25 Outfits That Are Only Acceptable To Wear In The Summer Months

The summer season is officially upon us, which means its time to start dressing for warmer weather. At first, it can seem exciting to pack up all of your sweaters and boots in favor of cooler clothing. But, it can also be a challenge getting back into the swing of dressing stylishly in the summer, especially when there are a lot of things that are okay to rock when it’s blazing out (but not necessarily when it gets colder).

These trends are all things that are appropriate and fashionable to wear in the summer months… but the same can’t be said for when it becomes fall! From crop tops to cheeky shorts and skirts, everything is fair game in the summer. And, let’s not forget how much beach-appropriate clothing can also double as an outfit apart from the sand and water.

Above all, the summer offers an opportunity to have fun with your outfit, and show off what you’ve got (if that’s what you want!). Whether you love or hate these trends, the most important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful in whatever you’re wearing. When you’ve got that down-pat, then everything else will fall into place!

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25 A Bikini As A Shirt

Given that you’re probably spending the majority of your summer at the beach or pool, bikini tops instantly double as crop tops in the summer.

Simply slip your bathing suit on and pair it with some denim cut-offs, and you have a weather-appropriate look.

If you’re planning on heading somewhere after your swim, the throw on a breezy sundress or a denim skirt with your bikini to dress it up a bit. Given how popular crop tops are nowadays, we bet no one is going to even realize that your top is meant for the water and not everyday wear.

24 Denim Mini Skirts

Denim skirts were a staple piece in the early 2000s, and they’ve come back as a summer favorite in recent years. A jean skirt is one of the few mini skirts that’s acceptable to wear during day or night without looking like an extra from Mean Girls. It’s a versatile enough piece that you can pair it with sneakers for a more low-key look, or add ballet flats or booties to glam it up. Rock your denim skirt with a crop top for a trendy outfit, or opt for a sweater when the weather is a bit chillier at night. Needless to say, this is one item you definitely need in your summer wardrobe.

23 Rocking Bralettes As Shirts

For some reason, summer is the only season where it’s acceptable to wear bralettes as an actual shirt.

During the scorching months, it’s normal to see girls sporting a lacy bralette under a sheer shirt or kimono, which adds an immediate bit of an edge to the outfit.

This trend isn’t much different than wearing a bikini top as a shirt, which is why it’s become so acceptable and fashion-forward to step out in your under garment nowadays. Whether you rock your bralette with high-waisted jeans or a figure-hugging skirt, you’ll be sure to turn heads in this steamy summer trend.

22 Kimonos

via pinterest.com

Kimonos are the ultimate music festival clothing piece- and they’ve also become fashionable to wear outside of the festival sphere. The lightweight fabric of most kimonos means they won’t overheat you in the warm temperatures, but their bright patterns add a pop of colour and texture to an otherwise boring outfit. Add a kimono over top of anything from a plain dress to jeans and a t-shirt to shorts and a crop top. This trend can be found all over fast fashion stores, so we suggest taking advantage of it before it goes out of style.

21 Floppy Hats

Floppy hats are a classic fashion statement that has been fashionable for decades. Not only is it practical for keeping the sun out of your face and preventing sunburn, but it also adds an effortless touch of drama and air of sophistication to your look.

Seriously, no matter what you pair an oversized hat with, it will instantly make the look appear more put-together and planned.

Even better, floppy hats are the ideal solution to a bad hair day. So, whenever you don’t feel like styling your locks in the hot summer heat, throw on a huge hat and call it a day.

20 Sleek Tube Tops

The less the better when it comes to tube tops! In recent summer seasons, tube tops have been coming back into style in full swing. These barely-there crop tops are definitely not acceptable to rock at the office, to school, or even to a family event. But when it’s blazing hot outside, tube tops become a totally acceptable fashion statement. Pair them with mom jeans or palazzo pants if you want a bit more coverage, or opts for a steamier look by pairing the tube top with shorts or a mini skirt. Either way, be prepared to show a lot of skin in this skimpy trend.

19 The Mumu Dress

Oftentimes, when it’s hot and sticky outside, the last thing we feel like doing is wearing form-fitting clothing. That’s why Mumu dresses have become totally acceptable during the summer.

The bigger and more floral the better when it comes to this lazy girl trend.

These dresses are made famous by Vanessa Hudgens who rocks an oversized dress that hides her petite frame but also looks oh-so-comfortable. You can rest assured things will be breezy and cool in a billowy dress like this. Plus, you can eat as much as you want without people noticing that you’ve got a food baby going on. What sounds better than that?

