25 Most Purchased Perfumes At Sephora For Summer 2018

If you are ready to start your summer off with amazing scents you do not understand, like patchouli or cashmere musk, there is a Tom Ford perfume bottle with your name on it. It should include exhilarating notes of frangipani and spaghettini, with just a subtle hint of honeyed tonka beans and soil. The words that are used to describe our favorite fragrances rarely make sense, yet we dole out the cash in order to emit a delicate aroma of sea spray and cedar.

Sephora graces us with a list of their best-selling and award-winning products so we know which perfume is the best of the best. It is important not to cheap out on your perfume - you do not want to end up reeking like a vanilla cupcake with birthday cake icing. Say goodbye to pharmacy-brand sprays and lay your eyes on what Marc Jacobs and Bvlgari have to offer you.

Whether it is the aroma that sold you into an obsession (like the smashing Black Opium) or the sparkly, finely crafted bottle (like the eye-popping Omnia Pink Sapphire), these are fragrances you need to this summer.

Here are the 25 most purchased perfumes for the upcoming months beneath the toasty summer sunshine, and you won't be able to choose which one you want the most.

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25 Find Warmth & Sensuality In Tom Ford's Oud Wood


When it comes to any scent by Tom Ford, you know there is an expensive blend of aromatic ingredients in this bestseller. And I mean, it's expensive for a reason, right?

Have you ever desired to spray yourself with the subtle but delicious sent of rosewood and cardamom?

Not only will you be blessed with a sensual scent, but the natural smokiness of the wood will add a magical note to your perfume game. This is rare, distinctive, and positively exotic, and it will be the reigning queen of your perfume arsenal.

24 Discover Why Everyone Loves Colonia Ebano Eau de Cologne Concentré by Acqua Di Parma


Difficult to pronounce? Yes. No idea what it says? Definite yes. Is it pricey but will make you smell like warm honey? Heck yes! It's no wonder that this perfume has been featured on the best-sellers' list, thanks to its earthy notes of vetiver and patchouli.

A carefully crafted blend of citrus and the spicy accents of ebony will have you smelling delicious and leave you wondering when 'ebony' ever became spicy! If you're looking for a sophisticated scent for this summer, it's time to empty out your pockets. And trust us, it's worth it!

23 Become An Icon From A Different Era With Gucci's 1966


The creators of this peppery, intense aroma were inspired by the silk scarf made specifically for the iconic Grace Kelly in 1966, as reported by Sephora.

According to Sephora, and in the words of the craftsman, "this sheer, floral chypre blends elegance with sensual charisma".

And it'll leave you radiating with bourbon, peony, and rose.

You'll be feeling sweet and sensual all day long! The Gucci Flora 1966 is the perfect aroma to rock in the inescapable summer heat, keeping you smelling fresh and clean even in the sticky weather.


22 Tom Ford Hits The Best Selling List Again With Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua


This perfume is brought together with a citrusy blend that is absolutely to die for. The Mandarino Di Amalfi Acqua encapsulates the bright tranquility of the atmosphere, binding together the aromas of mint and thyme with a hint of night-blooming flowers.

It is the perfect scent to wear this summer since it's the ideal aroma to spray on your delicate skin before spending the day in warm and sunny weather! This is the pulsing flicker of warmth within your steamy-evening desires, so why not put it all over you?

21 This Eight & Bob Scent Landed On The Top 25 By Bringing The Desert To You


Eight & Bob's Egypt is the fragrance to spice up your nightlife. Its paradoxical scent combines warmth and pleasant intensity with cool spices — such as nutmeg and cardamom — and a touch of leather to add a bit of funky flair to your nights out.

Inspired by the pyramids of Giza, this perfume will bring you a neat yet authentic and vibrant experience.

With raving reviews from Sephora, it might be smart to pick yourself up a bottle and enjoy the Egyptian aromas.

20 Serge Lutens Féminité Du Bois Is The Floral Femininity You Have Always Desired


This scent is defined by its cedar overtones. The masculinity within femininity is brought to life in this woody fragrance. Reviews have raved over the uniqueness of this bold, floral aroma which has landed it on Sephora's best selling list.

The longer you wear it, the more you will be able to detect the subtle honeyed notes radiating off your skin beneath the base of cedar. When someone begins to call perfume revolutionary, it is challenging not to give it a try.

19 You Can Always Count On Dior For A Winning Summer Fragrance


Dior's Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet practically screams summer time with its girly name. Fruity floral aromas emanate from this bottle, but you could probably guess that just by looking at it.

Peonies and roses practically burst from this fragrance, leading to a flirty and charming scent that will make you irresistible.

