25 Minimalist Tattoo Ideas For Girls Who Want To Keep It Classy And Cool

Getting inked is a big deal. There's no going back once you get it done! That's why it's very important to know what you are getting into before you take the plunge and sit under the tattoo artist's needle.

Why? Because tattoos are still considered unprofessional in a lot of workplaces. And so getting one in a secret spot that only you and your besties (or beloved) can see is always a better idea than getting one that smacks everyone in the face as soon as you walk into a room. Also, getting a tattoo is like turning your skin into a billboard. You need to be careful what you put up on it. So it's best if you take your sweet time researching designs before you settle down on one. That way you will choose something that speaks directly to you. (And won't end up regretting your decision in a few years!)

So if this is your first time getting inked, here are 25 minimal tattoo ideas for you that are classy, cool, and elegant, all at the same time. And if any of the following 'wow' you, don't forget to let us know that in the comments sections in the end.

Have fun!

25 From The Alchemist's Tome


Alchemical symbols are timeless and universal. So if you are the kinda gal who loves dungeons and dragons and a hint of magic with your breakfast, this minimal tattoo design will be a good fit for you.

In fact, there are dozens of alchemical symbols for practically everything under the sun. So if you are a green thumb, you could get the symbol of earth etched on your skin. Or get the symbol of your sun sign inked in.

The possibilities are endless here!

24 Elegant Finger Filigree


Mehendi is an interesting temporary-tattoo artform in the Middle East and India, where girls get their hands "inked" with henna in intricate patterns right before major festivals and weddings. And this finger tattoo draws direct inspiration from that.

So if you are an artistic kinda girl and love the idea of permanently getting an intricate Mehendi work inked on your elegant fingers, this is the style you should definitely shortlist into your inspiration book.

23 Architectural Origami


Tattoos of this kind are called "playground tattoos" because they are fun, playful, and bring back fond memories from our childhood.

The only difference is, this tiny origami elephant in all its geometric glory is both whimsical and modern at the same time. It's that just delightful!

So if you went for an architectural tattoo of this kind, what design would you choose to get inked? I would choose a pair of geometric angel wings.

22 A Message To Yourself


One word tattoos are a rage right now. They are simple, sweet, and hit the bullseye in just one word. You can't get anymore stoic than that!

And the best part is, they are so small that you can fit them on pretty much any part of your body. Around your finger like a ring? Check. The outer edge of your ear? Check. At the back of your neck? Double check.

Just make sure you choose a font that complements the emotion evoked by the word.

21 Kitty Cat!


Cat lovers unite! Here's your chance to tell the world loud and clear that you will always (always) choose a cat over a dog. Always.

And while your furball may not appreciate the effort, your friends sure will when they see your tattoo mimick that cute, heart-shaped spot over the nose of your pet kitty Momo. Or recognize the likeness of your always sleepy, fat cat Lucy.

Does it get any more personal than that? We don't think so.

20 Shoot For The Shooting Stars...


Am I the only one who got a little teary-eyed when I saw this tattoo? Yeah? Oh...okay. But I have a good reason for that. It's a shooting star, for goodness sake!

Don't you remember yours? That bright flash of light that streaked across the night sky in the blink of an eye? Don't you remember the sense of wonder that filled your heart right then as your closed your eyes tight and wished a wish with all your heart? I do.

19 Birth Stamps


There's something incredibly beautiful about tattooed birth stamps. They aren't just for the one who got them inked.

Just look at the ones above. How old were you when it was 1993? What were you doing on the last day of 1999 when the world was counting down until 2000? What was your favorite candy from that era before it got discontinued (for some unfathomable reason)?

Birth stamps are definitely dear to the ones who get them. But they are also dear to onlookers.

18 Only For The Eyes Of Your Beloved


The spot of skin you choose to get inked is just as important as the design of the tattoo. And when that choice is the nape of your neck, it immediately highlights a bold person who isn't afraid of reveling in her femininity.

Also, neck tattoos have a tantalizing quality about them. They beg to be touched. And since only special people are allowed that liberty, that simple act is enough to send your beloved's blood rushing through their veins.

17 Metamorphosis


There's nothing more beautiful in the world than watching a transformation happen right before our eyes; whether it's the birthing of a butterfly from the cocoon of a caterpillar or the birthing of a better person from the ashes of an inhuman one. Thus, metamorphosis.

So will you choose to get this powerful message etched in a pictorial format on your skin? There are thousands of metamorphoses to choose from if this is the route for you.



We are women. We are strong. But our strength does not lie in the muscles of our arms.

It lies in our resilience in the face of oppression. It lies in the power of our wombs, which is the reason why humans still walk on this planet. It lies in our ability to hold people together.

Are you proud of being a woman? Then show your solidarity towards the sisterhood with these words that reveal the Wonder Woman in you. #LikeAGirl

15 Coming Full Circle


There's something hauntingly magnetic about a tattoo that doubles as a wristlet. They do not scream for attention like those huge arm sleeves do. Nor do they cower like a wallflower in a forgotten bit of skin under ten layers of clothing.

They simply rest in peace on your wrist, perfectly comfortable in their femininity and the knowledge that once someone sets their eyes on them, they will remember them a lot longer than those louder inks.

14 Tribal Bands


Tattoos have always been revered in tribal societies. In some tribes, they mark the completion of a rite of passage to adulthood. In others, they are a ledger for the mistakes one has made in life and the penance they have paid. And in still others, they are a mark of spiritual love between two soulmates who got themselves inked on the day of their union.

