25 MCU Actors And The 1 Thing They Try To Keep Private (But Can't)

Try as they might, these A-List celebrities from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been totally unable to hide their secrets. Of course, them being in the biggest movie franchise of all time doesn't exactly keep them out of public scrutiny. They may not be like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner in the sense that they divulge every aspect of their very being. But fans and critics are equally as eager to figure out intimate details of their personal lives.

Some of the secrets on this list are hidden attributes of the cast of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, while others are straight-up controversies. Either way, everyone is likely to find something here that will totally blow their mind. Without further ado, here are 25 MCU actors and the one thing they try to keep private but can't.

25 Chris Pratt's Fairytale Marriage To Anna Faris Ended Up Like Bambi's Mom

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We all loved Chris Pratt's relationship with Anna Faris. They were like a fairytale couple... if that fairytale couple were extremely funny. But then Pratt got the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World gigs, got super fit, and wasn't suitable for Faris anymore. According to TMZ, multiple inside sources claim that the couple really went in a different direction after his career started to grow.

24 Tom Holland Just Can't Keep A Secret About Anything


Tom Holland may be pretty but he can't keep a secret even when you pay him millions of dollars. According to NME, the directors of Avengers: Endgame wouldn't even give him a script because they worried he was going to spoil things for fans. All he was given were his lines. This is because the actor has a reputation for opening his mouth when he shouldn't.

23 Benedict Cumberbatch Talked His Way Out Of Being Kidnapped In South Africa

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Holy moly! What a story! According to The Telegraph, Cumberbatch used his acting chops to get out of a potential kidnapping. After pulling over to the side of the road to change his tire, six men tried to throw him into their car in South Africa. In the moment of adrenaline, Cumberbatch lied to them about having "heart and brain problems" which convinced them to let him go.

22 Robert Downey Jr. Has Worked Through His Past Partying Issues And Wants You To Forget About Them Already


Everyone and their dog knows about Robert Downey Jr.'s complicated past. It's what made his comeback in the very first movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man, so friggin inspired. But According to Nicki Swift, and his past interview on Channel 4, Downey is SO DONE with talking about it. The only person he doesn't seem to have issues divulging his debaucherous stories to is buddy Howard Stern.

21 Gwyneth Paltrow Is Utterly Pretentious

Hollywood Reporter

Yeah, this is no surprise to any of us. Stylecaster created a list of the most pretentious things Gwyneth has ever said and it's pretty epic. From her whole "Conscious Uncoupling" thing to her line about how she can't pretend to be someone "who makes $25,000 a year", there's no shortage of examples of her behavior. Need further proof? Read-up on what she sells through GOOP. It's a pseudo-science-geek's dream.

20 The Ongoing Jeremy Renner Controversy That Makes Him Out To Be One Dangerous Dude

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According to TMZ, the situation with Jeremy Renner is still unfolding and none of it's looking good. While we can't get into the details here, Renner's ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, has painted the Hawkeye actor in some very unflattering colors. While he's been said to have done some icky things before (like threatening his wife's life and his own), these stories could be career-ending.

19 He May Not Want To Talk About It, But We All Know Tom Hiddleston Dated Taylor Swift

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Does Tom Hiddleston want to avoid speaking about Taylor Swift, or what? According to his interview in The New York Times, Hiddleston advised journalists not to ask him about his brief relationship with the much younger pop star. But, naturally, journalists want to know about the details of their steamy secret fling.

18 Samuel L. Jackson Offends Minorities On Twitter

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According to Deadline, Samuel L. Jackson wrote a Tweet in 2018 that landed him in some hot water. While he was voicing his political beliefs during a divisive time, he described a comedic image that managed to offend members of a minority. While it wasn't his intent to offend anyone, he did have to apologize for it.

17 Brie Larson Was Once An Awful Musician

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Don't worry, Brie Larson isn't good at everything. While she's a superb actor, she's not that great of a musician. According to SCMP, Larson had a brief stint in the music industry. When she was 16, she released an Avril Lavigne-inspired piece of bubblegum pop-rock. The album didn't sell... Thankfully, she got hired for the MCU instead.

16 Denzel Washington Paid For Chadwick Boseman's Education

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Little did any of us know, Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman, was actually put through school by none other than Denzel Washington. According to CNBC, Boseman applied for a prestigious summer theater program at Oxford when he was studying at Howard University in the late 1990s. Washington was the founder of this program and chose Boseman for the opportunity. Boseman didn't tell anyone this for many years.

15 Mark Ruffalo Is Secretly Deaf

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According to SCMP, Mark Ruffalo went through quite a scare in 2001. He was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor located behind his ear. Ruffalo was very secretive about this, especially when he temporarily went through a facial paralysis as a result of his condition. While he has otherwise recovered, he did have one lingering effect, the loss of hearing in his left ear.

14 Zoe Saldana's Darker Makeup For The Nina Simone Biopic Really Angered People


Zoe Saldana got into a bit of trouble for a particular role she took. According to The Guardian, Zoe Saldana received a ton of backlash after playing Nina Simone in a biopic. Since Simone had significantly darker skin than Saldana, filmmakers had to use makeup to make Saldana look like the iconic musician. Several members of Simone's family were among those upset.

