25 Random Items Every Woman Needs In Her Purse This Summer

While there are beauty and hair products that we can use during the winter—face masks and a deep red lipstick come to mind—it's definitely true that summer is the best time to purchase some new products.

The winter chill has left the air and has been replaced with warm days and we want to be prepared for anything that comes our way. Whether we want to buy certain products that will help with the havoc that humidity wreaks on our hair and skin or we want a new lip color, it's the perfect time to make some new purchases for our makeup bags.

While we might joke that we carry around our whole lives in our bags, it's honestly true. Every woman needs a lot of things to live her everyday life and those things are always in the various compartments of her favorite purse.

So why not take all of the happy energy and anticipation that we have for the upcoming summer season and buy some new products? There are several things that would make the months of June, July, and August amazing, and it's time to take a look at what we absolutely need for the best summer ever.

Here are 25 random items every woman needs in her purse this summer.

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25 BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

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This BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray is something that every woman needs in her purse this summer and it's $22.94. It's meant to be used on hair that is "damp" so it seems perfect if we're going to spend some time by the ocean or pool. We'll be glad to have it in our bag.

As one person shared in a review, "This spray is awesome! It smells really nice, the mist is extremely fine, and the results are amazing. It volumizes just enough to look good and lasts all day."

You can see it on Amazon

24 Burts Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm, Multipack


Burts Bees is an awesome brand that we have probably tried before. Every woman needs this lip balm in her purse this summer. It's going to provide us with moisture, as the name says, and it's awesome since it's made of only natural ingredients. The price is right, too: it's $9.57 for a pack of four.

We might think of winter as more drying on our lips and face than summer, but it's true that we still need to take care of our lips even when it's super hot outside. That's why this product will come in really handy.

You can find the lip balm on Amazon

23 Natural Deodorant Vanilla Coconut By Beauty By Earth


For $11.99, we can get this Natural Deodorant in Vanilla Coconut, and it's something that we should all put in our purses this summer season. First of all, we never know when we're going to need to swipe on some more deodorant (and we always wish that we had remembered to keep some in our purse, right?). Second of all, this product has a great smell.

As one woman shared, it works for her: "I do HIIT workouts 6 days a week and this deodorant holds up against my heaviest workouts. It glides on well if you follow the tip to warm it against the skin first, and it smells amazing."

You can see the product on Amazon

22 Pearlessence Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist


The Pearlessence Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist is $12.30 and is another amazing product that every woman should have in her purse this summer. It is meant to hydrate our face, as the name suggests, but it can also be used on top of our typical makeup regimen.

One woman loves it and uses it before she goes to sleep; "This is my new favourite product ever! The smell is so beautiful ... very light and not at all strong, like some perfumes can be. I use it on my wrists, and as a body mist just before I go to bed. Spray it on your pillow if you like :) If you want to pamper yourself, this is a MUST buy!!"

You can find the face mist on Amazon

21 Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties


What's a girl to do when she finds herself sweating a ton and she wore her hair down that day? Hopefully, she remembered to put some hair ties in her purse... and hopefully she bought these Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties. They are only $6.99 for a pack of four, which is a really great value.

While the spiral texture might seem more random than typical hair ties, which are usually just very plain in texture, these are so much better because they won't pull on hair or break it. We have probably all had problems with that—but not this summer!

You can find the hair ties on Amazon

20 COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Moisturizing Lip Color, Clear Top Coat Color


Of all the random things that a woman definitely needs to keep in her purse this summer, this COVERGIRL Clear Top Coat Color is really necessary. It's only $3.79 and it is meant to be used on top of lipstick or even just by itself. It will feel great on our lips and it's a good idea to have this in our bags if we typically wear a lot of lipstick or lip gloss.

If we love this product, we can also check out the COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Moisturizing Lip Colors which come in many different shades.

You can find the lip color on Amazon

19 Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup SPF 30 - Intensity 2.0 Duo Pack


Let's be honest: we know that we should be applying sunscreen all the time... but do we do it all the time? Probably not. We can fix that by, yes, making a point of wearing sunscreen, but we can also buy this makeup by Estee Lauder. It has an SPF of 30 which is great since it does double duty as a beauty product and sunscreen. It's $45.94 and good quality for the price since we get two products.

Reviewers noted that the tubes are pretty tiny, so these will be perfect to put into our purses this summer season since they will be easy to carry around.

