25 Of The Best Feel Good Beauty Buys

After a long work week, we could all use a little TLC and pampering. It's easy to skimp on our self-care routines with the busy lives we lead, so it's important to take a beat and treat ourselves. Because honestly, great beauty products not only make you look good, they make you feel good.

Some products are so well made that just the smell of them can make your day go from not-so-fantastic to oh-so-sweet. But our favorite products, the ones that we end up buying over and over, not only smell fantastic, but they work amazingly as well. They're packaged innovatively and beautifully, they're made with top of the line ingredients or by hand, they're Vegan or Vegetarian-friendly, they're good for the Earth. Plus, again, they workThat's the type of product that makes us feel good.

Here are 25 of our favorite feel-good products, which range from nostalgic to indulgent to just plain cute, and are all as a baseline both good-looking and effective.

Whether you're happy, bummed, or just ready to celebrate the summer, pick yourself out a treat— you deserve it!

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25 A Bath Bomb Buddy From Lush


Lush is one of the top Bath bomb makers in the world, and they're always finding new and innovative ways to make your self-care soak a little more fun. Always made fresh, Lush products are packed with minimum plastic, which is also part of the mission of this little guy.

Lush designed the product to bring attention to how discarded plastic bags can be lethal to sea turtles, and to encourage us all to reduce our plastic use.

Plus, with a cyprus-sandalwood-pine scent, this jelly bath bomb will have you feeling down-to-earth. Self-care that helps the earth? Sign us up!

24 A Happy Yellow Body Scrub For Soft Skin

Cherry Blossoms The Blog

New from Rio De Janeiro, the Brazilian Bod Buff is already sold out through their website, but luckily also sold through Sephora! The unique formula is the first to do double-duty as both a daily exfoliating scrub and a detoxifying treatment mask. Scented with pistachio and salted caramel, this happy yellow-hued mask will transport you to the beaches of Rio. Made with Crushed Brazilian Quartz Crystal to smooth skin and soothing Amazon River Clay to purify. Designed to be used on the arms, legs, chest, back, and booty for smooth, touchable and strikingly soft skin all over.

23 The Fluffy Cloud Face Mask


While there are a ton of fun face masks out there, few morph and change before your eyes. Once this clay-based bubble mask is applied, the carbonation inside of the formula reacts with the air and begins to puff up. Once your face has gone full cloud, you know it's time to rinse.

The South-Korean beauty product has extended around the world, because really, who doesn't want to clean out their pores and get a hilarious selfie in at the same time?

This version is Elizaveccia Milky Piggy's Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, available on Amazon. We can't think of a more fun way to detox skin and remove blackheads!

22 A Fenty Fairy Bomb


Although all of Rihanna's Fenty Beauty products are swoon-worthy, the Fenty Fairy Bomb makes our inner princess sing. The oversized pink puff comes in a gorgeous rose gold box, pre-loaded with all of the sparkling goodness you could hope for. Dab it or sweep it, wherever this puff touches, it leaves behind a light sheen of rose-tinted highlighting powder to illuminate your skin and make you feel luxurious. The smooth, hyper-reflective glitter packed into this plush puff is designed to look amazing on all skin tones. And the best part? All of Rihrih's Fenty products are made 100% cruelty-free, so you can look and feel amazing with no guilty conscience.

21 "Outback Mate" Looks, Smells And Feels Like Summer


So, this may be the prettiest soap we've ever seen. Lush has a summer hit on their hands with this gorgeous seasonal product release, a hand-made soap bar that looks as gorgeous as the Australian coast.

Outback Mate is designed to "wash away the blues," featuring the summery scents of eucalyptus, lemongrass oil and peppermint oil.

The eucalyptus cleanses skin and brightens moods. When coupled with tingly peppermint and sunny citrusy lemongrass, these zingy ingredients are the key to a fresher, sunnier shower. This Vegan product is cooling and invigorating, and Lush never tests on animals!

