25 Expert YouTube Beauty Gurus Who Will Help Any Makeup Amateur Become A Pro

YouTube used to be a place to check out funny pet videos, but these days people are making careers out of their YouTube presence. The platform has become an information hub for novices and professionals alike, especially when it comes to things like makeup. Beauty YouTubers or Guru’s have taken over social media with their extensive skills, a catalog of videos and overall charm. And people and brands have taken notice. Beauty and makeup YouTubers are often looked at as celebrities or rather internet famous and have amassed enormous followings.

We’ve put together a list of popular and talented YouTube beauty gurus who will not only teach you a thing or ten on how to do your makeup but also on how to take your skills to the next level even for the most inexperienced person. New beauty YouTubers pop up every day on the internet, but some of the gurus listed have stood the test of time and some are growing every day. Now it's time to freshen up that makeup and show off your brand new skills to your friends no one has to know you learned all your tricks off the internet, we won’t tell!! Hopefully your favorite made the list or you found some new gurus to follow.

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25 NikkieTutorials: Funny And Informative

Style Etcetera

Nikkie de Jager has been on YouTube for years and she’s only 24 years old. The popular YouTube makeup artist started her channel almost a decade ago as a secret from her parents and she’s grown to be one of the most popular YouTubers out.

Nikkie's love of makeup is very evident as she not only defends its use but champions how it makes you feel.

“I have been noticing a lot lately that girls have been almost ashamed to say they love makeup. Nowadays when you say you love makeup you either do it because you wanna look good for boys, you do it because you’re insecure or you do it because you don’t love yourself,” she said in a video according to the Huffington Post.

24 Patrick Starr: Makeup Game Changer


Patrick Starrr went from working at a MAC counter and being shamed for wearing makeup to having his own collection with the beauty brand. He’s changing the gender norms surrounding makeup and teaching you how to do your makeup all at once. “I started to do makeup, then hair, and then I started doing a hair, makeup, and photography package for weddings. By the time I was 17, I was an entrepreneur. I eventually got a job at M.A.C as a freelancer or an on-call artist. I had a month without work after the holiday season one year, and that’s when I started my YouTube channel. I was 21,” Patrick told The Cut in a 2017 interview. Check out Patrick for his full glam makeup looks.

23 James Charles: Newbie On The Block


James Charles meteoric rise to the top of the YouTube beauty game was quick. He was just a teen when he gained internet fame for his amazing makeup skills, but when CoverGirl tapped him as their first male spokesperson and his following exploded.

"Men and makeup aren't accepted by everybody, and that's OK..."

"...People have a right to their opinion. But when I get messages from people saying that my wearing makeup inspired them to do the same and feel more confident, it makes me so happy—I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world," James explained to Allure. Check out his perfect skin makeup video for a flawless complexion.

22 MakeupShayla: Former MAC Artist

Galore Mag

From broke MAC makeup artist to Instagram fame all the way to Maybelline. Shayla Mitchell rose to the top on Instagram, but she's now taken her skills to YouTube. Shayla’s self-deprecating attitude make her videos fun to watch then add her killer brows and eyeliner tutorials and her honest makeup reviews and you have the entire package. She's even landed her own Maybelline collection. “We worked on the collaboration for a year. I was thinking, ‘OK, let’s do it! But I’m not going to tell anyone about this because I don’t want to jinx it.’ When I went to the Maybelline labs, and that’s when I knew. I think that’s when I broke down in tears, too. And all the chemists were all female, by the way, which is really cool,” she told Covetour. She also has a ColourPop collection.

21 Jaclyn Hill: YouTube Veteran


Jaclyn Hill is a veteran on Youtube. She paved the way for most beauty gurus after she landed her own collections with several makeup brands.

Jaclyn may have deleted her first makeup video but her second, a Kim Kardashian tutorial, showed her she was on to something big.

“My first tutorial was Jan. 12, 2012. I was just like ‘Today, we’re going to be talking about the difference between bronzing and contouring.’ I was so robotic. I actually deleted that video — my second video is the one I kept up, and I refer to that one as my first. That was my Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial,” she told WWD. And the rest is history. Jaclyn's Morphe eyeshadow palette was a hit with fans and fellow beauty gurus alike.

