25 Lifestyle & Apartment Pieces On Sale At Urban Outfitters That'll Make Anyone's Home Pinterest-Worthy

There's nothing more rewarding than loving your home and admiring your handiwork of interior decor prowess. It's your safe haven, your space to go to and unwind after a rough day at work or a full day studying at school. The idea of a staycation sounds fantastic, surrounded by relaxation with all your perfect knick-knacks.

Other times, we may look around and decide we want to spruce things up a bit, so we turn to Pinterest and fawn over the most idyllic and serene homes across the globe. The truth is, not all of us have a fine eye for interior design, and sometimes we need a little bit of help to achieve our perfectly curated oasis. After some sleuthing, we've found out that Urban Outfitters isn't just a go-to spot for clothes - they actually have a fantastic home section, too. Catering to millennials and exactly up to speed with what's trending on Pinterest, UO is here to make your home post-worthy. We've rounded up a list of 25 lifestyle and apartment pieces currently on sale at Urban Outfitters that'll either transform your home or give you a dash of that personal flair to make your space so uniquely yours. Read on, since these pieces are sure to sell out fast!

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25 Stardust Tapestry, For When You Need A Reference Of All The Moon Cycles


When you were a kid, you probably had those glow-in-the-dark stars on your wall and ceiling in your bedroom. Urban Outfitters gives us the adult version with this Stardust Tapestry, now 25% off of $49. The black version glows in the dark, while the tapestry itself is cotton, giving you a cosmic moon cycle that looks phenomenal on a ceiling or wall. Don't want it glowing in the dark? Go for the rose gold and ivory combination, perfect for lighter spaces with more of a serene or zen atmosphere.

Both options are pretty big, coming in at 55"l x 80"w, making them the perfect accent piece for any wall!

24 Marble Comforter Snooze Set, For When You're On-Board With The Marble-Everything Trend


If you type in "marble aesthetic" on Pinterest, prepare to be flooded with images of items mimicking this metamorphic rock. In fact, one of the top searches is, "marble aesthetic interior design." If you want to get on board this trend, perhaps start off subtle and minimal with Urban Outfitters' Marble Comforter Snooze Set, 25% off of $169.00 – $189.00.

100% cotton, this elegant print also comes a puffy comforter, printed pillowcases, a solid fitted sheet, and a tote bag so you can easily carry it to the laundry machine. Ideal as a background for all your Instagram flat-lays, this print is ideal for a minimalistic bedroom.

23 Ruthie Velvet Floor Pillow, Since Pillows Are Equally As Affective As Chairs For Guests


If you're running low on space in your living room and can't commit to a full couch, why not opt for some oversized floor pillows instead? The Ruthie Velvet Floor Pillow is currently on sale for 25% off of $49, with six different colors to choose from. Crafted from viscose cotton crushed velvet, these plush and soft pillows are fantastic for any nook in your home.

Alternatively, you can always store them away as well, and opt to bring them out when you just need the extra floor seating. Get them in a variety of different colors, and have a fantastic little floor seating area in one of your corners!

22 Tarot Tapestry, When You Want To Add An Air Of Mystique To Your Space


If you're interested in astrology, you'll fall in love with this absolutely striking illustrated Tarot Tapestry. The natural cotton gives it a worn, classic look, making it seem like you picked it up at your favorite vintage shop. Inspired by a star tarot card, it gives your space a beautiful, airy aesthetic.

Besides going as an accent piece on your wall, Urban Outfitters suggests other uses for tapestries, too! They recommend taking them to the beach, as they make fantastic, lightweight blankets, or alternatively adding them on top of your bedding for a subtle pop of color or design. Snag it for 25% off of $49.

21 Tessa Neustadt Rio Maggiore Art Print, When You Need A Sprinkle Of Summer Year-Round


Don't have access to a beach year-round? Consider adding this Rio Maggiore Art Print for some summertime flair by the LA-based photographer, Tessa Neustadt. A pro at creating breezy and carefree images of the ocean, Neustadt offers up dreamscapes ideal to whisk you away. The pieces are high quality too, printed on archival paper made from cotton pressed in Italian mills.

Urban Outfitters is currently selling different sizes of this gorgeous print, ranging from $39-$299, on sale for 25% off. You have an option to pick frames as well or go frameless. The frames are manufactured in the US and made either out of durable poly or recycled wood.

