25 Cute Little Products Every Harry Potter Fan Needs To Snag From Etsy

Like most major fandoms, there are loads of Harry Potter-themed products for avid fans of the series. I mean, there are even Harry Potter theme parks with their own assortment of exclusive magical trinkets and products!

However, some mass-produced items can lead to disappointment, which is why sites like Etsy are so incredible. Supporting the economy of small-scale makers, brands, businesses, and craftspeople, AND getting something original and handmade? Sounds like a winning situation for everyone!

After some scouring through the site, we found 25 cute little products that every HP fan needs to get their hands on. From jewelry to clothing to home décor, there’s something for everyone, in a wide range of price points. While anyone can put gold and red stripes on something and market it as belonging to Gryffindor, we were a little more selective in our options.

For the Harry Potter lover who’s grown up a little bit and is maybe looking for a more mature take on the fandom and series that’s less kitschy and a little more chic, check out these 25 items and let us know if you’re adding any to your Wish List. (However, we recommend snagging them on the spot!)

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25 This Golden Snitch Choker

via etsy.com

Rather than go to all the effort of Harry in his Seeker capabilities to catch the Golden Snitch, this adorable choker from Etsy allows you to have it on you at all times!

Made by hand, this choker necklace is available in two sizes and two colors, bronze or gold.

For only $16.35, you don’t have to save your Sickles and Galleons for this “just because” gift! Buy it here, and automatically earn 10 points to Gryffindor! (Or whichever House into which you happen to be Sorted.)

24 These Lightning Bolt Earrings

via etsy.com

A lot of themed jewelry can look childish or cheap, but, fortunately for us, these lightning bolt earrings aren’t either! Made of hypoallergenic sterling silver, these tiny little studs allow you to take a bit of Hogwarts with you wherever you go.

The brass lightning bolts are soldered onto the silver backing, ensuring durability for whatever mischief you may find yourself in. With free shipping, over 1400 glowing reviews, and a price tag of $25.31 CAD, what are you waiting for? Buy them here.

23 This Dad Cap

via etsy.com

Considering that the Harry Potter series was set in the 1990s, it seems appropriate that you should pick up a ‘90s dad cap for yourself to celebrate your love of everything Hogwarts-related!

Honestly, it's super cute and looks pretty hipster. 

Made of washed cotton twill with an adjustable strap featuring an antique brass buckle, this minimalist hat features the embroidered iconic emblems of Harry’s glasses and lightning bolt scar. Not a fan of black? The seller will do her best to accommodate other color choices! Buy it here.

22 This Slytherin Charm Bracelet

via etsy.com

Slytherins may be the root of the anger and fear we've seen in the novels, but anyone who’s been on Pottermore and discovered that they actually belong in the House knows it’s important to have some Slytherin pride!

This charm bracelet is made of stainless steel with an adjustable bangle and two stainless steel charms. Not a fan of Slytherin? The seller has one for every House! While all feature the Sorting Hat, the second charm is a lion (Gryffindor), a raven (Ravenclaw), a badger (Hufflepuff), and the snake of Slytherin. Buy it here.

21 This Marauder’s Map Scarf

via etsy.com

Rather than disguise you like an Invisibility Cloak, this Marauder’s Map scarf will definitely make you stand out! The infinity-style scarf makes wearing it simple, and, made from a cotton knit fabric, it’s soft as well as durable.

The detail on the scarf is incredible and has left many customers satisfied.

While it’s probably not recommended for walking around in winter (like one would traipse the grounds of Hogwarts), as a fashion scarf, this is a gorgeous and fashion-forward nod to your favorite fandom. Buy it here.

20 This Sorting-Hat Bath Bomb

via etsy.com

Maybe you’ve already been Sorted on Pottermore, or maybe you’ve taken countless Buzzfeed quizzes to determine which Hogwarts House you belong in. If you can’t get enough of imagining where you’d live if you got to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, then this bath bomb is the thing for you!

100% vegan, these sneaky little white bath bombs won’t let you know what’s inside them until you run a bath and pop them in! Then, the water will turn red, blue, green, or yellow, depending on which House you’ve been Sorted into! Buy it here.

19 This Broomstick Tee

via etsy.com

For the person who loves Harry Potter but doesn’t like displaying their fandom or interests for everyone to see, we have this understated yet totally cute broomstick tee! Sure, you might not find brand names like Firebolt or Nimbus 2000 on them.

