25 Creative Outfit Inspirations Based On The Best Street Style Looks From Paris Couture Week

Few and far between are the locations and destinations of the world where people can dress with absolute disregard for regular codes and societal norms. Celebrating creativity and fashion as an art form, Paris Couture Week is one of those places. The street style is always over-the-top, the styles carefully crafted and mixed.

Like a lab experiment where all of the controls have been lifted, fashion becomes lawless, and of that swirling entropy comes creation. Totally new ideas and concepts. That's why it's so fun to look through, and so interesting to pull from for inspiration for daily life.

Here, we have 25 of Paris Couture Week's endless street style looks, each featuring a breakdown of the outfit's best parts and details to find ideas for how to incorporate it into our own lives. Read on, and let the creativity flow.

25 Do A Deconstructed Leather Jacket

Photo By Chris Smart

What’s a gal to do when her all-red look needs a little-added warmth and her red jacket is at the dry cleaners? Add her trusty deconstructed leather jacket, of course.

Although we love the drama of this over the top look, it might not be so easy to wear IRL.

Our advice? Just take one or two cues from this high voltage creation. The chunky necklaces, or the mono-color maxi dress, or the platform shoes paired with an asymmetric jacket all would make an interesting and cool outfit addition with everything else kept minimal and easy to wear.

24 Go For The (Mari)gold

Photo By Chris Smart

Marigold, more recently known as Gen-Z yellow, is seemingly the color of the moment. We can’t get enough of it either and love the billowing yellow dress pictured here. The volume of the skirt is understated but impactful and plays off of the tailored top well.

With a dress this striking, she could have gone with plain accessories, but the two artistic touches make this outfit even more memorable. Her graffitied Converse add a bit of middle school cool to the look, but the beautifully braided leather bag adds the perfect amount of sophistication to the ensemble.  Definitely try this at home.

23 Go Boldly Into Layering

Photo By Chris Smart

We love this no-holds-barred, fearless approach to layering.  The shin length slip dress’s washed-out coloration is mirrored and amped up tenfold in the bold tie-dye top.

Her Dior lady bag has a very tailored shape, but the funky rainbow graffiti print keeps it on brand.

Her shoes are slightly more understated, though still featuring pilgrim buckles, but her lawful bun is what keeps things together. If you want to try a dangerously colorful layered look like this, our advice is to keep accessories and beauty streamlined and simple and let the clothing shine!

22 Find Your True Business-Casual

There are plenty of Monochrome suits in street style today, so only the ones with serious character and styling skills stand out. Firstly, the fact that she’s wearing a velvet suit in summer is major; the extremely relaxed fit is probably what’s saving her from sweating to death. That baggy fit is what we love so much about this particular look: it takes something tailored and business-like and gives it youthful urban energy. Her casual raw-hemmed crop top, chunky sneakers, and baseball cap magnify this, taking the power suit to the streets.

21 Take It Apart And Put It Back Together

This look is a case-study in making eveningwear daytime appropriate. The fabulous sculptural mini is the true meaning of the word deconstructed.

A perfectly good long line blazer was taken apart to make this look, and we aren’t even mad about it.

To keep her mini from being too cocktail, she styled it with a white tee underneath, which works with just about any dress. Her clutch and minimal accessories let the dress do the talking, and not pictured (but important) are daytime flat shoes!

20 Pants Don't Always Need To Be Invited

OK, so maybe there are a few places where you probably can’t wear this look… The supermarket, work, to pick your kid up from daycare… but there are also definitely places that you can! In what would probably be the hottest date look ever, the sheer skirt is in. Find one that is similarly bedazzled, and black is always easiest. Hot pants are fine, as worn here, but we’d pair it with spandex bike shorts and a similarly tailored top. The ladylike pump seals the deal. Next!

19 Define A Pink Puff

Few things in this world are better than cream-filled pink macarons, and this woman took her love for the French cookie to the next level by dressing like one.

The micro knife pleats encompassing this dress allow it to maintain its structure, namely, that delicious puffed out sleeve.

The real lesson to be learned here is in the styling, though; no matter how wild the dress, a coordinating sash can *tie* things together (Get it?). Add a few accessories in the same color and you have a look!

18 Double: A Shorts-Suit Set And A Serious Statement Skirt

Fashion friends are the *best* friends. The woman on the left is in an amazing suit set, which says “Girlboss” all over it if you ask us. The unapologetic fluorescent pink color announces her arrival, and the perfect length professional shorts seal the deal. Her untucked white button-down is an understated classic, and her matching white pumps and structured bag add to the CEO vibe. Her lack of jewelry lets the focus stay on her tailored clothing.

