29 Little-Known Details About The Woman Who Stole Chris Hemsworth's Heart

For fans that follow the Fast and the Furious franchise, it is easy to place who Elsa Pataky is. For those people who have never watched the movies, or who stopped watching before the fifth one was released, Elsa Pataky is a Spanish model, actress, and film producer that is best known as Officer Elena Neves in movies 5 through 7 of the Fast and the Furious.

Elsa has done a lot in her career. According to en.wikipedia.org, right out of high school, she was hired for a role in a Spanish television show called Teatro Cámara de Ángel Gutiérrez. Since then she has stared in movies such as Snakes on a Plane, 12 Strong, and Thor: The Dark World. So, some might be asking, how is she linked to Chris Hemsworth? Well, Elsa Pataky is married to him. That’s right ladies, the God of Thunder is off the market. Sad isn’t? What makes their love even more romantic though is that they have been married since before Chris was famous. Good for them I say.

Two celebrities staying together for so long is not a common thing to see now days. Most people who are together before the fame break up once they make it big due to the stress, always being on the road and being away for so long.

Interested in finding out more about the girl who stole Chris Hemsworth away from the rest of the ladies of the world? Well keep scrolling to learn who she is and how she captured the God of Thunder’s heart.

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29 She Fell In Love With Chris’ Voice Before They Even Met


According to dailymail.co.uk, Elsa Pataky made the list in 2016 for Who’s Sexiest People of 2016 and during her interview she talked about two things that she loved most about her husband. One being his foxy Australian voice and the other being his super ripped physique.

“His voice is amazing! Before I met him, I heard his voice on the phone and that was what I loved. He was probably making it even deeper to impress me,” she said during her interview with a laugh. She then added, “He also has an amazing body.”

28 Trouble In Paradise


Back in 2016, rumors started surfacing that the happy couple was heading to divorce. They were both quick to shut down those rumors, though. According to dailymail.co.uk, Elsa and Chris had decided to take a little break from each other to sort out some issues that had arisen between the two of them. When Elsa ran off with some friends to her home country of Spain, bells were raised.

Chris was quick to clear everything up on Instagram for all those that were confused as to what was going on with a funny joke about the whole situation. He posted a picture of himself with his wife enjoying a romantic cruise together and captioned it, “Looking for a new wife according to @womansdayaus and other misleading outlets! Honey you still love me right?!” Glad to know the rumors were false and they are still together.

27 More Smitten Than Ever


We already know Chris Hemsworth is the God of Thunder, well Elsa Pataky must be Thor’s golden-haired wife, who was the Goddess Sif, because the two’s beauty is so god-like. The question is though, can their love for one another get any better then what it already is? According to dailymail.co.uk, the answer is yes. Chris Hemsworth revealed back in 2016 to TV Week that he is even more smitten with Elsa then when they first got together back in 2010. He is constantly being reminded every day with new reasons to why she is the one for him. “Each week I find something different, more I love about her. It continues to grow, which is a great thing,” he said in his interview.

26 How They Met


Elsa was introduced to Chris through a mutual friend of theirs, William Ward, who was also a talent agent. According to the bustle.com, in an interview in 2016, Chris explained how their first meeting went. “There was no light-bulb moment,” he said.

“From the first time we met, we just made sense. She’s fun. She’s outgoing, and she has a sense of humor and a passionate attitude toward life, which is nice to try to keep up with.”

The two have been together since before Chris was even known by the world. How crazy is that?

25 Their Wedding Was The Worst-Planned Wedding Ever


Like most celebrities, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky were not together long before tying the knot. According to the bustle.com, the two were only together three months before deciding to run off and get married. Chris explained in an interview with Good Morning Britain that the whole event took place during the Christmas holiday in Indonesia and the entire thing was poorly planned.

"There was no great plan to any of it to be honest, we were on holiday and we said, 'Why don't we get married too?'" he said. "There probably should have been some planning but it all worked out.

Honestly, we had both our families on holiday at the same time, just randomly, and we said this is a good opportunity with everyone together, so we just did it." Well that is one way to do it.