20 Kushi Macrame Wall Hanging, When You're Feeling A Little '70s Inspired


Macrame was a huge part of the '70s interior design. Every home seemed to have some form of macrame hanging in a corner, from small plant slings to square knots hanging off massive pieces of wood. Besides decorative pieces for your wall, people were even making hammocks, golf bags, and even picture frames out of rope work. Nobody would think that this craze would resurface again, but suddenly, millennial bloggers started posting their own tutorials of these bohemian decorative pieces.

25% off of $119, this Kushi Macrame Wall Hanging gives your place a fantastic retro edge or even offers up some privacy if you decide to use them as curtains!

19 Photo Clip Firefly String Lights, Because Your Memories Deserve The Spotlight, Too


The Polaroid trend is back in full force, and with these nifty cameras being so readily available to buy and use along with the film, you want to be able to show off your beautiful memories! These Photo Clip Firely String Lights are ideal to hang your polaroids and knick-knacks off of, with the clips being removable so you can even customize where they go.

25% off of $20, you can use these lights indoor or outdoor in a covered area. Even go the further step and buy it all, as Polaroid cameras and film are also readily available at Urban Outfitters!

18 Ugh Neon Sign Table Lamp, When You Need A Sign To Explain Your Current Mood


If Pinterest says it's popular - it must be. The new trend that has been taking over bedroom nightstands and living rooms alike is the neon sign. Popularized in the 50s and 60s, neon signs have always been dazzling. Giving your home a sense of personal flair, neon signs are a fun way to show what you're about, especially in the shape of a heart, with the most ideal, millennial phrase.

The Ugh Neon Sign Table Lamp is currently 25% off of $79, made out of genuine neon glass tubing. It even has an easy-to-reach switch, making it ideal as a mellow bedside piece in your bedroom.

17 Multi-Color Cinema Box LED Light, When You Need To Cinematically Express Yourself


Inspired by retro-looking movie marquee signs, this Multi-Color Cinema Box LED Light is exactly what you need to give your home a cinematic edge. With 6 LED color settings, you can set it to solid white, blue, green, red, violet or color-changing to see them all! The box comes with 100 letters and symbols which you can arrange however you like, perhaps even put the titles of your favorite films!

Grab this piece for 25% off of $59 and feel free to put it wherever you like, hung on a wall or simply propped up on any flat surface!

16 Fujifilm X UO Custom Color Instax Wide 300 Instant Camera, Since The Polaroid Trend Is Here To Stay


That's right, your search for the perfect Polaroid camera is over! Instead of hunting for vintage ones that run the risk of not working, have your first be this Fuji Instax Wide 300 Instant Camera, on sale for $100 instead of $130! The most user-friendly camera to start your Polaroid adventure on, it includes a retractable 95mm f/14 lens with two-range focus and close-up lens adapter. With features such as auto-flash and autofocus, you can worry about other things - like getting your models to pose!

The large format Instax film is also available to purchase separately at Urban Outfitters, making this a perfect piece or gift for anyone ready to go off on an adventure.

15 Marshall Stockwell Travel Speaker + Stand Set, Because You Need A Speaker For All Your Summer Pool Parties


After 50 years of dominating the speaker industry with their sleek designs and beautiful sound quality, Marshall brand speakers have been bringing stadium sounds into your homes. The Stockwell is Marshall's smallest speaker, made available at Urban Outfitters! On sale for $199 as opposed to $250, this travel speaker comes with a stand and protective case, making it an easy piece to throw into your suitcase and go! The signature sound Marshall is known for carries into this wireless speaker which is also able to receive and end phone calls! The Stockwell also comes with a USB port for charging, making it ideal to for travel.

14 Laura Kicey Moonbeam Tapestry, For When You Want Your Space To Be Absolutely Enchanting


Want to make your home a stunning oasis of nature and greenery? Consider grabbing this beautiful cotton Laura Kicey Moonbeam Tapestry, on sale for 25% off of $69. The photographer behind this image is Laura Kicey, based in Philadelphia and known for her gorgeous captures of nature and architecture. With almost a full, 5-star rating on Urban Outfitters, users rave about this tapestry, mentioning how realistic it looks, adding a perfect camping element to any space.

The tapestry itself is 100" in width and 84" in length, so the piece is quite large. Because of the realism of the photograph, it can actually make your space appear bigger, so it's a great option for smaller bedrooms or dorms!