13 Vin Diesel And The Rock Hate Each Other


The real-life Groot isn't nearly as lovable as he is in the MCU. At least, according to The Rock. In a story with Rolling Stone Magazine, The Rock told the story of how his relationship with Vin Diesel totally melted down. While filming The Fast and The Furious franchise, the pair continuously butted heads and still openly loathe each other to this day.

12 Chris Evans Was In The Really Bad Fantastic Four Movies


It's easy to forget that Chris Evans played Johnny Storm before he was cast as Steve Rogers. While we love him as Cap, we can't help but cringe at the fact that he was in two of the worst superhero movies ever made. Oh well, at least it wasn't as bad as the Fantastic Four film with Miles Teller and Kate Mara.

11 ScarJo Continuously Chooses Roles People Claim She Shouldn't Play

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Scarlett Johansson was unfairly chosen to be the lightning rod for a lot of diversity issues in Hollywood. According to CNN, the actor's attachment to Rub & Tug and Ghost In The Shell really angered movie-goers campaigning for hiring actors who bare stronger resemblances to their characters. They claimed she was insensitive to the real issues at play while she just wanted to explore new characters as all actors do.

10 Lost Producers Pushed Evangeline Lilly To Perform With Barely Any Clothes


According to Indie Wire, Evangeline Lilly was really unhappy with the creators of Lost during her time on the show. This is because she felt they "cornered" her into performing with barely any clothes on. She said that she felt she had no choice in the matter. After the fact, J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, and Jack Bender formally apologized to her.

9 Terrence Howard Is Difficult To Work With And Admits That


After his eyebrow-raising interview at the 2019 Emmys, we aren't surprised by this entry. According to The Los Angeles Times, the original Rhodey, Terrence Howard, is notoriously challenging to work with. It's one of the reasons why he wasn't asked to play the character after the first Iron Man movie. But Howard has been open about the fact that he's been difficult. At least he owns it.

8 Elizabeth Olsen Lived In The Shadows Of Her Twin Sisters

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According to The Guardian, Elizabeth Olsen believes it took the MCU to help her out of her sisters' shadow. Growing up, she was always known as the younger sister to the Olsen Twins. Even her breathtaking dramatic turn in Martha Marcy May Marlene wasn't enough to truly make a name for herself. While she loves her sisters, she admits that it was hard for her. But now, she's an even bigger star than they are (or were...).

7 Chris Hemsworth Acted Like A B-Lister And Went On Dancing With The Stars


Ouch. There's nothing lower in Hollywood than doing Dancing With The Stars. When you're on that show, your career is done. At least, for everyone except Chris Hemsworth. In an interview on The Tonight Show, Hemsworth explained that he did Dancing With The Stars: Australia after his role on the soap-opera Home And Away. Luckily for him, his career was just starting.

6 Josh Brolin Can't And Won't Escape His Domestic Violence Issues From His Relationship With Diane Lane


Thanos himself has gotten into some major trouble due to a past relationship. According to People, in 2004, Josh Brolin was arrested for domestic violence after a fight with his ex, Diane Lane. Since then, he's shown incredible remorse but leaves it for Lane to speak about since she's the one who suffered. So far, she's remained pretty quiet about the experience.

5 Despite Appearances, Edward Norton Is Really Hard To Work With


Edward Norton, AKA the first Hulk in the MCU, is an incredible actor. But according to Looper, part of his undeniable talent comes from his intensity. And this intensity isn't fun to be around. Norton's a notorious control freak who needs to dominate every aspect of the story. Marvel Studios voiced concerns over this and severed ties with him during a contract dispute.

4 No One Hated Thor: The Dark World As Much As Christopher Eccleston


We aren't the only ones who hated Thor: The Dark World. Malekith actor, Christopher Eccleston, has been anything but diplomatic when discussing his experience, according to The Guardian. He says he was miserable making the film and that he just did it for the money. These comments are likely to stay with him throughout his entire career.

3 Mickey Rourke Clearly Doesn't Understand That People Think He's A "Challenge" On Set


Mickey Rourke played the villainous Ivan Vanko (AKA Whiplash) in Iron Man 2, but it's lucky that we saw him in the MCU at all. According to ET Canada, director Jon Favreau was really upset with Rourke's repeated improvisations which conflicted with the script and, in some cases, with reality itself. This isn't exactly surprising since he has a reputation for being impossible to work with, although he's never been openly aware of that.

2 Lupita Nyong'o Had To Apologize Because She Based Her Us Character On A Neurological Disorder


According to News18, Academy Award-winning actor Lupita Nyong'o received some backlash after she stated that she based the voice of her evil Us character on a neurological disorder. Specifically, she sued symptoms of spasmodic dysphonia as the inspiration for her character's strained voiced. During an interview on The View, she apologized and attempted to explain herself.

1 Bradley Cooper Probably Wishes We Didn't Know He's Broken Irina Shayk's And Lady Gaga's Hearts

Daily Mail

Yep, it's not just model Irina Shayk who got her heart-broken by Bradley Cooper, AKA Rocket Racoon. According to Who.com, Lady Gaga told her inner-circle that Cooper "broke her heart" after their secret relationship dissolved. Their budding romance was the subject of a lot of fan theories that came from their chemistry in A Star Is Born.

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