24 They Say One Secret To A Happy Marriage Is To Not Take The Wedding Seriously


When it comes to a happy marriage, many people will tell newly weds all different kinds of tricks to have a long last relationship. What’s Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemworth’s secret?

According to the bustle.com, their secret is to not take the wedding so serious. As stated earlier, when the two love birds decided to get married it was during a vacation in Indonesia with their family and they had only been dating three months when it happened. It was so poorly planned that the couple doesn’t even know when the exact date was. "There’s a bit of a dispute. So yeah, the answer about the date of my wedding: somewhere in December,” Chris said during an interview with Details.

23 Having Kids Took Some Stress Off Being A Celebrity

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Since getting married in 2010, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have had three kids together. A daughter named India Rose who was born in 2012, and two twin boys, Sasha and Tristan, who were born in 2014.

Now being a celebrity is hard. There is a lot of stress having to travel all the time, never being home for long, and partying all the time at the different events they must attend. According to the bustle.com, the couple told Elle in an interview that having kids helped to take the edge off a lot when it comes to being a celebrity. "It's certainly kept my feet planted firmly on the ground — I've been able to bypass a whole lot of garbage and traps that I could have fallen into."

22 She Had Her First Child Back In 2012

Daily Mail Online

It was in London that a source close to the couple announced that Elsa Pataky had given birth to her first child with Chris Hemsworth, a little girl name India Rose, in 2012. According to usmagazine.com, the couple first announced the pregnancy back in January during an interview with Hola! Magazine.

"Having the person that you love by your side, and starting a family with them, is the best thing that can happen to you in this life," Elsa shared. "You can't ask for more.

Shortly before this glorious event he couple were seen walking the red carpet together for the UK premier of Avengers. A source close to the couple had this to say about the two: "She's so proud of Chris and he's proud of her. They are an adorable family already!"

21 They Announced Last Year They Were Having Twins


According to popsugar.com, Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth confirmed their second pregnancy in November of 2013. The couple who were already parents to one-year-old India Rose, were excited to be adding not one, but two new members to their family.

That’s right folks, Elsa was pregnant with twin boys. The couple was later spotted on the red carpet of the Golden Globes event and Chris was spotted rubbing Elsa’s belly a few times. He later spoke up about how he loves being a dad. "I enjoy being at home a lot more than I ever have." Congrats to the couple!

20 She Painted Her Belly For A Beach Photo Shoot

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It was in November 2013 that Elsa Pataky announced that she was pregnant with her second child with hubby Chris Hemsworth and it was due in spring of 2014. Then in January, the couple announced that not only were they expecting another baby, but twin boys. The couple was over the moon about the news and couldn’t wait to meet their two new little boys.

Before Elsa gave birth to adorable little boys she was spotted doing a photo shoot on a LA beach. It was not normal fashion photo shoot though. According to popsurgar.com, Elsa was seen at the shoot sporting a red bra, shorts and a life preserver painted on her pregnant belly.

19 She Gave Birth In March


In 2012, Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth welcomed their first child together, a little girl named India Rose. As mentioned previously, the couple found out that they were expecting their second child together in November 2013 and it would be due around spring time of 2014. By mid-January they found out that they weren’t expecting just one child, but two little babies. Well, according to popsugar.com, the couple welcomed their two little boys in March of 2014. During an interview with Parade magazine, Chris opened up about being a dad.

"I think parenthood brings out the child in all of us. That's what's so beautiful.

It reminds you of the fascination you had with things, and how you can spend hours just being with someone," he gushed before adding, "It's amazing."

18 Baby Number 4?


Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth have their hands full when it comes to littles ones running around. Between their oldest daughter, India Rose, who was born back in 2012 and their two little identical twins, Sasha and Tristan, who were born back in 2014, they must be going nuts.

