23 Social Media Posts These Celebs Deleted Right Away (& Why) In 2018

Some celebrities have a bad habit of posting insensitive tweets that half of the world sees, then trying to quickly delete them.

It only takes one second before millions of viewers see what they posted, so by the time they delete a cringeworthy post, the damage has already been done.

Basically, every time celebrities open Instagram or Twitter to post a picture, video or tweet, they risk negative attention. We use social media without having to think twice about what the whole world may think, so social media platforms, come to think of it, are a great responsibility for celebrities!

Fortunately, some have learned from their mistakes. Unfortunately for others, they still have not (cough cough, Kim K). Those celebrities who have survived the backlash from a post gone wrong we surely hope will not commit another PR nightmare in future. However, because screenshots live forever, here are 25 times that celebrities tried to do social media damage control.

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23 Tristan Thompson Headlines

via Us Weekly

If you're already under heat, why make matters worse? Earlier this year, allegations were made against Tristan Thompson, while girlfriend Khloé Kardashian was pregnant. Business Insider has a complete timeline of them, FYI! Thompson was not too smart about his actions, though. He was at the center of scrutiny because of videos and photos that surfaced on social media, featuring him out on the town.

As if that wasn't bad enough, instead of addressing the claims, he acted clueless.

He posted a photo of himself all chilled out wearing sunglasses on Instagram, and after an abundance of critical comments, he quickly resorted to deleting the photo, the Mirror reports.

22 Emily Ratajkowski's Beauty Faux Pas

via Instagram

You're either a fan of model Emily Ratajkowski or you're not; she is quite the risky one when it comes to her social media posts.

Well, earlier this year, she might have taken it a little too far on Twitter.

Emily was appointed as the new face of a luxury haircare brand, and to praise her accomplishment, she tweeted about hair saying it is a "fundamental part of beauty, femininity, and identity," as Women's Health reports. However, that tweet did not last too long online, as women soon became angry. Some claimed that the star was totally ignoring the fact that some women might lose their hair due to illness or other conditions.

21 Roseanne And Her Demeaning Tweet

via Vox

A tweet that might have taken actress Roseanne Barr about two seconds to put out into the world had the capacity to completely destroy her career. In May, Roseanne, who just recently got back on the horse with a reboot of her hit television show, Roseanne, targeted Valerie Jarrett, a black woman who was a former Obama advisor. As Hello Giggles reports, celebrities, political commentators, and activists expressed anger by her comments and tried to boycott her TV series. Although Roseanne later apologized, her show got canceled.

20 Demi Lovato's "Joke"

via Instagram

Not all jokes are funny ― we know ― but when insensitive tweets that are supposed to be "jokes" come from celebrities, it is harder to swallow. Sometimes, people also have a totally different sense of humour, like singer Demi Lovato. This year, the #MeToo movement became a worldwide phenomenon on social media platforms. Given the significance behind it, the pop singer's tweet about a "prank" against her bodyguard was completely uncalled for, according to people who quickly called her out for such an insensitive tweet, NME reports. And rightly so.

19 Lesson Learned, Amber Heard

via Instagram

We would think they would have a list of social media faux pas to keep them on the straight and narrow, but it turns out many celebs do not.

"The Internet never forgets," should be the lesson learned for celebrities this year.

Actress Amber Heard tweeted about an ICE checkpoint in close proximity to her home in Hollywood ― and all was fine, until she added more ignorant words to her tweet. She followed up by saying, “everybody better give their housekeepers, nannies, and landscapers a ride home tonight,” Variety reports. The backlash was immediate, so she resorted to deleting her tweet to explain herself in another, but there was no turning back. People had already taken screenshots of the tweet so they could keep sharing it.

18 Selena Gomez's Photo Speaks A Thousand Words

via instagram

Whether or not you're a fan of singer Selena Gomez, you certainly must have come across this beautiful photo of her ― before she deleted it, that is. She posted this image on her Instagram account and it became her top photo with over 10.6 million likes. It was a simple but very luxe photo of the star looking glamourous. Even though she was sitting and having a drink, doing nothing out of the ordinary, the singer still decided to delete the photo from her 'gram. She later claimed in an Elle article that she deleted it because "it's not real to me."

17 Liam Payne And The Plane

via Instagram

Some celebrities are all over the charts because they're slaying their careers, but that still doesn't give them the right to be arrogant. Singer Liam Payne slipped up with an embarrassing Instagram photo and caption. As reported by Digital Spy,

he was caught bragging about his riches and seemed to throw shade to people who fly on commercial airlines. 

Sorry, most normies take regular airplanes, Payne. The post caused so much of a stir that it prompted him to delete his rude post, but the damage was done as many celebrities had already expressed their irritation over it.

