25 Most Sought-After Sephora Products So Far This Summer

One doesn’t really have to say that much to explain the importance of Sephora in a girl’s life. The products and brands associated with the store form part of our daily beauty routines — beauty routines that we just can’t live without.

Whenever summer comes along, a couple of things happen; We get excited for the season where we can wear all the bright colored clothing and floral prints we want, and we also get excited to go out and enjoy the much-needed sun. The sun, unfortunately, does a lot of damage to our hair, skin, and sometimes even nails, and only the best beauty products can come to the rescue.

One area we definitely should not neglect is our beauty products. Who wants to go out looking all dull and frizzy? Yeah, nobody. That is why it is important to know which products work best in summer so that you can look your best from head to toe everytime you step outside. We’ve compiled a much-needed list of Sephora products for this summer that will be your best friends. From lipsticks to hair products, skin products and so much more, here is a breakdown of the 25 most sought-after Sephora products this summer so far that every beauty girl has to have.

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25 Get Your Summer Glow

Via BlogMeBeautiful

Now, we know how important an amazing body is for summer. We spend so much time at the gym toning and sculpting our bodies because not only do we want to be fit, but we also want to fit nicely into those favorite pair of jeans and those cheeky little skirts. Well, Clarins Golden Booster Body helps us to achieve that glowing and radiant body we seek for summer. A few drops of this into your body moisturizer will do the trick.

24 When You Want More Than Just A Hairdryer

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We have labeled this as “more than just a hair dryer” because it is – This Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is a “Styling Tool” that every girl needs in her kit. Besides the fact that it looks pretty cool, you’ll be pleased to learn that this dryer prevents heat damage which will help us retain the moisture and shine every girl wants in her summer hair. It also dries and styles at the same time. Its 4 precise heat settings will help you get the exact temperature you desire while styling that beautiful hair of yours.

23 Treat Those Lips

Via LucielleSalomon

No one likes dry, cracked lips, especially in the summertime. Your lips are supposed to be soft and looking like they belong on your pretty face but unfortunately, sometimes our lips have a mind of their own. Sometimes we struggle to give them that soft and healthy smoothness. Well, this moisture therapy lip balm by Jack Black is great not only because it has an SPF 25, but also because it contains, Vitamin E, green tea extract, avocado oil and grapefruit which help to soothe and relieve chapped lips.

22 The Ultimate Liquid Foundation

Reviews for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty have been incredible since its launch and there is no wonder why – the beauty line give us great quality products that we need, just like this liquid foundation that many girls need. Perhaps the great part of the foundations is that they cater to all different types of skin tones (to be more specific – that’s a groundbreaking 40 shades!). This foundation is oil-free and is very lightweight, giving us that effortless and natural summer look.

21 When Your Skin Needs A Break, Get Some Detox

Via SephoraSingapore

Great hydration does not necessarily just mean drinking loads of H2O. Sometimes our skins need a little extra hydration and that is why the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Bouncy Hydrating Gel is perfect for us. This oil-free moisturizer helps to hydrate, detox and refresh our skins. Although we love summer, we all know the toll it can have on our delicate skins. This light-weight gel nourishes our skin as it prevents water loss and it is packed with Vitamins A, C, and E which are excellent antioxidants.

20 Your Best All-In-One Makeup Option

Via Bloomingdales

Anything with “SPF50” excites us because, well, as much as we love the sun that comes with summer as it warms us up and helps us enjoy our days, we all need a little protection from it. This product by Amore Pacific, that protects from both UVA and UVB rays helps us get that flawless coverage that is ideal for every photo op. What’s perhaps the best aspect of this product is that it can be used on all different skin types. So, whether you have oily, dry, combination, sensitive or normal skin, you can enjoy the benefits of this amazing product.

19 Step Out Smelling Fresh

Via MakeupAndBeautyBlog

So we’ve covered quite a lot of essential must-have products for summer on this list already and you might be wondering what else is important to include in your shopping basket. Well, as a young and trendy girl, you want to not only look good but smell good. Three words best describe the fragrance – fresh and floral. The keynotes of this Maison Margiela fragrance include bergamot, heliotrope, and coconut milk. You’ll not only look like summer but also smell like it too.