You can see it on Amazon

18 Beauty Concepts - 2 Pack (60 Count Each) Slice Of Summer Watermelon Detoxifying Facial Wipes


For $13.99, every woman can buy these Facial Wipes from Beauty Concept and put them in her purse this summer. These are awesome and will remove any beauty products that we're wearing and they will make our faces feel much cleaner. And, of course, the watermelon is really cute and feels just right for summer.

As someone shared in a review, "They are my absolute favorite makeup wipe! Plus you get a 60 in one pack the have a subtle smell of watermelon that’s refreshing."

You can find the facial wipes on Amazon

17 Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss, Blushing Belgraves


Lip gloss that makes our lips actually, well, glossy, is just what we want for the summer months that are almost here. We can grab this Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss in Blushing Belgraves for $3.74, which really couldn't be a better deal.

According to this woman's review, she likes it: "Nice lip gloss, good "weight" or thickness and staying power. I only use clear lip gloss, so thinner ones sort of dissipate, this one has nice weight without feeling like it's taking over my face. And at a price that is reasonable to me - 'cus 20 clams for clear lip gloss is ridiculous."

You can find the lip gloss on Amazon

16 COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation


A woman's summer purse definitely needs foundation... and it has to be a foundation that is actually going to last.

Thankfully, COVERGIRL has a foundation for $7.87 that is meant to last, and it even has SPF 20 as well. There are 13 shades and the texture is matte.

As one woman wrote in a review, "I love this foundation. I have combination to oily skin and I have been looking for a product that controls the oil my face produces. (I get REALLY oily, girls)."

You can find the foundation on Amazon

15 Havaianas Women's Slim Flip Flops Hollywood Rose


Summer calls for flip flops and while it might seem pretty random to keep them in our purse, we say that these are what every woman needs to have around this summer. We never know when we might want to change into comfy flip flops. Maybe it's really warm out so we want to change out of our heels or fancy sandals once we leave the office, or we're going to a casual get-together after work so flip flops seem more appropriate.

These flip flops from Havaianas are $26 and come in a beautiful pink color.

You can find the flip flops on Amazon

14 BONTIME Non-Toxic Nail Polish - Easy Peel Off & Quick Dry


Every woman also needs some nail polish in her purse this summer. What if she wants to give herself a quick manicure? We should be able to do that no matter where we are, and if we can find a better option in terms of nail polish, we love that.

We're going to want this BONTIME Non-Toxic Nail Polish, which is $13.98. As one woman shared in a review, "Over all a nice nail polish. Certainly a more healthy option. I like how smoothly it goes on compared to other natural polish."

You can find it on Amazon

13 Lime Crime Unicorn Hair - Semi-Permanent Vegan-Friendly Fantasy Hair Dye


What if we want to change up our hairstyle this summer? Maybe we'll be spending a long lazy summer afternoon with our BFF and we'll get the idea to dye our hair... temporarily, of course.

We will want to have this hair dye from Lime Crime Unicorn Hair around, so we should definitely order some and put it in our purse. It's $16 and affordable. This particular shade is "valentine" or "crimson red" and will be really fun to use. Plus, the package is a gorgeous red and pink.

You can find it on Amazon

12 COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray


This COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is another awesome addition to our purses for this summer. It's $28 and will be perfect for humid days since it is meant to help our hair behave in those conditions. And we could all use that, right?!


As one woman shared in a review, she lives in a hot climate and it works really well for her: "Just got this a few days ago ,I live in Florida and I have the humidity poof problem. So I used it one day so far and seems great ,I even sprayed a little water on my hair and it did bead up just like in the video."

You can find it on Amazon

11 WUNDER2 SUPER-STAY LINER Long-Lasting & Waterproof Colored Eyeliner, Glitter Pink


If we've used to buying black eyeliner, we really need this eyeliner in glitter pink from WUNDER2. It's $8.97 and have we mentioned that it's glitter pink? Yeah, this is going to be really fun to keep in our purses this summer.

One girl shared in a review that it lasts: "I was very impressed with this eye liner. It actually stays on. I used the pink glitter and I had it on for several days even after I washed my face twice a day. The glitter stays put also."

You can find this product on Amazon

10 Karma Nail Polish Remover Wipes By Karma Organic


Of the 25 random things that every woman needs in her purse this summer, these Karma Nail Polish Remover Wipes by Karma Organic are awesome. They're only $9.99, too.

These wipes are vegan and made with lavender. These will be perfect to take on the go with us no matter where we're going this summer since we never know when we're going to need to take off our nail polish and reapply.