The other woman is letting her wild side out. The statement print on her colorful skirt would make it stand out already, but the pink feather trim really dials up the drama. Her periwinkle textured polo top also says “business,” with a structured collar and monotone buttons. Her electric lime green heels coupled with her white bag finish the eclectic look, adding polished details without sacrificing fun. Definitely try a shorts suit or a no-holds-barred skirt like these ladies!

17 Bring Back The Flare

We hope this is us when we're older. This woman is the definition of effortless, with of-the-moment sunnies, the perfect slouchy striped button down, an IT bag, and the world's coolest haircut, pre-wrapped sandwich in hand.

Her flares are a dreamy dark wash indigo, and in a cut so timeless she could have had them in the 70s or just bought them yesterday.

Her chunky red heels just barely peek out from under the denim, showing us she totally has a wild side. Also, she somehow makes a bold red lip look totally natural and casual, which is the superpower you win when you've totally mastered glamour. In a bid to become more like her, it's time to go buy flared jeans!

16 Go Western, But Also Hamptons

Photo By Chris Smart

Although the Western look is super trendy right now, things can easily get too cowgirl when you wear it head to toe. That’s why we love this look so much; they paired Western with its anthesis, Hamptons style, and did it well, head to toe. The billowing high-waisted pants are right off of a Southampton beach, as is the linen fabric. The collar shape, shoulder structure, patterned cut-outs, and boots are all textbook cowboy, but look fresh and cool here. It's always fun to see unexpected combinations, and who would have known there could be so much controversy in the details of an all-white jumpsuit!? Definitely, something to try!

15 Take It Off-The-Shoulder

Wear the off-the-shoulder top trend in a totally different way: while peasant blouses and billowy off the shoulder summer looks have gotten super popular, we love the idea of doing a tailored top in a similar style.

Look for one with structural stitching and polished details like this.

Note the even bottom hem and lapel-top details, plus the body-hugging seams and the contrasting black buttons. We prefer a top like this paired with trousers to jeans, but her oversized no-frame sunnies and a pile of necklaces make this look!

14 Linen Pants And A Beret For Paris Couture

Some say linen is made for beach vacations; we say, why let beach vacations have all the fun. We love a pair of clean white linen trousers for summer in the city, and what better city for a laid back, romantic look than Paris? This wrinkled just-so jumpsuit is perfect in crisp white and dresses up for the city easily with an accompanying red beret. The flat nude sandals complete the look without trying too hard to make it “urban,” although a good colored oxford loafer would work here too!

13 Long, Tan And Handsome

Photo By Chris Smart

Head to toe tan is definitely having a moment, and we love it even more in this tailored jumpsuit. The Insta-feed-friendly shade looks cool and relaxed here, in a short-sleeved Safari inspired jumpsuit.

The high-waist makes adding a belt bag a no-brainer, and this chocolate colored crocodile skin number goes perfectly.

The stylist crisps things up with a pair of clean white pumps, and the chunky gold W necklace takes things for a playful turn.

To try this at home, combine a single-color solid jumpsuit with tailored accents with a belt-bag and a pair of office-appropriate shoes. Voila.

12 Match Your Shock Value Pieces

The extreme wide lapels, tiny bag, and flash of bra may seem like too many “shock value” items going at once, but they work here simply because they all go together. Not only are they all black colored, but they are similarly shaped and sized, which prevents the look from being overwhelming. One thing we don’t like here are those blue platform heels sticking out from underneath the extra long pants; they’re not following our shock value advice of keeping to the theme, and look totally out of place! The thick blue platform seems as though she didn't realize her pants were too long and threw on the only pair of heels she had high enough to not drag her hems. Oops.

11 A Little White Dress That Isn't Tired

A little white dress is a classic summer standby, and once you have one, it’s hard to bring yourself to retire an old favorite.

This Victorian-pirate number should change a few minds out there; it’s time for a new LWD!

Similar styles to the one shown here are available from For Love and Lemons, featuring plenty of ruffles, ribbons, and laces, done in a number of styles and cuts. From short sleeves to long to off the shoulder to spaghetti straps, the LWD comes in countless iterations, so the details are where you really have fun and find something unique. Invest in one and wear it everywhere, just be careful eating pizza!

10 Add Trim

Photo By Chris Smart

One way to amp up any summer dress is to add trim, whether you buy it that way or DIY it.  The light brown leather details make this voluminously pleated dress modern, and the matching shoes all the more special. Although we love the sporadically placed trim here, when in doubt, along the hems is the safest bet for DIYing. Another good idea is to stick to a complementary color, like the tan/light brown combo featured here, although a contrasting shade could look just as good if you’ve got the confidence to pull it off!

