25 Cute Little Products Every TV Fan Needs To Snag From Etsy

Watching TV is a central part of our culture and one of our favorite entertainment past times; we're living in an era where there is no shortage of TV shows to choose from! From the days of collecting seasons of TV on DVD to the countless choices of shows to stream, our favorite TV shows throughout our lives mean so much to us and have the power to influence who we are. Thankfully for those of us who love to Netflix and chill, there's no shortage of ways to show our love for our favorite TV fandoms!

If you've ever had the desire to show off your love for your TV favorites after you turn the TV off, you're in luck! The online marketplace Etsy offers a ton of products for sale, centered around any show you can think of. For the fan who wants to show off their love for their favorite shows in a unique fashion, there are so many cute products on Etsy to make you feel fancy! Displaying our devotion to our favorite shows on a t-shirt is always a worthy conversation starter, but it is possible to take things a step further; what if you could find a cookie jar featuring all of your favorite cartoon characters? Incorporating our love for TV just got a little cuter with an Etsy search!

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25 Gilmore Girls Luke's Diner Mug


Gilmore Girls gave us dreams of drinking coffee in a quaint coffee shop which serves as the central social hub in a quirky town full of lovable townies! Gilmore Girls fan know the importance of having coffee along with our oxygen is the only way to consume coffee, just like Lorelai Gilmore. The step to becoming just like Lorelai and Rory will be closer to completion with a coffee mug from Luke's Diner- the only worthy coffee in Stars Hollow!

24 Riverdale Jughead Pin


All of the shenanigans happening in Riverdale can be overwhelming but it's now a little easier to hold Riverdale's resident bad boy closer to our hearts! All of the drama from the breakout live-action adaptation of Archie Comics has kept us glued for nearly three seasons and having a Sprouse brother in the cast can't hurt. If you find yourself swooning over Jughead Jones, Etsy is your go-to source. This pin may be small, but it holds maximum hotness!

23 Gossip Girl 'All About That Bass' Shirt

via Etsy

All Upper Eastsiders have the ability to recall the slow drawl delivery of the line "I'm Chuck Bass" from Gossip Girl. Chuck Bass was the golden boy for those of us who dreamt of snagging a 'gossip guy'; we swooned when Chuck always proved his devotion to Blair no matter what they went through. If we can't find our own Chuck Bass, we can declare our love and preserve his face forever with a catchy "All About That Bass" shirt!

22 The Vampire Diaries Inspired Engagement Ring

The Vampire Diaries was beloved not only for its supernatural feel but for the intricate stories of each relationship arc. One of the most memorable relationships within the show was between Caroline and Stefan; fans were able to see life unfold for better or worse. One of the biggest highlights for the couple, (and happier events in their union), was their season eight wedding. Fans of the show can relive the storybook romantic wedding with a replica of Caroline's ring!

21 Pretty Little Liars Pillow


The drama on the hit series Pretty Little Liars was anything but soft! For seven seasons, the show kept fans tuned in for the big revelation of the identity of "A", and many of the plot lines kept us biting our well manicured black nails. The clues to "A"'s identity were laid out through cryptic text messages short and perfect enough to preserve on accessories like a cute throw pillow for decorating a goth-esque bedroom for a Pretty Little Liar!

20 One Tree Hill Bracelet

via Etsy

Relationship expectations were set extremely high with the couples on the 2000's teen drama, One Tree Hill, especially with the eternally lasting love between Nathan and Haley! A bracelet can seem to be something simple to some, but to 'Naley' fans, a sweet beaded bracelet is a dream gift. The bracelet was a symbol of hope for the future between the couple who were part of different social circles but they fell in love, married, and gave us relationship goals!

19 Lizzie McGuire Vintage Doll

via Etsy

Lizzie McGuire was the essential role model for girls growing up in the 2000's! She was a fashionista with a warm heart with a close-knit circle of family and friends. Lizzie felt even more real when she would reveal her thoughts as her cartoon self, giving us a closer connection with our dream best friend. Etsy features Lizzie McGuire dolls to give us warm vibes of nostalgia, especially the unique dolls featuring Lizzie's thoughtful cartoon alter-ego. Cartoon Lizzie would approve!