16 David Beckham's Wasn't Having Any Of It

via Instagram

David Beckham is a role model to many, but in September, many were not too happy with the retired soccer player. Beckham avoided his responsibility of attending trial for a speeding ticket, and got away with it. As the Telegraph reports, he was cleared of charges because the ticket was issued too late. People started slamming him on social media because he could not be bothered with the trial, it seemed. Instead, on that day, he posted a picture on his 'gram of himself reclining in a car with the caption, "Angry. London traffic."

It was not long before the public started writing to him that he should be ashamed of himself, and expressing their disbelief that he got away with it. Needless to say, the photo did not last long.

15 Chris Brown Tried, But It Was Too Much

via Instagram

In May, it was Karrueche Tran's birthday ― in case you're not aware, the actress was dating Chris Brown. The problem between them: a restraining order that Tran has against Brown.

On her birthday, Brown attempted to reach out to her by posting deleted clips from one of his own tracks, in which Karrueche is the leading lady of the video.

Fans caught on to his subtle message and started dissing him for still desperately trying, as reported by Hot New Hip Hop. And, with a restraining order in place, the "indirect" wish was a violation, and so Brown rapidly deleted the clips.

14 Kim K's Selfish Post

via instagram

Timing is everything when it comes to posting on social media for celebrities, and at one moment, Kim K's was totally off. We all know Kim K loves to flaunt her hourglass figure ― she just cannot help herself ― but earlier this year, she made a bad decision. While her sister Khloé was going through a tumultuous time because the father of her child was accused of infidelity, Kim was being fancy in the Turks & Caicos islands.

Having known the awful news, she was still, nonetheless, showing off her lavish lifestyle all over the 'gram.

As People reports, Kim's #PositiveVibesOnly hashtag was seen as a reference to the family's issues at that time, just adding salt to everyone's wounds.

13 Deena Spills The Beans

via Instagram

Most people's guilty pleasure is Jersey Shore ― yes, we said it. With the return of our beloved guidos, guidettes, and GTL lovers this past year, we got attached all over again.

After the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in Miami ended, season two was announced, and the meatballs and guidos were to take over Sin City. However, during filming, Mike "The Situation" posted a photo of the gang with everyone instantly noticing that Deena Cortese was missing. So, she decided to reach out to her loyal fans by posting an explanation on social media for why she wasn't there.

“I just want to make it clear that it’s not [because] I’m pregnant that I’m not in Las Vegas,"

she said, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup. The post did not survive though, as she deleted it because of rude comments.

12 Demi Just Wants A Fresh Start

via Instagram

When Demi Lovato was rushed to the hospital, it was tragic. Shortly after her incident, the singer shared a touching message on her Instagram page to give thanks to her fans and loved ones for their support.

However, when Lovato was doing better, the first thing she did was delete the heartfelt post.

Immediately, her loyal fans became concerned, thinking she was going through a tough time again. Don't fret though! As a source told Hollywood Life that Demi just wanted to have a fresh start.

11 Cardi B. Really Has To Watch What She Says

via Instagram

Besides for her feud with Nicki Minaj, Cardi B grinds many peoples gears on social media. In September, she shared a photo on her Facebook page that was seen as a transphobic meme on her part. The offensiveness of what she shared is questionable, as she posted a screenshot of Rolf from a cartoon with the phrase, ‘hope nobody sees this [person] leave this house.’ The rapper did not get away with it without major backlash, so she immediately deleted the meme. Not only did she issue an apology later on Twitter, but she also blamed the post on a former team member, as BBC reports.

10 When Kylie Banned Stormi Pictures

via Pinterest

This year, we had Kylie Jenner, the social media queen, keep her pregnancy a secret ― though many speculated she was with child. When she finally decided to let the world know about her baby girl, Stormi, the world was surprised. Clearly so smitten by her adorable baby, the self-made billionaire quickly shared her little face with the world. However, loyal fans of Jenner will know that post did not last long, as she then deleted all photos on her social media accounts that showed the face of Stormi Webster. Why?

She no longer found it fit to share photos of her child.

As Vogue reports, Jenner stated that she wouldn't be posting images of her child "right now."

9 Chrissy Teigen Deleted A Mean Comment

via instagram

Who doesn't adore sweet Chrissy Teigen? Probably not fit mom Sia Cooper. Known as a social media influencer with the domain name @diaryofafitmommyofficial, Cooper is a personal trainer who's regularly seen leaving comments on Instagram pages of the biggest A-listers, like Kim K and Bella Hadid. Well, Teigen did not hesitate to share her opinion about Cooper commenting on every photo with the plan to get more followers, by tweeting "every photo." As reported by People, Teigen said she later deleted the post because she didn't want to bring negative attention Cooper's way.

