25 Of The Most Pinned Recipes On Pinterest We're So Eager To Try

When logging on to Pinterest, do you ever feel like you're able to conquer the world with your phone in hand? No matter what you would like to try, Pinterest provides you with a slew of pins catered to your interests, allowing you to create boards to mix and match your ideas. One of Pinterest's most popular areas of interest is their endless collection of food-related pins. Instantly, you are able to plan and prepare a number of meals, no matter what your food preference or cooking skill level may be! Pinterest users are able to specify if they have tried a specific recipe or not, which can serve as feedback for fellow foodies. Also, let's be honest, Pinterest pins are also handy, for those of us who enjoy staring at flawless food photographs!

As you can imagine with a website as popular as Pinterest, and a hobby as beloved as food preparation, there are countless recipes related pins to choose from. Giant foodie fans have done their best to narrow down the most popular food-related pins, and understandably the task can leave us hungry for more! Here are a collection of the recipes that have been tried the most, including drool-worthy photo accompaniment, ready to inspire you to get cooking and eat well tonight! Don't worry, there's plenty of desserts available!

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25 Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

I know what you must be thinking. The classic remedy for practically any type of sickness has the power to provide a sense of comfort, sickness or no sickness!

According to the Pinterest pin for an easy spin on chicken noodle soup, the recipe calls for ingredients you probably already have easy access to, via your kitchen.

The easy and tasty recipe for chicken noodle soup can serve as a dinner for everyone in the house, as it "serves six."

24 Creamy Dill Chicken Salad

Eating lunch on-the-go can entail lots of preparation and a big headache. Oftentimes, the irritation of food prep can lead us to a quick decision to prepare a meal which doesn't quite sit on the "healthy" side of the lunch line.

When you're wanting to incorporate a side of "health" into your lunch, one of the most popular "pins" on Pinterest can do the trick! You can modify this recipe to be used as a sandwich spread or a dip!

23 Simple Roasted Asparagus

One of the coolest aspects of adulthood is realizing many of the vegetables your mom tried tirelessly to get you to eat, actually really taste good and can be an active ingredient in countless recipes!

This Pinterest pin comes courtesy of @TheGirlWhoAteEverything.

This active Pinterest pin-ner and mother of three, shares that "asparagus, broccoli, and salad are some of the veggies my kids will eat without complaining." Many Pinterest users say "aspire-yes!" to her asparagus recipe!

22 Chipotle Shrimp Burrito Bowls

One of the coolest and most handy aspects of Pinterest is its giant library of "copycat" recipes where users can easily emulate popular recipes from famous restaurants and fast food eateries!

The fast-food chain Chipotle is a popular search on Pinterest, and so are recipes for the restaurant's famous burrito bowls! For the bowl including shrimp, preparation only takes half an hour, which is the equivalent of the length of a sitcom you can watch while you prep!

21 Cinnabon Cinnamon Roles

If you close your eyes and think of a shopping mall, you might think of the intoxicating smell of cinnamon rolls from the restaurant, Cinnabon!

Luckily for those of us who don't want to leave our kitchens, Pinterest offers a variety of recipes for the famous cinnamon rolls.

As a bonus for all fans of the famous rolls, they are vegetarian and they can be a great addition to the menu for your next party, as it serves 12-18 people!

20 Chocolate Dipped Rolo Pretzel Sandwiches

A highlight of the holiday season could be the unique snacks, which can evoke toasty and warm feelings of nostalgia. This Pinterest pin, inspired by Rolo candy, puts a holiday spin on the sweet treat!

The snack combines pretzels and melted chocolate, and is topped off with melted white chocolate, according to I Heart Nap Time. These quick and bite-sized snacks can be modified any way you'd like, ensuring the Rolo Pretzel Sandwiches are a holiday hit!

19 Steak Fajitas

If you're anything like me, you love to look at food photos, and you especially enjoy photos which are restaurant ready, this Pinterest pin for steak fajitas, will do it for you!

Fajitas can be an exciting dinner because there are no rules.