18 Makeup Melting On Whose Face?

Via MCosmetics

We all know the importance of a good primer and thank goodness Smashbox does too. We like this product due to many reasons and perhaps the best part of it is that it minimizes those pesky little pores that seem to peep out when we least expect it, ruining our selfie moments, and making us tap more and more on those filters to try to smoothen our skins out. Well, with this primer, let’s just say that we won’t be having much use for those filters anymore as it helps to reduce pores and also has that all-important shine control that every girl needs for a hot summer’s day.

17 Every Girl Needs A Nudes Collection

Via WoahStyle

Every girl needs a nude collection for her lips. Yes, you read that right. This is not a “want” or a “nice to have”. Nope. This is a need people. GlamGlow knows that which is why they have come up with a GlamGlow Plumprageous Nudes Collection Lip Treatment. The collection comes in 10 shades and offers you matte, gloss, and metallic tint finishes, depending on your preference and of course, the occasion. Nudes are great for multiple skin tones as they are trendy and give us that effortless look we love.

16 No More Hair Frizzing

Via MakeupBeautyAndMore

Now, of course, our healthy and glowing skins are important for summer but let us not forget about our hair as we want to look good from head to toe. Healthy looking full and shiny hair is the dream of almost every girl but sometimes our beloved season gets in the way by giving us that pesky Frizz that no one wants. Well, the Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield will take care of this problem for you as you’ll use it on your dry hair and step out looking good any time of the day.

15 Flutter Those Lashes With Confidence

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Who doesn’t want the perfect eyelashes? While some are born with this amazing feature, the rest of us have to ask science to help us because our genes just didn’t come through. This incredible Benefit Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara is the perfect mascara for any beauty queen who loves to flutter her eyes. BenefitCosmetics explains that the “eye-opening Hook ‘n Roll brush grabs, separates, lifts and curls…while the instant curve-setting formula holds for 12 hours”. Another great aspect of this mascara that we love is that it is water-resistant and easy to remove. That sounds like the perfect mascara to us!

14 What's Makeup Without Some Highlights?

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Every beauty girl loves herself some makeup but the truth is, not everyone wants their makeup to look “done”. There is something special about having that effortless, natural glow and Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid will help you achieve just that. Sephora describes it as a “creamy highlighting fluid that instantly illuminates and reduces the look of flaws for the perfect Naked glow”. This is great for those who are not crazy about putting on a full-on contouring situation in the daytime but still want to look amazing.

13 Blush Around The Clock

Via ALittleBeautyLuxury

This Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush first caught our attention because, well – Who doesn’t want blush that lasts for up to 12 hours? Tarte Cosmetics explains that this “super soft, silky powder chock full of true color mineral pigments lets you layer on your glow with no harsh lines or chalky buildup”. You won’t need to constantly reapply throughout the day and that means that you can just go about your day while looking every bit of the fabulous beauty queen you are.

12 Give Your Skin A Spa Treatment

Via ProjectVanity

A good skin in summer is a definite must-have. Sure, you can buy all the best foundation and makeup you can afford but sometimes, nothing works and you just need to go back to basics – your natural skin. The health of our natural skin forms the bases to any glow. This multi-award winning Drunk Elephant T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial knows the importance of that as it promises to give you a more radiant and youthful natural skin tone as it is packed with all the good nutrients that your skin needs.

11 Don't Forget Those Cuticles


There are a very few things in life that are worse than having cuticles which just don’t correspond with all your cuteness. Okay, so we’re being a little dramatic (Of course there are far much worse things in life) but we’re just trying to explain the pain of having unsightly cuticles. No matter how good looking your hair, skin or outfits is, bad cuticles can ruin your whole ensemble. This cuticle repair cream treatment by Deborah Lippmann is ultra nourishing and repairs your cuticles with a combination of shea butter, Vitamin A, C, and E.

10 For That Perfect Summer Complexion

Via TheBeautifulTruth

Now this bronzing powder is a definite must-have item in your makeup kit and the fact that it is an award-winning bronzing powder makes us want it even more. Who wouldn’t want the best for their skin? Francois Nars, the Founder and Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics speaks very fondly of this amazing product. “Bronzing Powder makes the skin look healthy and glowing. I was very precise with the amount of shimmer – I wanted to create an effect that made you look radiant and natural”. “Radiant” is all we need to hear to be sold on this must-have.

