25 Most Snap-Worthy Restaurants In Toronto

For many people around the world, Toronto seems like an amazing place. While folks in New York might disagree, others will admit that Toronto is a city full of hidden gems and amazing food. Not only can you find any and all cuisines there, but you can find them in places you wouldn’t ever expect it! It doesn’t matter if you live here or are just visiting, either. The experience is the same. You find amazing food when you aren’t even looking for it. The best part? Most of this amazing food comes with equally amazing spaces to eat it in, so you can go home and have a bunch of stylish food photographs.

We’ve done the hard work for you by compiling a list of the 25 most snap-worthy restaurants. These are the 25 places that you need on your feeds, and to feed at. Most of these places have managed to combine incredible designs with a beautiful menu. Even though these are snap-worthy restaurants, they still have to taste good! We love how the owners of these places have combined style and flavor to create some incredibly unique places. Get your cameras ready, grab your wallets, and let’s go!

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25 La Banane Will Have You Seeing Stars


This restaurant in Toronto has an amazing dessert that will make everyone get their cameras ready; not just you!

If you’re looking for a dessert to make your feed sweet and sparkling, we suggest you order this Ziggy Stardust Disco Egg.

Narcity recommends this restaurant for many other reasons, but most websites and foodies agree: get down with this disco dessert. Plus, the rest of your meal is likely going to be just as photogenic. Their plating skills are top notch!

24 Piano Piano Is Double The Fun


Piano Piano is a Toronto restaurant that shouts its name from the rooftop. Or rather, from the front of the building. There’s no mistaking the bright pink storefront for anywhere else. Covered in flowers and bursting with joy, the colors and mood are continued inside. Photos against their plant-patterned walls are guaranteed to up your photo game. Not to mention any shots against the flower patterns and “love” decals! It might not be everyone’s look, but we absolutely love it. Oh yeah: the food’s amazing too.

23 BarChef Is The Best


Do you love a good cocktail? We certainly do. These folks take it from the basics to bold in a whole new way.

Their website boasts many different flavors of bitters, as well as a selection of innovative and traditional mixes.

Not only are they some of the best in the business of classic drinks, but they’ve got a program dedicated to crafting on a molecular level. If you’re wanting something that’s really going to stand out, order off the molecular menu. Be sure to take a photo before the smoke clears!

22 Baddies Boasts Beautiful Food And Countertops


There’s nothing better than nice lighting and a good countertop. Whether you want to flat lay your essential summer accessories or snap a photo of your new finger bling, Baddies is the place to do it. Narcity points out that their food is also incredibly photogenic, which means you’ll never be without something to take a picture of. The style of the place is sleek and cool, mostly on the white/marble side of monochrome. It’s perfect for those summer snaps, and will absolutely make the natural colors in their amazing food pop.

21 DaiLo Is The Perfect Backdrop For Date Night


Looking for something a little more classic? How about a traditional vibe with a modern twist? Look no further than DaiLo. The walls will make any across-the-table photos look elegant and elevated, even if you were caught stuffing dim sum into your mouth.

If you want to grab some edgier, cooler photos, try their upstairs counterpart.

The upstairs portion (called LoPan) serves food and drinks until 2 am! Perfect for those post-party restaurant pics. And the food is way worth it… Trust us!

20 George St. Diner Is The Old-School Cool Your IG Needs


What if you don’t want edgy and current? Lucky for you, there are quite a few places that offer that old school cool. If you’re vibing on a place that serves 50s milkshakes and classic, American dishes, check out the George Street Diner. This place has been touched by stardom. It’s the primary setting in the video for Shawn Mendes’ "Life Of The Party" hit. Snap a photo and remind everyone that you’re sitting in the shadow of Shawn Mendes while you’re sipping away at a strawberry shake!

19 Cute, Clean, And Totally Green: What More Could You "Wish" For?


This restaurant is a must for all the green thumbs out there. The front looks like a little greenhouse, while inside it’s all wood and white. The soft green accents make for a perfect pair to your personal style. You don’t need to worry about color-coordinating your outfit either, as it’s such a neutral palette inside.

While the food isn’t always as photo-worthy as the place, it’s definitely delicious and oftentimes very healthy!

Fresh is the name of their game, and we’re sure that you’ll be wishing for more food, photos, and time there.