If you have a strong nose, you will even be able to detect subtle notes of musk and grapefruit. It is your floral springtime signature that will become your summertime favorite as well.

18 Jo Malone London Filled A Bottle Full Of Peonies For Your Summer 2018 Fragrance


Jo Malone London's Peony and Blush Suede is another perfume with a name that is trying to scream summertime. It is working, hence it being one of the best selling fragrances!

This scent combines the delicacy of peonies with their voluptuous bloom in the heat of the summer months. Embrace the sensual and flirty trail you will leave behind when wearing this aroma, as the undertones of red apple, jasmine, and gillyflower will make you want to sniff yourself non-stop. Don't be weird about it.

17 Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb Fragrance Will Be The Explosion To Start Your Beach Days Off On The Right Foot

Did you notice they made this floral bottle shaped as a grenade? They weren't joking around when they decided to name this fragrance 'Flowerbomb.' Gifting a perfume with such a fantastic summertime name would mean smelling fantastic as well.

This amazing fragrance has everything from vanilla to sambac jasmine, and freesia to mandarin oranges.

It might sound overwhelming, but it has been blended to perfection. Trust us, Viktor & Rolf know what they're doing - they won't make you reek like a bouquet.

16 MIU MIU's L'eau Rosée Has One Of The Best Bottles In The Fragrance Game


Another floral fragrance! There are so many to choose from. Featuring delicate hints of lily of the valley and black currant, this fragrance might make you feel like you have been wrapped up in a flower bud whenever you spritz a little bit on.

The iconic bottle is designed via elegant alchemy, and they intentionally tint the perfume a girly pink and contrast the collar with a feminine navy blue. You might want to buy this just to stare at the gorgeous package it comes in.

15 This Award Winning & Best Selling Perfume Is All About Obsession... Are You Ready?


This shockingly intoxicating fragrance will render you obsessed, and you will forevermore be emptying out your pockets to get your hands on Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium. The name itself is even sinister.

The combination of adrenaline-rich espresso and delicious vanilla dissipates into a white flower aroma that leaves you in constant desire.

Considering Yves Saint Laurent dares perfume fanatics to try their first dose and become obsessed, they are pretty confident in their award-winning fragrance.

14 Sol De Janeiro Has A Delicious Mist Called Brazilian Crush


Everyone needs a good hairspray and good body mist for the summer months. This summer, enjoy the fragrant blend of warm salted caramel and pistachios! Sol de Janeiro is perfect for all skin types.

It is a known Brazilian philosophy that you must smell spectacular from sunrise to sundown, so consider your mission accomplished if you add this best-seller to your arsenal of fresh scents and aromas. Transport yourself to the sultry summertime haven of the Brazilian beaches with a quick spritz.

13 Get Your Hands On This Limited Edition Bad Boy By Chloé


You can predict what this fragrance is all about by its delicate, girly bottle adorned with a cute ribbon.

This is a powdery floral fragrance meant for a creative and confident woman with a strong sense of individuality.

Chloé Eau de Parfum is inspired by the classic rose, but a modern touch has been added with peonies, lychee, and freesia. It will leave you feeling fresh and feminine from dawn till dusk, especially thanks to the head notes of elegant cedarwood.

12 Juliette Has A Gun Has Made A Scent For Those Who Don't Wear Perfume


You can tell this was made for the minimalist just by looking at the bottle, right? Well Juliette Has A Gun's Not A Perfume is a hypoallergenic fragrance that is fresh and simple, which more people than you would think are searching for.

It highlights the importance of discretion over complexity and is composed of a single note: cetalox, which is typically used as a base in other perfumes. Here, the cetalox is the spotlight, which allows this scent to be simplistic.

11 Maison Margiela Adds A Twist To This Floral Summer Time Scent


'REPLICA' Beach Walk is a floral perfume that adds a beachy flair to the fragrance. It could be summertime in a bottle, as it works to evoke memories of beachside strolls in the heat of summer.

It uses key notes of bergamot, heliotrope, and coconut milk to establish its identifiable aroma.

Considering this bottle holds the sole purpose of making you smell delicious and reminding you of the best summertime memories, it could be the perfect scent for the upcoming months.

10 Versace's Bright Crystal Is As Gorgeous As It Is Summery


Is this fragrance as bold as the bottle suggests? It's actually more delicate than you would think at first, but what else can you expect from a floral fragrance?

This is a combination of Donatella Versace's most beloved scents. Bright Crystal combines lotus and peony with chilled yuzu and blossoming pomegranate. There are so many components to this aroma, it is a wonder if you would be able to detect them all. This girly bottle embodies summer time from within.

