25 Pictures Of TGIF Stars...And What They Look Like Today

Growing up in the '80s and '90s was just so awesome. We barely knew what computers were because all we paid attention to were the awesome family shows on television. With the impeccable and hilarious lineup that TGIF had set for us as children, we never had a dull moment during our youth.

On Fridays, we found ourselves counting down the hours until we got to squat in front of the TV to watch all the comical shows on ABC and rejoice with our favourite characters.These television shows not only made us laugh - because laughter is the best medicine, correct? - but they also introduced us to our first teenage crushes. Now that we are all adults though, we'd give anything to go back to those fun-filled Fridays.

At the end of the day, all these shows taught us valuable lessons and opened our young eyes to what is truly important in life. After all these years, we still think of all the sitcoms and their memorable moments; we often repeat some iconic lines in our heads. Thankfully, some shows like Full House and Boy Meets World got sequels to help with our withdrawal, but what happened to all our beloved stars who grew with us in our very own living rooms? Read on to find out.

25 We Still Go Gaga For Uncle Jesse

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Many of us were only children in the '90s when the family sitcom Full House started, but we were smart enough to know that Uncle Jesse (played by John Stamos) was something special - and dreamy.

How could we keep our eyes off him? Along with his legendary dark hair, Uncle Jesse frequently sported tight black pants because he was somewhat of a rockstar. And until this very day, we are still jealous of Aunt Becky.

These days, Stamos is a married man, and no longer just a rad uncle, but a father. And since we know he is still on your radar, you may want to catch him in the You series on Netflix.

24 Melissa Joan Hart Will Forever Be Our Favourite Witch

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When we first fell in love with Melissa Joan Hart, she was a teenage witch with a talking cat, and we so desperately wanted to be her. We loved her ability to cast spells with her fingers, and let us not forget the linen closet that Sabrina Spellman used as a portal to the other realm. And to top it off, Spellman and Harvey Kinkle were #couplegoals before the hashtag even existed.

Now, although Hart may still look like the same stunning woman we met in the '90s, she has her hands full with three children and cannot just snap her fingers to make things easy. She may not have made a comeback with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but you can catch her on No Good Nick which launches on Netflix on April 15th.

23 We All Need Some Ben Savage In Our Lives

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Ben Savage will always be Cory Matthews to a lot of people. For seven years, he was on Boy Meets World, and we saw the adorable kiddo grow in front of our very eyes.Thanks to social media, we can follow the handsome actor who still looks just as peppy as he was on the sitcom; his smile and locks are still the same, too.

It is so heartwarming to see that Savage still spends quality time with his Boy Meets World family. In 2014, nostalgia kicked in when Savage reprised his role of Cory Matthews in the sequel, Girl Meets World, but to our dismay the show got cancelled. We want more Savage screen time!

22 Candace Cameron Bure Has Still Got It

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If you did not run home in the '90s to watch D.J. Tanner on Full House because you imagined her as your bestie, there's a problem. She was just way too cool for school.

Candace Cameron Bure reprised the role of D.J. Tanner-Fuller on Fuller House, but she has a lot more up her sleeve in RL. The gorgeous actress has been married to former hockey player Val Bure for 23 years and has three children that look like her twins.

She also made a stint on The View as a co-host and showed off her cha-cha skills on Dancing with the Stars. And in more recent news, the fit mother is standing by her good friend, Lori Loughlin.

21 In Case Anyone Forgot, Ryan Reynolds Was On TGIF

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We never thought we would forever-crush so hard on Ryan Reynolds. This TGIF alum was once a child actor that we found oh-so-cute, and we could not get enough of his charm on Friday nights on the show, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.

Since then, Reynolds, as you may know, has come a long way. His looks are undeniably godly, he is married to Blake Lively, he's been named the most handsome man of the year by People Magazine, and he even picked up the lead role in Marvel's Deadpool.