Well, you could get these bands just for the sake of a fashion statement. But don't you think they would be more powerful if there was a story attached to them?

13 Same Word, Different Style


Wanderlust! A word revered by all wanderers. And a tattoo adorned on many an arm and back. So much so that it is no longer as fascinating as it was when the pioneer of this tattoo got it inked on their skin.

Nevertheless, it's a classic tattoo design and this style is more unique than some of the others. So if your heart is set on this one, don't let anyone talk you out of it.

12 Magic And Muggles


Lumos! Accio! Expecto patronum!

If those words split your face into a wide grin and sent you on a joyride down the crooked pathways of Diagon Alley, my friend, you are not alone. What's your house, by the way? I am a Gryffindor.

So here's a brilliant tattoo inspiration for a Potterhead like you – the sigil of the deathly hallows accented with the lightning bolt of the Boy Who Lived. But it doesn't have to be just that. For all we know, you might be really into hippogriffs.

11 The Intergalactic Gal


Do you love stretching out on a grassy meadow on a clear night and gazing at the twinkling stars far above? Does using a telescope to check out Venus, Mars, and the myriad other planets and celestial bodies send a rush through your veins? Have you ever vacationed at the top of a mountain and found yourself gobsmacked by the galaxy of stars before your eyes?

Well, a cosmonaut like you (at least in your mind's eye) would love a tattoo of this kind. What do you think?

10 All The Colors Of The Rainbow


Here's a tattoo style that is distinctly feminine in all its glory. It has vivid colors, is a fine-veined drawing of flowers and leaves, and is wrapped around the girl's wrist like a beautiful, one-of-its-kind bracelet.

Plus, the style is perfect for unleashing your creativity! And it also gives you the opportunity to decorate your body with a wreath of flowers that hold a special significance in your life. Like, your grandma's favorite peonies to remember her now that she has passed away.

9 Who's Your Favorite?


Yet another fine example of a playground tattoo! Don't you think it's quite fine? We do. And the opportunities are endless here.

You could choose to etch out Calvin and Hobbes on your skin as a solidarity towards the child in your heart who still dreams every single day. Or, you could go the Snoopy route with playful caricatures adorning your arm or wrist.

The best part? These tats are perfect conversation starters on a date.

8 The Wanderer


Here's a trend that has caught up with the travel aficionados of the world – getting a tat of the world map etched on their skin. And the ones with big dreams even get these filled in each time they check a country off their list!

So if 'wanderlust' sounds too pedestrian to you, maybe this one is the one for you. Just imagine how beautiful it will look once all the countries have been filled in with vivid colors over the years. It would be a badge of honor!

7 A Bracelet Of Stars


A lot of women choose to go the bracelet route with their first tat. The style is simple, elegant, and easy to camouflage when you are at work. (Just slap on a wristwatch before important meetings!)

Well, if you want something just like that, a simple bracelet of tattooed stars will definitely look elegant on your wrist. And you can make them as big or as small as you want.

In fact, why just stars? They could be petite flowers or skulls and crossbones.

6 Constellations In The Sky


Well, we cannot talk about tattoos and not throw in an astrology-inspired style in the mix. They are one of the commonest tattoos people get. Only, these days astrological constellations have usurped the throne of the more classic symbols.

And why just astrology? There are thousands of constellations in the sky besides the popular ones. So go crazy and pick your favorite. Is it Andromeda? Sirius? Perseus? The menu is a buffet!

5 It's A Beach Life!


Do you love it when the salty breeze by the sea ruffles your hair and fills your heart with the sound of the crashing waves? When the warm sunlight makes the water sparkle like starlight? When you sip a couple of pinacoladas right out of a coconut shell underneath a giant umbrella with a pair of sunglasses perched on your nose?

Ah, beach life is the best life! And this tiny palm tree inked on this girl's ankle is bringing back such good memories.

4 The Huntress


The Girl On Fire may have launched archery into the spotlight once she won the Hunger Games, but she isn't the only girl associated with this ancient skill. Artemis, the Greek goddess of the Hunt was the first (probably). And so were the horseback-riding Amazons who inspired the creators of Wonder Woman.

Did those names warm your blood and bring out the warrior woman in your soul? Arrows on your skin will suit you tremendously if it did.

3 Over The Horizon


Awww! Aren't they just the sweetest? And they tell so many stories...

The story of watching the sunrise when most people are still in bed. The story of whispering sweet nothings into your beloved's ears as you watch the moon peep in and out from behind wispy clouds. The story of wandering on unexplored trails with just the light of a thousand stars to guide you.

Because that's the thing with tattoos. They speak many things to many people. What do these say to you?

2 Leaves, Flowers, Branches, And Trees


And of course, the classic collarbone tats. Evergreen as the leaves and trees they depict. They are the perfect companions to the girl who loves to wave her fingers through blades of tall grass and putter around in her backyard garden.

But you don't have to have a green thumb to rock them. After all, flowers and leaves are charmingly feminine. Even more so when they have been filled in with bits of color here and there.

1 Pow Wow!


You have fingerling tattoos and tattoos that ring around your finger like a lover's kiss, and then you have this. A bold statement that pummels you in the face when you shake the hand of the wearer. Is she going to be you?

And here's a fun idea: why not get a tat that says "fried chicken" in a foreign script? Like Japanese? Or Swahili? The look on the faces of your friends will be priceless when they finally figure out the translation!

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