18 Photograph Your Life Of Luxury At The Chase


Living in Toronto is expensive; everybody knows that. While Vancouver might like to think that they’re the most expensive city, Torontonians would beg to differ. However, many people feel that Toronto has more of a luxurious feeling than Vancouver. That’s certainly true when places like The Chase exist! This restaurant gives you brilliant views and beautiful surroundings. Everyone loves the look this restaurant gives. Luxury is your game, and now there’s a place that will help you prove it through your selfie game.

17 The Drake Sky Yard Is Like The Ultimate Glamping


The Drake is a hotel that boasts one of Toronto’s favorite rooftop patios, according to BlogTO’s Patio section. While we’ve never personally been, BlogTO mentions how there’s everything from marshmallow roasting to mojitos. The capacity is big, but you’ll probably want to go early anyway.

Nothing’s better than a rooftop photo-op during sunset!

Especially in the summer, and especially when there’s so much happening around you. This patio is full of variety, which means there’s endless fodder for your feed here.

16 Jackpot Chicken Rice Is The Jackpot For Color


This is the restaurant that made our jaws drop. The backdrop of the photo above isn’t something that’s been staged in a back room just for the restaurant’s promotional use. That’s the actual tabletop that you get to eat off of! While the rest of the restaurant isn’t necessarily our top pick for selfie places, the food and tables are absolutely going to up your casual food photography game. We love the way the food pops against the table colors. This is perfect for all you rainbow fans out there!

15 Peace Treats Will Light Your Dessert-Loving Fire


We can’t get over these desserts! Peace Treats has stolen our hearts and our filled our memory cards. Not only do they have elaborately designed milkshakes on offer, but their sweet cafe is basically built for cellphone food photographers.

Their solid color walls make the perfect backdrop for snapping a photo of your elaborate ice cream.

Don’t spend too long posing, though, or else you might end up with more ice cream on your hands (and maybe on your phone) than in your stomach!

14 Did You Know Sushi Looks Even Better In Blue? Try It At Blowfish


The lighting is what really sold us about this place. We had to include at least one totally classic spot that will help you glow on your own. Chic and sleek design aside, this restaurant is arguably one of the best. All good things must come to an end, though, and BlogTO reported that they recently closed their doors. It doesn’t sound like it’s forever, though, and we recommend you keep your eyes peeled for their next restaurant. We’re willing to bet it’ll be just as drool-worthy as Blowfish!

13 Adamson Barbecue Will Have Your Followers Drooling


You might think we’ve gone a little wacky with this suggestion but trust us. While any photos of the interior might have you cringing at the thought of posting such a selfie on your feed, just wait until the food gets there.

Colorful, dynamic, delicious, and totally messy.

You’ll need to take your photos before digging in, but be warned: it can be hard to restrain yourself from diving in both-hands-first right away. We recommend designating a photographer in your group to capture some action shots while you’re all chomping.

12 Bar Reyna Is Your Social Media Feed Coming To Life


If your photo feed is full of planks of wood, rustic dining sets, fairy lights, and palm fronds, your new favorite Toronto spot is going to be Bar Reyna. Glancing through photos, it’s easy to see just how this place is going to fit into your photo style. The geometric patterns make for a quirky and fun backdrop, and the outdoor lighting will flatter everyone. It’s basically your feed come to life, combined with good food and great friends… What could be better?

11 Bang Bang Ice Cream And Bakery (And Most Photographic Desserts)


We’re guessing they called this place Bang Bang because it’s absolutely bangin’ in the flavor department. This ice cream is more than just a little bit colorful, which makes for absolutely eye-catching photos.

If you’re a Toronto local who hasn’t tried this spot, get on it.

And if you’re planning your next vacation to the great frozen North, we recommend making a stop in Toronto just for this ice cream and bakery. The desserts will leave you (and your followers) all wanting more.

10 Miss Thing's Has Our Girls' Night Vote


Miss Thing’s is a tucked away spot that deserves the reputation it’s got. On nearly every list we looked at Miss Thing’s makes an appearance. Narcity called it “one of the cutest spots for a BFF date”, and for good reason. The offer amazing food, which is just as photogenic as it is tasty. The quirky cocktail glasses will make for a beautiful addition to your social media stuff, and the color palette is too perfect for words. The Hawaiian flavors will give you and your friends a taste of the beach even in the dead of winter!



