Frankies Owns The Swimwear Game: 25 Pictures Of Their Gorgeous Pieces

If you've never heard of Frankies Bikinis, be prepared to say goodbye to all your bikini woes. When Malibu native Francesca Aiello decided to start creating and designing swimwear, it was the godsend all women of the world needed; it was the end of our struggles to find high-quality bikinis we actually want to wear.

Need proof? Scroll through these stunning images of seamless bikinis created with soft, high-quality material and sizing that actually makes sense. Stars from Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Halsey all agree and flaunt their Frankies on the beaches for the world to see, and while I may not be a celebrity, I am a proud owner of two Frankies, and I swear they have changed my life.

Before I committed to buying a bikini or one piece from a boutique, I struggled to find a bikini that could fit my curves. After a few weeks they would pill, warp, and I never felt as confident in them as I wanted. The moment my first Frankies came in the mail, I never wanted to take it off, and my Summer 2018 is already made because of how good I feel in these magical swim sets. Whether you are looking to become the next Kylie Jenner, or you want to feel a bubbling confidence you've never experienced before, here are 25 images that prove Frankies owns the swim game. Will you want the 'Greer' or the 'Drew'?

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25 The 'Greer' In Deep Sea Blue Is As Exclusive As It Gets

Frankies Bikinis

While the Greer is easily the most popular bikini set on the site, this shade is the definition of exclusive. It appeared in one of their pop up shops down south, but it has not become available online to order yet! Those of us that do not live in America and lack the luxury of frequenting the popular Malibu native boutique can stare longingly at the Instagram pictures, like this one, but it doesn't look like we'll be able to buy this gorgeous color any time soon.

24 You'll Have The Best Bikini On The Beach With The 'Alana' Set In Ribbed Marine Blue

Frankies Bikinis

A chic but casual bikini style you can wear anywhere. Undo that top button in bright red for a sultry look or keep it classy with the 'Alana' in cute shades of sage and vintage rose. While it looks gorgeous in the marine blue, the 'Alana' in this color is another exclusive look you can only find in stores. Luckily, it's so cute in its other colors it's hard to mind when you find a bikini that looks this good on you.

23 You've Never Seen Anything Like The "Pedal To The Metal" Collection

Frankies Bikinis

Feeling metal? Good luck finding bold swimwear styles like these anywhere other than Frankies. This bright red bombshell look is the 'Flash', and it is a one piece you won't find anywhere else. This bikini could be the staple of the "Pedal to the Metal" collection. Alluring and chic, this is a figure-hugging piece with removable straps for a silhouette look. This one piece only comes in skimpy coverage, so be ready for everyone's eyes to be on you and your behind.

22 So What's So Rad About Joining The Babe Brigade? This Bikini Right Here Is The Perfect Example

Frankies Bikinis

When you become a Frankies girl, you become a member of the Babe Brigade, which means you will be rocking the summer months wearing the best bikinis in the world. The quality is absolutely unmatched. While Frankies offers bikinis in a range of exclusive single shade sets, the handful of patterns they have to offer are unique to any other brand. This bikini is called the 'Joy', which comes in a bandeau style with ultra-thin straps so you can tuck them away with ease.

21 You Can Catch Kylie Jenner Wearing Her Frankies Around The Beach, But Does She Own This One?

Frankies Bikinis

While Kylie was recently caught by the press wearing the 'Drew', you can outdo the young socialite by buying the 'Greer' in the nude shade for yourself. Accessorize like never before and be festival ready with this bad boy. It hugs your booty with a cheeky coverage to flaunt what you've got, and if you are worried the nude look will wash you out, you might want to set your eyes on their neon colors - they are bound to make you stand out this summer.

20 Their T-Shirt-Inspired Bikini Collection Is So On-Trend

Frankies Bikinis

Another bikini set destined for the festival scene, the t-shirt inspired bikinis are perfect for a beachy look to give you confidence while showing a little less skin. The 'Max' set is just one of the ridiculously cute sets from the groundbreaking collection 'Borrowed From The Boys', which became an immediate hit. It's flattering with its capped sleeves and feminine front tie. The best part is this works as both your bikini and a crop top to wear on those humid July days.

19 You'll Never Own A Little Black Bikini Quite Like This

Frankies Bikinis

Finding a bandeau bikini you can trust to fit and work your chest is practically impossible... until you put on the 'Hannah', another icon from the "Borrowed From The Boys" collection. I know firsthand how marvelous this bikini is - my best friend, who has a smaller chest, has never had a bandeau bikini fit better. No pulling it up or any awkward bunching, it all sits perfectly when you put it on. If you have more cleavage than the average girl, check out the model on the Frankies site who wears the 'Hannah', and be reassured this style will work for you too.

