25 Most Post-Worthy Sites And Activities In Toronto Right Now

These days, it seems like getting out there and living life doesn’t mean anything if you don’t post about it later on social media. It’s a sad but true fact of a life in our day and age: for many people, posting about the things we do, see and eat is even more important than actually doing, seeing and eating them!

If you happen to be visiting the fabulous city of Toronto, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest places to go and snap a shot. Oozing with a rich culture, the 6 (as Drake calls it) offers plenty to do, plenty to see and plenty to eat. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re most content strolling through an untouched historical district, attending a show in a vintage theatre, browsing through fresh produce in a colorful market, or soaking up divine views by the harbor.

And the best part about all these Toronto hotspots? They’re more than just pretty faces to show off on social media. You’ll have the time of your life while posting snaps of them—in fact, you might even get lost in the moment and forget about posting altogether!

Keep reading and check out these 25 post-worthy things to try out in Toronto!

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25 Get Your Cool On In Queen West


If Toronto were a high school cafeteria, Queen West would be the cool kids’ table. Honored by Vogue as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world, Queen West is home to trendy art galleries, bakeries, live music venues, bars, and restaurants.

It also has the serene Trinity Bellwoods Park, boutiques, and vintage stores that hipsters will love.

The best thing about the neighborhood is that it’s not flooded with tourists—instead, it’s a place to go and feel like a local.

24 Take A Stroll Through Kensington Market


Kensington Market is another neighborhood rich in history and culture. Built in the late nineteenth century as a district for immigrants from Scotland and Ireland, Kensington Market has historically served as the beloved home of many ethnic groups.

It also welcomed a Jewish population in the 1900s, and immigrants from Central America, China, and Africa today. This melting pot of cultures comes together in the form of assorted cafes, produce stalls, clothing shops and street food trucks sporting goods from around the world.

23 Throw Some Axes At The BATL Grounds


There are few places in the world where you can unleash your inner warrior and throw an axe for fun.

The sport of axe-throwing mimics darts in that participants simply have to hurl axes at targets, hoping to score higher than their competitors.

In the city, there are four places where you can go and give this a try, run by the Backyard Axe Throwing League and Bad Axe Throwing. This is perfect for the winter when you need something fun to do indoors.

22 Step Into A World Of History At Casa Loma


Who said you have to go to Europe to see a real castle? Casa Loma might not date back to the Middle Ages, but this Gothic Revival mansion was built in the early twentieth century.

It's a piece of history filled with towers and secret passageways that will offer you the chance for some pretty decent snaps. It hasn’t been used as an actual home nor a hotel for many years, and it is also not serving as the location of Hogwarts in the final Harry Potter movie.

21 Friday Night Live At The Royal Ontario Museum


Forget Saturday Night Live! In fall, the Royal Ontario Museum plays host to a seasonal event every week known as Friday Night Live.

Here you’ll find cocktails, live music, and DJs, and a new theme every week to keep things interesting.

You can buy tickets at the door, but especially when it’s cold out, there are long lines so it’s better to get your tickets about a week in advance. Located in the Yorkville neighborhood, the phenomenal museum is a landmark all by itself.

20 Sample Some Fresh Produce From The St. Lawrence Market


The St. Lawrence Market is the best in the world. No, really—National Geographic said so! Bringing delicious fresh produce to the good people of Toronto since 1803, the market boasts more than 100 vendors selling everything from seasonal fruit and vegetables to dairy, to baked goods and more.

Even if you aren’t in the market for anything in particular, its bustling and colorful atmosphere makes it ideal for a place to simply stroll through and take a few snaps.

19 Impress Your Fashionista Friends With A Post From The Bata Shoe Museum


Yorkville is like Toronto’s fashion hub, so naturally, the ultra-cool Bata Shoe Museum resides in this neighborhood.

There are always four exhibits on display here focusing on footwear from around the world.

One of the more permanent exhibits features an extensive history of shoes, dating back 4,500 years. There are also some celebrity shoes on display, including Marilyn Monroe’s famous heels and the Dalai Lama’s flip-flops. Open most days, the museum will generally set you back $14 for admission, but it’s worth it.

