25 Stunning Actresses Who Fell For The Funny Guy

The first person who said that laughter was the way to a person’s heart was most likely a genius in their time because the same holds surprisingly true in this day and age. Sure, beauty happens to be an eye catcher that can reel a person in from across the room, but in order for interest to actually peak at a certain point, it helps if the person not only has a good personality but is also funny as well.

There are certain celebrity couples that fans see walking the red carpet that happen to draw attention: like the beautiful, statuesque blonde walking with the quirky-looking short guy–and they have to ask themselves “What does she see in him?”

Well, the answer is almost always, “he’s hilarious.”

These days, fans see a lot of beautiful actresses falling for the funny guy in Hollywood, and with good reason. Chances are, they’re funny themselves and needs someone who reflects their core hilariousness in order to bring it out and make it shine. Or maybe the answer is just that simple: they happened to fall in love.

Here are 25 actresses who fell hard for the funny guy and don’t care who knows it.

25 Marriage Made In Paradise - Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds


In pictures, they’re probably the most gorgeous people in Hollywood right now, so you shouldn’t be so surprised to find that actress Blake Lively and Deadpool himself happened to fall in love with each other. The best part though?

They’re BOTH hilarious and riff on each other all the time on social media.

The thing is, we all knew that Ryan Reynolds could make you laugh so hard that water squirts from your nose, but his wife matches his wit line for line and often tops him at his own game. Much respect.

24 "And They Said It Wouldn't Last" - Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis


Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live met actress Olivia Wilde in an unusual way. He saw her on the dance floor and approached her with a lame opening line. Only thing is, it worked. The cat-eyed beauty started dating the comedian and everyone was a little surprised at the pairing. Of course, Sudeikis isn’t exactly hard on the eyes, so we really don’t know what everyone is up in arms about. And also, the couple has been going strong for years now.

23 Mary Poppins And That One Guy From The Office - Emily Blunt And John Krasinski


He played the adorable Jim Halpert on the US version of The Office while she caught the world’s attention by starring as the unruly and pretentious assistant in The Devil Wears Prada.

And even though they were worlds apart in personality, both Emily Blunt and John Krasinski happened to fall in love with each other.

And when they did, the WORLD benefited. Don’t take our word for it–just go see their collaboration in the upcoming film A Quiet Place.

22 Shattering The World - Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson

Us Weekly

As the world already knows, singer/actress Ariana Grande has split from comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson and the two are currently not really trying to avoid the spotlight in the wake of their parting. When the two first announced to the public that they were dating (by, you know, appearing in public together) people were wondering what exactly someone who looked like Ariana saw in the comedian. Like we said before: the heart knows what the heart wants, and chances are, that’s most likely laughter.

21 Hilarious And Photogenic - Scarlett Johansson And Colin Jost

Us Weekly

This couple managed to fly under the radar for a little bit without the public finding out (even though they were stepping out to have dinner together at some famous New York hotspots).

But it didn't take too long for the world to find out that actress Scarlett Johansson was seeing Saturday Night Live cast member, who is their “Weekend Update” host, Colin Jost.

They had met on the set when Scarlett was hosting almost two years ago and have been going strong ever since.

20 A '90s Memory - Christine Taylor And Ben Stiller


Christine Taylor is no stranger to comedy herself (just take a gander at her turn as Marcia Brady in the hilarious Brady Bunch movies) so it made sense when she ended up marrying comedic actor Ben Stiller all those years ago. They even starred in some films together, including Dodgeball, where they disliked each other (well, she abhorred him and he attempted to hit on her). Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t end up working out and they divorced many years later.

19 Living And Loving Life - Leslie Mann And Judd Apatow


It seems to work out pretty well when one of your favorite muses happens to be your actual wife. This is the case for director/writer Judd Apatow and his actress/wife Leslie Mann (who has starred in basically all his movies).

Both of their own special brand of comedic timing offsets their quirky personalities so much so that it’s easy to see how and why they’re so in love.

Don’t just take our word for it–just take a look at their IG feeds.