20 Manny MUA: One Of Forbes Top Beauty Influencers


Manny MUA skipped over being a doctor to follow his dreams into the beauty business and his YouTube account helped him get there. "I have always been fascinated with it," he told Teen Vogue. "As a child, I would watch my mom get ready for work and just sit there for hours watching her transform. However, it wasn't until much later on that I really started to dabble in makeup myself." Manny’s known for his gorgeous eyeshadow looks and his band of buddies, which includes fellow YouTubers, Laura Lee and Nikita Dragun. Manny starred alongside MakeupShayla in a Maybelline campaign and has his own makeup brand, Lunar Beauty, Inc.

19 Huda Kattan: Beauty Entrepreneur

Huda Kattan’s family business Huda Beauty turned her from makeup artist to entrepreneur. She made the move from Oklahoma to Dubai with her family for her makeup business and it catapulted from there.

Huda started with lashes and now has an extensive line of products.

“I don’t wear make-up all the time and I do head out without it occasionally. But I enjoy wearing it and there are two products I use every day. First up are the Farah Faux Mink Lashes. These are pretty dramatic, but I just love them, the fibers are amazing. And the other is Lip Contour in Trendsetter. I made this for myself, it’s my perfect color. I even like to use it as a blush.” Check out Huda for fun tips and tricks.

18 Wayne Goss: Makeup Wizard


Wayne Goss is a no-nonsense kind of makeup artist. Don’t look to him for trendy makeup, but for classic and timeless looks. Wayne likes to keep it simple. He explains his makeup essentials to Charlotte Tilbury. “Always Magic Cream moisturizer, and then your amazing Wonderglow face primer. I never leave the house, regardless of what I’m doing, without using your Magic Cream. My skin is a combination, and it really helps keep it hydrated. A dusting of bright red blusher – NARS exhibit A – followed by my Bare Minerals Matte foundation, and your Filmstar Bronze and Glow on my temples. It’s so easy, and looks like you’ve been away on holiday!” Check out his videos for a full explanation and what’s a good technique and what’s just a fad.

17 Kandee Johnson: All Around Beauty Influencer


Kandee Johnson’s fun, huge personality shines through with her vibrant videos. She's been making beauty videos fun for years and she was even listed as one of Forbes top beauty influencers last year along with fellow YouTuber, Manny MUA. Kandee is a youTube veteran with a lot of experience, “When I first started, people were still going there to watch cats water skiing,” she told Cheddar. “It wasn’t what it is now.”

Beauty YouTubers took Kandee’s blueprint for their own success.

Look to Kandee for interesting transformations and a pop of color. She also has her own collection with Too Faced Cosmetics.

16 Desi Perkins: Novice Turned Guru


Desi Perkins has turned her love of makeup and art into a YouTube career. Desi’s love of creation shines through with her simple and doable makeup looks. Wait to the end of her videos to see her bloopers which are hilarious. “Creating something of our own and seeing the way our audience responds to it. That’s probably the most exciting thing for me. When you actually see the impact. You’re so in your room, filming, or on your phone and you don’t actually see the connection until you meet people or through twitter. When they’re so supportive of what you’re doing — that’s everything,” Desi told Makeup.com of her collection with Dose of Colors alongside best friend Katy (aka LustreLux on YouTube). One of Desi’s YouTube hits is her recreation of the late singer Selena Quintanilla.

15 Nicole Guerriero: Veteran YouTube Beauty Pro


Nicole Guerriero has made YouTube her career, from bartender to YouTube phenom “It took awhile, but once I hit 100,000 subscribers, I realized I could quit my job and do this for real. Companies were coming to me for sponsorships and I was being sought out by people for partnerships. It became a real career, and I love it,” she told StyleCaster.

Nicole has had several cool partnerships with Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit, the Eylure Eyelash Collection, and Bellami Hair extensions among others.

Nicole is known for her cool Halloween looks and everyday makeup looks along with a ton of hairstyles.

14 Iluvsarahii: Makeup Artist Turned YouTuber


Iluvsarahii or Karen Sarahi Gonzalez is a professional makeup artist turned beauty YouTuber.

