25 Most Mismatched Couples From 90 Day Fiancé

90 Day Fiancé has taken the reality TV world by storm. When it started on TLC six seasons ago, the first season wasn’t a smash hit. Through the years though, it has developed a mass following and has numerous social media accounts dedicated to the show.

So what exactly is 90 Day Fiancé for those who haven’t seen the show yet? The show’s premise is to follow people in the US as they bring their long-distance loves over to live in their home country. In order for significant others to move to America, they need to file for a fiancé visa, which means that a citizen can move their international significant others there as long as they get married within 90 days. This process can be extremely stressful and watching the couples go through the pressure of getting married in such a short period leads to a lot of drama.

The couples go through trials and tribulations but mostly struggle with getting their family’s acceptance and living together before the 90 days are over. Due to the cost of international travel, many of the couples have met only one or two times before deciding to get married. Most of the couples of 90 Day Fiancé have good intentions, but we have seen some questionable situations that left one or both partners reeling.

Let’s take a look at the oddest couples from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

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25 Anfisa Arkhipchenko & Jorge Nava From Season 4


Anfisa and Jorge met online (even though there are debates that this isn’t actually true) and hit it off immediately. Jorge owned his own business and planned lots of luxury trips in Europe to win over Anfisa’s affections. It worked and Anfisa accepted Jorge’s proposal. When Anfisa got to the US she realized that Jorge had lied and he wasn’t actually worth the amount of money that he said. The two did get married but they ended up separating shortly after. They then reconciled and are still together but unfortunately, Jorge is currently serving a 2.5-year jail sentence for trafficking.

24 Nicole Nafziger & Azan Tefou From Season 4

Radar Online

Nicole and Azan are either fan favorites or the most despised couple on 90 Day Fiancé. Azan and Nicole met on an international online dating website. Despite the fact that her mother frowned on it, Nicole went to Morocco to meet Azan.

When she arrived, Azan vocalized that he really wanted a woman who liked to go to the gym.

In spite of this, they still managed to have an OK time together with lots of fighting. Azan did propose and Nicole did accept. Azan has been rejected for the K1 Visa multiple times, so Nicole plans on moving to Morocco (with her 4-year-old daughter) to marry Azan. This will be the second wedding attempt because her last visit, they called off their wedding.

23 Paul Staehle & Karine Martins From Season 1 & 2 Of Before The 90 Days

Reality Blurb

Oh boy, talk about a controversial couple. When we met Paul, he was preparing for his trek to Brazil to meet his love, Karine. Paul packed so much safety gear it was clear he felt really nervous traveling so far from the US.

When they met, it was pretty quick to see that there was a lot of trouble in paradise.

Paul asked Karine to take a test as well as a pregnancy test. Not only that, he had some of his own hidden issues. Despite that, they still got married, but there was still trouble as the couple repeatedly argued and Paul didn't get along with Karine's brother. Karine threatened divorce, but then the couple found out that they were expecting. Their son is due in the early new year.

22 Mark Shoemaker & Nikki Shoemaker From Season 3

The List

Mark and Nikki have the widest age gap of all of the couples on 90 Day Fiancé. When they were introduced to us on the show, Nikki was just 18 and Mark was 58. The 40 year age gap was apparent throughout the entire season of the show. Mark was incredibly controlling and told Nikki she wasn’t allowed to touch the windows in their car. Mark was so unhappy by the way that he was portrayed on the series that he actually filed multiple lawsuits against TLC. All of them were thrown out as they held no merit. Nikki and Mark are allegedly still together but there isn’t much about them online anywhere.

21 Danielle Mullins & Mohamed Jbali From Season 2

From the beginning, Danielle and Mohamed were doomed. Danielle saved up all her money to go to Tunisia to meet him and a few days after she went back to America, he proposed.

They did end up getting married and Mohamed famously didn’t kiss his bride at the wedding due to religious reasons.

This raised a lot of red flags for Danielle’s family. Danielle found out that Mohamed was seeing someone else, and he left her soon after the wedding. Mohamed didn’t tell Danielle where he was going so she decided to track him down in order to give him divorce papers. Danielle expressed many times to her friend how hard it was to get divorced because she still loved him. They are officially divorced.