According to okmagazine.com though, the couple are not ready to put the baby making on hold just yet. In fact, they are already trying for baby number 4 a source close to the family says. A family insider revealed to Ok Magazine how the couple was "like rabbits” right before Chris left to film an intense seen of his movie Thor. They’re dream is to have a big family and they want at least one or two more kids before calling it quits. More power to them most would say.

17 Her Breakthrough Role Was In Samuel L. Jackson’s “Snakes On A Plane”


Elsa Pataky is best known for her role as Elena Neves in the Fast and the Furious franchise, but that is not where she got her stardom. According to thesun.co.uk, Elsa Pataky’s real name is actually Elsa Lafuente Medianu and she was born in Madrid, Spain on July 18, 1976. Spain is where she did most of her earlier work with different Spanish films and television shows, but it was her part in Samuel L. Jackson’s Snakes on a Plane that really set her career into motion.

Since then, she has stared in a few other big-time roles. She was even a stand in for Natalie Portman in Thor: The Dark World and she starred as the wife to her husband’s character in 2018’s 12 Strong.

16 She Saved Her Husband’s Life Once

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So, one would think that the God of Thunder wouldn’t need saving, but it is safe to say after this incident that even Gods have weaknesses. According to thesun.co.uk, in 2015 the couple decided to relocate from Los Angeles to Chris Hemsworth’s native homeland of Australia. During an interview with News Australia, Chris revealed that during a three-day hike on week he started to feel short of breath. "We were a few thousand meters above sea level and my body just wasn't acclimatizing and adjusting to the change,” he explained in the interview.

"I started becoming really short of breath, I had fluid in my lungs and I was trying to ignore it. I was going to sleep, and my wife listened to me breathe, she could hear it in my chest, and said, 'I think something is wrong.'”

Chris fought with her that she was ok, but in the end, Elsa got her way and they decided to leave. The guard they were with strapped him in the truck with oxygen tanks, injected him with something and then they drove down the mountain as fast as they could. "Apparently if I was up there for another few hours, it could have gone drastically bad. I am lucky my wife was there to slap some sense into me. She was the hero. I was in distress, I needed to be saved,” he ended his interview.

15 She Doesn’t Know How Her Marriage Has Survived Chris’ Fame


Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have gone through a lot together in such a short time frame. From getting married after only a few months of dating, to having their first child a year later, and then Chris’s fame shot up out of nowhere thanks to his role as Thor, the God of Thunder. According to etonline.com, during an interview with Vogue Australia, Elsa talked about her relationship with Chris and how it has been a struggle.

"In the beginning it was beautiful. When I met him he wasn’t known at all and I grew with him and experienced all his successes and changes and then he became just so huge and I’ve been sharing that too."’

"Going through every moment and being there with him with every success was actually a good thing – we grew together," she continues, adding, "It’s difficult when you go from being an unknown person to a very known person and all the changes that come with that. I don’t know how we survived as a couple.”

14 She Admits They Did Things Too Fast


During an interview with Vogue Australia, Elsa Pataky admitted that she and Chris did things way too fast and it put a lot of pressure on their relationship. According to etonline.com, she had this to say:

"We did everything very quickly. We were married and then a year after we had kids. It puts a lot of pressure on a marriage, but we came out good because there is a lot of love between us and we are very strong personalities but love each other so much. We make it work."

She went on to admit that the instant fame Chris had as his character Thor did take a big strain on their marriage, too. No matter what happens though, the gain experience from the up and downs they face, and they are happy to be together.

13 She Has A Tattoo Of A Thor Symbol

The Mary Sue

So, this is crazy. When Elsa Pataky was a teenager, she was obsessed with the superhero Thor. So much so, that at the age of 15 she got a symbol of Thor tattooed on her bicep.

According to etonline.com, she had no idea that she would grow up one day to marry the actual Thor. She said this during an interview with Vogue Australia:

“Yes, the tattoo is about Thor, and I ended up marrying who plays Thor!”

she says with a laugh. “It is surprising how things in life turn out. I just liked that symbol and the legend he had was so beautiful and I wanted to keep it."