8 When Anna Faris Had An Alarming Amount Of Mean Comments

via Cosmopolitan

The problem with social media: intense scrutiny and trolls who do not know when to stop. Actress Anna Faris uploaded a photo to her Instagram, and probably did not expect the backlash she received from the public. A mere 15 minutes after posting the photo, which is of Faris in a black jumper and nude cycling shorts, she was harshly body-shamed, as Cosmopolitan reports. Due to numerous unnecessarily harsh and unfair comments about her body, the actress deleted the photo.

7 We Know It Probably Was Not On Purpose, But Lorde Made A Mistake

via Time Magazine

Lorde certainly did not think this post through. Yup, we're referring to the time she posted a photo with lyrics of a late icon on it. What happened was that Lorde posted a photo of a bathtub with the late Whitney Houston's infamous song lyrics, "And IIII will always love you."

Wait a second, was she living under a rock when the world discovered how Houston had died? Lorde came under fire, and she quickly deleted the post and sent out an apology, as reported by Complex.

6 That Time The Paparazzi Was Too Much For Gigi Hadid

via Instagram

Model Gigi Hadid recently announced on Instagram that she was "being legally pursued" by the paparazzi, as MSN reports. Wait, what?

We all know that most A-listers find the paparazzi to be utterly toxic, but to be pursued by them is a whole other level of annoyance. What happened was that Hadid used a paparazzi photo of herself on her Instagram and was told by her management that she was not allowed to do so, as per the paparazzi’s words.

So, instead of staying quiet, Hadid used this moment to raise her voice about the toxic ways celebrities have to live because of the paparazzi who stalk them day in and day out.

She posted a statement on social media, but then had to delete it out of fear of getting sued.

5 Cardi B Plunged Into Trouble Again

via Instagram

Thankfully, social media allows us to delete posts, but the internet never forgets ― keep that in mind. Before Cardi B gave birth to her first-born baby girl, there was some evident trouble in paradise that she displayed on Instagram.

She posted some messages that caught everyone's attention. As BET reports, one of the messages read, "It's all fun and games till I get hurt." People were obviously concerned, but then Cardi deleted the post. That probably made people even more curious!

4 That Time Nicki Minaj Had To Defend Herself

via Instagram

At the beginning of the year, there was still some heat revolving around fast fashion company H&M because of the racially insensitive hoodie they were called out for. Well, Nicki Minaj instantly became a target of backlash because she had collaborated with the company for a line.

Minaj did not end up speaking out publicly against H&M. Instead, she immediately deleted every sponsored Instagram post that promoted her line with the company,

Style Caster reports. Amid all the backlash, she was being called out for her collaborative photos and seemed to have no other choice but to get rid of the evidence.

3 Tamra Took It Too Far

via Instagram

Most people watch the Real Housewives of Orange County to be entertained, and to feed off the drama, but sometimes even too much drama is no fun.

Recently, Tamra Judge brought Instagram some uncalled-for dissing. If you're a fan of the reality television show, you know what Shannon Beador was going through with her ex, David, in the past. So, what did Judge do? She did not hold back her feelings and in an Instagram post, she posted a photo of Beador wearing a crown with a mean caption calling out David. She expressed what she wanted to, but quickly deleted it and changed the caption to, “the queen found her crown," Celebrity Insider reports.

2 We Love Bette Midler, But She Did Not Slay This One

via Hollywood Reporter

We love it when people in Hollywood speak their minds, but taking their thoughts and opinions to social media may not always be the smartest idea. Actress Bette Midler is one who is known for speaking her mind, but in October, she found herself in trouble for it.

In case you missed it before it got deleted, The Washington Post reports that Midler tweeted about how women "are the most disrespected creatures on Earth" and all the awful things they've had to endure in history while remaining in silence. Some people found it to be too intense and after mass backlash, in which people hounded her to delete the tweet, she did, and later issued an apology for her controversial statement.

1 Jessica's Birthday Wish

via Instagram

Stylist Jessica M., who is known to be Meghan's best friend, was also caught in the "deleting" act on social media. In August, Jessica shared a short and sweet tribute to Meghan in an Instagram story accompanied by a flawless black and white photo of herself with Meghan, but it was quickly deleted, as Harper's Bazaar reports.

We're certain that she rang her bestie and probably only deleted the photo since, as we know, Meghan had to delete all her social media platforms!

References: Mirror, Business Insider, Women's Health, Hello Giggles, NME, Variety, Elle

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