25 ‘Special Edition’ Kylie Jenner Products Ranked Best To Worst

No matter how we feel about her fame or her family, nobody can make a face like Kylie Jenner. Her beauty game has created an empire, made her one of the richest celebrities out there and set more trends than we can even count. Along with her main product launches, she has so much mass appeal that she's able to release multiple 'special edition' products per year ON TOP of those regular seasonal ones. Give them to us, girl!

Over the years she's brought us multiple Christmas (aka 'Krismas') holiday collections, Valentine's Day collections, Halloween Collections, Vacation collections, special collections made with each of her sisters, a collection made with her (ex) best friend Jordyn, a Momager Collection inspired by her mama, a Weather Collection inspired by her baby girl Stormi and new birthday themed collections each time her birthday month comes around. All together that accounts for over 100 special edition products, from lipsticks and glosses to eyeshadow palettes.

How in the name of Kris Jenner is anyone supposed to know which Kylie products are actually worth buying? Out of dozens of different products released within weeks of each other, there are bound to be a few duds. Are some of the lip products just - pardon the pun - filler? Or are her special edition products actually good enough to buy?

Read on for our honest round up of the very best and very worst Kylie Cosmetics limited edition products. In true Kardashian fashion, don't forget to spill the tea after reading and let us know if you agree.

25 The Wet Set Pressed Illuminating Highlighter Palette (Best)

via Seventeen.com

The Wet Set Highlighters are at the very top of our 'best' list because they were so good that Kylie brought them into her main collection. She originally released them as part of her limited edition Vacation collection, but the internet went so nuts over them that she decided to keep them available all year round.

If you touch this pressed powder it actually feels wet, which is how it got its name. It's not just the cooling, creamy texture that people loved. The way that it's pressed makes for very little kickback. It doesn't fly everywhere when you dip your brush in, so this is a Kylie product that will last you a while.

24 Halloween Mummy Eyeshadow Palette (Best)

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Last year Kylie released an amazing Halloween collection that's worth buying for the names of the products alone. Her Halloween Mummy eyeshadow palette inspired fans to get fully into the spirit of the season. 'Freak On,' 'Main Boo,' 'Bat Sh*t Crazy,' and 'Hex on my Ex' are standout shades that give us major Sabrina Spellman vibes.

The whole nine-pan palette is full of actually wearable shades. Each of them is a shimmer formula with a lot of colour payoff, according to product reviews. The palette also came with 3D glasses (?!) so you could discover surprise 3D elements in the mummy-inspired packaging. Spooky.

23 Snow Sparkle Lip Gloss (Best)

via Beauty Heaven

Kylie released this glam gloss as part of her 2018 Holiday Collection. It got some celebrity fans (that's Zendaya pictured here) and we can see why. Even though it was released as a limited edition product, we think this ultra-shiny gloss should be part of your collection all year round.

“If you are a person who wants to try out sparkly iridescent lips I would recommend you go with this gloss,” shares makeup guru Nicol Concilio. She also says “Kylie’s glosses are not sticky,” so we think they’re great for makeup beginners or anyone who doesn’t want to walk around with their hair stuck to their mouth.

22 Eye of The Storm Kyshadow Palette (Best)

via Teen Vogue

In March 2018, Kylie released her Weather Collection. “It’s exciting to see this collection and I say that because it’s somewhat of an original idea,” says YouTuber Laura Lee. “It’s something new and fun.” The lightning-covered eyeshadow palette in this collection is called Eye of The Storm, and we think it’s the best one in the pack.

This one’s got a great diversity of colours that offer so many bold combinations, from bright yellow and shimmery grey to dark brown and silvery purple. If you took a picture of a stormy sky, the swirl of colours within it are basically the exact tones that Kylie included in this palette. So creative and cool.

21 KKW x Kylie Kimberly Liquid Lipstick (Best)

via HelloGiggles

Kylie has collaborated with her sister Kim's KKW makeup brand twice, and the 'Kimberly' lip shade is from their first collab together. What makes it special? The shade is effortlessly wearable. It's also different from a lot of Kylie’s usual liquid lipsticks because it uses a formula that’s velvet instead of matte. Fans of the Kardashian brands responded overwhelmingly in the positive to this formula change, so now more of Kylie’s original lip kit products are offered in velvet styles.