12 She Can Outdo Chris In The Gym


Back in 2017, Chris Hemsworth sat down with ET to do an interview about his upcoming movie, Thor: The Dark World. According to etonline.com, during the interview with ET, Chris talked about some pictures the couple took while on the beach one day. In the pictures, Chris is seen holding Elsa up, and then the revers and Elsa is seen holding Chris up. He was then asked during the interview, “How well was she able to hold you up?” His response: “Pretty good, she is pretty strong.” Chris then went on to talk about how she can actually out due him in the gym.

11 She Likes To Get Upset With Chris In Spanish


During a guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Chris opened up about he is the only one in his family who isn’t bilingual. According to etonline.com, Elsa, their daughter India and their two twin boys are all fluent in Spanish, meanwhile Chris only knowns one sentence.

“I sort of pretend to understand. My wife will be telling them off and I’ll be standing there like, ‘That’s right!’”

he quips, miming an sign to his wife, asking, “What does that mean?” The kids aren’t the only ones who here it in Spanish though when they do something wrong. Chris always knowns that Elsa is furious with him when she starts yelling at him in Spanish. “When I hear the Spanish directed at me, it’s usually unfortunate, controversial, aggressive situations,” he says, laughing. “So, I’m just thinking, ‘What is she saying right now?’ and ‘What’s my comeback to this?’ When we’re fighting, basically, which is never! If she gets angry enough, she’ll drop the English façade.”

10 She Loves How Chris Tries To Be The Best Dad No Matter What


According to etonline.com, during an interview in 2018 with Elle Australia, Elsa admitted that her husband’s career does at times put a strain on their home life. Right as Chris’s career was taking off and he was starting to gain fame, they welcomed their first child together, a beautiful daughter named India Rose.

"I think any time you start a family without knowing each other that much, it can be complicated,"

she says of that moment in their lives. "He was very young to be starting a family, and at the same time he was juggling that with his career and it was sometimes difficult, there was so much going on, but he was always trying to be the best dad and has never failed to make me feel like his family is the most important thing to him and going through that is how we've become so strong together."

9 The Voicemail That Started It All


According to etonline.com, during an interview with ET, Chris talked about the voicemail he left her asking if she wanted to go out.

"I left her a voicemail and said, 'Hello, My name's Chris. Would you like to go on a date?' As you do. I looked her up and I thought she looked very lovely and sounded like a wonderful person."

The couple at the time had been working with the same dialect coach while trying to work on their accents. Elsa had this to add to the interview: “She showed us each other’s photos and we’re like, ‘Actually, that’s pretty hot.’ So, I said, ‘Okay, let’s go and have a date or else she is not going to stop,’ and thank God for her. I really appreciated what she did to get us together because none of this would have happened. We wouldn’t even have our kids. It’s amazing.”

8 Her Son Tristan Loves When She Dresses Up


So, typically it is always the little girls that love to see mommy dress up all fancy, but in Elsa’s case, it is her son Tristan who love to see her get all dolled up. According to etonline.com, Elsa told ET during an interview that her daughter could actually care less when she dresses up.

"Every time I dress up he's like, 'You look so beautiful, mommy.' It just breaks your heart, you know.

It's so beautiful when they see you look great and you're all dressed up and they're like, 'What do you put on your eyes. What is that?'" she shared. "Actually, my daughter isn't interested in fashion or dresses or nothing. She doesn't even care when I put on things. She's like, 'Yeah, cool.' She doesn't like dresses at all. She's always in pants, so it's actually fun."

7 She Loved Being In The Same Movie As Her Husband


Elsa Pataky landed a part recently in the 2018 movie 12 Strong, where she plays the wife of her husband Chris Hemsworth’s character. They must of nailed that role as husband and wife. According to etonline.com, ET did an interview with the couple as they walked the red carpet to the premier of their new movie, which they were actually calling a date night for them.

"It's like we're going to the movies, but we are in the movie, which is great. It's fun,"

Pataky told ET about attending the event together. "We are both excited. Usually it's me supporting him and now, this time, I have a role here. So, it's interesting to just watch us and we're both excited we’re in the movie.”

