25 Of The Lowest-Rated Products Sold At Sephora, Per Category

For any makeup lover, Sephora is basically the closest thing to heaven you can get. Not only does this incredible store stock their own range of budget but surprisingly high-quality makeup, they also sell all manner of popular high-end and more affordable products from some of the world's most famous cosmetics companies. With such a huge range of amazing products on offer, it's very easy to accidentally spend the majority of your paycheck at Sephora, and have very few regrets about it.

Still, not every product sold at Sephora gets rave reviews from customers. Even some of the top brands in the world make missteps occasionally and put out products that fail to meet the exacting standards of consumers. Nobody likes an item that doesn't work in the way its supposed to or one that doesn't live up to the hype surrounding it! If you're not one for trawling through dozens of reviews to find out which products you should be using and which you should avoid, don't worry- we've got you covered. We've found some of the lowest-rated products sold at Sephora and compiled them into one long "maybe think twice before you buy this" list. You can thank us later!

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25 MAKEUP: At $45, You'd Expect The Tom Ford Shutter Lash Mascara To Work Wonders - But You'd Be Wrong

via: beautyprofessor.net

Is there anything worse than forking out a small fortune for a high-end makeup product, only to discover that it doesn't actually work that well?

Unfortunately, that's what happened to some disappointed Sephora shoppers who splashed out on the Tom Ford Shutter Lash Mascara.

The product received just two stars out of five from consumers, who described it as clumpy, difficult to use, and easy to smudge. Sure, the formula is super pigmented, but that doesn't make up for this product's flaws.

24 HAIR: GHD Is Known For Its Amazing Straighteners, But Its Travel Hairdryer Doesn't Impress

via: ghdhair.com

GHD is known for producing incredibly high-quality hair styling products. Their straighteners are the stuff of legend!

We're therefore pretty surprised to discover that the brand's Nocturne Flight Travel Hairdryer is one of the lowest-rated hair products that Sephora stocks.

It gets an average of just one star out of five from a range of disappointed customers who regretted purchasing this product. Apparently, the dryer's airflow is far too gentle and its nozzle too wide, making it impossible to effectively dry and style your hair.

23 BATH AND BODY: The Clean Shower Fresh Deodorant Doesn't Make You Smell That Good

via: upcitemdb.com

If there's one thing you'd expect from a deodorant, it's a pleasant smell. Like, the clue's in the name: this type of product is supposed to mask any foul odor that comes from your sweat and make you smell nice and clean instead. Sadly, whoever made the Clean Shower Fresh Deodorant doesn't seem to have received that memo. Depending on which reviewer you believe, this product either smells pretty bad from the outset or loses its fresh and pleasant scent within about an hour of it being applied. Neither option is ideal.

22 BRUSHES AND TOOLS: Make Up For Ever's 104 Small Foundation Brush Is Apparently Streaky

via: gurumakeupemporium.com

The Makeup For Ever 104 Small Foundation Brush is a pretty divisive product, to say the least. Some people have given it five stars and are perfectly happy with its effect on their makeup look.

Others have absolutely hated it, leading the product to have a comparatively low overall rating of 3 stars - a rarity for a makeup brush.

Apparently, this brush can give your foundation a bit of a streaky finish, which isn't the best base to build the rest of your makeup look upon!

21 SKINCARE: The Ciaté London Dewy Spritz Has An Aggressive Spraying Mechanism

via: amazon.in

While the Ciaté London Dewy Spritz setting spray does get some praise online for its formula, it has one major flaw that made it unusable for a lot of Sephora customers. Apparently, the bottle's spraying mechanism is way too aggressive! It totally douses your face in excess product and is very easy to get in your eyes because of this. Considering that this spray is supposed to be used to set your makeup, all of this excess moisture isn't exactly ideal - it's going to make everything run!

20 MAKEUP: The Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation Kit Is Apparently Too Cakey

via: thebeautylookbook.com

Controversial makeup guru Kat Von D has been in the news a lot lately due to her anti-vaccination views and allegedly discriminatory behavior. Apparently, her worries don't end there: some of her products have been getting less-than-great reviews on the Sephora website.

Kat's Lock-It Foundation Kit, for example, seems to have let down some consumers.

The kit contains a liquid foundation, a setting powder, and a setting mist. However, both reviews on Sephora's site suggested that the products can make your makeup look "cakey". Not great!

19 HAIR: Drybar's Southern Belle Volume Boosting Conditioner Is Far Too Drying

via: thedrybar.com

While Drybar claims that its Southern Belle Volume Boosting Conditioner will leave your hair feeling hydrated, reviews of the product on Sephora's website suggest otherwise. Numerous angry customers have reported that this conditioner actually left their locks feeling incredibly dry and brittle. Some reviewers actually reported having to use restorative hair masks due to the damaging effects of this product. As if that's not bad enough, the conditioner apparently smells pretty bad too. All in all, it sounds like a product to avoid!

