25 Of The Lowest-Rated Sephora Products, Per Category

For any beauty guru or even casual makeup wearer out there, Sephora is basically the holy grail of beauty-based stores. Not only does it stock some of the most prestigious and popular makeup brands in the world, it also has its own range of reasonably priced products. Some of these are famous for being just as good as their high-end competition. There's nothing more satisfying than finding an affordable alternative to an overly pricey product, and Sephora is often the place that makes this happen.

However, not every Sephora product receives the five-star reviews that we wish they would warrant. Sometimes, compromising on cost also means compromising on quality, and some of the store's own-brand products fall into this trap. There's no point paying less for something if it doesn't actually work in the first place! Reading customer reviews is key if you want to avoid making a bad investment in a cheap, ineffective product.

We know that not everyone has the time to scour the Internet for reviews before making their beauty product purchases, so we've decided to make life a bit easier for all of the Sephora fans out there. We've found the lowest-rated Sephora products in each of the store's categories, and compiled them into one big "probably avoid this" list. Enjoy!

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25 MAKE-UP: Sephora's Felt-Tip Eyeliner Pen Isn't Popular With Consumers

via: sephora.com

Although Sephora claims that its Felt-Tip Eyeliner Pen leaves a highly pigmented and long-lasting line, the reviews of the product on its website suggest otherwise.

There are plenty of one-star reviews stating that the product is far too dry, leaves barely any mark even after a few layers, and most definitely doesn't last the 24 hours that Sephora claims!

While some consumers claim to have had a good experience with the liner, an average rating of 3.1 isn't exactly a glowing review.

24 HAIR: The Sculpt Infrared Curling Iron Doesn't Produce Long-Lasting Results

via: sephora.com

Even if a curling iron is able to give you beautiful, picture-perfect ringlets after every use, it's not really worth it if they don't last for more than five minutes. Sadly, this seems to be the case with the Sephora Sculpt Infrared Curling Iron. One reviewer on Sephora's website claimed that hair that usually kept its curls for three days lost them within hours after the use of these curlers. Plus, it's claimed that this product gives your hair a considerably more damaged feel than other curling irons. Not great!

23 TOOLS AND BRUSHES: The Sephora PRO Stippling Brush Sheds Bristles All Over Your Face

via: sephora.com

One of the biggest pitfalls of cheaper, poor-quality makeup brushes is their tendency to shed pretty much as soon as you start using them.

Nobody wants to have bristles mixed in with their foundation or their eyeshadow!

If this is one of your pet peeves in a makeup tool, then you should probably avoid Sephora's PRO Stippling Brush. According to a whole host of reviewers, it sheds like no tomorrow practically from the minute you get it out of the packet.

22 SKINCARE: Sephora's Green Tea Eye Masks Seem To Have Gone Through Some Production Issues

via: salonguruindia.com

Now, this may be a temporary issue with Sephora's Green Tea Eye Masks, but it's one that's worth raising nonetheless. This product has been getting a fair few negative reviews on the Sephora website lately due to what looks like a production error with the product! According to multiple consumers, when they've opened the packet there's been no actual mask in there - just a load of thin, uninviting liquid! Nobody wants to be smearing that all over their under-eye area, let's be honest.

21 MAKE-UP: It May Look Innovative, But Sephora's Cushion Glossy Eyeliner Is One To Avoid

via: truelovebeauty.wordpress.com

Although Sephora's Cushion Glossy Eyeliner looks like an innovative new product that everyone should get their hands on, think twice before rushing out to buy it.

The sponge-as-an-eyeliner-dispenser gimmick may look cool, but according to reviewers, it doesn't make up for the liner's flaws.

The product dries up very quickly, is very difficult to apply with the provided brush, and actually hurts people's eyelids. Apparently, the liner formula isn't too bad - it's highly pigmented, for sure. However, it's totally impossible to apply.

20 HAIR: The Smell, Look, And Effects Of Sephora's Dry Shampoo Are Pretty Disappointing

via: timeout.com

We all have those days where we really, really can't be bothered to wash our hair, even though we kinda need to. Dry shampoo is a godsend in those situations - if it actually works, of course. In the case of Sephora's Express Dry Shampoo, the reviews are in, and they're not great. Apparently, this product leaves too much of a powdery-white residue in your hair and smells pretty bad too. Plus, it often doesn't have the effect of making your hair feel any cleaner. Awkward.

19 TOOLS AND BRUSHES: If You're Looking For A Facial Razor, Maybe Avoid Sephora's

via: dresstokillmagazine.com

If a facial razor is the kind of product that's currently on your beauty product wish list, Sephora's offering might not be the best on the market right now.

Despite this razor's name, it neither shaves nor smooths - the blade isn't really sturdy enough to do anything at all.

Generally, the reviewers on Sephora's website recommend that consumers avoid this product and go for something that's a little bit pricier, but actually works. Seems like a fair statement to make!