Who knew he would be so successful coming off a show that did not stretch for too long?Check out his IG page for some good laughs or to be charmed by his looks again.

20 Mary-Kate Olsen Has Come A Long Way

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The Olsen twins took the world by storm after they made their big break as Michelle Tanner on Full House; they quickly became the youngest rich celeb kids. From books to dolls, to a clothing line - you name it, the Olsen twins had it.

Now, we do not want to get into the nitty and gritty details of Mary-Kate Olsen's life, but rather what she has been up to lately. Firstly, we can finally tell the twins, who are actually not even identical, apart: Mary-Kate has darker hair, fuller lips, and a more defined facial structure with enhanced cheekbones. Apart from that, Mary-Kate is still tied at the hip to her sister and is a married woman. In 2015, the fashionista wed French banker Olivier Sarkozy.

19 And So Has Twin Ashley Olsen

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We must admit, we were disappointed when we discovered that the twins refused to be a part of the follow-up to Full House, Fuller House.

Like Mary-Kate, Ashley has remained primarily out of the spotlight and has been doing her own thing. Our fascination with the twins remains as powerful as ever, although we don't know what they are up to daily; they both do not have any social media.

Ashley has chosen to avoid social media, and she has stood by this decision strongly. We do know that the flawless twin still does everything with Mary-Kate, except playing matchy-matchy.

And in case you did not know, the duo has their own fashion line, The Row.

18 Danielle Fishel Is A Mama-To-Be

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When we were in elementary school, you may recall that boys were totally into Topanga Lawrence. Do you blame them? She was dashing (we certainly did not look like that as adolescents!).

For seven seasons, Danielle Fishel played Topanga on Boy Meets World, but she has certainly grown up a lot since the series finale. We saw her again on Girl Meets World, but we did not get enough of Cory Matthews's love interest.

Fishel recently tied the knot for the second time, and guess what? She is going to be a mama soon. To think that she was only 12 years old when she appeared on TGIF and is now expecting a baby makes us feel ancient. Also, what is her beauty secret?

17 Will Friedle Is Still So Fresh

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While some girls were in love with Cory Matthews, others were in love with his older brother, Eric Matthews - who could resist his luscious locks? And who would not laugh at all his silly ideas?

This goofy character was played by Will Friedle, who still remains close to his previous co-stars.

Friedle, we have one question for you, why did you cut your awesome hair? Now we barely recognize you.

Friedle, who was so smooth and cool on the show, has been officially off the market since 2016. And although you may think you have not seen him on television, Friedle actually does a lot of voice work, and you can hear him in Batman, Transformers and Kim Possible.

16 We Wonder If Raven Can Still See Into The Future

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Before Raven-Symoné gave us the superpower of looking into the future with her, she was a star in the hit series Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. Raven played the role of Nicole Lee until the show ended and then went on to become a part of Disney Channel's That's So Raven - that was certainly her biggest hit.

Not much has changed though; she still looks the same and still has the bubbly personality our hearts fell in love with. She has always been vocal about her opinions and was able to take a stance on certain subjects during her stint as one of the hosts on The View. She has made appearances on various shows, but if you're missing some Raven in your life, check her out on Disney's Raven's Home.

15 We All Miss The Raddest Aunt Ever, Caroline Rhea

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Who else wanted an aunt as laid-back and hilarious as Hilda Spellman? We know we did. The zany aunt Hilda, portrayed by Caroline Rhea in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, made TGIF so enthralling and we could not wait to get home and turn on our TVs. If we saw her walking on the street, we would not hesitate to ask our beloved witch aunt for a hug; she still looks the same, so it would be impossible to miss her.

After the show, she continued her career as a stand-up comedian and made some appearances in films. She also did voice work for Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb. When not working, the funny lady with an infectious smile is taking care of her daughter.

14 We Still Hear 'Did I Do That?' Ringing In Our Ears

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Steve Urkel on TGIF's Family Matters must have been the cheesiest and most annoying character ever, but it was impossible not to love him. Played by Jaleel White, he would repeatedly screech "Did I do that?" and "Hey Laura." He was hopelessly devoted to Laura on the show and asked her out about a thousand times.

