25 Once-Popular Hairstyles That Trendy Women COMPLETELY Avoid Now

Over the last one hundred years, society has seen some incredible developments thanks to the work of the human brain. People have built impressive modes of transportation that surpassed everyone's wildest dreams, and saw the creation of the computer and the internet (and online shopping—woohoo!).

Humanity has also seen some of its greatest pitfalls. There have been wars, natural events of epic proportions, and economic depressions. Of course, those things may form society in many ways, but there are some other influences over people's everyday lives that are just as meaningful.

For example, there have been some seriously questionable looks and hairstyles taking center stage during the last century. While some creative 'dos turned out to be glorious and timeless, others were so unsightly that people now hold hope that they never return and come back into mainstream fashion.

Some fads do need to be put to bed, never to emerge again. Case in point: the bowl cut. Here are 25 of those iconic hairstyles and cuts that at one point were all the rage, but have now found a place in the pages of The Eternal Bad Fashion Book of Never Again.

Good-bye baby bangs. May they rest in peace.

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25 The A-Line Bob

via independent.co.uk

Back in the late 1920s, Lousie Brooks made this super short A-line bob with itty bitty bangs all the rage. It took the nation by storm and made women think twice about leaving their strands long.

This style truly defined an era, but eventually faded out.

We are okay with the fact that this style was put to bed. One hundred years post-trend, the cut might be making its comeback though. We have heard murmurings that the "baby bangs" were back in vogue. We now live in constant worry that this will once again become a thing. Please no. Nobody can pull off the baby bang.

24 The Pixie Cut

via vmagazine.com

This cut rears its head every so often still but is not nearly as popular as it was back in the 1960s when model Twiggy made it the happening do to rock. Plenty of celebrities have taken the iconic cut and modernized it in recent years, and if we are completely honest, they did a bang up job at making the pixie cut look a bit tantalizing.

Jenifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, Kiera Knightley, and Miley Cyrus have all channeled their inner Twiggy at one point or another. The thing with the pixie cut is, it only has two channels: done incredibly right or horrifically wrong. 99% of humanity fell into that second category.

23 The Mullet Shag

via pinterest.com

Whoever decided that they should take two questionable styles and merge them into one awkward haircut should feel eternally guilty for bringing this look upon the women of the seventies. The mullet-shag could not be done up in a way that didn't look bad. The front was bad, the sides were bad, and the back was equally yuck. You can't curl this, you can't pull it back into a bun, and you can't even hide it underneath a cute hat.

If you had this haircut, then your only choice was to rock it out loud and proud. And let's be honest, growing this style out was always hard on the eyes.

22 Giant Teased Hair

via inthe00s.com

There are currently giant holes in our Earth's ozone layer thanks to the massive amounts of aerosol hairspray that this off-putting style required for ultimate success. This giant teased bonanza took time, perseverance and loads of Aquanet to perfect, and the ladies of the eighties made perfectly crisp hair their number one goal is life.

If you didn't roll your jeans and tease your hair, then did you even live during that decade?

We aren't so sure. All this gal needs to be genuinely eighties-tastic is a scrunchie or better yet, an athletic headband and some leg warmers.

21 Side Ponytails

via pinterest.com

The quirky, offbeat movie Napoleon Dynamite didn't just inspire the strangely lopsided, asymmetrical side ponytail look. It was a legit hair trend that girls everywhere got down with for reasons unknown. The result: pictures of one-pigged selves that we consider burning when we look at them.

The only "tail" that is acceptable for young adults on up is the ponytail. Sidepony tails are the armpit of the "tail" hairstyles, only second to piggie tails on adults. We can all agree that this look should have never caught on. Thank goodness this fad is over now, and girls everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.

20 Chunky Highlights And Lowlights

Thanks to pop stars like early days Christina Aguilera and America's idol Kelly Clarkston, chunky highlights and severe lowlights became a major fad in the early 2000s.

Thank goodness this skunk-style look didn't last long.

Because no one, and I repeat no one, looks good rocking this uber contrasting hair. This style trend looks even worse when it's pulled back into a ponytail if you can imagine that. When you have this striped stuff going on atop your head, you have minimal choices in how your style your strands. You are also never going to look classy.


19 Adult Pigtails

via laineygossip.com

Thanks for nothing Brit Brit. Because of you and you alone, adult pigtails became a thing in the earlier part of the decade. There should be some written law somewhere that states anyone who is not a cheerleader or under the age of six cannot rock pigtails. Period.

Grown-ups with piggies make everybody uncomfortable.

This style, generally reserved for children, puts all people involved in an awkward position. The pink poufs were a nice touch though Britney. Talk about going above and beyond in the name of art.

