25 Outfits Girls Need To Put Together That Are Truly Tumblr-Worthy

We all have those days: we look in our jam-packed closets and see nothing we feel like wearing. Our usual outfits have been repeated and overdone, and we need a refresher but don't know where to look. Shopping can be overwhelming when you don't know what you're after, and most of the time you'll end up impulsively buying clothes without any idea what'll go with them.

Going online is a major source of inspiration, so people have been resorting to the street-style looks of Tumblr and Pinterest. One benefit is the outfits are more relatable and easier to put together than those of celebrities, who usually have a stylist helping them out.

Sometimes you just need an easy accessory to complete your look. Other times, all you have to do is add a layer to transform your look from bland to ultra-modern. Prints and fabrics should be played with — because who's to say you can't mix and match, or that certain looks, like metallics and velvets, should be reserved for night time play?

From colder-weather looks to easy breezy summer pieces and all-seasons items, we've got you covered with a list of 25 outfits that are sure to make your inner Tumblr queen scream with delight.

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25 Pair A Slim Black Turtleneck With Straight-Leg Denim


A slim, black turtleneck tucked into a straight-leg pair of jeans is the grown-up, more put-together version of a white tee and jeans. Still subtle and low-key, it's a look that screams, "I threw this on, yet I'm still very sophisticated."

Pair the look with a couple gold necklaces that you can layer if you feel too plain — it can dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.

The jeans should be a lighter, worn-in wash like your favorite pair of vintage Levi's or a newer alternative that plays on the vintage look like AGOLDE or Rolla's Jeans.

24 Roll Your Oversized Pants And Throw On A Baggy Tee


A fashionable yet mellow alternative to the slim turtleneck and straight-leg jeans is the baggy tee half tucked into a rolled, oversized pair of pants. The pants should be baggy enough that a double roll brings them in at the bottom instead of allowing your feet to get lost in the fabric.

The perfect transitional look from spring to summer, this is a great alternative look to cop for boho babes who don't necessarily feel like wearing long, flowy dresses all the time. Pair with big hoop earrings and throw your hair up in a messy bun tied with a scarf or bandana for that ultimate, whimsical, "I just threw this on" look.

23 Look Lovely In An Easy Summer Dress


Akin to the Little Black Dress for evening affairs, a simple summer dress is something every girl should have in her closet. Perfect for those days when you don't know what to wear, it should be effortless and easy to just throw on and go.

Your perfect summer dress should be cut to hug and flatter you all over. 

If you decide to throw on an oversized denim or leather jacket, you don't want to be swimming in both pieces. You can dress it up with a pair of heels or sandals, or keep it simple with sneakers - low top Converse or Vans, preferably.

22 Dress Any Outfit Down With A Pair Of Vans

Via Pinterest

We've all had this crisis: we get invited to an event and throw on a dress, skirt, or jumpsuit. Immediately after we start thinking we're overdressed and have no idea how to tone down the overall look. The solution? Throw on a pair of Vans.

Low tops are often preferable to high, but either way, Vans are the perfect shoe to downplay a look and make you look more casual. Apart from making you look cool, a comfy pair of Vans is even more appealing when your feet are sore from wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes.

21 Take It Easy In Loose-Fitting Printed Pants


Give your legs some breathing room for a change and opt for wide-legged pants with a quirky print to boot. Easy to pair with any kind of shoe and super cute dressed down with a cropped tee, you could also play up the style with a high-neck blouse or long blazer.

If you decide to wear them with a baggy tee, definitely go for either a crisp white or retro looking top with the shirt knotted.

A great alternative to a flowy skirt in the summer as well, grabbing a pair of satin or cotton pants lets you breathe during those sweltering summer nights.

20 Channel Your Inner Boho Babe With A Flowy White Dress And Wide-Brimmed Hat

Via Pinterest

Pretend you're lounging somewhere on the Mediterranean with this dainty and relaxed look that's perfect for the summer. Inspired by French starlets of the 60s, wide-brim straw hats have been all over social media this year. Not only are they fashionable, but they provide great protection from the sun for both your face and neck!

Pair your wide-brimmed hat with a loose, summery dress- preferably in white- to go with that beautiful tan you have from basking in the sun all day. The flowier, the better- and feel free to pair it with chunky bracelets or necklaces. You'll definitely feel like you're on vacation.

19 Buy An Oversized Denim Jacket And Crop It Yourself


Denim always looks best when it's worn in, and it's the best fabric to play around with and  DIY. Opt for a lighter wash, and you can find some great Levi's Trucker Jackets in vintage shops everywhere.

Next time you find an oversized denim jacket, crop it yourself for a totally trendy, distressed look.

Use some chalk to draw a line where you want it cut, lay your jacket flat, and cut away! For really worn-in, frayed ends, either tweeze out the threads or toss your jacket in the wash- it's the easiest way to get it looking perfectly vintage.

18 Or Just Keep Your Denim Oversized And Relaxed With '90s Throwback Vibes


If you decide you love your denim jacket so much you don't want to crop it, feel free to keep it oversized for that perfect '90s throwback look. A worn out and faded light blue wash is ideal for the vintage vibe you're going after! Perfect with black skinnies, you can also use it to dress down a very feminine outfit like a pleated skirt, for example.