13 FUNBOY For UO Floral Swan Pool Float, When You Need To Get That Pool Float Shot

Now you can embark on all the pool selfies you've seen Kylie Jenner and Rihanna take with the same brand of pool float. FUNBOY design the ultimate in high-quality floats, with each of their products designed, tested, and perfected by their founders in Los Angeles.

The UO Floral Swan Pool Float was designed exclusively for Urban Outfitters, with its easy-to-inflate valve system and handles on either side of the neck. With the FUNBOY floats on their website ranging from $100 to over $200, this Urban Outfitters edition is the perfect intro to the brand, coming in on sale for $34, as opposed to the regular $56.

12 UO Essential Oil 6-Pack Starter Kit To Help You Get Started With Aromatherapy When You're Feeling Overwhelmed


Going to an aromatherapy shop can be extremely overwhelming. You get in and see so many different scents, with no idea which ones to pick. Urban Outfitters has packaged together six of the most crucial essential oils to help you get started, either with a diffuser or to use as personal scents! The pack includes bottles of lavender, peppermint, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, and tee tree essential oils, all crafted in the USA and ready to be used.

As essential oils are usually quite expensive, this set is ideal for experimenting different scents together and seeing what works best for you. The UO Essential Oil 6-Pack Starter Kit is 25% off of $29.

11 The Secret Language of Relationships By Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers, For When You Want An Aesthetically Pleasing And Interesting Read All In One


Originally published in 1997, The Secret Language of Relationships gives us an in-depth insight into why we are drawn to certain people based off of astrological signs, crafting your compatibility with an outstanding 1,176 combinations, be it romantic, friendly, or familial. Written by Gary Goldschneider who originally studied psychiatry at Yale, he brings his unique perspective mixed in with astrology, the perfect companion to astrology buffs and those looking to simply learn more about relationships!

Besides being so spot-on with information that you'll always want to look back on and read, it's also an aesthetically pleasing book that looks beautiful on a coffee table, complete with its red, orange, and gold hues. The book is currently on sale for $24, knocked down from the original $30.

10 Selenite Crystal Lamp, When You Want Your Space To Be The Ultimate In Relaxation


Selenite crystal lamps are perfect for giving any space a soothing element. As per The Oracle, they're uplifting to look at, with the selenite being a calm stone that gives you a deep peace within, making it ideal for meditation or spirituality. Known to banish negative energy and stabilize emotion, these lamps are more than just decorative pieces seen on social media.

Urban Outfitters' Selenite Crystal Lamp offers up a calming touch for any space, currently 25% off of $49. With a cord to plug into any outlet, you can put this lamp anywhere! Crafted from Moroccan selenite, UO suggests using colorful bulbs for a unique lighting effect!

9 Pendleton Glacier Park Throw Blanket, When You Want Your Pad To Look Timelessly Cozy


Celebrating 100 years of the National Park Collection, Pendleton has teamed up with Urban Outfitters to bring you this gorgeous Pendleton Glacier Park Throw Blanket, now 25% off of $179. Being made out of 100% Merino wool, the blanket is soft and incredibly cozy, being made in the USA.

As per Pendleton themselves, the company has been a family-owned business for 150 years, inspired by the intricate patterns of Native American designs and legends, weaved onto their stunning throws. British weaver Thomas Kay arrived in Oregon in 1863, completely taken aback by these beautiful designs. Pendleton blankets are timeless, and the perfect piece to really tie together your space.

8 Bite Your Tongue Faux Plant, When You Want To Spruce Up Your Place But Know You Don't Have A Green Thumb


Unfortunately, not all of us have green thumbs. It can be hard having an elaborate plant collection, especially when so many of us are on the go these days. Urban Outfitters is here to lend you a hand with the Bite Your Tongue Faux Plant - ideal for those people that still want a flourishing green oasis, without all the effort to go along with it. Currently 25% off of $24, this fake plant is versatile, with each petal and the stem both easy to be individually shaped however you like best. Great for coffee tables or as an accent piece, this plant is a wonderful green addition to any room in your home.

7 Luke Mattson Joshua Tree Art Print, When You Want A Sprinkle Of California In Your Life


Joshua Tree, the grand park where the Mojave and Colorado deserts meet in Southern California has gained so much more popular over the years thanks so photo shoots on both Instagram and Pinterest. Of course, years before the surge of social media, the park was made popular by artists such as U2, John Lennon, and Jim Morrison, who all wanted to adventure to the park for its therapeutic and striking national park.