18 SKINCARE: Apparently, The Sephora Collection Charcoal Nose Strip Doesn't Actually Do Its Job

via: rhiakaur.com

Charcoal face masks and nose strips are all the rage right now - so is Sephora's offering of the latter product any good? Well, apparently not, if the reviews are anything to go by. Rather than actually clearing any pores, many consumers reported that the nose strip actually made them more clogged due to its sticky, gunky residue. The mess would be worth it if any pores at all ended up cleansed, but sadly, that's apparently beyond this product's capabilities.

17 MAKE-UP: The Beauty Amplifier Smoothing Translucent Setting Powder Makes Your Face Look Ghostly

via: coldsideofthepillow.ca

If a setting powder claims to be translucent, you'd expect it to have a very minimal effect on your complexion. It's just there to make your face look a bit more matte and to keep your makeup in place, not give your skin an entirely new tone.

Unfortunately, it seems like Sephora didn't quite get this memo with its Beauty Amplifier Smoothing Translucent Setting Powder.

Numerous reviewers have claimed that it's left them looking ghostly white, both in photos and in real life! Unless it's Halloween, that's not a good look.

16 BATH AND BODY: Sephora's Moisturizing Shower Oil Doesn't Do What It Says On The Tin

via: aboutbeauty.it

Once again, this Sephora product apparently doesn't do the one thing it claims is its specialty. You'd expect the Moisturizing Shower Oil to leave your skin feeling supple and hydrated, right? Well, not according to the reviewers on Sephora's website. In reality, it's sticky at best and apparently doesn't smell very nice either. Some consumers were more positive, claiming that they were impressed by how it made their skin feel. However, it's definitely a product that's too divisive to be classed as top-rated.

15 TOOLS AND BRUSHES: The Hide And Sleek Retractable Lip Brush Gets A Firm No From Make-Up Lovers

via: aemonshop.com

The idea of a retractable lip brush is a pretty cool one in theory. You can easily keep it in your bag in case you need to reapply your lipstick while you're out and about.

Unfortunately, though, customers have generally been less than impressed with this Sephora product.

It averages a meager 1.8 stars out of 5 on the store's website, with reviewers claiming that it actually removes lipstick more often than it adds more on. Still, it apparently works well as a brow brush!

14 SKINCARE: The New Waterproof Triple Action Cleansing Water And Oil Is Nowhere Near As Good As The Original

via: pahsreviews.blogspot.com

In the past, Sephora's Triple Action Cleansing Water has been hailed as a genuinely good-value and impressive product. Unfortunately, some of that good reputation has been tarnished by the newest addition to this skincare range: the Triple Action Cleansing Water And Oil. Apparently, adding oil to this previously winning formula has totally ruined it. It no longer removes makeup effectively and has a severe drying effect on the skin. The reviews all suggest that we should stick to the original!

13 MAKE-UP: If You've Got An Oily Skin Type, Avoid Sephora's Tinted And Cooling Eye Primer

via: beautydea.it

While Sephora's Tinted and Cooling Eye Primer might be a passable product if you've got dry or normal skin, if your eyelids have a tendency to get oily, you should definitely give it a miss.

In those circumstances, the primer apparently blends out to almost nothing or just leaves a sticky residue behind.

Plus, not only does the primer cause eyeshadow to crease, the product itself creases too! That's not ideal when you're trying to perfect a killer eye makeup look!

12 HAIR: Sephora's Beaded Hair Ties Often Snap After One Use

via: sephora.com

A problem that anyone with long hair will be very familiar with is the hair industry's tendency to create hair ties that snap after just a couple of uses. We just want to be able to tie our hair back long-term, guys, without having to keep on buying new products! Unfortunately, it seems like Sephora might be a part of this problem - at least with its Beaded Hair Ties, which are allegedly too flimsy to last longer than one use. How disappointing!

11 TOOLS AND BRUSHES: The Sephora Classic Contour Powder Brush Wasn't Built To Last

via: itsabloggersworld.com

Once again, we have an example of a Sephora makeup brush that has a severe shedding issue.

The store's Classic Contour Powder Brush gets an average of 2.6 stars out of 5 from Sephora's customers, mainly due to its bristles not only constantly falling out but being far too dry and rough in the first place.

If you try to clean the brush, it falls apart even more and basically becomes unusable due to losing its original shape. The fact that it apparently doesn't pick up product very well is the icing on a very disappointing cake.

10 SKINCARE: A Hydrating Lip Mask Shouldn't Make Your Lips Drier, Sephora!

via: pinterest.com

According to reviewers on Sephora's website, there are a lot of things wrong with its Hydrating Lip Mask. For one, it doesn't seem to actually hydrate your lips at all: if anything, it apparently makes them drier! The taste of the mask also seems to be pretty divisive, with some consumers describing it as less than pleasant and others saying it's the only good thing about this product. Neither of those alternatives particularly portrays the mask in a positive light, let's be real!