“Personally, I LOVE the formula,” says makeup reviewer Jordan Byers. “I’m so over crusty lips. I’m all for this, it feels great on the lips, and it’s full coverage.”

20 High Maintenance Lip Kit (Best)

via YouTube

From the wearable warm nude that's 'Kimberly' we jump to this cool-toned pink called 'High Maintenance.' It's a pretty pink shade that was originally part of her 2018 Valentine’s Day collection, but fans loved it so much that it’s now a part of her permanent collection.

The effect of this matte product is basically to make you look like Barbie visiting an Ariana Grande music video set in 2019. It's like a dusty rose that says girly without being dated. If you want an ultra-modern way to wear a deep and opaque pink lip, this product is a perfect choice.

19 Sipping Pretty Kyshadow Palette (Best)

via Pinterest

Look at these gorgeous slick lids! This is a look created entirely using the Sipping Pretty Kyshadow Palette released as part of Kylie's 21st Birthday Collection. It's a fave for its great pigmentation and variety of complimentary rosy colours.

In true thematic form, this palette has 21 pans of product. 21! That's a lot of bang for your buck. All 21 shades are fun and flirty, from deep pinks to silky tans and glittery golds. The packaging also features a giant rectangular mirror in its lid, which we'll always be thankful for. Sometimes Kylie knows exactly what makeup users want, and we are sold.

18 Birthday Collection Leo Lip Kit (Best)

via Carousell

Also part of Kylie’s birthday collection last year, the 'Leo' lip kit is a very wearable deep burgundy plum shade. Leo is obviously a nod to Kylie's star sign, because she's into the astrology scene. The Leo lip kit was so successful that it’s now become part of her permanent line of lip kits.

This shade is perfect for anyone who wants a warm undertone to their lip look with a touch of drama. It's deep without making you look goth. We think it looks like you've been enjoying a berry smoothie or something, which is very Calabasas. Expensive collagen fillers not required.

17 Kristmas Naughty Eyeshadow Palette (Best)

via YouTube

The ultra Christmassy 'Naughty' Kyshadow palette from the 2017 holiday season offers everything you need to get into the holiday spirit. It's got snowy whites, deep Christmas tree greens, cranberry sauce reds and tinsel sparkle silvers all wrapped up in one high-quality package.

YouTuber Laura Lee was a big fan of this entire palette of colours. “They’re so pretty," she told viewers in her product review. "The mattes are super pigmented, and they're really good creamy eyeshadows.”

The Naughty palette is a great way to get a dramatic eye look without having to open more than one product. Who wouldn't like that?

16 KoKo Kollection Damn Gina Gloss

via Twitter

Kylie’s Khloe Kardashian inspired collection really turned some heads. “This rose gold packaging has me weak in the knees,” says Nicol Concilio. She especially liked the popular 'Damn, Gina' gloss, saying, “It’s easy to apply, I really like the wand of the gloss, and it’s super creamy. I’m not a gloss girl but this is so pretty.” This is much better than the first glosses that Kylie released herself – more on that later.

'Damn, Gina' gloss has sparkles but not too many, shine but no stickiness and some pink pigment but not so much that it mattifies your mouth. It gives us our own lips but better and shinier with just a touch of sparkle.

15 Kylie Valentine’s Soulmate Lip Set (Best)

via KylieCosmetics.com

The Soulmate Lip Kit is a standout product in Kylie's latest Valentine's Collection. As good as 'Leo' is at being a wearable dramatic shade and 'Kimberly' is at being a wearable nude, 'Soulmate' is perfect as a wearable true red.

Whether you have warm or cool undertones to your skin, this red seems universally flattering. It's also got the slightest of blue undertones, bringing out the white in your teeth as an added bonus.

It's unknown whether this colour was inspired by her current man, her baby or even her unstoppable career, but whoever/whatever Kylie considers to be her soulmate makes for a great lipstick shade.

14 Kourt x Kylie Mini Cosmetics Duo (Best)

via her.ie

If you're even remotely aware of the Kardashians, you'll know that Kourtney is the most down-to-earth sister. When we say down-to-earth, we mean it literally. She is a hippy in designer clothes, an organic food fanatic and a naturally green-living mama.