You can include any ingredient you have on hand. This fajita recipe, from diethood.com, calls for you to "stir previously prepared vegetables", so the recipe might be a tad time-consuming, but you'll have a healthy dinner!

18 Monster Cookie Dough Dip

The words "cookie", "dough", and "dip", spoken together in the same sentence, can be the essence of indulgence!

This recipe, affectionately called "Monster Cookie Dough Dip" looks perfect just from looking at the photo. Thankfully, preparation doesn't take long to make, which makes the dip perfect for your next sleepover or just for a night in with Netflix! The recipe is all-inclusive and covers all your favorite types of sugar; brown and powdered sugar, coupled with vanilla extract!

17 Chicken Stir Fry

Dinner is one of the most important meals of the day; you have time to focus on food prep, so you're able to include a variety of ingredients.

If a smorgasbord of food is your go-to, this pin for a quick, half an hour stir-fry, is perfect for your nightly meal!

This recipe combines portobello mushrooms and broccoli, so you are able to get your healthy dose of vegetables from two places. Natasha'skitchen also recommends using rice noodles.

16 Blueberry Lemon Crescent Ring

Getting out of bed every morning can be difficult, but imagine having a tasty breakfast waiting for you! Breakfast can often have the power to shape the outcome of your entire day, so why not try a recipe including some healthy fruit?

A blueberry lemon crescent ring can satisfy your sweet tooth, and provide a healthy balance with blueberries and lemon. According to The Girl Who Ate Everything, the recipe makes 12 rolls, perfect for leftovers, or a quick snack!

15 Homemade Reese's Bars

Dessert is a heavenly necessity of life, and a dessert bar featuring one of our favorite candies is the sweetest treat possible! The homemade Reeces' bar feature graham crackers to provide an extra level of sweetness.

These bars are perfect for any occasion, and are sure to be a hit for gatherings!

Be sure to invite all of your friends, because the recipe calls to make twelve bars. This recipe is perfect for any lover of peanut butter, of course!

14 Bowtie Chicken Caeser Salad

After staring at pictures of sweet desserts, it's probably beneficial to have some "greens" and make a salad for lunch! Luckily for those of us who aren't really fond of making salads, this recipe featuring both bowtie pasta and chicken, which can provide a good balance of flavor!

The recipe calls for almond accents, but they could be left out if you're allergic. Customizing your salad could definitely be encouraged, and you could substitute the croutons for more bowtie pasta!

13 One Pot White Chicken Lasagna Soup

Winter can often be a pretty difficult season with the cold temperatures, but warm and comforting soup can bust any winter blues. This Pinterest pin for white chicken lasagna soup combines two winter favorites: soup and endless amounts of noodles.

Soup is also very customizable, and this recipe is no exception.

The recipe calls for the inclusion of many different spices which might already be hiding in the back of your spice cabinet; A recipe featuring many accessible ingredients!

12 Strawberry Cheesecake Biscuit Waffles

At first glance, the combination of biscuits and waffles sound like ingredients for a typical breakfast menu, but imagine combining strawberry cheesecake with this classic meal? Pinterest may have cracked an unspoken "breakfast code" with a pin for strawberry cheesecake biscuit waffles!

According to The Girl Who Ate Everything, the unique combination tastes like strawberry shortcake. Does this mean we can get away with eating cake for breakfast? No wonder this pin is one of the most popular Pinterest pins!

11 Bacon Mushroom Stuffed Chicken

You know those recipes which remind us of our mother's cooking? Those dishes which included some of our favorites, but also combined some "grown-up" ingredients?

This recipe, courtesy of @NatashasKitchen, serves us all of that and more.

Her recipe for Bacon Mushroom Stuffed Chicken seems to be a dream combination including childhood favorites, (bacon!), and some more refined tastes, (mushrooms!), to give us a trip through a hypothetical food journey; what's better than giving a nod to favorite foods?

10 Spinach Artichoke Cups

Spinach artichoke dip is a staple for a quick snack, or can be a complete side dish to a meal; enjoyment of the classic dip can be universal!