18 Catch A Show At One Of Toronto’s Vintage Halls


The theater scene in Toronto rivals that of other cities, and the plethora of world-class shows that are on throughout the year are often performed at iconic, landmark venues in the city (which are like pieces of art in themselves).

Though full of history, many of the city’s most famous vintage halls have been restored by the Mirvish Theatre group, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of old architecture and the convenience of modern technology and conveniences at the same time.

17 Walk Through The Past In The Distillery District


If you are a bit of a history buff, you can’t go past the Distillery District. It is named so because it was once home to the largest distillery in the world, Gooderham, and also the distillery Worts.

Now it serves as the single largest collection of Victorian-era industrial buildings on the continent.

Today the district hosts a microbrewery, a sake brewery, high-end restaurants, boutique shops and a chocolate factory, and is easily big enough to get lost in for the day or night.

16 Take A Breather In The Allan Gardens Conservatory


Even if the 100-year old Allan Gardens Conservatory weren’t filled with striking plants from around the globe, it would still be an iconic sight all on its own, thanks to its clever symmetrical geometry and its grand domes of glass.

The Gardens are comprised of five greenhouses, each containing an eclectic range of flora. Palm House, the oldest dome, features banana and pine trees, while citrus trees, cacti, and orchids can be found in the other houses. With its seasonal exhibitions, this is one place you’ll want to check out!

15 Taste Your Way Through Old Chinatown


There is more than one Chinatown in Toronto, but the most prominent is Old Chinatown, located around the intersection of Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West, west of downtown.

There are some yummy Chinese treats on offer within the many eateries, like Peking duck, dim sum, and authentic baked goods.

Aside from Chinese New Year, Old Chinatown plays host to the Toronto Chinatown Festival in late summer, where you can see traditional performances from martial artists and lion dancers.

14 Swim With The Fish (Almost) At Ripley’s Aquarium


Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto is worth a visit, if for nothing else than its Dangerous Lagoon gallery. Sharks, sea turtles and sawfish swim around patrons here as they move through the underwater tunnel and moving sidewalk, so there are plenty of opportunities for a post-worthy snap.

In addition to its many tanks filled with both seawater and saltwater, the aquarium also offers many interactive exhibits where you can touch crabs, rays, and even sharks. Plus, ever two hours, there’s an interactive dive show.

13 Get Inspired Down Graffiti Alley


There might not be a whole lot to do down Graffiti Alley, but it sure is the perfect place to stroll down, take some impressive photos and enjoy the work of talented artists.

Endless street art is on display here.

You’ll find both simple tagging graffiti as well as detailed, colorful and creative murals that take your breath away. The alley, sometimes known as Rick Mercer’s Alley or Rush Lane, goes on for several blocks, with not one wall bare.

12 Explore The Landmark That Is The Eaton Centre


If you’re looking for a shopping experience and a famous landmark all in one, head straight to the fabulous Eaton Centre. No less than 330 stores and restaurants are housed in the mall, which is famous for its unique architecture and majestic galleria.

Inside the mall, you’ll also see what’s known as Flight Stop—a collection of fiberglass geese poised from the ceiling. Expect to come across crowds here, since it’s Toronto’s most visited attraction, but don’t let that put you off. It’s popular for a reason!

11 Join The Foodies At Market 707


Market 707 is the ultimate heaven-sent hub for foodies. Lined up along the sidewalk here are mainly food vendors operating out of bright and boldly colored stalls.

But you’ll also come across a few specialty vendors and clothing boutiques.

Closing hours vary, but generally, Market 707 is open until 7:00 pm, making it ideal for lunch, an early dinner, or a mid-afternoon snack. You can pretty much get any cuisine you’re craving here, from traditional Canadian poutine to Afghan flatbread and Filipino sweets.

10 Send A Snap From The Picturesque Toronto Harbor


Toronto is full of striking views, and it’s worth spending some time in the places that will make you stop and look with awe upon this beautiful city.