Kylie's products inspired by Kourtney are sun-kissed orangey golds that are muted and universally flattering. Our favourite set is 'Mini,' a lip look with a hint of pink and a shadow to go along with it. This set also has names with a sense of humour, like 'Gluten Free' and 'No Dairy.' We love when the sisters make fun of each other because it means we can joke about them too. Phew.

13 Take Me On Vacation Kyshadow Palette (Best)

via YouTube

This shadow palette is a departure from Kylie's usually deep and dramatic selections of colours, but its paler selection is actually just as pigmented and striking. You can build a soft nude look from this palette with shades similar to the ones in Urban Decay's infamous Naked2 palette. You can do an orangey-copper look from this palette without having to buy Kylie's Bronze palette from her regular collection.

The possibilities are endless with this palette because it comes with...drumroll please... SIXTEEN SHADOWS. Have you ever bought sixteen Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadows for just $50 before? That's what's up for grabs with the Take Me On Vacation palette.

12 Kylie Jenner Silver Series Brush Set (Worst)

via Fabbon

Kylie's Silver Series brush kit release was a major flop. It wasn't just because the price was ridiculous (around $360 for 10 makeup brushes) but the quality of the brushes themselves was generally considered to be too poor for the price.

“It’s total trash and I would never use it," shares makeup artist Loey Lane, "which stinks because Kylie did a really good job on her brushes in the holiday collection.”

Kylie even responded to the brush backlash, tweeting "I hear you guys, I love you guys, and truly just want the best." This time, her best was actually the worst.

11 Momager Give Me A Kiss Creme Lipstick (Worst)

via Romper

We are all for Kris Jenner's momager skills. Nobody can touch her when it comes to promoting the interests of her kids and their careers. Unfortunately in this case, her kid is promoting her. There is not really any reason for Kris Jenner to have her own entire set of specialized makeup shades. Her makeup game is so standard for a mature woman!

Creamy nude lipstick is not groundbreaking, nor is it even modern-looking enough to turn heads in 2019. This product belongs on one mom's shelf (Kris Jenner's) and not on the shelves of actual beauty retailers. Nepotism much?

10 Birthday Collection Velvet Minis (Worst)

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Kylie’s 2017 birthday collection of velvet-texture lip colours included the shades 'Party Girl,' 'Surprise Me,' 'Commando,' 'Birthday Suit,' and 'Sprinkles.' Cute names? Sure. High price? You know it. Original shades? Absolutely not. It's clear that you can achieve the same kinds of tones from regular collection Kylie Lip Kits, which come with the added bonus of lip liner and your choice of liquid lipstick texture.

The texture of the 21st Birthday Edition minis didn't impress the beauty guru community. “The formula seems runny and super super streaky,” shares Kylie customer Paige Watson. Why splurge for a limited edition set when you can buy better Kylie lip products anytime?

9 First Edition Glosses By Kylie (Worst)

via Cosmopolitan

We don't need to tell you how uncool it is to test makeup products on paying customers. That's basically what happened with Kylie's first edition glosses, which were shipped out with horrible splayed and splintered brush tips to the first people who bought them.

Kylie apologized and said it was just part of the process of working out the kinks in the product, but that wasn't good enough for her passionate client base. After a number of inflammatory tweets by internet celeb Jeffree Star and investigative pieces by beauty sites, Kylie apologized and sent out new brushes to everyone who had been duped. Too little, too late?

8 2019 Valentine’s Kyshadow Palette (Worst)

via Hypebae

This romantic palette includes colours like 'Call Me,' 'Blow Me Away,' 'Beau,' and 'Crush' – a baby peach blush that actually works better than products in Kylie’s bad Royal Peach palette (keep reading for more on that one). You would think that with cute names and classic heart-themed branding these products couldn't go wrong, but they did.

“I have to say I was disappointed,” says YouTube beauty guru Nicol. She found the eyeshadow shades to be bad quality. “When I swatched them on my arm I had to go over them four or five times and it still wasn’t really giving the pigmentation that I would prefer in a palette.”

7 Chill Baby Holiday Eyeshadow Palette (Worst)

via Takara Robinson

Chill Baby was part of Kylie’s most recent holiday collection, released in November 2018. “I know a lot of people were disappointed because the packaging did not match the products inside,” Nicol explained. She also found the products themselves not to be pigmented enough. “I’m not gonna lie. They are patchy.”