If you’re looking for a place which screams “I’m in Toronto”, this is it. BlogTO describes it as, “a rustic snack bar with a lean sharing menu of new American plates”.

The variety is great, as they describe flavor influences from various parts of the world.

The look of the restaurant seals the deal, as it’s nothing ostentatious or on-the-nose. It looks like a typical Toronto building with exposed brick and wood beams, which makes the food really stand out. It’s a special place, and you’ll be shocked when the server lays down a work of art instead of your meal.

8 Bar Raval Is Good For Your Woodgrain Aesthetic


If you’re tired of white-washed, rustic looking wood styles, we recommend checking out Bar Raval. The whole place looks like it’s made of perfectly smooth tree roots. It’s like river stones meet trees, and we’re all about it. If you’ve got a quirkier social media presence (or an elfish one) this is the place for you. While the food and drink offerings are great, it’s really no match for the venue itself. Take a camera and your uniqueness, and get over to Bar Raval!

7 Got A Color Palette? RaviSoups Has A Dish To Match


Some people have a color theme that goes through their social media posts. Others like to coordinate their nails and their shoes. If you fall into both of those camps, you’re in luck.

RaviSoups has been offering delicious, nutritious soups that often come in one color.

This makes it easy to coordinate your nails, shoes, purse, phone case, and dinner. The garnish on top adds visual interest, making any soup a great choice as both your food and photos for your feed.

6 Go For Some Grunge With Locals Only


This place has had a little bit of backlash recently due to questionable signs, but we think it’s still worth mentioning just for the look. Even if you don’t want to go inside, snap a photo against their stairwell walls. The neon sign offers a spooky, grunge-y glow, and the graffiti-inspired wall art will make any Tumblr goth cry with happiness. It’s the best aesthetic for those who don’t do bright colors or rustic woodgrain. It’s too bad there isn’t another place that could fit with this vibe; it really is the most iconic.

5 Edulis Will Give You That Delicacy You Desire


This beautiful restaurant is a little different from some of our other snap-worthy suggestions. While you’ll definitely get a great meal here, you’ll also get a bit of delicate calm.

The place itself features blue and white checkered napkins, inspiring ideas of French villas and countrysides.

We love the little rustic touches they place, as it all makes for some very chill photos. Plus, take a look at that dish. You’ll want to remember that food forever, as it’s just that good.

4 Schmaltz Appetizing Is Bagels, But Beautiful


Are you a bagel person? Welcome to bagel world, also known as Schmaltz Appetizing. As far as we know there’s two spots where you can grab a Schmaltz’s bagel in Toronto. Good thing, too, as their photogenic quality is making everyone jump on the Schmaltz train. Not only is it appetizing, but it’s amazing! Not only will you get a delicious and nutritious breakfast, but you’ll find that you’ll also get at least a couple great shots to show off to your friends.

3 The Rectory Cafe Will Feed Your Forest Vibes


Not only will you get a delicious meal, but you’ll also be able to satisfy your vitamin D requirement for the day.

This outdoor patio is the perfect spot to get your greenery on.

The trees make it easy to play hide-and-seek within the leaves, and to snap a few glorious, sunshine-y and smiley photos. Don’t forget to take a couple photos when the food arrives too. There’s nothing better than being able to look at pictures of gorgeous food on the lake; especially when you get to say “oh yeah, I was there”.

2 Guu Izakaya Will Give You Gorgeous Close-Ups


Yes, the restaurant is gorgeous. It’s not exactly the best spot for stand-up-and-take-a-wall-selfie action, though. On the smaller side, this place is perfect for those foodie close-ups that people love to post. Not only will you have a great meal, but you’ll also have some stunning photographs to remember it by. Presentation seems to be just as important as taste at Guu Izakaya, which is a hallmark of any fancy restaurant. Go ahead: treat yourself to a visit here, and snap a few photos for the memories.

1 Caplansky’s (Just For The Beyonce Bragging Rights)


If you live close to the border, you probably heard the cries of sadness from Torontonians as their beloved Caplansky’s had to close its doors.

Luckily, the Caplansky’s website says that there’s still one kicking around in the airport.

No doubt Beyonce is happy about that, as the National Post reports that back in 2016 Bey and her team “ordered $3500 worth of food from Caplansky’s...99 per cent of the order was smoked meat sandwiches, which is the restaurant’s specialty.” If it’s good enough for Bey’s team, it’s good enough for us.

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