25 Men's Names That Women Find Irresistible (According To Reddit)

What's in a name? After all, it's just a word, right? It can't have any actual power or significance. Don't be so sure. In the ancient times, it was believed that names had special meaning, and calling someone by their name meant that you had some level of power over them. And it's obvious that certain names have different effects on people. Just ask the women of Reddit. These girls have confessed the male names that they find most attractive, and you might be surprised at what they say. You'll probably agree with a few of them, and there are some very clear patterns and common names that women think are attractive. But some others might not be such popular choices.

Either way, it's clear that for a lot of girls out there, a guy's name is important. They say first impressions are everything, and a guy's name is pretty much the first impression they get of a guy before they even get a hint of his personality. Some women are turned on the moment they hear a guy's name. For others, the opposite effect happens. Are certain names more attractive because of the way they sound? Or is it just because these girls have met a lot of attractive guys in the past with these names? What's your favorite name for a guy?

25 "My Absolute Favorite: Matt"

"I absolutely love the following male names: David, James, Richard, Daniel, Michael and, my absolute favorite, Matt."

The first name that is apparently is a huge hit with the ladies is Matt. This is actually a pretty common name, and very simple, with only four letters. But sometimes simple things are the most beautiful and satisfying. Perhaps the name Matt is an example of that. There are no shortages of famous people with the name "Matt." The handsome fellow pictured is, of course, Matt Damon, and maybe that's a reason so many of these ladies are subconsciously attracted to men with the name Matt. It's the first name on the list, and as one girl on Reddit admits, it's her absolute favorite.

24 "My Last Boyfriend Was Named Chad And He Was Actually Nice"

"My last bf was named Chad and was actually a very kind and genuinely nice guy. He would be an exception to the Chad rule."

There's actually a huge negative backlash against people named "Chad" these days. This is because a "Chad" is a nickname for a modern, slightly degenerate young man who is pretty dim-witted and has the mind of a typical male. The word usually refers to promiscuity, but can also be a phrase used with jealous undertones. For example, "I can't believe all the stupid "Chads" get all the girls. But Chad is a pretty nice-sounding name if you get rid of the negative connotation, and there are plenty of successful, attractive men with that name. One example would be Chad Kroeger, the lead singer of the popular Band Nickelback.

23 "Jack has always been a name I liked"

"Jack has always been a name I liked, I think I like it because the way it can roll off your tongue when you say it in a s*xual way. By coincidence, my boyfriend is also called Jack or maybe I just searched for a boyfriend specifically called Jack..."

Jack is another name that women obviously love. This girl on Reddit admitted that she loves the name Jack so much, she may have actually subconsciously searched for a boyfriend with that exact name. She also explains that Jack is a hot name because it just seems to roll off the tongue. Other women might not feel the same way, but there's no doubt that this name is a common one for attractive dudes. Just look at the popular singer, Jack Johnson...

22 "Daniel. Don't Ask Me Why."

"Daniel. Don't ask me why. I don't know why I like it so much. I tend to associate "Daniels" with gentlemen."

Daniel is one of those slightly old-fashioned names, so it totally makes sense that this girl associates the name Daniel with gentlemen. And let's be honest, we need a lot more gentlemen in this world. But of course, just because a guy's name sounds gentlemanly, that doesn't necessarily mean that he's going to act like one. There are of course plenty of Daniels out there who are successful and attractive, and the list is actually very big. One obvious example is Daniel Craig, who famously starred as James Bond in the recent films. He is gentlemanly all right, but he also has a certain edge to him...

21 "Aaron. So easy to find his name in lists!"

"Aaron. So easy to find his name in lists! That's pretty hot."

Sometimes, a woman's preference in names comes down simply to convenience and necessity. Take the name Aaron for example. Now, few people realize this, but Aaron is actually one of the most convenient names a guy can have. Since lists are usually sorted in alphabetical order, the name Aaron is almost always first. Who doesn't want to go first every single time, right? This might be an attractive name to many, but it also might be a really good choice for a mother who doesn't know what to name their child. Trust us, they'll thank you one day. There are many attractive and successful men with the name Aaron, although perhaps the most obvious is Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

20 "For Some Reason, I Find The Name Erik Attractive."