18 The Really Good Place - Kristen Bell And Dax Shepherd


We have to ask: who is the biggest comedian in this marriage? Even though we all know Dax Shepherd married some healthy competition in actress Kristen Bell, we weren’t prepared for HOW much. Bell is stealing the show with her perfect timing in the hit NBC comedy series The Good Place. Dax seems like he doesn’t mind sharing the majority of the spotlight with his spit-fire wife, though, and we as fans are more thankful for that. We can never get enough of her.

17 Going Strong - Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell


They’ve actually been one of the longest running Hollywood couples in the history of tinsel town. And we bet we know why: cause they’re not actually married (common law marriage is still a marriage, nevertheless).

Or it could be because they make each other laugh like crazy daily.

Actress (and comedian) Goldie Hawn showed audiences just how excellent her chemistry with comedic actor Kurt Russell is when she starred with him in the 1980s classic Overboard and the two are still going strong to this very day.

16 It Was Fun While It Lasted - Jenny McCarthy And Jim Carrey


When it was revealed way back when that actress Jenny McCarthy was dating superstar comedian Jim Carrey, we were more than puzzled. I mean, look at her–she’s the hilarious beauty that the MTV cameras seemed to fall in love with and he’s the silly dude who played Ace Ventura. But it actually made plenty of sense that the two would fall in love with each other considering their comedic timing and perfection. They both were geniuses in the comedy game but that seemed to counter set each other and the relationship ended up crumbling.

15 Breaking Barriers - Nancy Walls And Steve Carell


Did you know that comedian and actress Nancy Walls actually starred with her husband Steve Carell in the US version of The Office? It was in the earlier seasons, but Nancy starred as Carol, a real estate agent who, for some reason, started dating the obnoxious Michael Scott, played by Carell.

Unlike their own real life marriage, that relationship didn’t last after Scott proposed marriage in an awkward way after only a few dates.

Here’s to being thankful that he didn’t do that in real life and that this comedic duo is still happy together after all these years.

14 Match Made In Comedy Heaven - Megan Mullally And Nick Offerman


Well, the world already knew that Megan Mullally is one of today’s brilliant comedic minds thanks to her turn as Karen Walker in BOTH versions of Will and Grace, but we didn’t really know about her husband Nick Offerman until Parks and Recreation came along to NBC years ago. Since then, the couple has been all over the radar with their hilarious marriage (not to mention the set of commercials they tend to star in together). We hope this marriage lasts for a long time and they keep the laughs coming.

13 Heartache Central - Anna Faris And Chris Pratt


Even though we weren’t involved in the least in their marriage, it seemed like our own worlds crumbled when it was announced that actress Anna Faris (Mom) and Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) were parting ways after years of marriage.

They seemed like such the perfect, comedic combination–not to mention the fact that they were adorable together on social media.

Though, we should be thankful that even when they’re apart, the laughter doesn’t die down. Hopefully, they’re still close friends though–that’s all we ask.

12 Sometimes It Just Works - Isla Fisher And Sacha Baron Cohen

E! News

I remember when I first found out that this couple was married to each other: “Wait, Borat and the girl from Wedding Crashers are a thing?” Well, yes–yes they are, and they’ve been married for almost nine years. Both actress Isla Fisher and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen are rather private about their relationship and marriage despite the fact that they attend all red carpet events together in support of one another, which seems to make for a very healthy relationship these days.

11 Expiration Date - Katy Perry And Russell Brand


Those who said “well, THAT won’t last” upon hearing that Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand were a thing… well, they were right.

The singer (who shows her acting chops and comedic timing in an episode of How I Met Your Mother) paired up with Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and the two ended up getting married years ago during some safari-themed wedding.

Well, the critics prevailed and the two ended up divorcing a little while later. Hey, at least we got some good music out of it from Katy’s end.

10 Comedic Brilliance - Melissa McCarthy And Ben Falcone


There is literally no one cooler in the comedy business than Melissa McCarthy these days. The actress had been around for years before the world finally took notice when she broke out in Bridesmaids back in 2011, and she hasn’t slowed down since. But what a lot of people don’t really know is that she’s actually married to Ben Falcone, who, more often than not, stars in a lot of his wife’s films. For example, he was the air marshal in Bridesmaids and a tourist in Spy. It’s always fun to see the two share screen time together because you don’t really know what to expect.