18 The 'Willa' Set In Sunrise Shows Us Off In The Best Places

Frankies Bikinis

Want to be a little cheeky with some cute peek-a-boo cutouts? Act fast, as the 'Willa' in this exclusive color is bound to sell out fast. It's online, so scoop it up ASAP!

You might be thinking to yourself, "what makes this bikini so special?" If this is the style you're looking for, do not hesitate to buy it. As a woman who struggled for years to find the perfect bikini, there is no doubt in my mind that every Frankies is 'the one'. The quality is untouchable by anyone else!

17 The "Borrowed From The Boys" Collection Allows You To Choose From Tasteful To Positively Cheeky

Frankies Bikinis

Meet the 'Emilia' to your left, and the 'Sequoia' to your right. Your new best friends, correct? This collection has everything you could ask for; be cheeky in the 'Sequoia' with its skimpy cut to let the sun tan your buns, or be a tasteful surfer chick in the 'Emilia'. Do you want to be feminine in the pale pink or intimidating in jet black? Frankies offers you both options with these gorgeous styles... or you could just buy both.

16 The Creator Of This Exclusive Brand Names Each Bikini After One Of Her Friends

Frankies Bikinis

"In 2012, Malibu raised founder Francesca Aiello began her mission to create the perfect bikini after her mother encouraged her to have suits custom made. Soon she was creating bikinis for friends and gained even more momentum when she showcased her designs on Instagram. After creating two collections Francesca made her Miami Swim Week debut in 2014, making her the youngest designer ever to do so."  - "Our Story" Frankies Bikinis

Living the dream? Yep. Not only that, but Francesca is so stunning it isn't even fair... I swear I'm not jealous. I wanna be her friend so she can name one after me.

15 The 'Drew' Is A Celebrity Favourite

Frankies Bikinis

This bikini is state-of-the-art. How do I know this? Well, first of all, I own it and I never take it off. Second, the Frankies Instagram is constantly posting celebrities rocking the 'Drew'. Third, this bikini is perfect for both larger chested and smaller chested women. How is that even possible? Whether you are an A cup or a DD, this ribbed beauty will fit you perfectly in a low cut, casually classic look. I love it, and I could not recommend it more.

14 Sets From The "Valley Girl" Collection Sold Out Like Wildfire

Frankies Bikinis

Your classic bikini style in a not so classic pattern. Plaid is the go-to look for the Valley Girls of the world, right? Well, you don't have to be one to buy the 'Baxter' top in plaid, and this popular style is continuously restocked on the Frankies site... that is until it goes out of season. How often do you see anyone on the beach or at the pool in a plaid bikini? It's your turn to set the trends.

13 They Know How To Create The Cutest Camo Swim Sets

Frankies Bikinis

Remember the days of making fun of those who wore camo? Those days are behind us because every swim set featured in the camo print on Frankies is beyond fire. Feminine, cute, and stylish, if this is the look you've decided to go for, it sounds like you have fallen in love with the 'Finn' set. It's taking all my might not to buy it right now. Swimwear gone bold fashion-statement with this gorgeous corset style. It's just more evidence that Frankies owns the swim game.

12 The 'Scarlett' In Nude Rib Is A Must Have For Festival Season

Frankies Bikinis

There's something about nude nowadays that screams festival worthy. The 'Scarlett' is one of the skimpiest looks on the site, so be prepared to show it all off for yourself and whoever is watching. If nude isn't for you but you love the seductive, ribbed style that glows off the 'Scarlett' it comes in half a dozen other colors... one of them is bound to match your skin tone and the style you're working towards.

11 The Wildflower Print Will Make You Feel Girly & Confident

Frankies Bikinis

From one-pieces to tiny bottoms, you will be able to find the wildflower print in your desired style. Not only will its unique print make you stand out in the summer sun, but the pastel tones are ultra flattering for all skin tones. The wildflower is one of the only prints Frankies will make with crocheted embroidery - check out the 'Poppy' (which I own and love) or the extremely sultry 'Sienna' if you think a crocheted bikini or one piece has your name on it.

10 After You Buy Your First One, A Frankies Will Be The Only Bikini You Put On Your Body

Frankies Bikinis

All woman understand the struggle of shopping for a bikini that fits. You have to mix and match sizes, every size of every brand is different, and everything fits your chest weird. Not only that, but the quality is never there... swimwear will start to pill, or it will stretch after being in the water twice. None of these problems apply to a Frankies. They are utterly seamless, unbelievably soft, and fit you like a glove regardless of your body shape.