18 BATH AND BODY: The Eau des Merveilles Perfumed Cream By Hermés Doesn't Smell As Expected

via: pinterest.com

When buying the Hermés Eau des Merveilles Perfumed Cream, you'd expect it to smell like the perfume of the same name. However, rather confusingly, this doesn't seem to be the case - at least according to some of the reviewers of the product on Sephora's website!

One unhappy customer claimed that the cream smelled nothing like the original Eau des Merveilles perfume.

While another stated that while the perfume's scent was present, it was so faint that you might as well have just bought a non-perfumed product. How disappointing!

17 BRUSHES AND TOOLS: Tom Ford's Angled Brow Brush Is The Wrong Texture And Size

via: price-breaker.com

We have some bad news for anyone who was considering using Tom Ford's Angled Brow Brush to get their brows looking totally on fleek. According to some Sephora customers, the brush is way too fluffy and thick to effectively apply any brow products. It simply can't create a precise line! On the bright side, one reviewer claims that this makes a great brush for applying gel eyeliner. Not exactly what it says on the tin, but hey - we'll take that silver lining.

16 SKINCARE: Benefit's POREfessional Instant Wipeout Pore-Cleansing Masks Don't Work

via: perfumeemporium.com

Benefit Cosmetics has a pretty great reputation all around the world for its makeup and skincare products. However, it seems like not all of its products hit the mark with consumers.

A clear example of this is the POREfessional Instant Wipeout range of pore-cleansing masks.

According to Sephora customers, the masks simply don't work that well. They don't unclog your pores, they can create an uncomfortable stinging sensation, and they apparently fall off your face very easily. That doesn't sound very POREfessional to us!

15 MAKEUP: Bobbi Brown's Original Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner To Go Gets Just Two Stars

via: parallelimported.co.nz

Bobbi Brown is another makeup brand that you'd expect to make high-quality products to match their high-end price tags.

However, the brand's Original Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner To Go doesn't get a seal of approval from Sephora shoppers.

Numerous consumers claimed that the pol of gel liner was totally dried up by the time they received it. Those that did get some use out of it said that the pigmentation of the liner was poor and actually had an unexpected bronze tint to it. Interesting...

14 HAIR: A Recovery Masque Should Make Your Hair Feel Better, But Alterna Haircare's Offering Does The Opposite

via: freshapproach.uk.com

Apparently, Alterna Haircare's Bamboo Beach 1-Minute Recovery Masque doesn't do what it says on the tin. Instead of improving the quality of your hair and repairing any damage to your locks, this masque apparently just makes them feel worse! Instead of hydrating your hair, it allegedly just makes it feel even drier. It makes it more tangled than ever, doesn't have a noticeably nice smell, and seems to be an all-around disappointment - as its one-star customer rating would suggest.

13 BATH AND BODY: The Chloé Love Story Body Lotion Is Too Watery To Work

via: onlinestore-john.de

While Chloé's original Love Story perfume is an incredibly popular product, the body lotion based on this fragrance doesn't get great reviews from Sephora customers.

For one, the lotion doesn't smell that much like the perfume, which is more than a little bit disappointing.

More worryingly, though, the lotion itself is way too watery to be worked into your body. Despite being this wet, though, the lotion apparently doesn't have any moisturizing powers at all. Go figure! You'd expect more from a product that costs $52.

12 BRUSHES AND TOOLS: Tweezerman's Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner Simply Doesn't Work

via: twitter.com

If you're looking to make a foray into the world of dermaplaning - aka, using an electronic exfoliator on your face - maybe avoid the Tweezerman's Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner. According to the good people of the Sephora customer reviews section, this product does absolutely nothing to your skin. It doesn't exfoliate, it doesn't remove any peach fuzz... It just does nothing at all. Even after reading and re-reading the product's instructions, these women just couldn't find a way to make it work. Not ideal.

11 SKINCARE: The Kari Gran Lip Scrub Doesn't Actually Exfoliate Anything

via: memenme.asia

In general, if a product is marketed as a "lip scrub", you'd expect it to remove some dead skin from your lips. However, this isn't the case with the Kari Gran Lip Scrub.

Apparently, this product doesn't contain enough exfoliating beads to actually do its job!

It's way too smooth to actually do its job, and it doesn't feel all that great on the lips either. Sure, this "scrub" does seemingly make your lips feel a lot more moisturized, but it doesn't do what it says on the tin.

10 MAKEUP: Milk's Liquid Strobe Highlighter Has A Questionable Formula

via: hellogiggles.com

While Milk's Liquid Strobe highlighters come in a range of gorgeous colors - including an unusual lavender shade - their questionable formula seems to have let them down. According to a lot of reviewers on Sephora's website, these products don't really seem like highlighters at all - they just leave a lot of glitter on your face. Glitter is great and all, but when you're promised a liquid highlighter, you want a liquid highlighter! These highlighters' rollerball applicators make them difficult to use, and they're generally a bit of a disappointment.