A staple in your summer jacket wardrobe as well, your oversized denim jacket can also go great with floral sundresses or high waisted denim shorts for a full-denim look.

17 Get Yourself A Wicker Bag — The It Item Of The Year


Every summer, a new accessory trend hits the world by storm. One that's been around a few years now and that isn't going anywhere is the wicker basket bag trend. Seen on every Instagram and Tumblr beauty, these bags have come in a multitude of different fabrics like straw, wicker, and even bamboo!

Wicker bags go with everything, meaning they're perfect for a day of city shopping and ideal for the beach, too.

The bags range from miniature picnic baskets to big circular cross-bodies. Grabbing one means you can get on this Instagram trend while channeling your inner Jane Birkin.

16 When It's A Bit Chilly, Pair A Basic Top With A Sleeveless Dress


In a time where retro trends are making a comeback, the basic shirt under a dress combo is definitely enjoying its return to the spotlight. A reissue of the popular 90s trend, layering plain tees under slinky dresses looks effortlessly chic.

Perfect for when you're a bit chilly and decide you don't want to go completely sleeveless, this trend can also be useful when you're trying to make your dress seem a bit more casual than it is. Make sure your shirt is slim-fitting enough so your look doesn't seem sloppy. You can also wear a slim turtleneck underneath for a retro 60s mod throwback, too!

15 Toughen Up A Girly, Floral Skirt With A Leather Jacket


Unexpected fashion twists are key to maintaining that It-girl aesthetic. A trick with your go-to leather jacket? Wear it with a feminine skirt for the ultimate plot twist. If you don't have a floral skirt handy, a sheer, delicate fabric can do the trick too.

The juxtaposition between tough and dainty is the ultimate strategy for playing up an androgynous balance.

You can opt to wear your jacket as a cape, making it seem like you really just threw everything together. As for shoes? You can go both ways with this look, as heels give it a bad girl edge while casual white sneakers really play it cool.

14 Another Way To Make A Floral Skirt More Casual? Throw A Chunky Knit Over


When the weather starts getting cold, we all opt out of wearing skirts and immediately turn to jeans as our daily uniform. But it doesn't have to be our staple, especially when maxi skirts are still going strong. And, you can layer accordingly in the fall.

In a perfect transitional pairing, wear your midi and maxi skirts with chunky knits over top for a cozy yet put-together look. If your skirt is floral, make sure your knit is pretty low key so it doesn't take away from whatever is going on with your skirt. Layer a leather jacket over your sweater if it really does get chilly for that New York It-girl look.

13 Learn That Metallics Aren't Just For The Evening!


For some reason, we all have it in our heads that certain fabrics are restricted for the night. This isn't the case at all- and metallics and velvets alike should have their time in the sun!

By making your metallic piece the focal point of your outfit (as long as you tone down everything else), you won't look like an absolute disco ball in broad daylight.

An easy metallic piece to style is a longer skirt, as you can always tone it down by pairing it with a basic tee, pullover, or simple sneakers.

12 Espadrilles Are The Perfect Summer Walking Shoe With A Girly Vibe


Espadrilles are the ultimate easygoing comfortable shoe. With the soles usually made up of rubber or rope, these shoes are phenomenal for long walks in the summer and pretty much go with anything. Throw away your old slides or flip-flops and pair your espadrilles with whatever you're wearing- dresses, skirts, shorts, and even jeans.

If you want to dress them up, throw on a wedge pair of espadrilles with your favorite summer cocktail dress - your feet will thank us later. With so many styles of espadrilles to choose from, be it flats, wedges, leather tops, or lace-ups, you're bound to find a pair that you'll wear summer after summer.

11 Don't Be Afraid To Go Tonal With Your Look In The Epitome Of It-Girl Cool


Tonal dressing is both simple and striking - when done correctly it can look absolutely elegant. It doesn't require you to wear an entire suit, but you get to play around with textures and fabrics, such as leather and tulle, using hues to your advantage as well.

Going tonal is a real chance to play around with fashion, so don't be afraid to mix patterned tones with solids!

Another tip is to layer your tones, making sure to show all of them off- looking like a Pantone of effortless ease. Turtlenecks mixed with wrap coats and pants all in similar hues make you look ultra chic!

10 Fashion Crisis Fix: Throw On A White Tee And Straight Leg Jeans And Call It A Day


When you're really having one of those days that's an absolute fashion emergency, nothing screams "effortless yet put-together" more than a pair of light wash, vintage straight leg jeans and a white tee. Go for a baggy crop or tucked-in look and throw your hair up, pairing your outfit with sneakers or heels if you want to dress it up a bit more.

Keep the rest of your accessories and outerwear casual, as the point of this look is no-fuss minimalism. If you're going for sunnies, try a neutral tortoiseshell or black pair. Jackets should also be kept pretty low-key as well- a statement leather or single-color piece.