20 A Little 'My Little Pony' Sparkle

Feeling nostalgic? Glamglow's famous face mask line expanded earlier this year when the beauty brand dropped their My Little Pony collab. No, we're not kidding. Throwing it all the way back to our Pinkie Pie stan days, Glamglow hit us right in the childhood with this one. These fun glitter masks have all of the heavy-duty benefits of Glamglow's regular firming mask, plus the added fun of GLITTER. These GravityMud #GlitterMasks come in pink, purple and black, corresponding to Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Princess Luna, obvs. Featuring hard-hitting ingredients like the TEAOXI® Complex of Licorice and Marshmallow Leaf, these masks will have you not only feeling, but looking younger in no time!

19 Glossier's Cloud Paint To Feel Like An Artist


Another mega-fun beauty brand, Glossier was started a few years ago by NYC resident and cool-girl Emily Weiss. All of their products are painstakingly perfected in both formula and packaging, which is why it's so hard to only buy one! Available in six colors, Glossier's cloud paint is a highly pigmented liquid blush.

The gorgeous hues come in little tubes, just like oil paint, and dab on easily, designed to be applied with your fingers.

Plus, every Glossier order comes in a zip-lock pouch lined with pink bubble wrap, which only makes getting your order in even more exciting. Plus, the colors can be blended and layered to exactly create your artistic vision!

18 A Sunscreen You'll Actually Want to Wear


Probably the coolest sunscreen out there, this SPF 35 is another cult product from Glossier. The number one skin tip of almost any gorgeous celeb or professional esthetician is to wear sunscreen DAILY. But with so many formulas that clog up pores, dry your out, oil you up or cover you in chalky whiteness, it's not exactly our favorite rule to follow. Glossier spend months perfecting this gel SPF dubbed the "invisible shield." Small (and cute!) enough to keep in your makeup bag, Glossier's daily sunscreen goes on and stays clear, easily drying in place without changing the texture of your skin. So go ahead, get this on and get outside!

17 Hydration Will Make You Feel Better Than Any Beauty Product


The best thing that you can do for your skin today to look better tomorrow is drink water. Hydration is key to allowing your skin to look and feel its best! Plus, you'll decrease bloating, feel more full, and have more energy.

By far the most enjoyable way to remind yourself to hydrate is to get an unforgettable water bottle.

The company BKR is changing the hydration game, selling high-quality glass bottles in silicone coverings in every color under the rainbow. Whether you get a smooth sleeve or a spiked, a full liter size or a mini, this is one beauty accessory you won't want to leave at home!

16 Your Best Tan Ever


The Fox tan is the Australian tanning system changing summer skin everywhere. And few things can make you feel better than a gorgeous glowing tan! The Fox Tan set promises to get you your fastest, darkest tan ever while spending less time in the sun. The products are all Vegan and not tested on animals. The system includes an active amino acid charged formula, plus almond oil, jojoba oil, cacao butter and aloe vera juice to moisturize and nourish your skin to make it that much softer. The Originals set comes with a Rapid Elixir to prep skin to tan a few days beforehand, and a Rapid Mist to use over SPF while catching rays. The customer testimonials speak for themselves!

15 Your Perfect Foundation Shade, With Love From Rihanna


Mega-celeb, singer-songwriter and fashion icon, there's not much that Rihanna can't do. With the launch of Fenty Beauty last year, Rihanna also added 'beauty mogul' to that list! With an expansive collection of 40 foundation shades to start with, RihRih's makeup collection was an instant hit.

Her Pro Filtr, the long-wearing matte foundation, was among the first in the beauty industry to be so inclusive, featuring a large selection of shades for people with darker skin tones.

Loved by beauty pros and newbies alike, the foundation is designed to give skin a smooth, pore-diffused and shine-free finish that lasts all day. The best part? It keeps your skin looking like you. What could be better?