18 Frosted Tips

If our love for JT can survive this dreaded hairstyle, then it must be eternal. Boy banders in the 2000s loved frosty colored hair tips and crunchy curls and spikes. The more stiff and yellowy white the hair, the better in their book. No matter how hard females tried to run their fingers through a guy's hair, they were going to be shut down.

This stuff was hard as a rock and completely impenetrable. We thank our stars that out beloved Justin Timberlake was able to shed his bad 'do and evolve into the fashionable superstar that he has become in his mature years. Never look back JT.

17 The Eighties Perm

via leaf.tv

Back when I was coming of age in the late eighties and early nineties, all I wanted in life was a perm and tickets to a Debbie Gibson concert. For the record, I got neither.

Perms were everything decades ago. 

The spirally, dried out chemically hair process screamed: I have arrived! I never got my perm, but I did get an accidental set of giant bangs. Not the same level of coolness there. Although I am now pretty thrilled that I missed out on the perm phase, I'll probably always be a tiny bit jealous of all those girls out there who had frizzy balls atop their skulls. Just a tiny bit though.

16 Butterfly Clipped Hair

via amazon.com

Nope, nope and more nope. Tons of pastel colored butterfly clips holding hair back at awkward angles may never come back, not as long as we live! Girls of the late 1990s were all about the tiny plastic adornments. It is virtually impossible to be attractive with these things clipped into your hair.

Many girls tried to ooze maturity via butterfly clips, and many of them achieved the opposite. Even resident beauties like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Melissa Joan Hart could not manage to pull this look off. We bid you a fine farewell little clips.

15 The Bouffant

via pinterest.com

Oh yeah, the bouffant was the defining style of trendy women everywhere in the 1960s and 1970s. Every picture I have of my grandmother and her kin is filled with bouffants of all shapes and sizes.

Thanks to Elvis's lady, Priscilla, everyone got on board with this hairdo.

But even its name is uncomfortable. This style came in like a wrecking ball, but then silently faded from fashion, until one Amy Winehouse decided that it was time to resurrect the look. Amy made excellent musical choices, fashion choices though, not so much. We are happy to say that this style is still history for now.

14 The Rachel

via today.com

For those of us who once practically considered the hit sitcom Friends a religion, this hairstyle was merely known as "The Rachel." A good rule of thumb is if something manages to look bad on beautiful Jennifer Aniston, then we have a serious problem. Hairstylists everywhere spent ten plus hours a day trying to give women of all ages "The Rachel" only to have them look absolutely nothing like the character herself.

Finally, ladies everywhere gave up and moved onto other equally tragic hair trends. Goodbye "The Rachel." Ugh, so much layering.

13 Glittery Everything

via pretty52.com

Don't be fooled by all this pretty sparkle. Glitter is every human's arch-nemesis. It will never leave you, so once you decide to dump it in your hair, you are committed to tiny flecks of sparkle for all of eternity. We would imagine that it also itches like mad.

How did glitter become something that you put in your hair, on your eyelids and all over your lips?

No matter where you put glitter, it should not be a fashion trend, ever. It doesn't matter if it is in your hair or adorning your clothes, it's not classic and timeless and will eventually bow out of the style spotlight. Skip it at all costs people.

12 The Biebs

via headcurve.com

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber has inspired many haircuts and styles over the years, but it's this one that made moms of teen boys everywhere weep. They bid a farewell to their children's facial features as their boys did their very best to recreate this look all while giving themselves a weird kink in their necks.

What resulted from the emulation of the Biebs' hair was lots of unruly hair in faces until parents could take no more and forced their kids to shave their scalps. Watching your teenage boy flick their stringy strands out of their face three million times a day was its own form of torture.

11 The Bowl Cut

via karlandkat.com

This one was a straightforward style to achieve. Place a bowl on your child's head and start snipping. Sadly, it almost always ended in a bad haircut. The bowl cut was super trendy for both boys, and unfortunately for girls, too.

Here's a challenge for everybody: dig up some old years books for your elementary school years and count the number of kids in there with a bowl cut.

It's astonishing how many parents thought to themselves, "Yep. The bowl cut really will showcase my little's angel's true beauty." Let's all pray it never returns to haunt new generations of children.

10 Dip-Dyed Hair

via visitmca.org

This look is for all those funky youths out there who think that dipping the ends of their hair will make them look funky and artsy and unafraid to be their ultimate self. Newsflash: hair alone won't do that, no matter the style nor the color. We are all about expressing one's self, but can't it be through something other than brightly colored hair pieces?

We can tolerate this millennial trend when it's done in actual hair color tones, like the one above, but throw in pink or aqua and we can not deal with this whatsoever. Even Gwen Stefani abandoned this look at one point, and she is cool no matter what!

