25 Smokey Eye Looks That Are Sure To Be Winners On Date Night

When it comes to beauty, everyone has a different style. Some women prefer a very natural look, while others love to be full glam, all the time. Some rock only neutral shades on their lips, while others have made bold colors their signature, including the perfect red. And, it certainly doesn't hurt that there's a wealth of knowledge available nowadays about creating certain looks — all it takes is a few YouTube tutorials and you'll be on your way to creating a stunning look you thought only makeup artists could achieve.

And, whether you prefer a natural look or something a little more glam in your daily life, there's one thing many women can agree on — there's just something about a smokey eye that's perfect for date night. You can definitely customize your approach to the look based on your general makeup philosophy — if you're the type who doesn't wear a ton of makeup, a full-on, charcoal smokey eye might feel like a bit much for you. In that case, look to other shades, or a lighter approach to the look. If you love to experiment with makeup, bust out your palettes and craft a showstopping look — if your date isn't into it, well, you don't need him in your life.

Here are 25 stunning smokey eye looks that would be perfect for date night.

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25 Emily Ratajkowski's Smouldering Bronze-Peach Take

via: allure.com

One of the best places to get beauty inspiration is the red carpet — after all, a ton of time and effort is put into creating those looks, so you know they're all going to be stunning. One that we're particularly digging is this peachy look on Emily Ratajkowski, including a super sultry, brown and peach toned smokey eye.

It's a lot gentler than a smokey eye that incorporates black and other very dark shades,

but it's still intense enough to totally stop you in your tracks.

24 Taylor Hill's Cat Eye/Smokey Eye Hybrid

via: allure.com

No one does sultry, date-night approved makeup quite as well as the Victoria's Secret Angels, and Taylor Hill proves she's got the smokey eye look down. This take incorporates more traditional shade but is done in a bit of a cat eye that adds a feminine, feline twist to the typical smokey eye. It just goes to show how customizable the look is — you can mix up the shades, and you can even mix up the shape, to get the look that works for you.

23 This Deep Charcoal Look For A Date Night With Major Drama

via: youtube.com

Okay, we'll be honest — this look is definitely not for the woman who doesn't like to make a statement with her makeup.

Not only is a deep charcoal incorporated into the look, it's taken across the entire lid for a smokey eye with some major drama.

This one may be a bit tough for beginners because it takes a lot of blending to ensure you're not stuck looking like a panda but done right, it's really incredible — and would showcase anyone's eyes beautifully.

22 A Rich Purple Take On The Smokey Eye

via: youtube.com

If you're just not into incorporating super dark shades like blacks and greys into your eye makeup, that's totally fine — there are plenty of smokey eye options for you out there, like this gorgeous mahogany take. It has the same effect as a traditional smokey eye and even incorporates some black liner to really amp up the drama, but the main shade is a lovely, rich reddish-purple that we're completely obsessed with. Pair this with a neutral lip and you've got a killer date night look.

21 A Super Glam Silver Look With A Little Sparkle

via: youtube.com

Again, there are so many ways to approach a smokey eye, including this take. If this were done in gentler shades, it may just look like a regular eye look —

but by incorporating black and smoking things out along the edges, even with the liner wing, it gives it that smokey vibe.

And, the silver across half of the lid and towards the inner corner is a great way to tone it down if you're not sure about going full smoke show.

20 An Option For Ladies Who Like To Keep It A Little More Neutral

via: weddbook.com

There is absolutely no one out there who can't find at least one take on a smokey eye to try out — including women who keep their eye makeup super, super toned-down. This look might just seem like a regular eye makeup look for many women, but to a woman who rarely even uses shadow on a regular basis, this could be the dramatic smokey eye of her dreams. It incorporates all neutral shades with pink and brown tones, smudges out the liner a bit, and creates a stunning look.

19 A Super Romantic Shimmering Pink Look

via: youtube.com

There's something about the combination of pink and black that just works so perfectly, and this look proves that.

This is definitely a dramatic look, especially with the heavy mascara and heavy smudging along the lower lash line,

but it's a super sultry approach to date night that we can totally get behind. The smoked out black shades are lightened up by the inclusion of a glittering, iridescent pink that makes this the perfect mix of romantic and risque. Obsessed.