9 Corduroy Can Be Very On-Trend, As Long As You Pair It Correctly


Corduroy shouldn't be associated with traditional men's workwear anymore- nor should it be that piece of clothing that your mom made you wear growing up. Corduroy is experiencing a resurgence thanks to vintage throwback styles, bold colors, and contemporary fits.

As long as it's styled correctly, corduroy is the perfect way to stay on-trend!

Steering away from skinny styles, go for a bell bottom pair of corduroys for a 70s inspired look and pair with a simple, form-fitting tee. If you want to go more contemporary, wear a straight leg pair and style them the same as you would any of your favorite jeans!

8 Add A Red Beret For Instant Parisian Chic


Having a bad hair day? Add a red beret for instant Parisian chic! Long considered the hat of the creative and the hip, berets have always been worn by It-girls of iconic decades- think Birgitte Bardot, for example.

Wearing a beret is easy - just make sure you're not pairing it with something overly cheesy like a horizontal striped boatneck tee. Instead, pair it with a classic trench for easy fall and winter cool. Another option is to go completely black with just a pop of a red beret, which makes you look ultra-mod.

7 White And Off-White Can Go Perfectly Together, As Long As You Accessorize Correctly

Via Pinterest

Growing up, you were probably told not to mix your creams and your whites together. Gone are these traditional rules- and as long as you pair the two together properly, you can look ultra chic and very seasonally appropriate!

Opt for warm accessories, such as a brown belt or gold jewelry, to tie the whole look together.

Otherwise, pretend you're going tonal and play up textures and hues, going for ivory, eggshell, and cream in one outfit. If you're still a bit hesitant on the trend, try breaking it up with a bold shoe or bag in red or orange!

6 Blazers Aren't Just For Offices, They Can Also Look Casual


Street-style mavens everywhere have been rocking the blazer this past fall. The trick? Don't go for the same structured blazer you wear to the office. Instead, borrow one from the boys or go for your own oversized look. How to pair this daunting piece? Make it playful by grabbing a pastel piece, pairing it with a pair of straight leg jeans, or snagging a flowy skirt.

For a more glam, polished style, go for classic checkered or monochromatic prints- making sure that the style stays XXL. As long as you wear it oversized, this is the ideally effortless piece!

5 Same Goes For Plaid Trousers! Pair Them With A Vintage Tee For A Weekend Look


Just like the blazer, plaid trousers have also been making a comeback with internet influencers everywhere. The trick- much like with the blazer- is to give it an updated, relaxed, millennial twist.

Instead of keeping your trousers office-inspired, pair them with a vintage logo tee, tucked in.

Then, either opt for a preppy oxford shoe or casual sneaker, really keeping this look clean. Another option is to go for a bold plaid and pair it with a crisp white tee, loose instead of tucked for a more modern twist.

Don't like the look of plaid? Gingham has also made a massive comeback in 2018. Paired with a simple strappy top, it's the ultimate Tumblr uniform.

4 Bring Another Element To Your White Tee With Layered, Gold Necklaces


Accessorizing these days is a total free-for-all. Gone are the days where you can't mix golds with silvers and different textures. Tumblr It-girls have said goodbye to tiny jewels and definitely buried the statement necklace trend. Nowadays, it's all about layering.

The biggest trend at the moment is layering vintage-looking chains- the ones that look like you dug them up at various thrift stores and markets (and maybe you did!).

The best way to wear your dainty throwbacks? With a simple, solid crewneck tee, so the focus is all on your jewelry. Roll up your sleeves and keep your makeup bare-faced for that ultimate influencer look.

3 Or Go For An All-Black Look And Let Your Belt Be The Main Focus


Don't know what to wear but don't feel like throwing on the casual white tee and jeans? Opt for a slick, all-black look instead, focusing on accessories like a statement belt or gold bangles.

Nothing screams sophistication like black and gold, and it's so easy to put together!

Gucci belts have been seen everywhere on both Tumblr and Instagram, but if you can't afford such a luxe piece, opt for any other black leather belt with a bold gold buckle. It polishes up your look and makes it look completely put together.

2 Bored Of Your Tank? Layer It Over A Tee!


This 90s throwback look is making its rounds online as the quirkiest It-girl combo. A slinky camisole worn over top of tees screams nostalgia, but also gives you more of an opportunity to wear spaghetti straps past the summer!

A white tee under a black cami is a staple that works for any occasion. But if you're feeling brave, grab a tee with some texture and add a belt over the top of your cami to really bring a different element into the equation. Don't have a camisole? A strappy slip dress also works over any sort of tee, too!

1 Get Yourself A Teddy Coat. Enough Said.


Lastly, the number one piece that has dominated both Tumblr and Pinterest alike is the teddy bear jacket. Most are vegan-friendly and made out of soft fleece and plush fabrics.

The teddy coat has been everywhere- paired with denim and maxi skirts, boots and sneakers, and other fabulous fall layering pieces.

Cropped teddies are cute but it's the longer, oversized look that's taken the online world by storm. Besides being ridiculously comfortable and cozy, teddy coats are usually pretty affordable as well, making this trend an easy one to cop. Go for a tan or ivory tone to really stay on top of this trend!

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