20 Sean Hiler & Abby St. Germain From Season 2 Of Before The 90 Days


21-year-old Abby met 47-year-old Sean on an international dating website. It was clear from the get-go that Abby liked dating older men, when he ex Chris (who was 53) showed up later in the season.

Sean flew down to Haiti and brought his lady love a lot of clothing for her shop and spent quite a bit of money to get her anything she wanted.

Sean realized early that Abby might still be seeing her ex when he showed up in Haiti and met up with Sean and Abby. Even though they had their issues, Sean did propose to Abby and she said yes. The two unfortunately went their separate ways earlier this year.

19 Kalani Faagata & Asuelu Pulaa From Season 6


On the surface, this couple doesn’t look mismatched. They’re both two young and attractive people who met each other while Kalani was on vacation in Samoa.

The issue with them is the fact that they grew up in two entirely different worlds.

Kalani grew up in LA, a big city that boasts lots of opportunities. She went to college and had a very comfortable life. Asuelu on the other hand grew up in Samoa, where he described his every day life as pretty simple. Not only that, the couple have the odds stacked against them due to Kalani’s family’s strong opinions on their relationship. They are still starting on the show and we will find out if this couple actually gets married in a few weeks.

18 Mike Eloshway & Azziza Eloshway From Season 1

Reality TV World

This relationship didn’t follow the most traditional path. On the first season of 90 Day Fiancé, we watched as Aziza and Mike explain how they met on a language learning website. They were just friends, but soon after Aziza had her work permit denied by the US government, they decided to pursue a romantic relationship. Mike and Aziza had a rocky relationship from the get-go when Aziza got to America. She refused to kiss Mike at all or show him any affection. They did end up getting married, Mike got his kiss, and they now have a baby together.

17 Matt Ryan & Alla Fedoruk From Season 4


Matt and Alla had the odds stacked against them. The pair met on an international dating website but lost touch after Matt got married to his third wife. After three unsuccessful marriages, Matt reached out to Alla again, and at that time, she had also been divorced and had a son.

When Alla came to the United States she vocalized not being sure if she loved Matt.

Even after they were married, Alla still hadn’t told Matt she loved him and many of his friends questioned her intentions on whether or not she just wanted a green card (something she didn’t deny). They are still married to this day.

16 Chelsea Macek & Yamir Castillo From Season 2


Chelsea met Yamir when she was on a volunteer trip to Nicaragua. While on her trip, she fell in love with the outgoing Yamir. Yamir was a musician and very different from the guys that Chelsea usually dated. As soon as Yamir got to the United States, he expressed wanting to keep pursuing his music profession in Chicago. Chelsea and Yamir fought a lot about this all season long because Chelsea was hesitant to move without securing employment in Chicago first. They did end up getting married at the end of their season on 90 Day Fiancé, but they, unfortunately, ended up splitting two years later.

15 Jesse Meester & Darcey Silva From Season 1 & 2 Of Before The 90 Days


Jesse was a 24-year-old personal trainer from The Netherlands when he met 42-year-old Darcey online. Darcey is a single mom of two daughters who has a fashion line, a pop single, and has a lot of other creative ventures she does with her twin sister Stacey. Darcey went to visit Jesse and he quickly turned possessive and controlling. He accused Darcey of having a drinking problem. When Jesse came to the United States, it wasn’t really different. It was also very clear that Darcey had some pretty low self-esteem and worked really hard to make something work that wasn’t working. They are no longer together.

14 Josh Batterson & Aika Batterson From Season 5


Josh fell in love with Aika the second he saw her when he was on vacation. While his friends weren’t supportive of their relationship, Josh knew that Aika was the love of his life.

Josh had two previous marriages before meeting Aika and had kids as well from those marriages.

After she got to the US, it was obvious that Aika really wanted to have kids of her own but unfortunately, Josh would have to undergo surgery to be able to have more kids. On top of that, Aika had fertility issues, too. This meant that their chances of conceiving children would be extremely difficult. Aika also had a problem with the fact that Josh didn’t have the money to shell out for all of the surgeries. They are still married.