18 Stranger Things Eggo Sweatshirt

via Etsy

Netflix's series Stranger Things has something for everyone, no matter what you're into! The crew of Hawkins, Indiana battle the supernatural, while navigating the world of high school circa 1983. The show is full of references to pop culture, notably with the show's beloved sidekick Eleven, and her superpower to perform tasks using mind control; she memorably devours her beloved waffles using mind-power! This sweater embodies everything lovable about Stranger Things, who could go wrong with waffles and The Clash?

17 The Handmaid's Tale Birthday Card

via Etsy

Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, the television adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale has become one of the most relevant TV events in years! Despite the dark nature of the plot, viewers have made the show one of the highest rated in ages and the show has inspired one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas! Fans have shed light on the show by creating some products in tribute such as this "Blessed Be Your Birthday" card on Etsy.

16 Orange Is The New Black Pennsatucky Brooch


Out of all the women in Litchfield, Pennsatucky believes she is the one to bring peace and harmony to everyone on Netflix's Orange Is The New Black! A self-proclaimed healer, Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett can now bring you peace with this vintage-inspired brooch from Etsy! Perfect for when you have to deal with the Alex Vause's and Piper Chapman's in your life, Pennsatucky is there to bring you peace. Just don't let her lock you in a laundry room with Piper!

15 13 Reasons Why Bookmark


13 Reasons Why fans could probably think of 13 reasons to own this cassette tape-inspired bookmark! Cassettes are essential to the show's plot, as they contain the clues for Hannah Baker's death, and they guide the characters through the grueling process of solving her mysterious story, set behind a broad mix of tunes on the soundtrack. Each side of the cassettes contain clues specific to a key player in Hannah's life. Who knows, maybe these bookmarks could help Clay out!

14 Jane The Virgin Planner Stickers

via Etsy

These Jane The Virgin stickers from Etsy are much like the show's titular character: upbeat and bright! Being inspired to organize all of your tasks in one place can be pretty annoying, but these planner stickers can turn any planner from "drab" to "fab!" Inspired by various aspects of the show, Jane and company will inspire you to cross that one annoying item off of your to-do list, and make planning bearable. Plus, how cute are the "Team Rafael" stickers?

13 Girls Earrings

via Etsy

Hannah Horvath and her friends spend their days navigating through New York City in a post-graduate world trying to figure out the next step in life! Not surprisingly, the Girls of Girls chronicle a lot of ups and downs in their friendships and the eventual rise and fall of their romances. For those of us who believed Hannah and Adam were a better fit than Adam and Jessa, these earrings from Etsy allow us to keep Hannah and Adam together!

12 Pacey Witter Necklace

via Etsy

90's girls are probably well familiar with the "Pacey vs. Dawson" debate for the best man of Joey's heart! If you have ever wanted to spend a day canoeing with the gang in Capeside, Etsy has everything for your Dawson's Creek needs including this Pacey Witter necklace for you to passionately declare your love for Joey Potter's chosen beau! Don't tell Dawson, but 'I don't want to wait' for a cooler Dawson's Creek necklace. Show your loyalty to "Team Pacey!"

11 Michael Scott Fridge Magnet

via Etsy

Michael Scott has had many facades to his character, including the hilarious "Prison Mike" invented after Michael hears an employee at Dunder Mifflin remarked the office was equivalent to prison. The Office's boss hero can frequently be found attempting to teach the employees of Dunder Mifflin a lesson, which often results in an outcome of unexpected backfire for Michael. Fans of The Office could probably agree "none of us could say boo" to this "Prison Mike" inspired magnet from Etsy!

10 Friends Central Perk Decal

via Etsy

Think of the comforting aspects of your life; for millennials, a cup of coffee and reruns of Friends may come to mind! Who among us hasn't wished we could live our best lives in New York as the seventh "Friend" while having Rachel make us a cup of coffee at Central Perk? Could this Central Perk decal BE more perfect for the Friends fanatic in your life? Joey Tribbani would gladly ask "how you doin'?" to the decal every day!