9 Who Would've Thought? - Cobie Smulders And Taran Killam


Most super fans already know this, but almost all of the real-life spouses of the How I Met Your Mother actors actually guest starred on this sitcom at random times (and often playing random people).

Comedian Taran Killam played Gary Blauman, who happened to be a recurring character that rarely had run-ins with his real-life wife Cobie Smulders who played Robin, one of the show’s main characters.

If that hadn’t happened, I’m not sure I would’ve even known that the two were married in real life.

8 From The '70s And Beyond - Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher


You would have to be living under a rock if you don’t know that these two are now happily married with two little ones. You also had to have been under that rock for a good couple of decades if you don’t know that they didn’t first start out as a couple on the hit comedy series That '70s Show. Though, they didn’t get together right away. Ashton Kutcher famously married actress Demi Moore while Mila Kunis was paired up with Macaulay Culkin for years before they realized that they were actually in love with each other.

7 Somewhat Short Lived - Emma Stone And Dave McCary


If you blinked, you might have missed these two, even though they were dating (and still are? Who knows) for over a year.

Emma Stone started dating Saturday Night Live writer and director Dave McCary after she hosted the show a while back.

The two have been notoriously private about their relationship, but there have been rare moments where cameras caught the two going out to get a bite to eat in New York City or running to get coffee in Los Angeles.

6 Mad Men Days - Elisabeth Moss And Fred Armisen


Here’s another couple you wouldn’t have known were together if you didn’t look it up on the net. Elisabeth Moss (who is busy making massive waves with her award-winning performance in The Handmaid’s Tale) was once married to Saturday Night Live alumni Fred Armisen for eight short months. The two have since opened up about their short-lived marriage, and it doesn’t sound very blissful. Moss says he wasn’t the best husband and he’s concurred with her. That doesn’t sound very laughable to us.

5 Perfectly Blissful - Lauren Miller And Seth Rogen


These two tend to stay out of the limelight a lot of the time, which apparently makes for a happier marriage.

Seth Rogen met actress Lauren Miller when he was working on Da Ali G Show and it was love at first sight, according to the comedian.

“Even our first date was exciting,” Miller told Us Weekly. “We played mini golf and then got into a hit and run accident on the freeway. When I got out of the car I hugged him, I need to hold on to something.” That’s actually pretty romantic, you know, despite the accident part.

4 Measuring Up - Claire Grant And Seth Green


Despite a significant difference in height, comedian Seth Green has been married to actress Claire Grant since 2010. “We can’t believe we found each other, we’ve never been happier,” the duo said in a statement to People magazine back when they tied the knot. The couple had met in 2007 at a reopening of their favorite comic book store where Green was signing autographs while Grant was photographing the event. If that’s not really a meet-cute, I don’t know what is.

3 In A State Of Arrested Development - Amber Tamblyn And David Cross


Here’s another relationship that seems to throw people for a loop since a lot don’t know that comedian David Cross (of Arrested Development fame) and actress Amber Tamblyn (of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fame) are married.

The two even have a child together.

The age difference between the two (he’s 19 years older than her) is often highlighted by the press, but they don’t seem to mind and even constantly joke about it. Hey, as long as they’re in love and happy, what’s the outside world to say?

2 Comedy Perfection - Jacqueline Titone And Adam Sandler


A lot of people don’t actually know that comedian Adam Sandler has been married to the same amazing woman since 2003. Sandler got married to Jacqueline Titone after they met on the set of his 1999 hit comedy Big Daddy. After that, she went on to star in almost all her husband’s films, including 50 First Dates. Before she caught the acting bug, she was a model with a fantastic personality, which is explains how she was able to catch Adam’s eye.

1 Odd Couple Out - Heather Locklear And David Spade


This was a rather… bizarre relationship. Even David Spade often joked about how odd it was that actress Heather Locklear had agreed to go out with him given that they appeared very different in the looks department.

Even though the relationship didn’t work out, David still keeps in touch with Heather, especially as she went through some trouble with the law earlier this year.

“Yeah… I mean, I love her,” he told radio host Andy Cohen. “She was nice to go out with me, and I will always be indebted to her because she was so nice, so fun. And no apologies. Went out with me, didn’t care, even though I’m sure she took some grief… I grew up loving her.”

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