25 College Hacks Every Student Can Use For The Upcoming School Year

Here you are, you're finally at the point of graduating high school and on the cusp of an emerging adulthood! There are countless decisions you might be facing as you approach the highly coveted "grown-up status", and you have no idea where to begin planning for the rest of your life, and the thought of making such big decisions can be stressful; it's totally normal to have not a single clue regarding how to achieve the next step in your ever-evolving life!

For many, attending college can be the solution to figuring out how to fit the metaphorical puzzle pieces of life together. From the moment we watch our first coming-of-age movie or see our older sibling receive a taste of adulthood by moving away to college, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities for the next few critical years of our lives. Don't worry if it's easy for you to be swept into the "College is the first day of the rest of your life" narrative because so many people have been in your shoes, too! Making the transition to a full-time college student can be an incredibly confusing time where you're plagued with a million different questions, and don't know where to start in navigating through the wonderful world of university! Whether you are brand new at the whole college thing, or if you are a seasoned senior pro, there is always something new to learn, no degree required!

25 Buy Two Of Everything So You Don't Forget Any Essentials On Your Move-In Day

Anticipating your upcoming transition into college can be overwhelming enough, but preparing for last minute supplies doesn't have to be! If you're moving into a dorm, your first day is going to be extremely hectic and your mind will be traveling a million miles per hour, so make sure to plan ahead when buying your essentials. When you go back to school shopping, buy two of everything, even if you don't think you'll be needing an extra item. No worries!

24 Try To Strike Up A Conversation With Your Roommate Before You Move In


Everyone's roommate situation is unique, but the nervousness of sharing a space with a stranger is universally overwhelming! If you're able to get in touch with your roommate before you two arrive at campus, strike up a conversation! Add your roomie on social media so you can peruse their interests, and send them a message. Keep it casual and don't worry about perfecting your text; chances are your roommate-to-be is nervous, too! You'll save time and avoid any potential awkward run-ins!

23 Do A Quick Survey Of All Campus Dining Areas

Once you're settled into your dorm, it's time to explore your new home away from home! Go explore your new campus and locate all of the campus hotspots, specifically the dining options! Do your research on the best options to fit your culinary needs; find the best place for a late night snack option, and scope out the places where you're able to grab a bite on the healthier side. Locating all of your campus' food spots early satisfies cravings!

22 The Library Is Your BFF

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You've heard it all your life; libraries are incredibly important resources and you must utilize them! Well, the rumors are true, using the library during college, especially in a technology dominated world, is extremely beneficial! Not only are libraries often the quietest spots on campus, they are home to a ton of things for your entertainment; reading for pleasure or browsing your campus library's collection of DVDs or CD's, can provide you with hours of much needed (and free) downtime!

21 'Free' Will Be Your Favorite Number

College is costly, literally and figuratively, so research all possible inside information for free material for some relief! Believe it or not, you may not have to look far for some free swag; your campus can be a huge advantage, especially during the first few weeks of the semester. Many campuses hold first-week-of-school fairs, and campus organizations provide some free necessities, like a t-shirt, water bottle, or even a slice of pizza! Take advantage of these gems; it's free(dom) for you!

20 Handwrite Your Notes

Bringing your laptop to class for note typing seems like a no-brainer necessity, but hold off if you can! Writing your notes by hand can do your brain a favor; writing can help you with comprehension and you'll be able to include more details. Your professors will also take notice of your note taking style. They will admire you for coming to class distraction free! Lecture time is valuable, and you will be rewarded for effort by earning better grades.

19 Stay Hydrated And Drink Water Constantly!

College can quickly become stressful with your extremely busy schedule. Between juggling your workload and managing your social life, it can be easy to grab a drink loaded with caffeine at all hours of the day. When you're wired from your third trip to Starbucks in one day, your chances of crashing earlier and faster are increased, which makes finishing your work more difficult! Reduce your cravings for coffee and a nap by drinking water. Your body will thank you!

18 Study With Soothing Background Music

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Spending time studying after a long day of classes can feel like the absolute worst, but there are ways to make the process less painful! Go over your work while listening to a soothing soundtrack. It's tempting to blast your favorite tunes to make studying more bearable, but you'll probably spend more time belting out all 25 songs from Drake's new album, than spending time memorizing the periodic table! Listen to some soothing ocean sounds, or wordless classical music, instead.

17 Get Your ZZZZ's... Pulling Allnighters Isn't Healthy

When you're in college, you quickly learn the value of a free moment, but make sure those free moments aren't happening when you're supposed to be sleeping! Make sure to schedule your study time during the day instead of cramming at the library at 2 am. When you pull an all-nighter to finish assignments, you're more likely to find yourself fighting sleep, and you'll have a higher chance of waking up extremely stressed the next day. Please, choose your sleep!

16 Skipping Breakfast Might 'Break' You

"Hectic" might be an understatement when describing your morning schedule in college! The world often seems like a blur from the moment your alarm goes off and you rush out the door, with or without a matching pair of shoes. No matter how busy your morning routine may be, set some time aside to eat breakfast! Eating breakfast can have an impact on your entire day; you will be more awake for an early class, and you'll have long-lasting energy.

15 Create A Class Schedule That Benefits Your Lifestyle

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One of the first tasks you will complete as a college student will be the very important job of creating your class schedule for the semester. Chances are you'll have a helpful administrator to guide you through the class selection process, but one tip they won't share with you is the importance of creating a schedule that fits you, and only you! If you find getting up in the morning is difficult, schedule later classes with enough time to spare.