9 Friday Night Lights Bracelet

via Etsy

There wasn't a more perfect bond for TV fans than the bond between Coach Taylor and his Panthers! Set in Dallas Texas, the show centers around a community held together by its love of football, constantly strengthened by the advice from Coach Eric Taylor, particularly the famous mantra "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose." Wearing a bracelet with Coach Taylor's famous words can serve as a reminder to stay calm and dream of team dinners with The Panthers at Applebee's!

8 Teen Wolf Clock

via Etsy

The classic supernatural franchise of Teen Wolf has clawed through popular culture since the release of the original film in 1985. More recently Teen Wolf was adapted for MTV and ran for 100 episodes- a testament to how popular the show was, and how we all secretly wished we could snag a beautiful werewolf for a boyfriend. This Teen Wolf clock adds a classic flair to your apartment decor while acting as a unique way to show off your fandom!

7 The OC Christmas Ornament

via Etsy

A throwback to the era of the early 2000's WB drama which was sunkissed by The OC for four seasons, with a holiday spin! This Christmas ornament is as dramatic as the lives of Marissa Cooper and the Southern California gang; the popping color scheme combined with the do-it-yourself use of the classic DVDs is perfect for the fan in your life who, like Marissa, still believes Rooney is a 'really good band!' and dreams of Christmas on the beach!

6 Boy Meets World Poster


For those of us who grew up in the 1990's, it was common for us to collectively take solace in a role model who taught us important lessons outside of the classroom! Boy Meets World brought us Mr. Feeny, the teacher who consistently gave Corey, Shawn, and Topanga advice, continuing long after graduation! Perfect for fans who have ever wondered which direction Mr. Feeny would point them toward, this poster from Etsy asks an essential question, what would Feeney do?

5 The Bachelor Candle

via Etsy

No matter what you think about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, it's pretty easy to get lost in the extremely romantic aesthetic of the show with twinkling lights, thousands of candles, and of course, roses! Etsy has something for everyone who has ever wanted to receive the highly coveted final rose including a hand-poured candle reminiscent of the romantic lighting on the show. The sweet vanilla scent can be the aroma of all of our glowing Bachelor and Bachelorette fantasies!

4 Grey's Anatomy Sweatshirt

via Etsy

Grey's Anatomy is the television show equivalent of an old friend; the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have been there for us through thick and thin! For years, the show has served as our weekly cry and we've made Thursday nights our weekly dates with our person. There's nothing better than keeping warm while we prepare ourselves for the demise of another beloved character than snuggling up with a Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital sweater to wipe away the tears!

3 Parks And Recreation Mug


Parks and Recreation's beloved town of Pawnee, Indiana is full of an eclectic cast of characters each with their own individual charm, including Leslie Knope, the hardworking and fabulously inspiring feminist we aspire to be! No matter what issues plague the town of Pawnee, Leslie is always upbeat and never fails to give 100% of her power to every situation! When the going gets tough, this coffee mug will remind us to give it our all just as Leslie would.

2 Walking Dead Bow

via Etsy

Anyone familiar with The Walking Dead knows zombies rule all in the post-apocalyptic world! The zombie life can understandably feel a little dirty but fans of The Walking Dead can breathe a sigh of relief; this bow can work as a necessary accessory to fight off some zombies, and give us a sense of pristine style while conquering the unknown. The grey and red aesthetic stay true to the original Walking Dead comic style for a sense of zombie approved rebellion!

1 This Is Us Socks

via Etsy

Grab the tissues! The hottest television show of the last year has kept us deep within our feelings! This Is Us has inspired millions from head to toe to laugh, cry, and give all of the hugs in the world. These socks celebrating the Pearson family and all of their sweet feels are reminiscent of Jack Pearson's advice to "just breathe" when times get tough and we need a little warmth in the world. These socks are 'Big Three" approved!

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