18 Super Glam And Gold

via: lionessebeautybar.org

If you know that gold is the shade that really makes your eyes pop, well, this is the perfect smokey eye look for you. This look incorporates some super shimmery gold shadow as an accent on the lid and mixes that with shades of rich brown for a smokey eye that's sultry but still really warm. If you're looking to mix up your regular pale gold look, this could be just the ticket to add some major drama for date night.

17 Cara Delevingne Serving Up Serious Beauty With This Brown Smokey Eye

via: popsugar.com

Okay, obviously basically anything would look good on supermodel Cara Delevingne, but this look would be amazing on just about any woman because of how subtle it is. It's a really traditional take on a smokey eye without a lot of extra pigments or flair to it,

but the use of brown rather than black as the main shade to smoke it out makes it a bit gentler.

This look is soft enough that you could potentially even pair a bit of a brighter lip shade with it if you really want to amp things up.

16 A Super Soft, Barely There, Baby Pink Smokey Eye

via: justaddglam.com

Not every date is an occasion for a super dramatic look, and while you can definitely rock whatever makeup makes you feel most confident, sometimes you want a more subdued look for a casual date. This is the perfect solution. The look has just the slightest whisper of smoke in a very soft brown shade, and it just adds a hint of sultriness to a look that would otherwise be really feminine and sweet. Plus, this is perfect for those who aren't quite confident enough to approach the super dramatic takes on a smokey eye.

15 Rooney Mara With A Taupe Super Subtle Smoked Out Eye

via: glamour.com

Unfortunately, we can't steal Rooney Mara's stunning bone structure, but we can borrow a few beauty tips from this gorgeous smokey eye look. Her glam squad has taken a really simple approach to this look, going barely there with the liner and focusing entirely on smoking out the eye with a soft shade of taupe/brown.

Her eyes really pop, her lashes look amazing, and she definitely doesn't look overdone

— this would be perfect for a more casual date night, or even for pairing with a dramatic red lip like she's done.

14 Kerry Washington Proving You Can Make Liner The Star In A Smokey Look

via: glamour.com

A lot of the time, shadow almost becomes a substitute for liner in smokey eye looks — there may be liner buried under all the blending, but you can't really tell once the eye has been smoked out. However, this look on Kerry Washington proves you can take a gentler approach to the smokey component of the eye, and really focus on a crisp, graphic liner. This smokey eye is giving us some major Cleopatra vibes, and who doesn't want to channel a goddess like that?

13 A Bronze Take From Chrissy Teigen That Seems Perfect For Summer

via: glamour.com

We're not sure if it's because of her collabs with Becca or just her go-to looks on the red carpet, but when we think of Chrissy Teigen, we think of glowing skin and super warm, rich shades.

This look delivers that in a major way.

The smokey eye is done entirely in shades of bronze and brown, leaving black out of the equation entirely, and the result is really soft and pretty. Add a bit of highlighter and you're totally good to go for date night.

12 January Jones With A Frosty Approach To The Date Night Staple

via: harpersbazaar.com

Many women avoid any type of blue shade around their eyes because of the flashbacks to really awful '80s looks, but there's definitely a way to incorporate the bolder shade without looking out of date, as January Jones proves. She's decided to highlight her amazing blue eyes with shades of blue and silver in a frosty smokey eye that we're utterly obsessed with. The various shades of blue and shimmer add depth, and the entire look just highlights her eyes perfectly — blue-eyed ladies, take note!

11 Saoirse Ronan With A Simple Yet Magical Bronze Look

via: harpersbazaar.com

Unless she's being all dolled up for a photo shoot, Saoirse Ronan tends to stay fairly neutral with her makeup looks, which is why we were so stunned to see her golden take on a smokey eye —

and it looks amazing on her!

You can definitely take inspiration from her glam red carpet look, taking your favorite shimmery gold shadow shade and applying it in a slightly different way to create a hint of a smokey effect that just really makes your eyes pop.

10 A Look For When You Just Need As Much Glitter As Possible

via: instagram.com/laillamakeup

Sometimes, you want a look that's simpler, and sometimes, you just want to bring full glam — there's nothing wrong with either situation. In fact, it can be super fun to bust out the slightly over the top shades in your makeup arsenal to create a look that truly sparkles, as this artist has. She's crafted a soft smokey eye with shades of brown, and then added a huge pop by covering the lid with what we can only assume is glitter (no shadow is that pigmented!). The result is stunning.