13 Ashley Martson & Jay Smith From Season 6


Jay and Ashley met when she was on vacation in Jamaica. The biggest issue with Jay and Ashley is that their relationship has been plagued with rumors. Rumors her own best friend Natalie swears are true. Ashley decided to cut ties with Natalie and stay with Jay. The other issue is the fact that there is a maturity level difference. Ashley is 31 and is a mother of two children. She has canceled two engagements previously due to suspicious behavior by a partner. Jay is only 20 and is leaving behind his entire family to be with Ashley. They are still together and planning on getting married.

12 Marta Maldanado & Daya From Season 2 Of Before The 90 Days


This has to be one of the most interesting matches in the history of 90 Day Fiancé. Marta and Daya met when Daya sent Marta a social media message. Despite the fact that Daya speaks fluent Arabic and very little English and Marta spoke zero Arabic, they still managed to fall in love… with a little help from Google Translator. The pair had some religious disconnects, and Marta is also a mother of two.

But she was going to go to Algeria to meet the love of her life.

Unfortunately, they never ended up meeting because Daya didn’t fill out the forms in order for Marta to get her visa. They are no longer together.

11 Brett Otto & Daya De Arce From Season 2

Reality Blurb

Daya and Brett met via an online dating website. They had some bumps in the road with Brett’s family accusing Daya of just coming to America for the green card. When Daya arrives from the Philippines, she was extremely bossy. She demanded a lot from Brett and when she did speak to him, she didn't ask nicely. This alarmed his family and friends that the soft-hearted Brett was going to be taken advantage of. She even got mad at the type of flowers he bought for her because they weren’t roses. However, they are still together and actually just recently welcomed a daughter.

10 Tarik Myers & Hazel Cagalitan Season 2 Of Before The 90 Days


Tarik and Hazel met on an online dating website as well. Tarik flew over to the Philippines to meet Hazel for the first time on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days, and the first meeting was a bit awkward. Hazel wasn’t interested in kissing Tarik or holding his hand.

She seemed extremely nervous around him and didn’t even engage him in conversation.

The other big issue for Hazel was the fact that she didn’t want to share a bed with Tarik so they built a pillow wall in between them at bed time. Hazel admitted that she wanted to move to the US for a better life for her and her son. Hazel and Tarik are engaged to be married at this point, but Hazel is still in the Philippines.

9 Larry Passariello & Jenny Torres From Season 1 Of Before The 90 Days


When we met Larry, he was working at McDonald’s and supporting his two kids. He fell in love with Jenny after meeting on a dating website. Larry had a tough go when he got to the Philippines and Jenny wasn’t really to excited to see him. Not only that, Larry had found out before he left the United States that Jenny was logging into her dating account after they decided to be exclusive. Another issue that came up was the cultural differences. Jenny’s family planned a traditional meal for Larry but when Larry didn’t want to eat the meat due to being worried about the cleanliness, Jenny called him rude and wanted him to leave. They did end up getting engaged and Larry is still waiting for Jenny to arrive in the USA on the K1 Visa.

8 Jason Hitch & Cassia Tavares From Season 2

Radar Online

Jason and Cassia met online after a mutual friend suggested they should start talking. Cassia was actually attached to another online love when she met Jason. When things ended with that relationship, Cassia wanted to start dating Jason but he said no due to their age difference.

Eventually, though, he gave in and they started dating and then got married at the end of season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé.

Though everything seemed great between the two, the pair filed for divorce but then later reconciled. Cassia accused Jason of mistreatment while they were separated. They did, however, end up refiling their divorce papers an are now officially divorced.

7 Narkyia Lathan & Lowo Shodipe From Season 4

Radar Online

Narkyia and Lowo had an interesting start to their relationship. Lowo was actually catfishing Narkyia at first by telling her that he was living in the US when he actually wasn’t. They met via social media and then they eventually met each other in Thailand where Nigeria-born Lowo was actually studying. While in Thailand, Lowo told Narkyia that his son’s mother was dead but in fact, she wasn’t. Narkyia forgave Lowo and they are now married and living in the USA. There’s no indication whether his son lives with them, though.

