25 Makeup Hacks From Celebrity MUAs (Even The Laziest Of Us Will Rock)

Makeup is something that many of us have a like/dislike relationship with. Sometimes we’re eager to experiment with new products, buying up the whole Fenty line the second it comes out, and sometimes we just want to stick with our same old Covergirl stuff.

While makeup can be the bane of some folks’ existence, it can also bring a whole lot of joy. Many people use it as an artistic outlet, building social media followings off of beautiful and creative makeup artistry.

Some of us, however, just want to look alive again. Those of us who aren’t morning people know the true struggle of waking up and getting ourselves ready. Makeup can certainly help to cover up under-eye circles and blemishes, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to wield a makeup brush after a mere handful of restful hours.

That’s why we’ve brought in the professionals. These makeup hacks come straight from the professional artists’ mouths, and give us hope that we can look as fabulous as the celebs they beautify.

Whether we want to trim down the time on our routines or we’re just looking for some simple steps to look brighter and more awake, we’ve got them all here.

25 Achieve An Easy Look By Sticking To One Color

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This is a tip that comes to us from New Beauty, though we saw it listed in a few other places as well. Monika Blunder suggests that the trick to getting a cohesive look is to “use your cream blush as your lip color or your lip color as your blush—it takes all the guesswork out of choosing your blush or lipstick.”

Not to mention how a coordinated color scheme can instantly make us look more put together and ready to take on the day. Perfect for all those early office mornings!

24 Apparently We Don’t Need A Full Face Of Foundation

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Lazy makeup wearers, unite. Anyone who scoffed at us for only adding spots of foundation is about to be proven wrong. Monika Blunder continues on the perfect-skin topic by saying, “for flawless skin that looks completely natural, skip foundation and use a creamy concealer. Dab and blend onto areas only where needed and keep the rest of your skin bare, allowing your real skin to shine through.”

That’s right: a few dabs of concealer is all it takes to get that #flawless skin finish. This is one tip that's sure to cut down on time.

23 Beyonce’s MUA Reveals This Mixing Method


We couldn’t do an article about celebrity makeup artists without including Bey’s beautifier. He reveals this tip to Cosmopolitan: “I apply a rich, water-based moisturizer to the skin...While that's still wet, I'll use a BeautyBlender to apply foundation all over, because, as the moisturizer dries, it's adhering to the skin in a really soft, organic way."

No wonder she looks so natural. It’s not just her aura, it’s her foundation adherence too. This hack is also a great one because it means we don’t need to wait for our moisturizer to soak in anymore.

22 Don’t Write Off The Tape Method Just Yet...


This hack is one that makes us excited to wake up and do our makeup in the mornings. Nope. No more struggling with awkward, messy liquid liner or hard-to-angle felt tip liner pens.

Racked tells us that "if you want a quick winged liner use a piece of tape under the corner of the eye to draw a perfect line,” according to Maria Vargas. No longer are we stuck wiping and erasing away lines. We’re able to quickly remove the tape, making for the easiest morning ever.

21 Wake Up Quicker Than It Takes To Brew Coffee With This Illuminating Tip


This MAC-loving makeup artist spoke to Racked, and we’re here to reiterate. Gregory Arlt says, “if you're having a particularly exhausting morning and want to add a little life to your face, I love mixing a few drops of M∙A∙C Cosmetics Strobe Cream into foundation, BB Cream or tinted moisturizer to wake up the face with illuminating pigments found in the product.”

So, what we’re hearing is, who needs sleep when there’s this hack? Time to stay up late and watch yet another episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

20 Forget About Layers; Use This Hack For Flawless Lips In Half The Time


New Beauty discussed makeup hacks with a few different artists, and this tip comes from celebrity makeup artist Kate Lee. Kate reveals, “my favorite beauty hack is to use oil-blotting sheets to blot lipstick. They remove all the oils and waxes from the first application of lipstick, but leave behind the pigment, so when you apply the second time you have twice as much pigment for stay-put lips!”

Hello, easy lip stain and goodbye lip lining our whole mouth. This is beautiful color without any conditions.

19 Make Concealer ‘Unbudgeable’ With This Two-Second Trick


Matthew VanLeeuwen, Showroom brand ambassador, spoke to Racked and revealed this tip, which is supposed to make our under-eye concealer absolutely unbudgeable. Racked quotes VanLeeuwen as saying that NYX makeup setting spray “lightly sprayed on a sponge, dipped into concealer and applied under eye [gives us] unbudgeable coverage all day and night!"

No more baking and waiting. All it takes is a little spritz for totally unbudgeable coverage! We’re sure that this would work with any kind of setting spray, not just the NYX product.