But if you’re a more low-key person, then this 100% cotton heathered tee is the one to buy!

Listed as unisex with a more relaxed fit, the shirt only comes in white, but is totally on trend with this season’s fashions. Buy it here.

18 This Hedwig Pin

via etsy.com

For the character whose death rocked us in the very beginning of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Hedwig definitely deserves a little recognition, don’t you think? Show your love of Harry’s snowy owl with this hard enamel pin that has been plated in gold – and only costs $12!

An incredibly elegant and subtle touch that can be pinned to jackets, bags, or wherever you’d like, this pin finally gives our criminally underrated Hedwig some much-needed love. Buy it here.

17 This Deathly Hallows Ring

via etsy.com

For all the drama and action the Deathly Hallows caused, the symbol of the three has struck a chord among Harry Potter fans, who regularly get it tattooed on their bodies.

However, some fans aren't as hardcore. 

If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, might we suggest this beautiful and delicate ring, handmade from silver and featuring a freshwater pearl in the center? The best part is that if pearls aren’t your thing, the ring is also offered with a synthetic pink ruby, amethyst, peridot, or garnet! Buy it here.

16 This Minimalist Phone Case

via etsy.com

Considering all the trouble you’re likely to get up to on your phone, we’d say the messaging on this iPhone case is entirely appropriate! Bearing the words that would seal the secret of the Marauder’s Map, this phone case is available for the recent iterations of the iPhone, beginning with the iPhone 6.

The back is made of real painted wood with a rubber bumper along the side to offer protection and durability, with laser engraving for the phrase. Sturdy and high quality, this should definitely have a spot on your Wish List, or you can buy it here.

15 This Embroidered Motto

via etsy.com

Cross-stitch and embroidery are incredibly popular right now, and so if you feel like adding a little HP DIY element to your home, let this embroidered motto be it!

We love the adorable simplicity of this piece, and the other Harry Potter options this seller has to offer!

Not pictured, but equally gorgeous are the favorite “Always” embroidery hoop, a punny Muggle phrase, and four hoops featuring the Deathly Hallows symbol, with a rose done in accordance with each of the House colors! Get the one pictured here.

14 This Punny Tank Top

via etsy.com

If you’re a fan of puns and a fan of Harry Potter (and let’s be real: who isn’t?), you’re going to love this cute racerback tank top, which may be the must-have item for a bachelorette party or just a girl’s night out!

Available in six sizes and five colors (black, white, navy, scarlet, mint), the decal is a heat transfer that is also available in a variety of shades, from white glitter to teal. For only $20, what are you waiting for? Buy it here!

13 These Cheeky Socks

A popular style of sock that encourages you to put your feet up and relax a while, these socks earn extra points for featuring a Harry Potter-themed phrase! Marketed as unisex socks, the wool-polyester blend allows some stretch and flexibility.

Plus, the grey, red, and white color scheme is very on-trend.

Written in the Harry Potter lightning bolt font made famous by the films and the American issues of the book, these cuties are a reminder to kick back every once in a while! Buy them here.

12 This Quidditch Hoodie

Now, this is the kind of sports merchandise we can get behind! This Quidditch hoodie will have you repping your House and Quidditch team pride in style and comfort. Available in four different colors in correspondence with the four Houses of Hogwarts, it may not be an official Hogwarts robe, but it’s certainly easier to get around in!

If hoodies aren’t your thing, the seller offers the exact same style in both sweaters and T-shirts! Get the one pictured here.

11 These Twinning Earrings

via etsy.com

If you’re still not over the tragedy that befell Fred, George, and the entire Weasley family, you may want to snag these earrings as a reminder.

It'll allow the boys to be back together again forever, this time in your ears!

Made of bronze and resin, the writing is taken from an upcycled copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – where, if you remember correctly, is where Fred met his untimely fate. Ensure these two pranksters are never separated again and buy them here.

10 This Flying Car Pin

via etsy.com

If you needed a little reminder about the mischief and mayhem Harry and Ron found themselves in from the very beginning of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, look no further than this enamel pin!

Featuring the boys and a caged Hedwig flying the Ford Anglia (before it was thrown into and thrashed by the Whomping Willow, but probably before they turned on the Invisibility Booster), this pin is a cute reminder of the early stages of Harry Potter. Get it here.