"For some reason, I find the name Erik a lot more attractive than the name Eric. I don't like the spelling Erich and Erick just makes me want to tear my hair out."

Some women are very particular about the names they like. For instance, some women might be obsessed not only with a certain name, but also the way it's spelled. For instance, this girl on Reddit admitted that she only finds the name Erik attractive. Not Eric, Erich, or Erick, just plain Erik. This is a clear case of a woman getting a little obsessive over guys' names. But on the other hand, if she knows what she wants, then who can fault her? One of the most popular actors with the name Erik is Erik King, who is famous for his roles in Dexter and Oz.

19 "Names that end in -er: Parker, Hunter, Carter, Sawyer, Tyler, etc."

"I always seem to end up with Bens or Dans, but I don't necessarily find those names "hot". Maybe just comforting or something. For hot, I would say names that end in -er: Parker, Hunter, Carter, Sawyer, Tyler, etc."

Some girls don't like one particular name when it comes to guys, but they do prefer names that end a certain way. For this woman on Reddit, she admits that she's most attracted to guys whose names end with the "er" sound. For example Tyler, Parker, Hunter, Carter, and so on. While this might not make sense to a lot of people, the more you think about it the more those names sound good. One of the most popular male actors with the name Tyler is Tyler Posey, who is famous for his role on the show Teen Wolf. 

18 "If Your Name Is Chris Or Alex, I'll Probably Like You."

"Chris and Alex. If you have either one of these, I'll probably like you."

This girl on Reddit makes no qualms about which names she finds attractive. She admits that guys names Chris or Alex have an excellent chance with her. It's hard to know why, because she doesn't actually offer any explanation, but we can make some educated guessed. Maybe she's met someone named Chris or Alex in the past, and they made a really good impression. Perhaps she's attracted to actors or celebrities with that name, and she gets reminded of them when she hears that name. One good example of a famous actor named Chris is Chris Pine, the huge film star who is famous for starring as Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek movies.

17 "Every Caleb I have met has been both handsome and kind."

"Caleb. Every Caleb I have met has been both handsome and kind."

Caleb does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it? It's not too common, although it's not to weird or crazy either. It also has a nice soft sound that is beautiful, and yet it still has a sharpness and strength to it. This girl on Reddit admits that Caleb is the most attractive name in her opinion, but it actually has nothing to do with the way the name sounds. She states that it's just because every single guy she meets named Caleb seems to be handsome and kind. This is a rare combination, but for her it keeps happening whenever their names are Caleb. Is it just a coincidence? Or does having this name have some kind of effect on guys?

16 "Bradleys are pretty attractive."

"I find that Shanes, Travis', Brents and Bradleys are pretty attractive. But a unique name gives you bonus points. Such as names like... Colton, Brock, Sullivan, Brody."

There are plenty of names that we've heard a hundred times before, but there's it's always an interesting moment when you hear names that you've never heard before - or names that are very rare. That alone almost makes you want to get to know a guy more, because there's just so much mystery surrounding him. This girl on Reddit admitted that she finds the name Bradley attractive, but she also gives out bonus points for names that are not common. Of course, one of the most famous Bradleys out there is the famous actor, Bradley Cooper.

15 "I like sharp, short names like Mark, Peter, and Scott."

"I like sharp, short names like Mark, Peter, and Scott, but I also like prettier boy names like Damien and Oliver."

We've spoken before about the appeal of short, sharp names, and this girl on Reddit echoes that sentiment. There really is something satisfying about names like Mark, Peter and Scott. It's also perhaps beneficial to have names that are not going to be shortened. Short names that are one syllable are impossible to turn into some stupid nickname, and that's great because for many parents that's just not what they intended. This girl also admits that she likes "pretty" boy names like Damien and Oliver, however. And who could forget one of the most famous Marks in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg.

14 "My husband is Alexander, and I absolutely love it."

"My husband is Alexander, and I absolutely love it. It sounds so s*xy to say. I call him Alex mostly. I love his name, and tried to convince him to name our son after him but he said he just, "doesn't have the ego for a junior."