9 They Have 24/7 Sizing Assistance On Their Website For Your Every Bikini Need

Frankies Bikinis

Even when you know your measurements, picking a size can feel dicey. If things go wrong, Frankies offers easy, pain-free 30 day returns, but they do their best to eliminate you ever having to return anything. On every page, regardless of which bikini you're peeking at, they have a 24/7 live support chat to answer any questions you have about sizes. Sometimes cheeky cuts will run smaller than classic cuts, but they're there to tell you and help you find the perfect fit!

8 Find Yourself A Bikini In A More Moderate Coverage If Need Be... You Don't Want To Give Granny A Heart Attack

Frankies Bikinis

Unless your booty is so big it has its own gravitational pull (in which case, congrats!), Frankies understands the struggle of having a big bum but not wanting to be too cheeky about it. You don't want to flaunt what you've got in front of grandma. The 'Hanalei' bottoms offer the moderate coverage you're looking for. Why not pair it with the 'Jaymi' top for an exclusive look only you have? And let's talk about this vintage rose color... yeah, I want it.

7 At The End Of The Day, The 'Greer' Might Be Their Best Seller... & It Comes In Tons Of Colours

Frankies Bikinis

Halsey was recently spotted modeling the 'Greer' and considering it offers plenty of support for larger chested women, it's no surprise the hoards flock to this stylish look. Whether you're larger, curvier, with a fuller chest, or your slim with smaller cleavage and no curves, this stunning bikini in a range of shades manages to fit everyone perfectly. Boutiques obviously have higher quality clothes, but how does Frankies manage to create swimwear for everyone? Witchcraft, magic, or is it a miracle?

6 Gigi Hadid Is Another Celebrity Who Loves These Beautiful Bikinis

Frankies Bikinis

It was only a few months ago that she was caught wearing the 'Scarlett' in deep sea blue! It's amazing to imagine that only a couple years ago, Francesca was a young woman who's mother suggested she create her own bikinis, and now some of the most famous women in the world are rocking her styles. Every woman can understand the bikini struggle, but I can't help but wish Francesca was my friend... girl, give me all of your gorgeous swim sets!

5 Mix & Match Styles For A Captivating Crocheted Look

Frankies Bikinis

The 'Ayla' top and the 'Tanner' bottoms in pink peony is a must. How can you go through summer 2018 with some crocheted bikinis in your arsenal? It would be a crime. If you're not in love with the bottoms from one set but you love the top, don't fret. All Frankies girl's mix and match styles for their desired look. A handful of other sets come in pink peony, so browse until your heart finds what your summer body truly desires.

4 The 'Lala' Top In Black Lotus Might Be A Girl's New Best Friend

Frankies Bikinis

The founder, designer, and creator of Frankies has invited us to "continue our journey and working to make the perfect bikini even better. I know you will love your Frankies Bikini and can’t wait to see you sporting the suits! Join in our bikini adventures by following Frankies Bikinis on Instagram."

So, you're telling us the 'Lala' top in black lotus isn't already the most perfect bikini? Being a Frankies girl is a thrilling adventure because you know each bikini will be better than the last.

3 Some Off The Shoulder Action With The 'Shiloh'? Yes Please!

Frankies Bikinis

The 'Shiloh' in gingham is an exclusive style that appears on the site in waves and pops up during trunk shows if you are lucky enough to catch it. It goes to show the diversity Frankies has to offer. They're constantly displaying their flexibility with unique prints and styles, all the while keeping it eye-catching and exclusive. Off-the-shoulder looks are all the rage this season, so join the trends and keep your eyes peeled for this set resurfacing.

2 Dress Up In This Pink Peony Print & You Will Be Dancing Around Your Room In Joy

Frankies Bikinis

I am a lover of all floral prints, and if I didn't buy a Frankies in the wildflower print, I would have opted for the pink peony. When you catch yourself in the mirror wearing these seamless masterpieces, you cannot help but want to turn on some pop hits from high school and dance around your room with joy - that's how good these bikinis make you feel. Wearing them is like nothing else you will have experienced!

1 No Other Bikini In The World Will Make You Feel As Good As A Frankies

Frankies Bikinis

Why not make your first Frankies purchase one of these gorgeous sets from the "Midnight Rose" collection? While Frankies can leave a dent in your bank account, you won't regret shelling out the cash. Yes, there is a markup price because it's from a boutique, but the quality is otherworldly. Buying one of these is like buying a massive hit of self-esteem and confidence, and it will be the cherry on top of your summer 2018 adventure.

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