14 Always Have An Umbrella On Hand

Overplanning for your day can come really easy in college, especially when your busy schedule takes you far from your dorm! One extra item which will never count as excessive is an umbrella! You never know when the weather will change quickly and a rain will fall without warning. It's totally better to be a little more prepared than having to walk around campus completely soaked! Most umbrellas are easy to carry around, and never fail to complete an outfit.

13 Plan Your Life And Use A Planner

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One of the first lessons you will learn in college won't happen in class; one of the first (and most helpful) tips which will take you through your college career and beyond, is to invest in a planner! Your calendar of social and academic events will fill up fast, and keeping track of your busy life will make you feel so much better and way less overwhelmed! Planners can be found anywhere, and many campuses provide them for free, too!

12 Profess Your Questions To Your Professor

The root word in "professor" is "pro", and it definitely rings true for all of your professors! College classes can be different sizes; some classes will have more students than others, which can make forming a relationship with your professors a little intimidating. Never fear, your professor is there for you, no matter how many students are in your class. If your material starts to feel a little overwhelming, alert your professor! Your professors want to see you succeed!

11 Utilize Any Available Scholarships

College can be incredibly helpful for anyone in countless ways; you will learn so much both inside and outside of the classroom! Everyone should have the chance to attend college, and there are options to make it possible! Research as many scholarships as possible and take note of the ones you specifically qualify for. Scholarships can also provide financial relief for those who are already enrolled in school, as well! Fill out as many scholarship forms during your spare time.

10 Capture Every Moment With A Photo!

College is a whirlwind of highs and lows, filled with love and lessons. No matter how long it takes you to complete college, be aware it will pass you by so much faster than you realize! Take time out of your busy schedule to document all of your experience; you will be very grateful to yourself later after graduation! Capture every moment possible with pictures, and be sure to save those Snapchats or important Instagram stories. Your memories are sacred!

9 Meet As Many People As Possible

Your mom has probably told you this piece of advice already; meeting as many people as possible during college is extremely important! In the first few weeks of school, try and say "hi" to everyone you see, no matter where you might be at the moment. Meeting people in different settings on campus is helpful because you're more likely to meet many different types of people! Don't worry if you don't "click" right away; finding your people can take awhile!

8 Find Out The Scoop On Your School

Campus will become your home, no matter if you live on campus or not. Find time to walk around campus aimlessly to explore; you may learn some unknown secrets or shortcuts around your school! Ask for the shortest route to class in the morning, maybe you'll discover cutting through a secret hallway in a building is the fastest way to get to class. Are there professors who provide helpful study sessions? Discovering the scoop on campus can be so helpful!

7 Befriend Someone In Each Class

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Meeting new people during college is exciting in general, but meeting people in your classes can be especially helpful! Becoming friends with at least one person in each of your classes can be beneficial because friends can make a class more bearable in multiple ways; you can bond over your professor's irritating voice, or peek at the cutie sitting across the room! From an academic standpoint, having friends in your classes provide a much-needed outlet for notes if you miss class!

6 Set Alarms For Absolutely Every Occasion...Ever

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Pardon the pun, but setting alarms for every occasion in college will make you feel much less 'alarmed.' You're absorbing so much information on a daily basis, it can be easy to forget anything at all! Setting alarms on your phone to remind you of your tasks, no matter how big or small they are, can be lifesaving. If you're taking a 15-minute nap, washing clothes, cooking a grilled cheese, or waking up in the morning; set those alarms!

5 Drink Tea At Night So You'll Be Able To Catch Some ZZZ's

Don't get me wrong, caffeine will become your best friend in college, but it's really easy to have way too much. When you're cramming for a test or having a simple mid-afternoon coffee pick-me-up, the amount of caffeine you consume will add up fast! If you need caffeine later in the day, switch your latte for some tea! Tea can provide you with a brain boost for awareness; according to Health.com, tea is "known to boost brain health." Yum!

4 Keurigs Make More Than Coffee!

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Let's all admit it; our Keurigs are so important to us, they might as well be an extra arm! Using a Keurig can be the first thing we do upon waking up in the morning in order to get our coffee fix, but did you know your Keurig can assist you with making more than coffee? Use your Keurig to make Ramen noodles; you can save time with using it for water! Our coffee making friend helps us out immensely.

3 Work Out A Study Reward System

Studying for multiple classes can be a chore, especially when you would rather be doing anything else at all! Learning and gaining knowledge is one of the most beneficial actions for life, so studying is extremely important! Do what you can to make studying bearable and create a reward system. Have you been reading for half an hour? Reward yourself by watching an episode of your favorite TV show, lasting the same amount of time! Treating yourself has its benefits!

2 Let Go Of Expectations

If you've grown up hearing what a milestone going to college is, the transition to college can be especially overwhelming, due to many expectations! When the time comes, do your best to undo every expectation you've ever had about college. Don't worry if you don't immediately make a long-lasting friend. You have plenty of time to meet a special someone! Don't pressure yourself to constantly make outstanding grades; take your time and keep an open mind. You will be fine!

1 Hug Your Parents A Little Tighter

If you look around campus on move-in day, chances are you will see a sea of parents, hugging their children for a moment too long, or constantly taking pictures of their kid's every move. If these situations remind you of your parents, embrace these moments, and try not to roll your eyes! Your parents are also undergoing a transition, too; their child is leaving their nest for the complex real world! Hug your parents a little tighter and give love!

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