18 Dresses With Shorts Underneath

We’re not sure if we love or hate this trend! In recent seasons, it’s become trendy to rock maxi dresses with built-in shorts, just like in this photo. So, you get the look and elegance of a dress with the practicality of wearing shorts. Nowadays, you can find this style available in all sorts of patterns and cuts. An outfit like this is definitely breezy thanks to the amount of leg you’ll be showing, which is why it’s so popular in the summer. Then again, this look has been accused of looking tacky, especially when rocked off-season. So, proceed with caution before rocking this bold trend.

17 Daisy Duke Shorts

Jessica Simpson popularized Daisy Duke shorts thanks to her stint in Dukes of Hazard, and we haven’t been able to shake them since. Denim cut-offs are every girl’s main staple piece in the summer month. Not only do these short shorts show off a ton of leg and behind typically, but they go with everything your typical pair of jeans will.

So, they’re both easy to style and flattering to wear.

What else could you want? Throw on a basic t-shirt or a crop top to show even more skin and you’ve got a summer-ready outfit that Daisy Duke herself would approve of.

16 Athleisure Slides

Athleisure- making athletic wear chic- has been a popular style for the past few years. And nothing is more representative of the sporty style than a pair of black and white slides. As of last summer, slides were being seen everywhere and paired with literally everything, from floral dresses to leggings to trousers. These shoes are a nice upgrade on the plastic flip-flop without losing any of the comfort or functionality. Whether you’re grabbing coffee with the girls or planning to hit the beach, these shoes are great for all summer weather activity. All you need is a chic pedicure and you’re good to go.

15 Teeny, Tiny Crop Tops

The shorter the better when it comes to shirts, am I right? That’s at least what the trends have been telling us, since crop tops are all the rage when it comes to summer fashion. We’ve traded in the basic t-shirt for a more chic version, which often shows off a lot more skin.

You’ve sure got to be comfortable with your body to rock this figure-hugging trend!

And, because crop tops often show off so much skin, it doesn’t make them the most appropriate shirt for certain occasions. All in all, crops tops should be worn with caution- aka. check what the dress code is before rocking one.

14 See-Through Pants

via people.com

Considering that full-length pants are often too hot for the summertime, the trend in recent years has been to rock see-through pants during hotter months. A quick visit to a Forever 21 will reveal how many styles are available in this trend, from crochet versions to ones with a sheer, gauze overlay. In this photo, Karrueche Tran perfectly nails this trend with her steamy rosebud pants and oversized bomber jacket. Although this trend is adorable, you’d sure get some strange looks if you rocked it during fall or winter!

13 Lingerie As Clothing

The t-shirt dress got a new upgrade when lingerie-inspired slip dresses became all the rage a few seasons ago. Now, a huge trend in the summer is rocking lingerie-inspired pieces as normal casual wear.

In this photo, this is a silky silver slip dress that would more often than not be worn to bed or underneath a sheer dress.

Not everyone thinks this sort of clothing piece is acceptable to be rocking on a normal basis due to its sultriness. If you’re set on rocking this risqué trend, we recommend pairing with a leather jacket and booties to give it a more street-style feel.

12 Bandanas As Tank Tops

For a while there, the only times we’d see bandanas worn as shirts were on Survivor… and that was only because the contestants had nothing else to wear! But, nowadays, it’s not weird to see a bandana styled as a crop top during the warmer months. God knows that Christina Aguilera rocked this risqué trend on the red carpet once or twice in the early 2000s. Be prepared to show a lot of skin in this daring look, and even suffer a wardrobe malfunction if you’re not careful. Just like any crop top, bandanas-as-shirts likely aren’t appropriate for every occasion, so wear with caution.

11 Oversized Muscle Tees

The last thing you want to do in the sticky, summer heat is wear a shirt that’s going to cling to your body and make you sweat even more. That’s why muscle shirts have become so popular during the summer seasons.

This baggy shirt keeps you feeling breezy and fresh, while the oversized look only adds to the comfort level of your outfit.

At the same time, be prepared to show off some major side boob in this type of shirt, since they’re often extremely low-cut at the sides. Wear it with a bralette or sports bra if you’re not looking to show as much skin, or opt for pasties or go commando if you’re feeling brave!

10 Deep V-Neck Shirts

Aside from crop tops, V-neck tees are probably the most common type of shirt found in the summer. The plunging neckline offers a bit of drama and steaminess to an otherwise basic shirt, while it also surprisingly keeps you sweat-free (at least more so than a high-neck shirt). You can find these basics tees in literally any colour and for inexpensive at most stores, and they can also be paired with literally anything in your closet. This is the ultimate summer staple to have on days where you can’t decide what to wear- just throw on a V-neck and some denim shorts, and you’re set!

9 Backless Dresses

Everyone knows that a flowy dress is a must during a summer. What else will you wear to brunch and mimosas? But a trend that has been taking the classic summer dress up a notch is the backless style.