14 A Whole-Body Highlight


From Sol de Janeiro, the Ipanema Sunset Glow Oil is just what you need to take your summer skin to the next level. This dry-oil is designed to moisturize and soften your skin while adding a subtle but show-stopping shimmer. Sol de Janiero's Glow Oils are inspired by Brazilians’ secret to a perfect glow, the unmistakable Rio sunshine. Ipanema is part of a limited edition line, designed to mimic the way that the Brazilian sunlight changes throughout the day and its luminous effects on the skin. Ipanema Sunset is designed to "capture that light to give you the perfect Brazilian glow"

13 The All-Time Best Hand Cream


Of the many products produced by the specialty French beauty brand L'Occitane, their hand cream is perhaps the nearest to perfection. The ultimate everyday indulgence, their hand creams are special enough to feel luxurious but attainable enough to use every day.

Perfect as a gift or as a treat for yourself, L'Occitane's hand creams are usually made with a Shea butter base, the ultimate in rich, penetrating hydration.

Plus, they come in nearly all of L'Occitane's signature fragrances, which is a lot of options. With scents like cherry blossom and lemon verbena, we'll take one for every day of the week!

12 Find Your Refined With Saturday Skin


A brand after our hearts, every single one of Saturday Skin's products is pretty in pink, packaged in a gorgeous shade of millennium pink. Their Rub-A-Dub refining peel is not only the brand's top-selling product but also part of Allure's 2018 Beauty Bucket List. The natural cellulose lifts impurities from the skin and the aloe extract soothes skin, according to the brand's description. The formula is also packed with papaya and bromelain from pineapple to help remove impurities. Plus can you imagine how cute this would look on your bathroom shelf??

11 Face Oil "Worth Its Weight In Gold"


Luxury beauty brand Rodin is sold at top-name retailers like Neiman Marcus and Saks, and of course, comes at a price. Most lower-priced cheaper face oils are synthetic, but Rodin's are made with 11 powerhouse flower and plant-based oils, which are all extracted without heat so that their purity is not compromised.

Full of full of Vitamins A, E and C instead of Parabens, phthalates, sulfates and silicones, Rodin's Olio Lusso is also cruelty-free.

Incorporating one of these top-of-the-line oils will leave your skin immersed in nourishment, de-stressed and with its zest reclaimed.

10 Get Your Glossiest, Glowiest Lips Ever


Although their name would suggest otherwise, Glossier is actually not a company that offers a huge selection of lip gloss. Why, might you ask? Because they would rather have one perfect product than a line of less-thans. For their one-and-only lip gloss, they basically created glass lips in a bottle, something flattering for all skin tones and ages. The doe-foot applicator adds cushiony, clear shine, without stickiness, texture or over-the-top glitter. The result? A lightweight and comfy glass finish that keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized with Vitamin E. Did we mention it lasts for hours on one application? With this product, you'll definitely shine.

9 The World's Easiest Makeup Remover


One thing that always feels amazing is fully removing your makeup after a long day. But sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to do more than a Neutrogena wipe. This oil-free cleanser may be the answer to all of our makeup removing woes.

After wetting your face, you simply sweep the antimicrobial brush along your eyes and brows to remove all traces of makeup.

The charcoal-infused solution is even safe to use on lash extensions because it's oil-free formula is so gentle. Listed by Allure as one of the top products to try in 2018, we are more than willing to give BeautyGarde $15 for this miracle product!

8 The Prettiest Dry Shampoo (That Actually Works)

Grace and Lipstick

Amika's Perk Up dry shampoo is a step-up from your typical dry shampoo game. The talc-free formula is applied the same as any other non-water hair cleanser, sprayed on and brushed through. But, because of the innovative natural rice starch formula, Perk Up never, ever leaves that yucky white residue. Plus, it's free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, oil, mineral oil, sodium chloride, petrochemicals and artificial colors, leaving out anything that could be bad for your hair. Vegetarian and cruelty-free, the only thing that could make it any better is that groovy, good-mood making bottle. Too perfect!