Sometimes, a woman's taste in names is influenced heavily by the men in her life. And this is hardly surprising. After all, the appeal of a name is usually based not on the actual sound of the word, but the feelings we associate with it. If someone you love is called Alex, for example, every time you hear that word you will be filled with joy. That's what one woman on Reddit admitted, and it's clear that she is in love with both her husband and her husband's name. She even tried to name her son Alex as well.

13 "I was obsessed with the name Luke."

"I used to name all my alpha male/favorite male dolls/beanie babies Luke. I was obsessed with that name and 4 letter names (Brad, Luke, Matt, Nate, Seth) for as long as I can remember. I'm currently dating a Luke. it's fate."

Sometimes, girls can get really obsessive when it comes to male names. This girl on Reddit gives us some interesting insight into her mind as she reveals her very complicated and intricate naming system when it came to her male toys, such as beanie babies and male dolls. Every single name had to be four letters long. But her favorite name of all? Luke. This is made obvious by the fact that she's dating a guy called Luke. Is it fate? Maybe. Or perhaps she's just actively looking for guys who have names that are four letters long... One of the most famous Lukes in Hollywood is the very handsome Luke Wilson.

12 "All of my boyfriends have had names that started with a K sound. Like Kyle"

"All of my boyfriends/persons of interest have had names that pretty much started with (or just include) a K sound. I believe that's 10 people total? So yes, I think I like dose names. E.g. Cody, Kyle, Cale, Corey, Carson, Cole, Kevin, etc."

Here's another example of a girl who is extremely particular about which male names she's attracted to, and she explains her preferences in detail on Reddit. According to her, the most attractive names in the world are those that start with a K sound. Examples would be Cody or Kyle. And she also admits that almost all of her boyfriends and crushes had names that started with this sound - so you know she's not kidding when she says she's extremely attracted to guys with these names.

11 "Daniel. God, Daniel is a gorgeous name."

"Daniel. God, Daniel is a gorgeous name. I used to love James, but now I know a bunch of Jameses who are d**chebags."

If you're keeping score, this is the second girl on Reddit who says she's attracted to the name Daniel. I guess there really is something about this name that drives women crazy. The more you say it to yourself, the more you understand why so many women love it. Daniel, Daniel... There's something unmistakably suave about the name, something sophisticated. And yet, you can also picture someone named Daniel getting their hands dirty when need be. One of the most popular actors in the world is Daniel Day-Lewis, a very cool cat indeed.

10 "Riley, Rocky, Jake, Kyle, Reggie."

"Attractive: Riley, Rocky, Jake, Kyle, Reggie."

This girl gets straight to the point when it comes to which names she finds most attractive. She's come up with a list of 5 names that she finds unbelievably hot, and they are Riley, Rocky, Jake, Kyle and Reggie. Once again, we're starting to notice some patterns here. Kyle was previously mentioned by the girl who liked names that began with a K sound. It seems women do agree on some attractive names, and there are in fact a few names that are universally appealing. This might be interesting knowledge for mothers who are trying to name their newborn sons... You do want him to be popular with the ladies, don't you?

9 "I used to really like the name, Casper."

"I used to really like the name Casper and thought it would be adorable to have a cat named Casper one day... And then I met somebody named Casper. And he completely ruined it. Screw you, Casper."

Although there are some names that will always be popular with the ladies, opinions do change over time when it comes to certain names. This is again due to the fact that women often like certain names because of positive associations they have with them. For example, this woman loved the name Casper because she thought it would be cute and seemed like a lovable name. But then she actually met someone named Casper, and he basically shamed every guy named Casper, ruining the name completely for this woman.

8 "Boys with girl names."

"Attractive: Gabriel, Garrett, Dean, anything foreign or that I can't pronounce right away. And boys with girl names."

We've already seen tons of girls who seem to love guys with strong, masculine, and sharp sounding names. Names that are one syllable, or start with a prominent sound like the K sound seem to have widespread appeal. But another girl on Reddit offers up a very different viewpoint. In her mind, the most attractive names for men are actually traditionally female names. While this might seem a little counter-intuitive, the more you think about it the more it makes sense. There are plenty of guys out there with female names that are very appealing to women. You might not consider Drake to be one of those men, but his real first name is actually Aubrey.

7 "I like strong, traditional names that don't stand out too much."