The harbor is a natural bay that boasts views of the Toronto Islands and Lake Ontario from the shore, or you can absorb some city skyline views while hopping on a cruise, a yacht or a kayak. A quaint pathway known as the Wavedeck stretches along the water’s edge, perfect for a relaxed stroll.

9 Absorb The City Views From The CN Tower Observation Deck

The Pink Backpack

If you really want the mother of all views while in Toronto, head up to the observation deck of the famous CN Tower.

The third tallest tower in the world, CN will offer you a view of the city like no other.

Those looking for a thrill can try the Edge Walk, where you step outside and walk the full circle around the deck, as explained by Santorini Dave. Open until 10:30pm, you can also catch the scenic views at night and witness how stunning Toronto is when it’s lit up.

8 Watch The World Go By From High Park


Toronto can be a fast-paced city, so if you feel like slowing down and having a few mindful hours, visit High Park. Lavishly green or strikingly orange, depending on the time of year you go, the park is full of trees, walking trails and spectacular views.

Within you’ll find a big pond and a small zoo where you can see some fluffy llamas. There is also a café in the park, where you can grab a coffee and a snack. What more could you need?

7 Catch A Game At Rogers Centre


Once called SkyDome, Rogers Centre is a must-visit for sports fans. Hosting both baseball and football games, as well as motorsports, ice events, and major music concerts, the stadium is bigger than most people can fathom.

It has a retractable roof that takes about 20 minutes to close.

A 31-storey skyscraper could even fit in the center! About 200 games take place here every year, so there should be lots of opportunities to sit among the crowd and take in the buzz.

6 Unleash The Sports Fan Within At The Hockey Hall Of Fame


If just seeing a sports game isn’t enough for you, you could check out the Hockey Hall of Fame. Ice hockey players, commentators, and coaches are inducted into the hall of fame every November, and in the museum, you will find various tributes to them as well as other exhibits.

The Great Hall is perhaps the most impressive element, which houses the original Stanley Cup and other NHL trophies. You can even take your own shots with real pucks in the interactive exhibits!

5 Get A Group Together And Head Out To Wine Country


Located just over an hour south of the city, wine country isn’t theoretically part of Toronto.

But since it flaunts nearly 100 wineries and some truly beautiful views, it’s worth checking out anyway.

Make a day of it by heading down with some friends and grazing through a few properties, participating in guided tours, sampling and buying what you like. The major product to check out is ice wine—a dessert wine made from frozen grapes that Ontario is famous for producing.

4 Start Your Night At An Izakaya


There’s a thriving nightlife to be explored in Toronto, but for an original experience, start your night out at an izakaya—a Japanese pub offering traditional share plates, sake, cocktails, and beer.

Loud and crowded, an izakaya is an experience like no other, with the chefs and waiting staff boldly greeting each diner as they enter. This is the best way to get your energy up before heading out on the town, and will probably be the highlight of your night.

3 Bring Out Your Inner Witch At The Lockhart


Fans of Harry Potter simply must check out The Lockhart. This blink-and-you-miss-it Potter-themed bar is located in Little Portugal, and though it’s not actually affiliated with the official franchise, it features enough influences to make a fan excited.

Of course, you can try a unique version of Butterbeer here, if you don’t feel like ordering the Gin-ney Weasley cocktail.

You might have to drink standing up since the 36 seats in the increasingly famous bar can fill up pretty quickly.

2 Check Out Some Pieces At The Art Gallery Of Ontario


There are more than 80,000 pieces of art to see in the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is one of the biggest of its kind on the continent.

Here you’ll find the most extensive collection of Canadian art, in addition to the thousands of ancient and modern pieces from around the globe. Interestingly, the gallery itself is a work of art and features an asymmetrical spiral stairwell and a façade of wood and glass that spans across the entire block.

1 Indulge At Poutini’s House Of Poutine


If you do nothing else in Toronto, make sure you try poutine.

This Canadian delicacy is made from French fries, brown gravy and of course, cheese curds, and can be found pretty much all over the city.

You can find different variations of the classic dish, and if you want a vegan version of the starchy national favorite, head to Poutini’s House of Poutine. The other great spot to sample some authentic poutine is Nom Nom Nom, a food stall located in Market 707.

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