As one woman wrote in her review, "Once I actually started using it on my nails, I was [surprised] at just how well it was removing my polish. It did a spectacular job, and my hands felt (and smelled great) after using it! I will absolutely be repurchasing."

You can see the wipes on Amazon

9 Pineapple Good Vibes Adjustable Mesh Hat Trucker Baseball Cap By Waldeal


Sure, we can go get a beige fedora and call it a day, and baseball caps are always cute in plain colors like blue or red. But why not go for a really great baseball cap with a fun pattern?

Every woman needs this hat by Waldeal in her purse this summer. It's $11.99 and the design is so cute: it's black and white and it says "good vibes" with a pineapple in the middle of the phrase. Who doesn't want good vibes this summer?!

You can see the hat on Amazon

8 Justbuy 240pcs Multi Colored Bobby Pins


Every woman loses bobby pins, and every woman wishes that she had more. We think that we all need these Justby Multi Colored Bobby Pins. For one thing, they are so much more fun than plain black bobby pins since they are fun colors. And another thing: this pack is $7.59.

Yes, that title is correct: there are 240 bobby pins in this pack. Talk about a deal.

When we need a bobby pin this July or August, we'll be so glad to have these in our purse.

You can find the product on Amazon

7 The Dirt All Natural Clean Mint Breath Spray

Sure, we often carry around peppermint gum in our purses, but we should totally go beyond that and pick up this Mint Breath Spray from The Dirt. It's only $7.99 and as the official description says, it's made of "Sugar-Free and non GMO ingredients, flavored with only therapeutic grade essential oils."

This will be super refreshing to have in our purses this summer. According to this review, it works for people who want something with natural ingredients: "Love this breath spray. Was trying to find a natural alternative and love it!"

You can see it Amazon

6 Rx Bar 12 Flavor Variety Pack


Of all the random things that every woman needs in her purse this summer, a good snack is totally necessary. A pack of 12 is $29.99, so we should stock up and have one in our purse at all times. These Rx Bars are really healthy: each bar has dates and nuts, and flavors include Coffee Chocolate (yum), Mint Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, and Maple Sea Salt.

These can definitely replace any regular granola bars that we have been buying since they have better ingredients. Besides, they're tasty!

You can see the bars on Amazon

5 BYS Glitter Lipgloss Makeup - Mercury Pink


Glittery pink lip gloss might be totally random, and it might not be as common as pink or red lipstick, and that's why it would make such a great addition to our purses this summer. Glittery makeup is always really fun.

According to the official description, "Not only does it brings you a shiny finish but it also turns your chapped and dry lips into a soft and moisturized [pout]." That sounds awesome and it's just what we need, right?

You can find it on Amazon

4 Professional Acrylic Nail File And Buffers For Women By GDLF

These nail files by GDLF are so beautiful. They come in patterns like flowers, dots, stripes, and more, and they are only $7.99 for a pack of ten. If we want to make sure that we're carrying all our essentials in our purse this summer (even if some of the products do seem random), we should definitely include these nail files.

According to this woman's review, she puts them in her bag: "These are just what I needed to keep my nails smooth and snag free. I can leave a board in each room and also in my purse."

You can see it on Amazon

3 Docolor Duo Eyebrow Brush By Realife


An eyebrow brush for only $4.99? Yup, this Docolor Duo Eyebrow Brush by Realife is a really great price and it looks very slim, making it the perfect product for every woman to slip into her purse this summer. We might not think that we need an eyebrow brush, but we do if we want to make sure that our beauty product collection is complete (and we do, right?).

It sounds like we would definitely use this product beyond the summer, too: as one woman shared in a review, "Been using it for over 4 months and I love it!"

You can see it Amazon

2 Vitamin C Serum For Face By Amara Beauty


If we're into skincare then we know that Vitamin C is really good for us. Therefore, this Vitamin C Serum for Face by Amara Beauty is something that we all need for our purses this summer. It's only $17.05 as well which makes it affordable.

It is vegan, free of scent and dyes and parabens, and is meant to help with any pimples or zits that we have, too. This will be so nice to have in our purse throughout the summer season (and through the fall, too!).

You can find it on Amazon

1 Habibee Women Headbands


It might seem totally random to have a headband with a bow in our purse at all times... but, hey, we really need these. They are so much fun. These Habibee Women Headbands are $13.99 for a pack of eight, so we can have lots of colors to choose from.

These will go with any summer dresses that we have already and they will also work if we're going to the beach since they would look cute with a cover-up or jean shorts with a cute top.

You can find it on Amazon

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