"For guys, I like strong, traditional names that don't stand out too much. Adam, David (Dave), Alexander (Alex), Joshua (Josh)."

While female names might appeal to some, the vast majority of women seem to prefer masculine names. There's also something to be said about traditional names. You only have to look at what celebrities are naming their kids these days to realize that crazy and weird names are actually the new norm. We might be moving into an age where traditional names are actually the rarest, as backward as that sounds. This woman on Reddit admits that her favorite names are these traditional, masculine names that "don't stand out too much." She mentions the name Adam specifically, and a great example of an actor named Adam is Adam Driver, star of the new Star Wars movies.



So far, we've focused entirely on what are traditional, western names. But that's leaving out a huge amount of amazing foreign names that are just as beautiful as the ones we're used to, if not more so. A great example of a beautiful foreign name for men is Fernando. This is a Latin name, and it's just one example of the many beautiful names that come from this part of the world. One woman on Reddit goes as far as to say that it's the best name ever, and it's hard to disagree with her. One of the most famous people in the world with the name Fernando is Fernando Torres, who is a professional soccer player who plays in Spain.

5 "James & Jake seem to be the names I'm attracted to."

"James & Jake seem to consistently be the names of the dudes I'm attracted to."

This is yet another woman on Reddit who seems to be agreeing with some of the opinions we've heard in the past. James is a new addition to the list, but Jake was previously mentioned. This is further proof that there are some names that several women find attractive. James and Jake are similar in that they both start with the letter J, which also seems to be a common theme. This woman admits that guys with these two names seem to be the ones she is most attracted to. Is the sound of the name what turns her on? Or are the positive associations what does it for her? One of the most popular men with the name James is James Franco, the famous movie star.

4 "My boyfriend's name is Ryan, so of course I like his name."

"My boyfriend's name is Ryan, so of course I like his name, but I actually like his middle name even better (it's Taylor). I have a cousin named Ryan, so it weirds me out a little sometimes."

Here's another woman who seems to believe that the memories and feelings associated with male names are more important than the way they sound, at least when it comes to which are more attractive. To her, one of the most attractive names in the world is the name of her boyfriend, which is kind of sweet. But then again, she actually admits that there is a name she finds more attractive, his middle name - which is Taylor. It seems to be a mix of positive associations she has with the name, as well as her appreciation for the way a name sounds. Many women are familiar with Ryan Gosling, a famous actor.

3 "Alejandro. It just sounds so nice."

"Alejandro.It just sounds so nice. I love it."

Another Latin name that makes this list is Alejandro. It's another name that really rolls off the tongue, and you can see why this woman on Reddit admits she is totally in love with the name. There have been a lot of incredibly attractive Alejandros in this world, but many will say that Alejandro Fernandez is at the top of the list. He's a suave Mexican singer who has sold millions of albums worldwide, and is loved by many. Then there is the song by Lady Gaga, which she named "Alejandro." The song is actually about her admiration for the gay community, her gay friends, and gay love. It's undoubtedly a very popular name, and many women love it.

2 "Chris or Kyle."

"Chris or Kyle. Everyone I've met who has those names are hot!"

We can see some definite patterns here. This is actually the second time both Kyle and Chris have been mentioned in this article, and it's clear that these are names women find very attractive. This woman on Reddit admits that every single guy she's met with the name Chris or Kyle has been incredibly hot, and so you can't blame her for associating attractiveness with these two names. We've already mentioned Chris Pine, an attractive Hollywood actor, but there's also Chris Hemsworth, who is equally worshiped by women all over the world. It seems pretty obvious that Chris is one of the most popular names among women.

1 "I like strong male names. Like Zach..."

"I like strong male names. Like Zach, Ragnar, Victor, Max, Logan, Troy."

Male names are usually different from female names because they sound stronger. Perhaps this is just a western cultural thing, but it does make sense. For instance, the name "Patricia" sounds much softer and more feminine than "Curt," for example. One is sharp and edgy, and the other is almost frilly and soothing. One girl on Reddit admits that she loves male names that are strong and masculine. The examples she gives are Zach, Ragnar, Victor, Max, Logan and Troy. These are all names that are associated with warriors or triumph, and they do sound cool. But this is a huge contrast to some of the other female preferences.

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