Nowadays, most summer dresses in stores feature cut-outs on the back for an unexpected yet wild detail.

Whereas you always risk a nip slip with a plunging neckline, a backless dress offers no room for a wardrobe malfunction, but still shows off the same amount of skin. If you decide you’re over the exposed back, you can simply throw on a cardigan or jacket and everyone will be none the wiser.

8 Plastic Flip Flops

Have you ever spent a summer without plastic flip-flops? As a kid, you probably took advantage of the $1 flip-flop sales at Old Navy and ended up getting a pair in every color you wanted. And, maybe now that you’re grown, you’ve upgraded to a classier brand. Whatever your story, we guarantee that you still have at least one pair of plastic flip-flops in your closet. This simple shoe goes with literally every outfit and is surprisingly comfortable for being so cheap. Whether you’re off to the beach or having a casual day closer to home, flip-flops are always a dependable choice in the summer.

7 Baggy Harem Pants

via glamour.com

Baggy clothes are often better in the warmer months since they promise to keep you cooler and less sticky. So, it’s no surprise that harem pants are a popular item during the summer months.

These oversized, cotton-blend pants feel like pajamas when on, but look a heck of a lot chicer when paired with a fitted shirt and cute sandals or flats.

Nowadays, you can find harem pants available in tons of colours and prints, and for a variety of price-points. This is one trend that hasn’t caught on in popularity in the fall and winter seasons, so enjoy it in the summer while you still can.

6 Sweatshirts As Dresses

via instagram.com

One of the worst things about summer is that it becomes too hot to wear your favorite sweatshirts. Suddenly, you can only survive in a crop top without sweating yourself to death; so oversized hoodies are definitely a no-no. And that’s probably how the sweatshirt dress trend was born.

Nowadays, it’s fashionable to rock an extra-large sweatshirt as a dress.

The only rule is that the hoodie has to be long enough to pass as a dress… and make sure to wear tiny shorts underneath to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. Pair this look with sneakers for a low-key look, or thigh-high boots to really dress it up.

5 Boho Maxi Skirts

Unleash your inner gypsy and rock a bohemian maxi skirt this summer! Long, boho-inspired skirts have been in style for years, and have only skyrocketed in popularity thanks to the rise of festival fashion. It’s easy enough to style a long skirt with a basic crop top and sandals, and you can always make the look even extra by adding funky accessories or a denim jacket. The best part about this trend is that it’s super comfy. Seriously, rocking a maxi skirt can sometimes feel like you’re wearing one long blanket. Either that, or you feel like a princess in a poufy dress. You decide which to be!

4 Oversized Beach Bags

Forget your crossbody or backpack- oversized beach bags are all the rage in the summer! Seriously, the trend is to swap out your normal purse for a beach-ready tote during the summer months.

You don’t need to be heading to the beach to rock this trend, either.

Whether you’re going out for lunch with the gals or getting errands done, repurposing a beach bag as a normal tote is the fashionable thing to do. Plus, think about all the extra space you’ll have in a beach bag that you don’t in a normal purse. Suddenly you’ll go from not having enough space to having too much!

3 Flatform Sandals

It goes without saying that sandals are a must-have during the summer… otherwise, you’re going to be faced with some seriously sweaty (and stinky) feet. But this new trend offers a fresh upgrade on a classic pair of sandals and a bit of extra height. If you’re bored with your every day, summer footwear, then consider investing in a trendy pair of flatforms. They give you the same height as a pair of heels or wedges would, but the comfort of wearing flats. It’s easy enough to dress these shoes up with a dress for a fancier occasion or keep them casual by opting for jeans and a t-shirt.

2 The Skort

Back in the 90s, when us millennials were only kids, skorts were everywhere. You couldn’t find a skirt that didn’t have built-in shorts included, and we can understand why given that these bottoms are so practical (and child-friendly).

So, we’re actually excited that the skort is back in fashion.

Just like in this photo, the modern skort has been giving a fresh upgrade, often to be found with asymmetrical lines and in neutral colors. You can’t even tell that this isn’t an actual skirt, which is the beauty behind the skort. Pick up one for yourself immediately if you don’t already have a skort in your life!

1 The Infamous Bucket Hat

For the longest time, bucket hats had a bad wrap with millennials. They probably reminded us of the hats our moms would force us to wear as kids against our will! Regardless of why we hated them so much, it’s even more surprising that bucket hats have somehow made their way back into fashion. Nowadays, the ultimate statement hat isn’t a fedora or trucker cap; it’s an infamous bucket hat. You can find this trend in all sorts of colors and patterns for cheap at fast fashion stores like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21. Who knew protecting your face from the sun could be so fashionable!

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