6 She Practised Her Scenes At Home With Chris

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Elsa Pataky loved every minute of working with her husband on their recent movie, 12 Strong. According to etonline.com, the couple played a role as husband and wife in the movie, which tells a story of the first Special Forces team that was deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11.

"We had seven years of rehearsal to play husband and wife," Pataky explains during an interview with ET. "So, actually, it was not that difficult, and interesting."

"It was just so easy," she continues. "When we were, like, laying down, this is like every night. And we've been rehearsing the scene at night, together, actually. So, it was easy and fun because usually those scenes you feel kind of uncomfortable. You don't know the actor that much. So, it was just like being at home. I hope they feel the chemistry, because it's just very real."

5 Chris Admits Elsa Is In Better Shape Then Him


As we all know, Chris Hesmworth plays the irresistible God of Thunder in the Thor franchise. What most don’t know though is that his wife Elsa Pataky can actually kick his butt when it comes to gym time. According to etonline.com, during an interview with ET, Chris has this to say about his wife:

“Yeah, she has a greater cardio skill set and endurance that I'll never have, and it’s a little embarrassing at times,”

he said. “We have the same trainer, a mate of mine from school that we grew up with, and he very often says, ‘You know what, your wife is much fitter than you are,’ so I’m well aware of it.” He even went on to admit that she is in a lot better shape than he is.

4 She Praises Chris’ Work Ethic


Chris Hemsworth has made it big since his role as Thor, the God of Thunder. Since his first movie in the Thor franchise when his career took off, he has had a lot of other different break out roles, including the most recent 2018 film, 12 Strong. According to Elsa Pataky, she got to see first hand how hard he really works when they stared as husband and wife together in that same film. She praised her husband by saying,

"I kind of knew, because I know how hard he works," she says. "I was always watching him and admiring how hard he is. He was like, 'Let's do it again, let's do it again.'

Every second we were together, he was like, 'Let's go through the scene.' I was like, 'I think we're good with it.' But he was relentless, which is great. That's how he's so good."

"He wanted me to be better and better," she adds. "We just get the best of each other. Criticize me, work harder and harder to be better."

3 She Has A Deep Appreciation For Army Wives


After playing a soldier’s wife in the 2018 hit movie 12 Strong, Elsa Pataky has gained a whole new appreciation for real army wives. According to etonline.com, during an interview with ET, Elsa talked about how she got to see first hand how hard it is being an army wife thanks to this role.

"I talk to him every day and I know what he's doing," she says of her own relationship with Hemsworth. "But these wives, not even a call, not knowing anything, and he's saying in the movie, like, 'Yeah, I'll be back soon.' But you never know! It's like, 'I just want you to come back.' Just talking about it, it makes me cry. How can you tell your kid that he's gone away, and I don't know for how long, and I can't talk to him, I don't know anything. You have to be very proud of the wives. It must be really hard."

2 Juggling A Home Life With Their Careers Is Hard


Being a celebrity is a lot harder than most people think, especially when they have a family like Elsa and Chris do. Trying to juggle a home life, both careers, and three kids is not an easy thing. According to etonline.com, during an interview ET, Elsa has this to say about their schedules:

"We want one of us to be with the family, with the kids. We're always trying not to work at the same time, and we try not to be separated for more than two weeks, too.

If it's more than two weeks, we travel together because I think it's just important. If not, you lose so much. Parents with the kids is so important." Pataky praises her husband all the time with how committed he is at being the best dad he can be before anything else.

1 She Is Super Close To Matt Damon’s Wife

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When Chris isn’t around, Elsa has another person she can lean on for support. According to etonline.com, Elsa talked with ET about how she is super close with Matt Damon’s wife, Luciana Barroso. So much so, that the friend duo actually got matching tattoos recently.

"Just three points, it's simple," she says of their new ink. "It's three dots that means today, tomorrow, and forever.

It's to remember moments. When I have a great moment with people that I love, it's good to remember those moments and have them on your body to just say they mean a lot to me."

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