She’s even given her tips and tricks on the E! News Network As a member of the network's Style Collective according to Famous Birthdays.

She started her career with Lancome before moving on to MAC. While working as a freelancer artist she worked with reality stars and celebrities. Karen is known for her sultry makeup where she takes you from basic to babe in a flash with her classically beautiful looks, but she loves a pop of color. The makeup artist has had several collaborations with the makeup brand, ColourPop.

13 Alissa Ashley: No Nonsense Makeup Master


Alissa Ashley makes doing your makeup fun. She’s known for her how-tos and beauty reviews on the hottest new products on the market. She’s worked with drugstore beauty brands, E.L.F. and NYX. She created a rosy nude lip gloss for e.l.f.

“I think people like gloss again because it makes your lips look so pouty and adds somewhat of an effortless feel to makeup.”

Her inspiration was Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty lip gloss according to EMCEE Network. Alissa makes makeup look easy and attainable. She’s now moved on to NYX and fans are in a tizzy on what her next product might be. She’s known for her eye art looks.

12 Eman: Everyday Makeup Artist


Eman’s taken her makeup skills to the masses with YouTube. She’s a creator of timeless and classic looks.” I started my YouTube channel because I was a new makeup artist and I wanted to practice doing makeup, so I would practice on camera..."

"...When I uploaded my videos, I didn't think anyone would watch, but they did. Then my channel grew naturally on its own..."

"...Now I do videos on everything from makeup to health, fitness, and fashion,” according to Alarabiya. Eman makes makeup look easy, but we aren't sure why Eman hasn’t reached 1 million followers yet. She's known for her popular celebrity looks.

11 Evon Wahab: Makeup Girl Next Door

Victoria's Glamour

Evon Wahab has been dazzling us with makeup looks for years now, since 2011 to be exact. The makeup guru will definitely teach you a few tricks on achieving her makeup looks. Now she only has a few YouTube video up on her channel, but she has millions of followers, especially on social media platforms like Instagram where she touts almost 2 million followers. Evon even launched her own makeup line, Memebox in 2015. Evon totally gives us Emily Ratajkowski vibes and in a few of her videos, she looks like she could be channeling her. Check her out for crisp beauty looks.

10 Jackie Aina: Energetic And Fun Influencer


Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, if you’ve seen her videos you know that Jackie Aina is full of energy and does not hold her tongue when talking about brands, positive or negative.

She’s taken her career from the Army reserve to the beauty big league.

She’s even helped the beauty brand, Too Faced expand their foundation line. “That's what I love about YouTube. It's a really unique platform in that, you can be from any freaking background, you can identify as any gender or non-gender. I love the fact that YouTube welcomes everyone,” she told Allure. Jackie’s been in the beauty internet world for a decade and is licensed cosmetologist and worked as a freelancer.

9 Lisa Eldridge: Pro Artist For All


Looking for a classic artist who’s worked on the faces of Cindy Crawford, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Nicole Kidman and more. She gives detailed step by step instructions on how easy and doable makeup can be. "I actually made a tutorial about this for my channel, 'My 5 Minute Makeup Look' (no editing!). It’s the makeup I do most days before work. I focus my foundation on the areas where I feel like I need coverage (usually around my nose and the center of my face), and team [it] with some pinpoint concealing to cover any marks and blemishes,” she told Refinery29.

8 Chloe Morello: Tutorial Connoisseur

Chloe Morello is like your best friend who knows everything about makeup except she’s on YouTube. She shows you what’s hot and what not all while giving you the best makeup advice. And did you know she worked in a Crematorium when she first started on YouTube?

"I started a beauty blog in 2011 but closed it down when I started my YouTube channel in 2012..."

"...I was working at a Crematorium in Canberra (no, I didn't put makeup on the bodies!) and needed a creative outlet to escape to. I started creating makeup looks after work and on the weekends and loved seeing the response from other girls who were equally as passionate about makeup as me. It's hard to believe I've only been doing this for four years now, ” she told Popsugar. Yes, it is!