Now, White, who is barely recognizable, is tall, has a huge frame, gracious smile and even an adorable daughter. We doubt he is just as annoying as his character was, as he seems quite smooth (on the eyes, too), so if anyone wants to date him, he is not taken.

13 Where Is D.J. Tanner's First Boyfriend?

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Deep down as children, we all wanted our first boyfriend to look and be like D.J. Tanner's boyfriend Steve - minus his appetite, as we could do without that. Steve was steady enough to get the approval of all three of her Full House father figures, so that meant something.He was not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he truly loved his Deej.

Played by Scott Weinger, who is still the ultimate cutie and who we saw make an appearance on Fuller House, the actor is now married with a child. The couple is so darn cute together, and they give us all the feels. Want to know what makes Weinger even more lovable? He is the voice of Aladdin.

12 Tahj Mowry Is Still Single

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You might just let out an "aww" and get nostalgic when we remind you of the little cutie that used to light up our days with his face on Full House; we are talking about actor Tahj Mowry, better known as Teddy. He was Michelle's bestie and they were serious friendship goals.

We have not seen much of him lately, as his acting career slowed down after 2015, but his IG page is full of interesting pictures. If you're ever having a bad day, go check out his pictures - you will not be disappointed. As the younger brother of the Mowry twin sisters, this sweet man could sing for you, act for you and treat you like a lady.

11 No One Can Deny Their Love For Suzanne Somers

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Step by Step was one of our favourite shows because of Suzanne Somers, who took on the role of Carol Foster Lambert. Whatever Somers did when the camera was rolling would always make us giggle.

Now, at 72 years old, the actress and woman we remember as a TV mom is extremely toned and in shape - yes, even more than some of us youngins. The pop culture icon has gone through a lot over the years, including being diagnosed with cancer twice and losing a home. However, she is still happily in love with her husband and is a grandmother; a grandmother who gives us diet tips and looks nothing like her age.

10 We Still Want Rider Strong To Be Our Bestie

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Best known as Shawn Hunter on the TGIF show Boy Meets World, the troubled but lovable character was played by the heartthrob, Rider Strong. With such a dreamy name, Rider Strong is still just as dreamy as his character; we are not shy to admit that we had posters of him tacked to our walls.

So what has Cory's best friend been busy with?

Firstly, do not get any ideas, because this beautiful man has been married since 2013. However, besides still looking so handsome, Strong is a father and has dabbled around in the entertainment industry, also writing and directing. Strong also cut his hair and has been living with some wanderlust.

9 Could Andrea Barber Be Our Mom?

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As much as we are thrilled that we did not have a best friend like Kimmy Gibbler who would always walk into our homes uninvited as children, we sometimes wish we did. The show Full House was filled with memorable moments because of Deej's best friend with smelly feet. Played perfectly by Andrea Barber, who still has the same recognizable smile, IRL she is a mature adult who does not barge into people's homes.

If you miss the annoying and weird Gibbler though, you can catch the adult version of her on Fuller House. Barber is an awesome mom to two children IRL, but in Season Four, Barber, as Kimmy Gibbler, goes against everything a pregnant woman is supposed to do.

8 Tia Mowry Can Teach Us How To Whip Up A Meal

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We had the Olsen twins, but we also had the Mowry twins who starred in the TGIF sitcom Sister, Sister. The two lit up our days until 1999, and we have major nostalgia thinking about the show all over again. Where oh where is Tia, though?

She has since starred in many TV shows and movies, and when the holidays come around, you can catch her in sweet Hallmark films.

She is also living her very own fairytale with the love of her life, Cory Hardrict, who she waited a year to kiss. The two now share a home, beautiful marriage and two children. Hardrict is a lucky man because Tia is also a chef in the kitchen; we need her tips on both men and cooking.