9 A Really Simple Take For A Low-Key Date

via: instagram.com/mysoulisyoursoul

The thing we love most about a smokey eye look is the diversity — you can take things as intense or as light as you want, as this look proves. It's a more traditional take on a smokey eye,

but it's done with a bit of a lighter hand so it looks romantic and feminine and doesn't make quite such a statement.

Paired with a super simple pale pink lip or a pigmented gloss, this just might become our new go-to date night look.

8 A Look With Really Pastel Shades For Those Who Aren't Ready To Tackle A Full Smoked Out Eye

via: instagram.com/sanctum_noctis

The thing that many people seem to forget about is that you can take all the regular shades you use to create gorgeous eye looks and just change the way you apply them to get that smokey vibe. This look features super neutral shades with a bit of a shimmer, and it's just the fact that it's been taken a bit further out, and the fact that there's some pigment along the lower lash line, that gives it a hint of smokiness.

7 Dakota Johnson's Barely There, Boho Take On A Classic

via: usmagazine.com

Dakota Johnson is definitely becoming one of our favorites to watch on the red carpet when it comes to more natural, boho styles.

She can definitely go full glam if she needs to, but she prefers to keep things a bit more subdued —

and this look proves that perfectly.

It's all about the lashes and the gorgeous bronze shade, but it's not too over the top. And, as an added bonus, this look would be easy for just about anyone to recreate — you don't need to be a blending pro who can manage 6 shades in one look.

6 Kerry Washington With A Flawless Sage Green Smokey Eye

via: usmagazine.com

We absolutely love that Kerry Washington is never afraid to take a style risk on the red carpet, and that extends to her makeup as well. In this look, she's swapped out the traditional tones seen in a smokey eye for a really gorgeous sage green shade with a hint of shimmer. It's a softer take on the smokey eye, but it's one that's super wearable — and, you could go for just about any pastel shade under the sun with this look and still have it be amazing.

5 Gigi Hadid With A Pink-Toned Look That Any Green-Eyed Woman Needs To Try Immediately

via: usmagazine.com

Thanks to all her years as a model, spending time backstage and on photoshoots,

Gigi Hadid seems to really know what flatters her features — and this gorgeous smokey pink eye definitely makes her green eyes pop.

It's definitely pretty smokey, but it incorporates primarily neutral pink shades, so it's not too over the top. This one is perfect for all the gorgeous green-eyed ladies who want to spice things up a bit for date night but not step too far outside their makeup comfort zones.

4 Jenna Dewan With A Subtle Gold Look That We'd Wear Every Day

via: usmagazine.com

We are absolutely living for the fact that Jenna Dewan has a YouTube channel now because it means we get a close look at all the elements in her beauty routine, from skincare to must-have makeup products. She's become known for her California chic vibe, and this look exemplifies that. It's a super subtle smokey eye with some shimmery gold to really make her eyes pop. She rocked this out to an event, but we can totally see it being the perfect look for date night.

3 Olivia Palermo Proving That When Done Right, Even An Orange Smokey Eye Is Chic

via: usmagazine.com

We know, we know — you hear orange shadow and you probably immediately start to cringe, or at the very least, assume it's something that should be reserved for over the top runway looks.

However, style icon Olivia Palermo proves that you can totally rock a smokey orange eye and look amazing.

Ladies who like to mix things up with their look, take notice — this just might be your new go-to for date night. It's sultry, it's fun, and it's a little edgy.

2 A Soft Liner-Less Take That We're Kind Of Into

via: instagram.com/skorikova_brows

The amazing thing about beauty is that you can really make it your own — this look is perfect for the ladies who really aren't too into strong liner. She's taken the traditional grey shades of a standard smokey eye and created a really soft look that's made even softer due to the lack of liner (or, lack of visible liner, at the very least). So often people think that if you use the traditional smokey eye shades, you need to commit to a dramatic look, but this proves that you can definitely go grey and romantic.

1 Rihanna With A Dramatic Smokey Eye We're Still Not Over — And Would Totally Copy

via: pinterest.com

Okay, to be clear, we'd copy just about any look that Rihanna served up because, well, she's a legend. And, it definitely helps that we can all pick up RiRi approved products from Fenty Beauty.

This red carpet look was majorly dramatic and utterly amazing.

The fact that her hair was covered and away from her face, her lip was totally neutral, and her super smoked out eye drew your attention straight to her piercing gaze? Amazing. We should all take a lesson from her book — this is how you serve up major confidence.

References: allure.com, glamour.com, usmagazine.com

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