inside out.

15 Snowboarding with Her Sidekick

via pinterest

Once again, we see the snow-loving couple getting ready to show off their snowboarding talents on the slopes. Orlando Bloom seems to be a “repeat offender” in his camo-themed look, but this time, Katy Perry is suited-up for the snow in stripes. With a tote in hand, it looks like they may have done a little shopping before heading into the lodge to sip on something warm and soothing like a Hot Toddy or a cup of coffee. It takes time to thaw out after a day on the slopes, so before these two get back to their room, they will want to dry off and get the feeling back in their fingers and toes.

14 A Star on the Streets

via pinterest

Katy Perry is all smiles as those around her try to snap selfies of the singer. She is walking around just like the rest of the vacationers and locals, but she makes quite the scene as the biggest star they’ve likely ever seen so close up. Perry looks cute in her two-piece dress and a summery hat. The sun has set, but she’s still beach-ready. Maybe she has been out all day showing off her tropical look and now she is off for an evening adventure. The weather must be warm, so some fruity drinks on the deck would be deliciously delightful.

13 Barking On the Beach

via pinterest

That is surely one lucky dog! As if being the pet of Katy Perry isn’t special enough, this furry friend gets to go on vacation with her too. This perfect little pooch couldn’t be any cuter, and Perry isn’t bad herself! What could make for a better afternoon than a walk on the beach with a canine and a cup of coffee? Perry is surely living the life and her smile shows us she’s feeling blessed. For the dog owners who leave their pet behind when they travel, Perry proves she’s a step ahead as she’s able to accommodate for “man’s (and woman’s) best friend.”

12 Pretty as a Picture

via instagram

The lucky and lovely Katy Perry gets to pose in this picturesque spot, making the rest of us wish we were right there beside her enjoying the view. The lush greenery and calm water are breathtaking, and Perry looks peaceful and content. We are not quite sure where in the world she is, but this vacation must be etched in her memory forever. The beauty of nature has never been so evident, and the surroundings seem almost unreal. Perry is fortunate to be able to travel to such spectacular places, but at least we can live through her eyes by seeing amazing photos like this.

11 A Greek Getaway with the Group

via pinterest

Katy Perry is trading in her romantic getaways with her beau Orlando Bloom by traveling with a big bunch to Greece. She is taking in the sunshine with her pals, walking along and looking wonderful. Greece is full of so much beauty, so hopefully Perry made the most of her trip. With so many people to spend time with, the fun must have been multiplied. Surely, everyone enjoyed sightseeing, the delicious Greek food, and meeting the locals who were probably surprised to see Perry in their hometown. But just like nearly all the rest of her trips, the paparazzi spotted the singer and got their shot.

10 Black Tie Twosome

via pinterest

By the way these two are gazing into one another’s eyes, it is impossible to disagree that they are madly in love. They are dressed up for what must be a black tie affair or a special evening during their trip, with Orlando Bloom sporting a traditional bowtie and Katy Perry showing off her shoulders in a spaghetti strap dress. Her brunette hair is wavy and shiny, cascading down her back and bringing out her features. Perhaps these two danced the night away or simply got all dolled up just to make an entrance. Something tells us all eyes were on them.

9 Perry in Pink in L.A.

via pinterest

Lots of folks in L.A. are huge Katy Perry fans, so imagine their delight when the sassy superstar was waving to the crowd below. She looks fabulous in her light pink dress with black details, and her short blonde hair suits her well. Not all vacations are long trips overseas, so Perry is showing her love for California where she must feel at home. Maybe her main man Orlando Bloom is down in the crowd cheering her on, but if he is someplace else, we are sure Perry is on his mind. What a way to spend the day…either way!

8 Celeb Sighting in Sydney

via pinterest

These two Australian kids must have been over the moon to see a superstar like Katy Perry in their hometown. A trip to Sydney is exciting, but we’re pretty sure Perry must have been experiencing a major case of jetlag. But despite her time zone dilemma, she still made time to say hello to her little fans, giving them something to brag about at school the next day. And they can tell their pals just how cool Perry looked in her fire engine-red outfit and super-short platinum blonde hair. Hopefully these kids snapped some selfies with the singer. Something they’ll be sure to cherish for years to come.