18 Transitioning From Day-To-Night Looks Was Never Easier


Let’s say we did manage to wake up and put on a full face before work. Halfway through the day our best friend texts us and invites us out for a surprise double date! Coleen Campbell-Olwell instructs us to “use a makeup wipe and just dab under the eyes and the fold of the nose (or anywhere you crease)—use a dampened beauty blender and stipple... a light moisturizer. I then add the concealer and stipple again.”

This gives an instant refresh and takes such a short amount of time. Perfect for surprise date night!

17 When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Whip Up Their Own Concealer


Somedays we forget to pick up concealer. It’s happened to all of us; we had a particularly rough weekend, used up all our concealer, and then fell asleep on Sunday night forgetting that we’ll probably need a dab the next morning too.

Hannah Hatcher reveals to StyleCaster that it’s easy to “take your liquid foundation and add a few shakes of your translucent or loose powder to it. This will thicken it up and give you concealer in a pinch,” which is way, way more appealing than getting up early and going to the store.

16 And Thanks To This Hack, We Don’t Even Need Concealer!


Concealer is a lazy makeup artist’s best friend. Being able to conceal our under-eye bags and blemishes are a quick route to looking awake and put together. Sometimes we don’t even have time to conceal, though, which is why Cosmopolitan shares this tip: “brighten your eyes in seconds by lining the inner rim of your lower lash line with a peachy nude-colored liner.”

Light, bright, and totally awake, with one product and thirty seconds? We might never conceal again thanks to this quick, accessible hack.

15 Stop Struggling With Tights, And Instead Opt For This Quick Trick

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Many of us like to dress up in skirts and dresses. In this cold weather that often means the addition of tights, long socks, or even thigh-high stockings. Tights rip super easily, though, which means we might be left without them right when we need them the most. How do we complete our outfit then?

Easy! Racked quotes Gregory Arlt as suggesting we rub some illuminating cream onto the part of our legs that will be seen for an “instant stocking effect.” This creates a shimmery sheen, without the ever-present tights struggle.

14 Quit Baking And Start Spraying

pinterest.com / @dakotaxtaren

Matthew VanLeeuwen reveals to Racked this tip, which is going to drastically cut down on our makeup time: “I have almost stopped using powder as a few spritzes of this magic elixir over freshly applied makeup keeps the face flawless all day and night.”

What magic elixir is he talking about? None other than makeup setting spray. While he’s referencing NYX here, Urban Decay also makes a setting spray that we personally love. Regardless of the brand, a setting spray will make our makeup unbudgeable without having to spend time baking. Just spritz and go!

13 Layer Eyeshadows Gets Old; Get A One-And-Done Color This Way


Cosmopolitan was smart enough to ask for some beauty saving tips from Sir John too, which is how we got this piece of advice. Eye primers are expensive, but no matter how high quality a bright color is, we absolutely need to prime in order to get any dramatic pigment.

Sir John asks, “left with a foundation formula that's too light? Try it as highlighter or as a bold eye shadow base, since it'll make bright colors pop more.” That’s right! No more expensive eyeshadow base primers needed.

12 The Glossy Lid Trend Is Surprisingly Easy To Achieve (And Isn’t As Uncomfortable As We Thought)

pinterest.com / @peachristine

We fully admit that we tried the glossy lid look and immediately took it off; it was just too sticky! Fortunately for us, there are other options out there outside of layering on lip gloss.

“Take a hydrating serum (nothing too active) and apply a few layers to your lid area. You will have a naturally glossy and hydrated effect,” says Hannah Hatcher by way of StyleCaster’s website. She reveals that this is one of the most comfortable ways to get that glossy look. We’re guessing it would probably work for a gloss-highlight as well.

11 Finger Painting Is A Totally Valid Makeup Application Method


Personally, we avoid trying to do smokey eyes. It seems to take a lot of time, and our blending always looks more caught-in-the-rain than it does night-on-the-town. But eyeshadow is now going to be the easiest part of our routine, even when we’re doing that pesky smokey eye.

Cosmopolitan says, “you don't need multiple brushes to get a perfect smoky eye. Just use your fingers instead. The warmth of your fingertips easily blends cream or powder shadow onto your eyelids, allowing you to put the product exactly where you want it to be.”

10 Sleek And Chic Is Just A Spray Away


Hair is one of the big make or break style factors that can instantly make us look more put-together in the mornings. Our makeup could be on point, but if our hair is messy, it’s not going to look like we put a whole lot of effort in.

Cosmopolitan says, “to look put-together, you need to tame flyaways and frizz. So, to keep them laying flat for a smooth finish, spray an alcohol-free hairspray on them and blend them in with the rest of your hair using your hand.” Super easy, but totally sleek.