9 Paperbag-It

The paper bag trouser is the most underrated fashion trend of the last several years. They look sleek enough to wear to the office, but are much more comfortable than traditional trousers and allow you to adjust your cinch-level if you tend to eat too much at lunch (us too).

Worn casually here, they definitely work best with tight-fitting tops but could be dressed up with a long sleeve and/or a more work-centered shoe.

We'd suggest either a chunky heel or a slick loafer, and a tight-knit top (stay away from anything ribbed to keep it from being too casual!).

8 Wear It Backwards

Cargo pants! Ankle boots in summer! Backwards button down! There is so much going on in this seriously stylish look, and so much to love. Turn your work shirt into a party shirt by pulling it off the shoulder and twisting it around, and then tuck it into a pair of pants as fabulous as these. Although you can make cargo pants work with certain sandals, it’s probably easiest to wear them with boots, like the dope patent leather pair worn here. A subtle heel lengthens her legs while dressing things up, but her chunky black fanny pack is perfect for this daytime look.

7 Find One Hue

Some people just know what they like! This woman is clearly into warm hues and is not afraid to show it. Her bright red dress is attention-grabbing and totally flattering, wrapping around the waist in a cinch without pulling too tightly. The deep V neckline is the perfect canvas for a drop earring, and this shiny tangerine pair fits the bill.

Her cream colored bag is a mostly neutral addition, except for the contrasting yellow stitching that matches the warm-toned look perfectly.

The real lesson here is to pay attention to details and stick with your color plan!

6 Go Mono-Brand

You've heard of monochrome, sure, but have you heard of mono-brand? Although we're totally swooning over this all-Chanel look (who wouldn't be?) it doesn't have to be a couture designer to work! Lots of brands feature small details and notable brand motifs that take wearing all one label up a notch. For example, Coach's affordable luxury product line extends to Ready To Wear now, and nothing looks better tucked under one of their leather jackets than a prairie-style patchwork Coach dress, with matching leather pieces. The same goes for any company you can think of: match the details, and the look will be strong!

5 Stud It Up

Fashion's coolest detail is having a hot moment: studs are very in. And we're not talking about those Valentino studded pumps every blogger wore at once two years ago, we're talking these punk-details popping up on clothing.

High-waisted black trousers with pockets and hems heavy with studs? Sold.

A back-brace/bib looking vest contraption lined with studs? Maybe a little harder to pull off, but still so cool! We appreciate how neither woman took their studs too far: one piece is a cool statement, all over becomes a costume. Plus the basic color palette of black and red makes it easy!

4 Fire Up Your Fuschia

Photo By Chris Smart

Boom. Fuchsia dress. Done.

Okay, so maybe it's not that simple, but a bright pink dress certainly does make a strong statement with minimal effort. The color is definitely more prevalent in the summer, and it does look amazing next to a tan. Look for a dress with a basic silhouette similar to this, but with one built-in feature that makes it cool, rather than always having to add one in with accessories. For this dress, it's the overly long sleeves. These allow her to keep her styling effortless; a pair of white heels, a fun bag, a cool earring. Now we're done. Boom.

3 Mismatch Your Shoes

Photo By Chris Smart

Hey, you! Cool Gal! When's the last time you left the house wearing two different shoes? Well, we're glad to hear that you have it so together, but one woman's rushed morning mistake is another's style inspiration.

If the shoe is so nice you have to buy it twice, do, and then wear one of each.

The classic silhouette with matching details (sole color, heel height) show that this styling was, in fact, intentional, and definitely cool. Worn well here with leather trousers, this look could be tweaked to work with just about any outfit. Just make sure you also find a fruit-shaped clutch, because why wear one toddler's dream when you can wear two?

2 Own The Sheer Trend

So maybe we don't all have the confidence to prance around (or stomp, you do you) in sheer dresses with only grannie panties and no bra on underneath. That doesn't mean we can't get in on the sheer dress trend! This one looks great with her scalloped-hem shorts underneath partnering with her black bra, but the options are really endless, especially when you stick to all black. Bike shorts, leggings, cropped tees, and tight-fitting rompers are all good options, however, definitely make an exit strategy for when you have to de-layer all of it to use the restroom!

1 Put The Pedal To The Metal


Have you ever been walking down the street and just wished somebody would bust out a disco ball and have an impromptu dance party? Well, this just in: you can be that disco ball. Since the dress is tight, the boots are slouchy. Since the hem is high, the boots are too.

And, since the dress is totally over-the-top and covered in tiny silver square sequins, it follows suit that the boots should be too.

Maybe not ideal for just walking down the street in, wear something that emulates this too the club and you'll be the center of attention (because they might hang you up next to the disco ball, sorry!).

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