9 Jo Malone London's Tropical Cherimoya Might Remind You Of Watermelon


Unfortunately, there are no notes of watermelon hidden within this bottle, but the colors could certainly deceive you.

It is a fruity fragrance that drips with passion fruit, juicy pears, and the creamy tonka bean.

It is a sun-filled bottle that will bring your body and mind to the glorious beaches of Brazil, and this fragrance will show you what the most tropical and exotic flowers in the world smell like. The shining reviews are in; it might be the cherry on top of your summer.

8 ... & Jo Malone London Is Back With Another Summery Fragrance On The Best Seller List!


Say hello to Jo Malone London's Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent. This could honestly be the most unique scent on this entire list. Could it even be the most unique scent at Sephora?

The Wood Sage & Sea Salt is described as lively and totally joyful. It combines notes of ambrette seeds, sea salt, and sage, leading to an aquatic and earthy aroma you won't find anywhere else. If you're tired of the floral, this is definitely the perfume for you.

7 If You Know You Are Eye Candy, Prada's Candy Has Your Name Written All Over It


Warm, sugary, and sweet. Prada is eager to brag that they use exceptionally high-quality ingredients in massive proportions when creating this fragrance, which leads to its unique signature that you cannot find anywhere else.

White musk and caramel accord blend into a scent that is bound to pop, along with the brightly colored bottle and packaging.

With this perfume in your arsenal, you are certain to stand out from the crowd. Will you be sweet and delicious? Heck yes.

6 Be Whisked Away To The Sea With Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue


This is an overwhelming scent meant to resemble the joy of life. It features everything from bluebells to citron to bamboo. It even states it holds the happiness of a Granny Smith apple, which leads me to wonder who gets that happy over a Granny Smith apple.

The notes of white rose, cedar, and amber cannot be forgotten when describing this deep scent. The best part? The bottle looks like the sea water inviting you in during these upcoming summer months.

5 Lancome's La Vie Est Belle Will Make You Feel Beautiful All Summer Long


The creators of this perfume believe this fragrance can help you choose the path to happiness in your life. Life is sweet, precious, and natural, just like all the products that go into creating this scent. There is everything from iris to patchouli to praline.

You can even detect hints of orange blossom.

This is the fragrance meant to embody the joys of femininity, and it is for women who build their own path in life. A floral yet powerful product that can make you feel like a unique individual!

4 Bobbi Brown Will Take You To The Beach Using Minimalist Ingredients


This baby is called Beach Fragrance, so you know where you are supposed to wear it. The description insists it encapsulates the feeling and attitude of summer, and it will bring back nostalgic memories with the scent of sea spray and jasmine. One reviewer entitled their response to trying this product "Paradise".

Well, it sounds like Bobbi Brown's Beach Fragrance is the sea and sand bound together in one little cute bottle. It is obvious why people love using this perfume during the summer months.

3 Bvlgari's Omnia Pink Sapphire Comes In A Physically Impossible Bottle


After staring at multiple images of this perfume bottle, I still cannot understand top from bottom. Regardless of the mechanics, this fruity floral scent is perfect for a summertime festival.

Dazzle yourself with scents of pink pomelo, frangipani, and delectable vanilla musk in this sweet blend of aromas.

Our boyfriends won't be able to stop sniffing us, and this could be problematic. Will this perfume bring the spontaneity to life it claims to deliver? Only one way to find out.

2 Tom Ford Would Like To Introduce You To The Most Expensive Best Selling Perfume At Sephora


Are you ready for your eyes to pop out of your head? The biggest bottle of Tom Ford's Soleil Blanc costs $657.00 at Sephora. What could possibly be so marvelous about this fragrance?

This is an amazing solar floral scent inspired by private islands. It is a refined decadence that exudes luxury and sunshine, which is why it costs so damn much. You'll have to spend a pretty penny to enjoy the captivating scents of cardamom oil and the Ylang Ylang Comores Islands.

1 Define Summer 2018 With Marc Jacob's Daisy Love & It Will Leave You Smelling Like Cloudberries & Cashmere


This fragrance tempts you with its irresistible charm - just look at that summery bottle.

At first spritz, you will be welcomed by a vibrant burst of cloudberries and undertones of daisy leaves and petals.

Driftwood and cashmere mingle to create an enticing summertime scent that will leave you feeling airy and fresh through the heat, whether you are at the beach or on a first date. This fragrance will grace you with a warm glow, which is why it is perfect to wear in July and August.

References: Sephora

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