9 HAIR: Sadly, The Drybar Detox Whipped Dry Shampoo Isn't Up To Scratch

via: youtube.com

The idea of a "whipped" dry shampoo is an unusual one, to say the least. Does this somewhat unique Detox product do its job well? Apparently not, according to some consumers.

A common complaint on the Sephora website is that this foam makes your hair a lot greasier, which seems to be the total opposite of what a dry shampoo should do.

It doesn't add any volume to your hair - in fact, it makes it feel heavier - and apparently makes your locks feel sticky and dirty. All in all, it's a no from us.

8 BATH AND BODY: The Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream Sunscreen Is Way Too Greasy

via: usamua.com

Speaking of greasiness, it's apparently not just hair products that can fall into this trap. The Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream Sunscreen also has a tendency to make you feel a lot oilier than before you used it. Multiple reviewers claim that putting the product on their face made them feel greasy, with one Sephora customer suggesting that the cream actually caused them to have a major breakout. It doesn't noticeably improve your skin in terms of smoothness, and it apparently smells pretty bad too. Gross!

7 BRUSHES AND TOOLS: Cinema Secrets' Deluxe Powder Puff Is Way Too Stiff

via: sephora.com

We have a question for Cinema Secrets: why would you make a powder puff stiff and coarse? Surely that defeats the purpose of the entire product!

According to numerous Sephora customers, this product leaves a lot to be desired.

It doesn't bend at all, which isn't ideal for reaching every nook and cranny of your face, and is way too big for easy use. Each puff's consistency is rough and uncomfortable on the skin, and the product is actually too big to be used with the Cinema Secrets Setting Powder. Where is the logic?

6 SKINCARE: The Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior® Eye Gel Provides Questionable Results

via: twitter.com

Unfortunately, it looks like the Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior® Eye Gel isn't worth its $60 price tag. Despite claiming that it'll erase your dark circles, this product does nothing of the sort according to the reviewers of the Sephora website. In fact, it seems to do absolutely nothing! Even after using this gel for weeks or even months, many customers reported seeing no change to their circles at all. The product may have some minor hydrating properties, but it still doesn't do what it claims it will.

5 MAKEUP: The NARS Instant Line And Pore Perfecter Is A Pretty Polarizing Product

via: ebay.com

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more divisive makeup product than the NARS Instant Line and Pore Perfecter on the Sephora website. It's got a mix of five and one-star reviews which is unusual, to say the least

! A lot of the more critical reviews were from customers who'd seen the hype surrounding this product but had ended up disappointed.

Many people have claimed that this "Pore Perfecter" does little to nothing to reduce the appearance of pores at all, and is very difficult to apply. We'll leave you to make your own minds up about it!

4 HAIR: The Madison Reed Root Reboot Doesn't Have The Best Formula

via: amazon.com

If you're looking for a product that will help you to subtly touch up your roots when you're in between hair dye sessions, think twice before you reach for the Madison Reed Root Reboot. Some of the reviews for this product on the Sephora website aren't exactly complimentary! A few women have claimed that this product either didn't change the color of their roots at all or only had a minor, quick-to-fade effect. Plus, one customer noted that this kit actually gave her roots an unintended reddish tinge! Madison Reed's formula sounds like it needs improvement.

3 BATH AND BODY: The NAILS INC. Sole Healer Foot Peel Apparently Doesn't Work

via: johnlewis.com

According to the reviews on the Sephora website, the Nails Inc. Sole Heeler Foot Peel is a product that straight-up just doesn't work.

All but one of its ratings on the Sephora website are one-star, and consumers report feeling no difference whatsoever to their feet after using the peel.

It gives minimal peeling at best, doesn't seem to make your feet feel smoother or softer, and has frequently been labeled a waste of money. Unless you enjoy the feeling of disappointment, it might be best to avoid this product.

2 BRUSHES AND TOOLS: The Beautyblender InstaClean™ Sponge and Brush Cleansing Spray Is Overpriced And Wasteful

via: picbear.online

It looks like the jury's still out regarding whether the Beautyblender InstaClean™ Sponge and Brush Cleaner actually does its job or not. Some Sephora customers have reported getting excellent results with this product; others have far more negative things to say. Even those who felt the product worked have claimed that it's incredibly wasteful: too much spray comes out each time you use it, and it tends to go everywhere. Considering this cleaner isn't exactly cheap, you want to be able to make the most of it!

1 SKINCARE: Kenzoki's White Lotus Moisturizing Jelly Causes Oiliness And Breakouts

via: parfurmdreams.de

For a product that claims to be able to mattify oily skin, Kenzoki's White Lotus Moisturizing Jelly doesn't seem to do its job very well.

According to the sole, one-star review of the product on Sephora's website, the skin becomes oily again just one hour after using the jelly.

Plus, this customer believes that the product actually caused her to have a spot breakout. Sure, this is just one review, but nobody else has come along and tried to dispute these criticisms!

References: Sephora.com

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