9 This Delicious-Smelling Candle

via etsy.com

Since none of us have ever been lucky enough to ride the real Hogwarts Express, getting a candle that smells like a delicious Cauldron Cake is the next best thing, right? The natural soy candle is scented like chocolate and buttercream, which means you’ll probably have to stop yourself from eating it!

Designed with a beautiful label, wood lid, and glass holder, this is just one of the many HP-themed candles the seller offers.

Others include Divination Class, Forbidden Forest, Headmaster’s Office, Luna’s Room, Wizard’s Holiday, Buttery Brew, and more! Buy this one here.

8 These Cute Spoons

via etsy.com

For all the mysteries and magic Hogwarts offers, there’s something to be said about visiting Hogsmeade and sitting down for a traditional wizard drink, like Butterbeer, Firewhiskey, or pumpkin juice! These three pub spoons are available as a set or for purchase individually, if you’re more of a Three Broomsticks girl and not so into having something from the Hog’s Head.

Stamped into the metal and etched with ink, the ink isn’t permanent, but the stamped engraving is forever. Buy it (or them) here.

7 This Travel Print

via etsy.com

For many of us who were swept away by J.K. Rowling’s storytelling, Hogwarts does feel like a very real place we wish we could visit.

What fans didn't sit around waiting for their Hogwarts letter, holding out some hope that it might all be real?

This travel print of the Hogwarts Express isn’t just high quality – it feels like it's a place that you can actually go to! We’re digging the retro vibe, and the seller has tons of options for other HP places! Get this one here.

6 These Drinking Jars

via etsy.com

With Mason jars still being incredibly popular in term of on-trend drinking glasses, these jars are an adorable addition to any kitchen and any Harry Potter fan’s collection!

Featuring a metal screw top lid, (straw not included), and three options – should you be feeling lucky (Felix Felicis), honest (Veritaserum), or mysterious (Polyjuice Potion) – these drinking jars are both whimsical and elegant, which is not an easy feat. All hand-painted, you can surprise your friends and buy them here.

5 This Quirky Keychain

via etsy.com

For when you’re wishing you had a magical broomstick instead of your regular Toyota, this keychain helps you along with that wishful thinking!

Made of high-grade aluminum, this quirky keychain features two charms.

First, the plate stamped with the phrase “Keys to the Nimbus 2000” (what, no Firebolt?) and a Tibetan silver broomstick charm. With over 1200 glowing reviews and a price tag of just over $12, this is a must-have treat you need to snag ASAP. Get it here.

4 This Dobby Tote Bag

via etsy.com

For the House Elf who met an untimely end after being so brave (or annoying, when we first meet him in the second novel, depending on your viewpoint), we have this tote bag printed with a teal polygon silhouetted image of Dobby, big bat ears and all. (There’s also a matching shirt!)

If you’re not a fan of the House Elf, this Etsy seller also offers a couple other HP tote bags to show your love of the series. Buy this one here.

3 This Addressed Pillow

via etsy.com

It may not be a Hogwarts letter, but it’s pretty close, so we’ll take it! While there are loads of decorative pillows bearing the Deathly Hallows symbol or Snape’s line, “Always”, we love the envelope theme of this cushion!

Although, hopefully you’re not living in a cupboard under the stairs!

Available in 16 different color combinations, you can also get this personalized with your own name to really experience some Hogwarts magic. Don’t be like Harry and wait to snag one – grab it here!

2 This Wooden Spoon

via etsy.com

With this wooden spoon bearing the Deathly Hallow symbol and the title of “Potions Master”, all you’re missing is a cauldron, some scales, and some magical ingredients from Snape’s Potions closet!

Super fun, durable, and totally affordable at only $7.20, this spoon is ideal for the Harry Potter fan and chef at home or the baker in the family, since magical potions and elixirs can be hard to come by in our world. Don’t wait and get it here!

1 This Cake Topper

via etsy.com

Whether Snape was a hero, villain, or in-between isn’t up for debate here, but we know for a fact that he loved and was devoted to Lily Potter.

Still adoring her after her passing, Snape truly captures the meaning of the word “Always”.

As such, what better sentiment to have when you’re getting married to the person who is your soulmate? Written in script with the Deathly Hallows symbol for the “A”, this acrylic cake topper comes in 17 different colors and four different sizes. Buy it here.

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