9 The Perfect Brush Collection

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Every girl who is serious about her beauty routine needs herself a makeup brush set that rivals that of the pros. The fact that you’re going to Sephora to purchase your own makeup means that you want to look just as good as you would if you were to go to a professional makeup artist, right? Well, granted, they are pros and have been doing it for a while, but nothing is stopping you from achieving that flawless makeup. This Sephora Collection Pro Essentials Brush Set will make you the envy of every girl in your circle as you’ll be able to apply your makeup like a pro.

8 A Glowing Girl Is A Happy Girl

We all know that a little bit of the sun is great for that all-important Vitamin D, however, sometimes the sun gets carried away and gives us more shine that we can handle. This matte bronzer helps us to control that shine, but also keep that radiant glow that every girl wants, especially in the summertime. This award-winning Hoola bronzer by Benefit is to be used on the cheeks, forehead, and chin to get you that healthy-looking “tan” that you don’t have to spend hours in the sun to achieve.

7 Hydrate With More Than Just Water

Via Deskgram

For all you who are concerned with the specific ingredients that land on your skin, you’ll be happy to know that this moisturizer is preservative-free, gluten-free, ethanol alcohol-free, and contains no artificial fragrances or colors. The Boscia Tsubaki Swirl Two-Part Gel & Cream Deep Hydrating Moisturizer is great for combination, normal and sensitive skin types. It is specifically formulated for dry, dull, uneven texture, fine lines, and wrinkles and will leave your skin feeling hydrated and super soft – just how we like it.

6 Give A Fresh Smile

Via LoveOfBlush

So the bright color of the packaging of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment might be the first thing to grab your attention. Once you read about its ingredients and all the ways it will you achieve the soft and healthy looking lips you want, you won’t be disappointed. Sephora highlights that it’s “a lip treatment that enhances volume, provides moisture for up to 24 hours, and smooths the look of wrinkles around the delicate lip area”. We know you like the sound of that.

5 Smell Like The Queen You Are

We all know that the name “Tom Ford” is associated with some of the best fashion and beauty products in the biz. This Costa Azzura fragrance doesn’t disappoint. Okay, so you may have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for this one, however, if you can afford it and want to smell the best this summer, then it’s an amazing purchase. Sephora describes it as a “unique aroma of salty beaches, dry herbs, evergreen trees, and driftwood mingles with scents of the low, thickly forested landscape knows as the Macchia – a tangle of oaks, juniper pines, and herbs”.

4 When Your Nails Need A Little Love

Via Pinterest

Okay, so we’ve already covered a cuticle treatment that will leave your cuticles moisturized and soft – just how we like them. What about the rest of your nails? Well, how about this Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Duo? This duo has clear keratin protein treatments that will have your nails glowing and appearing healthy. It has a protective layer to help your nails grow strong and healthy, and there is also a pink gel that helps to make the whites of your nails even whiter.

3 For Lush Summer Lips

Via Aiishwarya

Just like a few of the previously mentioned products and brands on this list, whenever any product is associated with “Marc Jacobs”, we know we’ll be getting our money’s worth as the brand prides itself in giving us quality products. This Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick is a must-have, especially on a day out. We’ve already covered the importance of a good lip balm, well now, your lips need to pop as you step out. Enjoy the many shades that are on offer with this product that promises to give you 10-hour coverage that has creamy and vibrant colors.

2 Who Wants To Smell The Same Every Day?

Via Boutiqify

Now, we’ve already covered a couple of fragrances which will leave you smelling amazingly fresh this summer however, there are so many other fragrances out there that we know you’re crazy about. So why do you have to choose just one or two when you can have so many? That’s the beauty of this item on the list. Get yourself a box of Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler and have some of their most sought-after women’s fragrances all packaged up for you.

1 Give Your Complexion All The Necessary Minerals

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What’s summer without a good, healthy-looking complexion? The fact that this product is named “Complexion Rescue” lets us know that it has all the right ingredients to nourish our skins for this summer’s heat. This product is ideal as it is a moisturizer, foundation, and SPF. Bareminerals highlights that “this mighty little mineral makeup tube provides the wonderfully hydrating benefits of both BB Cream and CC cream with powerful broad spectrum SPF30 to reveal a naturally radiant finish that’s always photo-ready”.

That's all we got regarding the best summer products from Sephora. As you decide on purchasing some of these, we hope you look nothing less than the queens you are this summer ladies.

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