Beauty experts like Nicol also noticed that many of the colours in this palette are similar to those in Kylie’s regular old Burgundy Palette, which you can get at any time of year. That one is full of warm tone shadows in even larger pans than the special edition Chill Baby palette has. So many reasons to pass on this palette.

6 Skylie Lip Kit (Worst)

via Cosmopolitan

Who could actually look good in this? WHO? Even Kylie can barely pull it off, and a lot of good money has gone into making that face beautiful! This light cyan blue is not a best seller for a reason.

Even with Kylie's best-selling lip kits, the original matte liquid lipstick formula is known for being a bit cakey and flakey, as Philly reports. It's just the price you pay for a truly matte finish with opaque colour payoff. Unfortunately in this case, because the light blue contrasts so much with a normal person's lip colour, flaking around the inner edges of the mouth is really obvious after a while. Light blue edges around a skin-coloured pout is just not a good look.

5  KKW x Kylie 2 Beauty Contour Kit (Worst)

via Daily Mail

Kylie may be best at lip looks, but there's no denying that Kim Kardashian is queen of the contour. She is responsible for single-handedly bringing the craze to our culture a few years back, and has continuously put out products that help others achieve her sculpted contour looks. The contour kit she released with Kylie in it was definitely a low point.

The shades just don't work on everybody, and the product formulation doesn't seem designed for any kind of long-lasting wear. Reports of this product cracking and creasing after just two hours of wear hit the internet when it was released, and Kylie had nothing to say about it. Come on, sis!

4 Freedom Liquid Lipstick (Worst)

via Let's Learn Makeup

Freedom was released by Kylie Cosmetics for the Fourth of July, and meant to pay tribute to America. The shade is just a little bit too dark to be a true American flag blue; it’s more like a navy or blue-black bruise colour.

A better tribute to freedom and US democracy might have been better conditions for her workers, who have to endure pretty bad conditions. The contrast between this shade’s name and her manufacturing practices reads a bit hypocritical to us. We could live without this unwearable colour and all the drama it’s tangled in.

3 Calm Before The Storm Palette (Worst)

via Nerdymama Makeup

Another product from Kylie’s Weather Collection of cosmetics, this soft and light selection of eyeshadows looks like a deconstructed Easter egg. All of the shades are pastels which don’t have much to do with weather and don’t show up as pretty and pigmented as the deeper tones Kylie’s palettes usually offer. These shades aren’t pink enough for a natural makeup look, yet not dramatic enough for a glam look either.

“In my opinion it might be a little bit difficult for you to get a full eye look out of this palette because of the pale colours,” says Laura Lee. ”I will say this is my least favourite palette.”

2 Haunt It Liquid Lip Kit (Worst)

via YouTube

This lipstick from Kylie’s special edition Halloween collection is haunting in a bad way. It’s basically ugly orange lipstick that looks like you just went HAM on a bag of Cheetos. Who would look good in a shade that brings out the old Snooki-orange tones in their skin? It’s even got that uber-dry texture that Kylie’s liquid lipsticks are famous for. Needless to say this shade didn't make it into Kylie's standard collections.

Chalky Cheeto lips don’t say ‘cool’ to us, but they might scream ‘daring’ to you. If you’re brave enough to rock this bold look, please send us some selfies of you attempting to actually pull it off.

1 Kylie’s Royal Peach Eye Palette (Worst)

via YouTube

You've made it past sickly shades, hypocritical branding and dated/nepotism tinged tones all the way to the top (or bottom) of this list. Damn, Gina! Good work, Now you get to learn the very worst of the worst of Kylie's special edition products: her first edition Royal Peach Palette.

This palette gave people actual HEADACHES, as Teen Vogue reports. Its formulation was so bad that it wasn't long before the tweets started pouring in.

"Idk how I feel about Kylie Jenner's Royal Peach Palette.... It smells like straight chemicals and spray paint," tweeted Antoinette Morea.

Hannah May tweeted "it literally stinks of chemical and I have just seen EVERYONE saying the same!" Hard pass on this product.

Sources: Kylie Cosmetics, Poshmark, Nicol Concilio, Laura Lee, Teen Vogue, PhillyJordan Byers

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