7 And Twin Tamera Mowry Has Her Hands Full

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Twin Tamera has grown into a beautiful lady; one full of sass and class. It is still so hard to tell the twins apart, but Tamera truly takes our breath away. Check out her IG page and you'll quickly notice how versatile she is; she pulls off so many looks and styles.

None of us can deny that we all wanted Tamera Campbell, from the sitcom Sister, Sister, to be our best friend; she was always up for some fun and boy-talk.

Now, the actress has a lot less time on her hands as she is a married woman with two children AND has her own blog (she also added "author" to her credentials).

6 Aunt Becky Is The One That Got Away

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"If every word I said could make you laugh, I'd talk forever" - seriously, how did Lori Loughlin not fall for John Stamos after he serenaded her with those words?We were all secretly hoping that Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse would be an item IRL.

Since that did not work out, Loughlin, who is now caught in steamy waters due to bad behavior, got married to Mossimo Giannulli and has two gorgeous daughters who look as angelic as their mama. The actress has had success playing other roles, but coming back on screen as Aunt Becky on Fuller House made us all content. And how does she still have such dewy and glowy skin?

5 We Are Still Waiting For Nate Richert To Swoop Us Up On His Bike

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Nate Richert is as dreamy as ever; Sabrina seriously had the good life with her witch powers and good-looking boyfriend. Richert played Harvey, who was the love of Sabrina's life and came to rescue her on his motorcycle; he was such a badass.

Now, although he did not make the cut for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, he is still keeping busy and you can catch all the action on his social media pages. If you do not follow him, you may be surprised to learn that it is Harvey in the photos as he has completely changed; he said bye to his full head of hair!

We just want to remind Richert that we love Harvey and need him back in our lives.

4 Beth Broderick Cast A Spell On Us

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Beth Broderick has starred in many notable shows over the years, but she perfected her role as one of the eccentric witch aunts, aunt Zelda Spellman, on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Is that how she got all the gifts in that trunk? With magic?

Broderick starred in Lost after the TGIF show ended, and she even exchanged vows a second time. At 60 years old, the actress is still so thin and stunning, so we are about to assume that she cast a real-life spell on herself to stay young forever.

We do not blame any guy if they are still crushing on this irresistible aunt!

3 'How Rude!'

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"How rude," right? Do not worry, Stephanie Tanner, we did not forget to include you. While D.J. Tanner was the oldest sister in the Full House household, Stephanie, played by the adorable Jodie Sweetin, was right behind her huffing and puffing away her iconic line and many other funny phrases.

All these years later, Sweetin still pulls off the same facial expressions that all made us laugh hysterically and she effortlessly looks fantastic. Still an actress and acting with her most lovable besties, Sweetin is a rad mother to two beautiful girls. We keep thinking of the tiny Stephanie and scratch our heads over the fact that she already has children.

2 The One And Only Bob Saget

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Bob Saget went from coolest dad ever on a family sitcom to his very own adult-oriented show, Videos After Dark.

We all admired Saget on Full House, who played the role of Danny Tanner, a single father who raised three girls on his own with the help of Uncle Jesse and Joey Gladstone.

Although time has passed, and Saget's looks have not changed, the way we perceive the actor has. Not in a bad way, of course, but we just saw a more comical side to him after Full House's ending. The stand-up comedian still charms the ladies and got married again last year, at 62 years of age.

1 Trina McGee Was Every Boy's Crush

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Trina McGee only joined Boy Meets World in its fifth season, but she still made an impact because of her pretty face. Playing the role of Angela Moore, she won Shawn Hunter's heart and all the hearts of the boys at home watching.

McGee, the exotic beauty, appeared on numerous television series after the family show's finale - yes, we still remember that ending vividly. Thankfully, she had a place on Girl Meets World and the world felt whole again. If you check out her IG page, you'll notice she models, is into fitness and has dabbled into other cinematic fields, like directing.

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