This Pinterest pin is proof because it packs the dip into a nice and flaky crust, which also gives off hints of a holiday party vibe. These "cups" are small and bite-sized, which can make an easy and enjoyable appetizer for a party, or a perfect night staying in with friends.

9 Cheesecake Chocolate Chip Muffins

Imagine a combination of your favorite sweet treats, and being able to classify these sweet sensations into an actual meal! Cheesecake chocolate chip muffins could serve as a snack, or something breakfast related.

We can start our days off right, or satisfy a craving for something sweet.

For those of us who want to put a healthier spin on the muffins, the original author of the recipe substitutes "Greek yogurt to add a ton of moisture to these muffins." Innovative!

8 Garlic Noodles

One of the most well known "college student" oriented meals comes in a tiny package, which you can buy for extremely cheap: Ramen noodles. You know them, your mother probably bought them while you were growing up.

But did you know you can create various versions of ramen noodles without the sodium packet, and incorporate some of your favorite foods? Pinterest has a plethora of ramen noodle recipes, with countless additional ingredients. Garlic noodle recipes are incredibly popular on Pinterest!

7 Garlic Parmesan Mac and Cheese

When you spot a recipe for garlic parmesan macaroni and cheese, it's harder to know what's better; the fact it's made of pure cheesy goodness or the quick prep time?

This super popular pin combines all of our cravings, including lots of garlic. 

There are also two different types of cheeses, for those of us who believe cheese should be a well-represented food group! The recipe also encourages you to include your favorite pasta of choice, for a full pasta experience!

6 Peanut Butter Popsicles

Imagine your favorite Summer treat; I'm sure it won't take long before you think of eating a popsicle on a long and hot Summer day!

Now imagine being able to majorly customize your favorite treat, and turn it into a long-lasting and healthier snack option; if any of these thoughts about sweet treats apply to you, peanut butter popsicles will do the trick and hit the sweet Summer spot! As an added bonus, these peanut butter popsicles are vegan.

5 Mint Oreo Brownies

Few things are better than a sweet Summer trend! Chocolate mint is sure to add a refreshingly cool breeze to a hot day. Luckily for lovers of mint chocolate, Pinterest comes in sweet with a ton of different minty recipes.

Many of them give a nod to our favorite classic desserts!

Brownie lovers can rejoice with this tried and true Pinterest pin for mint chocolate brownies. Not only is this recipe loaded with various chocolate components, Oreos are absolutely essential!

4 Spicy Shrimp Sushi Stacks

With dinner often being a highly anticipated meal, we want to be able to create something quick and easy, but still have plenty of representation from all of the healthy food groups.

Sushi fits these needs, and this Pinterest pin for a Spicy Shrimp Sushi Stack is quick to assemble. With only a 30 minute prep time for a healthy meal, you can spend more time enjoying this spicy combination of flavors, including the famous Sriracha spice condiment! Must try!

3 One Pot Spicy Thai Noodle Recipe

Dinner parties are always a good place to try out a new dish you've been thinking of showing off.

What better than to try a recipe for Spicy Thai noodles?

It'll no doubt get your guests talking about who can handle the amount of spice, and continue wanting more!

Thankfully the recipe is a one-pot recipe, which means it is quick to prepare and will have enough left over for you to make several meals out of the signature Thai dish.

2 Five Minute Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Few things are better than finding out you're able to quickly make a meal, which will be very flavorful and quickly satisfy your hunger!

These five-minute buffalo chicken wraps have been proven to be popular on Pinterest, and can easily be served as a quick snack or as an appetizer for your next party. They are also easily customizable, so you can use any of your favorite dressings to kick-start the classic combination of buffalo chicken and delicious dressing.

1 Chicken In Tomato Sauce

The number of recipes pinned on Pinterest that involve a type of chicken combined with a classic tomato sauce is endless because you can customize these Italian favorites each and every time you have a specific craving.

In this case, a simple combination of chicken in a tomato sauce provides a healthy and flavorful recipe for a quick and delicious meal.

Don't let the quick preparation time fool you; the sauce is reminiscent of a sauce prepared in a restaurant!

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