9 Let’s Talk Lipstick: Add Foundation For A Fuller Color


Sometimes we just want a vibrant, bright, strong pop. Not only does that make for an amazing lip, but it can also make us feel good inside.

Instead of standing there for an hour applying and reapplying lipstick (or, even worse, having to be constantly vigilant about touch-ups throughout the day) StyleCaster quotes Megan Luman as suggesting to “[apply] a thin layer of foundation over your lips to get the best color application from your lip pencil and lipstick.” Since we’re already stippling, this shouldn’t add on any time.

8 ...And Embrace Brushes For Faster Applications


Not to mention the fact that we could get super speedy application fairly easily thanks to the brush application method a few folks embrace. StyleCaster continues to quote Luman as saying that “using an angled brush for application can also be easier and save time.”

Honestly, true. Angled brushes make for an exact makeup application, rather than a general one. With a brush, we can control where the pigment goes the first time around, rather than having to fix up our mistakes after with Q-tips and makeup remover.

7 Embrace Eye Creams Everywhere (Or, At Least On Your Lips)


Sir John gifts Cosmopolitan with this tip as well: "I like to apply an anti-wrinkle eye cream to prep the lips. It creates a smooth canvas, hydrates, and offsets the damage done by matte formulas, which can age your lips. Also, eye creams won't change the texture or look of whatever lip product you're wearing."

While this won’t cut down on the time it takes us to initially get ready, it will let us stop constantly reapplying our lipstick throughout the day. That’s definitely good news.

6 Hairspray Is Good All Over

pinterest.com / @janienineeleven

This tip is one that surprised us, as we were always told to keep the hairspray contained. Jessica Scantlin, a celebrity makeup artist, is no stranger to tips and tricks.

She revealed to Racked, “one more of my favorite beauty hacks is using hairspray on your legs and chest for a sheen. Sometimes body lotions and all that can get all over your designer gown and it can be too glittery. Just make sure the hairspray you choose isn't a heavy duty sticky one!" No more hours of lotion rubbing just for shining skin!

5 Get Beachy Curls In Half The Time


Okay, so we’ve got the makeup down. With all of the foundation hacks and two-second eye tutorials, it’s easy to get a glam look. But what about our hair?

“If you're pressed for time, but still want those pretty boho curls, this hack is for you,” writes The Beauty Bar, “throw your hair into a high, loose ponytail and curl your hair in 2-4 sections depending on thickness. Let your hair down, and voila! You have beachy waves in less than 5 minutes.” Beachy waves in less time than traveling to the beach? Yes, please!

4 Good Lighting Is Great, But Bad Lighting Makes Concealing Easy

pinterest.com / QueenMentality

Believe it or not, that bathroom lighting that’s not great for selfies is actually good for our makeup routines. The laziest amongst us might tend to slather on concealer everywhere, but there is a more efficient way to do it.

Cosmopolitan instructs, “to quickly pinpoint where you need to conceal under your eyes, instead of looking straight into the mirror, tilt your chin down to reveal any dark shadows.” This makes it easy to get the spots that need concealing, without wasting time on the spots that don’t need it.

3 Embrace The Natural Trend With This 30-Second Brow Hack


Ever wonder how stars with more natural eyebrows get them tamed and maintained? Cosmopolitan reveals this hack, which is a total game-changer for us. They suggest that we “spray a disposable mascara wand or spoolie with hairspray to set your brows in place. If you aren't looking to add color to your arches, then this quick tip is the only one you need to set your brows all day.”

That takes even less time than setting with a pomade or gel, and hairspray is something most of us will have.

2 This Everyday Eye Look Will Be A Makeup Routine Game Changer


The Beauty Bar “highlighted” this tip (sorry, we just couldn’t resist) which is one of our new go-tos for 2-second eye makeup; “while you have your bronzer out...go ahead and apply it to your crease. This will add definition to your eyes, without breaking out an eyeshadow palette. If you have your highlight ready, you can use that as your lid shadow as well. This is a great everyday look for the eyes, and it takes seconds.”

Just two seconds for office-ready defined eyes? Yes, please!

1 Just Add Blush


Finally, we’ve come to the last hack on our list. Believe it or not, this is one of the easiest ways to get away without wearing any makeup. Everyone has their go-to product. Some don’t leave the house without mascara, while others always have their brows done.

Blush is Cosmopolitan’s go-to. They suggest that adding some blush to our cheeks is the best way to instantly look more awake and lively. Throw on some mascara and we’re good to go. We’ll be glowing anyway thanks to all these other amazing beauty tips!

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Stylecaster

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