The Luke Mattson Joshua Tree Art Print is currently on sale at Urban Outfitters for 25% off of $19-$399, depending on the size of the print. Seattle-based photographer Luke Mattson is known for finding inspiration in the wild American West, and this image is the perfect companion to your modern living room space.

6 Over-The Door Tiered Storage Rack, When You Realize You Can Do So Much With Proper Shelving


Simple storage racks are utterly fantastic basics you can later build upon and truly make your own. This Over-The-Door Tiered Storage Rack by Urban Outfitters is 25% off of $69, complete with two natural rubberwood shelves and a color pop metal wire frame with two racks for towels.

With its simplistic design, you can store all your relaxing bathroom essentials on it, such as incense, oils, and masks. Alternatively, you can add ferns and hanging plants to it, giving your space that little touch of greenery. Not limited to the bathroom, however, you could also use this rack in your kitchen, decking it out in spices and herbs galore.

5 Extra Long Copper Firefly String Lights, Because We've All Always Wanted These To Take Photos Around


Firefly lights are the perfect piece to go on your wall when you don' t feel like hanging up artwork - plus they're a great source of unintrusive light, too! Perfect as that Instagram wall you want to use for your moodier photos, this Extra Long Copper Firefly String Light set could be yours for 25% off of $64.

With the bendable wire being water-resistant, you can hang these LED bulbs anywhere, indoors and to any outdoor space. Coming in at 98 feet, they're long, yet still capable of giving you a delicate and calming touch, ideal to whisk you away.

4 Crosley UO Exclusive Lavender Ice Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player, The Most Pic-Worthy Record Player Out There


Crosley has sold their record plays through Urban Outfitters for years now. These beautiful, vintage-inspired, portable turntables have been all over social media over the past few years, becoming a familiar item, and a favorite among audiophiles. Bluetooth-compatible, the Crosley also comes with a headphone jack, RCA audio out, and fantastic, full-range stereo speakers.

Aesthetically pleasing, and coming in a shimmering lavender color exclusive to Urban Outfitters, this turntable is now on sale for $79 instead of $99. Although the speakers work just fine, we suggest grabbing an amp and exterior speakers to go with it, for that ultimate, surround-sound home experience.

3 3D LED Gala Essential Oil Diffuser, When You Want To Chill Out In The Most Mellow Way Possible


To go with that essential oil set you were after, this 3D LED Gala Essential Oil Diffuser is exactly what you need to boost your mood and allow you the ultimate in relaxation. Shaped like a crystal ball and allowing you to meditate so deeply you will think you're looking into the future, all you have to do is plug it in, and the ultrasonic diffuser will humidify with its calming presence. It also offers up LED mood lighting into the equation, with over 14 colors to choose from, timed diffusion, diffusion variation, and 3D effects.

For 25% off of $65, it'll offer you up to 12 hours of continuous diffusion without having to re-fill its tank!

2 Katalin Printed Rug, When You Need That Subtle Pop Of Color On The Floor


The timelessness of Persian rugs has been around for years, in both history and popular culture. Known and adored or their intricate and complex designs, Persian rugs usually follow a rich color scheme made with precise craftsmanship, making them a choice for those who want to pamper their homes.Urban Outfitters' Katalin Printed Rug is inspired by these old Persian rugs, but with a modern, millennial twist. Imported and made out of cotton, it includes a sketched print with neon pop accents as opposed to the original hues of red, orange, and yellow. Perfect for any bedroom, living room, or hallway, these rugs pop perfectly against any sort of hardwood underneath them.

1 T-Shirt Jersey Duvet Cover, Because Simplicity Is Sometimes Best


 Inspired by that comfy t-shirt you wear practically every single day and never take off, this T-Shirt Jersey Duvet Cover will have you constantly lounging, wanting to stay curled up in its delightfully relaxing heathered cotton jersey fabric.

The cotton is easy to take care of, with you only having to machine wash it and tumble on low. That's a price to pay for making your bed seem like complete heaven! The duvet cover is currently on sale for 50% off of $99-$149, all pending on size and color. The variety of hues give you so many options to pick just whatever perfectly minimal combination you want for your bedroom.

References: The Oracle, Pendleton

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