7 Leaving the London Airport

via pinterest

Although Katy Perry is trying to hide from the paparazzi in her sunglasses, baseball cap, and hoodie, they still managed to spot the singer and snap her pic. Looks like she didn’t escape this time. She doesn’t seem fazed, but it also appears that she has no clue she’s being scoped out. No biggie. Her car is right there waiting to whisk her away to take her to her next destination. And we’re confident the singer didn’t travel in coach. She was either feeling fabulous in first-class or on her own private plane. Living life as a superstar sure has its perks.

6 Crimson in Cannes

via Wire Image

Here we have the ravishing Katy Perry posing like a princess in Cannes, proving that along with her fun-loving side, she has an air of chic sophistication. This outrageously stunning off-the-shoulder lacy red dress is nothing short of divine, and Perry wears it well. With her hair neatly and sleekly pulled back off her face, we see her impeccable makeup and elegant collarbone. Her dazzling earrings are surely worth a pretty penny and her dress must be one-of-a-kind couture. This must have been quite the special trip. Do you dress this way when you’re on holiday? Ya, us neither.

5 Shades in the Sunshine

via pinterest

A wonderful day relaxing on the water is the perfect way for singer Katy Perry and her main squeeze Orlando Bloom to enjoy one another’s company. They are both wearing cool sunglasses and the weather seems just lovely. The water is a lovely shade of blue, the sun is shining warm and bright, and they are sitting close to one another. Perry’s pal seems to be absorbed in her smartphone, but Perry and Bloom are taking in the stunning sights and drinking in the details of their vacation. They can scroll through social media and check their texts some other time.

4 Cool Hair at Coachella

via pinterest

Katy Perry is rocking a super cool and creative ‘do while on vacation at Coachella. She is bringing a lively and off-the-beaten-path colorful vibe to the already-fun scene, proving that a pop of bright green is always a good time. As she sports some fun light purple sunglasses to cap off her outdoor concert look, we can tell that Perry is making the most of the yearly festival. The other attendees may have dressed the part too, but there is always something special about Perry that takes things up a notch. She never fails to stand out.

3 An All-Girls’ Getaway

via pinterest

It is always fun to go on an all-girls trip, and this group is living it up and looking great while doing so. They are all smiles, and the incredible ambiance is only part of the reason this trip must have been epic. Sure, Katy Perry enjoys her romantic adventures with Orlando Bloom, but when he can’t make it, she can rely on her girlfriends to sneak away for some fun in the sun and a little R&R. These gals are showing off their unique sense of style, but Perry is the picture of beauty in her lovely dress. Wouldn’t you love to be part of this group and have a chance to go on their next vacation?

2 A Vibrant Vacation Spot

via pinterest

The smiling Katy Perry has a lot to be thrilled about, particularly this amazing vacation spot that looks like a little slice of heaven. She is beaming in her simple red dress, intricate and elaborate neck piece, and a wild pop of rich ruby red lipstick. With her dark hair slicked back, we have an even better view of that mega-watt smile, her vibrant eyes, and the sun on her skin. Wherever she is seems like paradise, and Perry is soaking it all in. She can take her man Orlando Bloom here the next time she goes back. Surely, he’d be just as happy to be there.

1 Posing With Her Posse

via pinterest

Perry is taking a little getaway with some pals, and they are all as colorful as a rainbow. Perry’s fuzzy and funky coat is the star of the show, but her pals are just as vibrant, beaming in bright shades of blue, green, red, and orange. It must be fun to travel with such an eclectic group, but then again, Perry is anything but boring. She rocks the rainbow just as well as her posse, and they all seem to have a cool vibe. When she can’t get away with her main man, why not make the trip just as electrifying?

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