6 Molly Hopkins & Luis Mendez From Season 5

Reality Blurb

It’s pretty obvious that Molly was a fan favorite from the beginning. The mother of two was really excited that her love from the Dominican Republic was coming to live her with. She was really excited to walk down the aisle for the first time. Unfortunately, Luis and Molly’s oldest daughter, Olivia, butted heads a lot. Molly and Luis had a blow-up fight and Luis left before the wedding.

When asked by the producers what she was going to do, Molly admitted that she got married to Luis before the show even started.

That meant that legally he could not be deported. Molly and Luis gave their marriage another go but ultimately broke up. Luis is now married to someone else and lives in New Jersey.

5 Eric Rosenbrook & Leida Margaretha From Season 6

Us Weekly

Eric and Leida met online when Eric placed an ad on an overseas dating website. Leida was a doctor in Indonesia with a 5-year-old son and when she met Eric. It was obvious from the beginning that Leida came from a life of privilege and had multiple maids to take care of her every whim. Eric is not a wealthy man by any account and has to pay his ex-wife child support for their youngest daughter, something which Leida is not impressed by. Eric also lived with his middle daughter and split the rent and bills with her. Eric then kicked out his daughter so he had room for Leida and her son. Leida threatened to go back to Indonesia multiple times, but they did end up getting married.

4 David Toborosky & Annie Suwan From Season 5


David and Annie have quite a large age gap with a 25-year difference. Still, that didn’t stop them from getting married. Unfortunately for Annie, she didn’t know that David had no money, assets, or anywhere to live until she got to America.

Annie found out that David’s friend Chris was paying all of his bills and lending him money.

Chris also let David move into the firehouse that he had purchased as a rental property and didn’t charge them rent. When Chris sold the firehouse and David couldn't find a job, Chris let them move into the small one-room apartment above the storage unit that Chris owns as long as David worked at the storage rental place below. Annie and David are still married.

3 Angela Deem & Michael Ilesanmi From Season 2 Of Before The 90 Days


Angela and Michael met via social media when Michael reached out to Angela. Angela decided to make the long journey from the United States to Nigeria in order to meet Michael in person. Watching their relationship unfold on TV is best described as watching a slow motion train wreck. Michael admitted to seeing a girl from his neighborhood while the pair were together, and Angela was not impressed. Michael also told a shopkeeper Angela was self-conscious about her weight and criticized her weight. In the end, it seemed as though these two had split due to the fact that Michael referred to Angela as his elder (she is 20 years older than him). It looks like now they are still in fact together and Angela is actually in Nigeria right now.

2 Ricky Reyes & Melissa & Ximena Parra From Season 2 Of Before The 90 Days


Ricky can best be described as a man who cannot make up his mind. Originally, Ricky flew to Medellin, Columbia to meet with Melissa, a girl he fell in love with on Columbia Cupid. Melissa met up with him one night when he was there but then completely blew him off and stopped replying to his texts. Ricky then decided to message Ximena, another woman he was chatting with on Columbia Cupid. Ximena was under the false pretense that Ricky came to Columbia to meet her specifically and had no idea about Melissa. Ricky told Ximena the truth and she was not happy. Ricky proposed, though, and Ximena said yes at the end of the season. However, the two are no longer together because Ricky got back together with his ex-wife.

1 Colt Johnson & Larissa Dos Santos From Season 6


Colt sent Larissa a message online after feeling as though he was meant to date someone from a different country. After messaging, the two decided to meet up in Mexico. It was in Cancun that Colt asked Larissa to marry him. Colt lives in Las Vegas and has been living with his mother since birth. His father passed away so he felt as though he needed to take care of his mother Debbie.

This caused a lot of friction between Larissa and Colt as Larissa wanted to live without Debbie.

Another issue is the fact that Larissa has expensive taste and Colt doesn’t think he can afford the lifestyle she wants. They did end up getting married but recently Larissa was arrested for battery and domestic disturbance.

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