9 MAKE-UP: Sephora's Highlight Lowlight Face Contour Duo Breaks And Doesn't Blend

via: irislarisa.com

In theory, a face contour duo sounds like an ideal beauty product to keep in your repertoire. This Sephora offering claims to be both a highlighting and lowlighting product, depending on which end you use. However, any contouring power it actually has is totally nullified thanks to its numerous issues.

For one, this product is apparently impossible to blend effectively - it either refuses to blend at all or totally disappears.

Not great for a contouring tool, guys! It's also allegedly very quick to break. Not ideal.

8 BATH AND BODY: The Smell And Size Of The Sephora Hand Balm And Scrub Are Disappointing

via: aemon.co.uk

While Sephora's Honey Lip Balm and Scrub is one of its most popular products, the hand polish equivalent has received less than complimentary reviews. For one, consumers are pretty disappointed by just how little product they get for their money. The tube is apparently "smaller than the palm of your hand", and it takes a lot of polish for your hands to feel any different. Even then, the scrub is apparently not that effective - its moisturizing effects don't last, and its smell isn't great. Sounds like it's one to avoid!

7 TOOLS AND BRUSHES: The Sephora False Eyelash Cleaning Set Just Makes The Lashes Fall Out!

via: bestproducts.com

For any false eyelash aficionado, finding a good cleaning kit for your collection of lashes is a must. Unfortunately, if you're looking to find a high-quality product on a budget, you should probably avoid the Sephora False Eyelash Cleaning Set.

It won't actually clean your lashes at all, apparently!

Instead, it'll just make them fall to pieces and become totally unusable. Even if your falsies do survive the "cleaning" process, they'll come out smelling pretty bad. That doesn't sound like "cleaning" them to me...

6 SKINCARE: The Total Softies Cotton Facial Pads Fall Apart Way Too Often

via: balineum.com

Cotton pads are a total staple in pretty much everyone's beauty product collection. They just come in so handy! It's tricky to find a good balance between pads that are inexpensive, but also last for more than two seconds when holding any kind of product. Sadly, the Sephora Total Softies Cotton Facial Pads are cheap but most definitely not cheerful. According to numerous reviewers, they totally fall apart in your hands before you've even had much of a chance to use them.

5 MAKE-UP: Pigment Is Lacking In The Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow Filter Palette

via: thehappysloths.com

Honestly, the fact that the Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow Filter Palette doesn't get great reviews from consumers is pretty saddening. The shades in the palette look so pretty, as does its packaging!

Sadly, though, this eyeshadow lacks the pigmentation to make your eyes truly "pop".

It doesn't blend, it's got an apparently "chalky" consistency, and the colors look nothing like they do in the packet when they're actually on your eyelids. Even if you do manage to create a sickening eye makeup look with this palette, there's a lot of powder fallout to contend with. So much disappointment!

4 TOOLS AND BRUSHES: If You Want To Curl Your Lashes, Don't Bother With The Show Curl XL Lash Curler

via: thehappysloths.com

Now, we all know that we're supposed to curl our eyelashes before applying mascara, but very few of us actually do!

A big factor in this is the fact that it's so darn difficult to find a good eyelash curler for a reasonable price.

Sephora's offering may be fairly cheap, but if the reviews are anything to go by, it's not very effective. It's tricky to use because of its size and shape, and even if you can get it onto your lashes, it apparently doesn't curl them very much. Never mind, eh?

3 SKINCARE: The Sephora Collection Pineapple Nose Mask Doesn't Have Much Of An Effect

via: seetheworldinpink.ca

There's nothing more satisfying than using a nose cleansing strip that actually manages to clear a lot of the gunk out of your pores. Who doesn't love to remain blackhead and whitehead free? Although the Sephora Collection Pineapple Nose Mask looks like a pretty inviting product to use for this purpose, previous customers have been less than happy with its results. A lot of people reported feeling no difference to their nose after using this mask, and even if their skin did feel smoother, this quickly wore off.

2 HAIR: The Sephora Art Of Braid Hair Kit Seems To Be Massively Overpriced

via: canadianfashionista.net

If you're one of the many people out there who has found it tricky to master the art of braiding your hair, you might be tempted to give this Sephora Art of Braid Hair Kit a go. It claims to contain all of the tools and instructions that you'll need to master a number of gorgeous braided hairstyles.

According to the product's reviews, though, what you actually receive is unsatisfactory at best.

The "instructions" aren't detailed enough, and while the accessories provided aren't the worst in the world, they're not exactly groundbreaking.

1 BATH AND BODY: Sephora's Gentle Melting Body Scrub Is Too Gentle To Do Its Job

via: freebiehunter.org

For those of us with sensitive skin, a gentle body scrub can be a real lifesaver. It enables you to feel smooth and silky without damaging your skin too much - ideal! However, there's a fine line between a scrub being "gentle", and totally ineffective. Sadly, Sephora's Gentle Melting Body Scrub is on the wrong side of that line. It's so gentle, it basically doesn't have any scrubbing properties at all. As a shower gel or bath cream it's fine, but as a scrub, it's not great.

References: Sephora.com

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