7 Charlotte Tilbury: Classic Makeup

Makeup artists to the stars, everyone loves Charlotte Tilbury makeup. And she started her adventure into makeup young while she was off in boarding school. "I'm obsessed with psychology and the power of makeup," Charlotte tells Instyle. "It's not a frivolous thing." Charlotte knows how to transform the face with the power of makeup. Subtle changes can really transform the face. Charlotte has worked with Kim Kardashian, Penelope Cruz and models Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne. She even did Amal Clooney’s makeup for her wedding to George Clooney. Charlotte Tilbury makeup is pretty pricey, but celebs and beauty gurus love it.

6 Dope2111: Transformative Beauty

Promise Tamang also known as Dope2111 is one of the most transformative makeup artists on Youtube.

She’s been transforming herself into other people for years from celebrities like rapper Drake to the newly minted princess, Meghan Markle to fellow YouTuber NikkieTutorials.

She doesn't stop at recreating people she also loves characters like Shrek’s Princess Fiona and a Bratz Doll. Promise explained her Meghan makeup, which was highly requested, “Today I am turning into the new Duchess of Sussex ‘Meghan Markle’. You guys might be surprised but I really liked how natural and fresh her makeup was for the wedding. She looked effortlessly beautiful so I wanted to try to achieve the same when doing this,” she said in the intro to her makeup transformation.

5 Nyma Tang: Extensive Beauty Tuber


We first took notice of Nyma Tang when she reviewed the Fenty Beauty foundations. She’s known for talking about makeup for darker skin tones, tones usually forgotten by some brands. One of Nyma’s most popular, Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation Review garnered her a whopping 8 million views, some of the biggest beauty YouTubers don't get those kinds of numbers. She reviewed the brand's darkest shade. If you are looking to follow a makeup YouTuber who says makeup is for everyone and brands should follow along then you should subscribe to Nyma, who showing fans that foundations don’t just live on one side of the spectrum.

4 Pixiwoo: Makeup Artist Sister Duo

Pixwoo, the sister duo of Sam and Nic Chapman are YouTube veterans, But sister’s brand Pixiwoo didn't take off until one of the sisters needed time off to have her second child. “We were both already makeup artist working both on a counter and freelance and when Sam took time out to have her second child a friend asked her how to do a smoky eye makeup..."

"...Makeup is really hard to explain in writing so she filmed it a put it on YouTube suddenly other people started watching and commenting..."

"...I had taken a week off from work in London to come back,” Nic told Grazia Daily. Check out the sister’s channel for timeless, fun looks.

3 Sonjdradeluxe: Cool Makeup Pro


Sonjdradeluxe uses makeup as an art. She’s been known to dip her fingers in foundations when other need their entire brush set to create a look. “Makeup is my calling, it's what moves and inspires me. I love creating, and being unleashed through beauty and makeup. I love making people feel incredible,” she said according to NoGraceKelly. “I first got started by locking myself in the bathroom as a child and putting on all my mom’s makeup. I have a history in art and love painting and creating. I went to makeup school after high school and started building my career after that.” She’s down to earth with a super cool vibe.

2 Thomas Halbert: Creative Makeup Guru


Looking for a more creative makeup outlet, then Thomas Halbert might be up your alley. He’s known for his artistic and intricate makeup looks and his sky-high cheekbones, made by the makeup of course.

He gained notoriety when he did a few videos following the makeup tutorial of fellow YouTubers, JeffreeStar and James Charles (also on this list).

The series of videos took off and before you knew it everyone was following other YouTubers tutorials. It was a fun series, but some YouTubers were clearly not into it when Thomas made a few critics, ouch! We won't name names though.

1 Amanda Ensing: Lifestyle Expert


Amanda Ensing has gone from beauty guru to lifestyle expert from flawless foundation looks to summer makeup tips. She takes you from her wig applications to ‘Get Ready with Me’ videos in a flash all with a sweet personality. And she doesn't care what people, mainly what guys think about all her makeup. “For any guy watching this who thinks makeup is misleading. I’m sorry if you think my lashes are naturally this big and I naturally have a smokey eye, that’s on you,” Amanda said according to Allure. Preach it! Amanda is known for her step by step makeup and contouring looks.

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