9 Fluffy, Thick Bangs

via goodhousekeeping.com

Thick, fluffy bangs were the cat's meow back when I was seven. The chunky bangs started halfway to the back of your head so that virtually half of your hair was long and the other half was bangs.

These were so high maintenance and needed serious styling every single day.

If you left them to their own devices, they were bound to look crazy. If you had a cowlick in your bang region, forget it. Your bangs were never going to look right, and you would now have to spend the better part of a decade growing them out. A few famous faces have tried to bring the bangs back as of late, and while we don't wish harm on anyone, we do hope that their chunky-bang attempts crash.

8 The Rat-Tail

via vulture.com

If this ever becomes a thing again, we will take that as the first sign that civilization has descended into a rapid spiraling decline and the end is near. Under no circumstances was the rat tail look ever ok. If you are so concerned about keeping one part of your precious hair long, maybe reconsider cutting it all in the first place?

Thankfully this look is totally passé for most people, but it can still be seen in certain sectors of the economic chain. If we can all band together to make sure one hairstyle NEVER comes back into fashion, let's make it this one.

7 The Beehive

via pinterest.com

How, and why, and no. The beehive was a defining style for an entire generation, but we doubt they are all that proud of the look many years later. How much time did they devote to perfecting that cone-shaped style? Also, what did they do if a few strands fell out of place? I feel as if such a travesty would decimate the entire look.

Did these beehive loving ladies leave wherever they were and go home when the hive began to crumble?

Was the party officially over once the beehives started falling? Can you even do this style in humid climates? The beehive leaves us with so many lingering questions.

6 Barrel Curls

via pinterest.com

Barrel curls were a feminine trademark look of the 1940s and were incredibly impractical. How many hours did women lose throughout their adult life trying to achieve the perfect rounded locks? Too many to count is our guess. To carry this look, a woman pretty much had to sit still for the entirety of her day.

Sit still while you perfectly curl your hair, then sit still as you move through your day so not to disrupt your perfectly poised rolls. No thanks. Women of today are far too busy at living to attempt to recreate this style. This one stays in the history books. We will take our messy mom bun any day!

5 All Things Grunge

via pinterest.com

Courtney Love called. She wants her wardrobe back. All attempts at grunge hair and style, in general, is a no in our book. These people do realize that they are trying to look dumpy right? Meaning they are wasting time creating a look that in theory should take all of five seconds.

The brightly colored Kool Aid hair never sits right with us, especially when paired with grunge styled fishnets and black lipstick.

Stay in the 1990s, grunge hair. Be gone. Take that gothic, dark makeup with you. This style is a flop of a look from the hair down to the toe.

4 Feathered Hair Extensions

via aelida.com

If you google "what to do with feathered hair extensions," chances are the tutorial will have one directive: throw them away. Clip-in feathers were a grand attempt at channeling the inner bohemian in the hip and trendy young folk everywhere.  These peace-loving ladies were often seen pairing flowy dresses and positive vibes with feathered clip-ins like the ones above.

The boho dresses can stay, and even some of the jewelry, but the feather hair extensions just had to go. Anything that you stick into your hair for adornment has to be gone. There is no longevity in that stuff. The bottom line is feathers belong on birds, not on people.

3 Feathered Layers Galore

via gildshire.com

Speaking of feathering, only one human being on the planet is getting a pass at anything feathered, and it is the late, great Farrah Faucet. Love her wispy locks or despise them with the intensity of 100 suns, but you can not deny that she made this style the look of an entire decade, and she did it with a smile on her face.

No one will ever be able to bring this style back into fashion without being compared to Farrah.

Everyone after her is merely an imposter. It's hard to speak ill of Ms. Fawcett, but she can have this look all to herself because we aren't exactly gaga over it.

2 Peekaboo Rainbow Hair

via marieclaire.com

Let us get this straight: there is a hidden rainbow in your hair? Mmmmmmk. This one had a moment in the sun, but it didn't last for very long, probably because it's silly and it's trying too hard. It's also probably near impossible to get all of that hair back to your natural color once you tire of wearing ROYGBIV every single day.

If you want to rock some rainbow and show your pride, buy a bumper sticker, a yard flag, get some tee shirts signifying your love of humanity, but do not pay to have someone infuse the colors of the rainbow to the underside of your hair.

1 The Mohawk

via keyj.com

Do we even have to say anything about this one? We think its horrific-ness pretty much speaks for itself. The mohawk hairstyle signified a toughness, a punk rocker edge, and an overall lousy sense of style. What does this look like wet? How do you sleep, or walk through doorways, or land an office job?

Why, oh why, did people ever jump on the mohawk bandwagon?

At least with this one, you can shave your head once you come to your senses and be done with this wretched look. So at least it has that going for it.

Sources: InStyle, Good Housekeeping

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