7 A Classic Clay Mask To Detox


An old classic, the mud mask is a standby in any beauty maven's product arsenal. Known for decreasing pore congestion, mud masks are great for people with acne-prone or oily skin. This version by Glamglow ups the ante a bit!

Their SuperMud Clearing treatment features activated-X charcoal, a superabsorbent carbon, to attract toxins and dirt from the deepest and toughest areas.

Their product removes any excess sebum and congestion from the pores, allowing them to become visibly smaller, and users swear by it. Equally good for men and women, this mask is even more fun to use when you share it with a friend!

6 Always Be In Bloom


The cutest lipstick ever? Crystal lip balms by I Heart Blossom come with real flowers encased inside! Bring a little piece of nature everywhere you go, and see a beautiful little flower every time you apply your lipstick. The crystal clear balm goes on glossy and quickly changes to a heat-based light tone of pink when applied to your lips. Plus, that clear container is beyond cool. With beeswax, rose oil, vitamin E and lavender oil included in the formula, we'd bet it smells amazing and feels even better on. Too cute!

5 Smell Like Summer With Lemon Verbena


The only way to one-up L'Occitane's classic French Verbena scent is to make it even more summery with an infusion of citrus. Enter Lemon Verbena; basically sunshine in a fragrance.

The line of products extends beyond the brand's classic body washes and lotions, adding also a hair and body mist, an icy body gel, a moisturizing body foam and a verbena fragrance touch.

The invigorating line of skin care is designed to keep skin refreshingly hydrated and fragranced with its cooling sensations. Smelling like a summer in the South of France sounds pretty good to us.

4 BFF Beauty Blenders


What doesn't Sephora think of? These matching beauty blenders are the cutest thing we've seen today, and whether you give one to your bestie or keep them both for the convenient cases, they're sure to make you smile. A classic pink egg-shaped beauty blending sponge comes in a crush-proof and dirt-proof case. Two halves combine to make a heart that's sentimental, cute and functional because it's never a bad idea to have a beauty blender (or two) on hand. The best part? They're not just for Gal-entines day, pick these cuties up at Sephora whenever! Made by BeautyBlender, you know these babies are quality!

3 A Pretty Pink Moisturizing "Creme Sorbet"


Another French brand that makes only flawlessly luxurious and fabulously scented product, Caudalie has your new go-anywhere lotion. Their vinosource line is powered by the goodness of the grape, and their moisturizing sorbet is designed to melt into skin, leaving a supple spot of moisture.

Thanks to its 'quick break' lipophilic technology, this cream to gel moisturizer will go onto the skin as a cream & finish as a gel on contact.

It is also clinically proven to reduce redness and soothe skin. Good for both the body and the face, this cream comes in a portable, go anywhere tube, making it your new go-to moisturizer!

2 A Perfect Flush From The Cutest Packaging

Courtesy of Lancome

Almost good enough to eat, these Lancome Macarons are as adorable as the real thing, minus the refined sugar! French beauty giant Lancome released this cream blush duo, featuring double colors and applicators, in celebration of the world's favorite French cookie. Lancôme Le Teint Macaron was designed to leave cheeks perfectly flushed, and the product must be great since it was featured on Allure's 2018 Beauty Bucket List. Perfect as a gift for someone close and sweet or for your sugary-self, the compact and cute blushes fit easily into a purse, pocket, or makeup bag. At $75, the price is a little steep, but it's hard to say no when French luxury is this sweet!

1 The Best Smelling Overnight Watermelon Mask


Designed for uneven skin tone, dullness and texture issues, Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is the solution to more than one problem.

Both vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, the product is formulated without synthetic dyes and mineral oils.

Featuring watermelon and hyaluronic acid for post-facial results, this mask is designed for overnight use. A skin-smoothing, radiance-boosting sleeping mask, Glow Recipe's watermelon mask also smells amazing. With the cooling sensation of a gel and that sunny fruity aroma, you'll definitely have sweet dreams in this mask!

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