25 Celebs Who Are Huge Fangirls (Just Like The Rest Of Us)

While the term “fangirling” is relatively new, people have actually been doing it for the better part of a few centuries–ever since the spotlight became an actual thing. People were falling head over heels for Shakespearean actors back in the playwright’s day. Famous composers were obsessing over stage actresses so much so they became muses to most of their work.

Women and men alike were drooling over The Beatles and Elvis Presley. And everyone knows millennial girls were fangirling over the kid known as J.T.T. (actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas) back during his Home Improvement days.

But these days, the act itself finally has a term, and EVERYONE does it. Yes–everyone. People are people and when they meet someone who they deeply admire from their line of work, of COURSE, they’re going to freak out momentarily before regaining their strength long enough to ask for a selfie, which is what most of these famous celebs did to other famous celebs.

Everyone from Drake to Rihanna to Reese Witherspoon to the cast of Game of Thrones to yes, even Oprah herself, these 25 celebrities have been caught, on camera and on social media, losing their marbles over meeting or talking to their own favorite celeb and it's totally relatable (and adorbs).

25 Drake Screeching Over Millie Bobby Brown Is A Mood


If you haven’t watched Netflix’s uber-popular sci-fi series Stranger Things yet… well, we really don’t know what to say.

Rapper Drake is one huge fan, so when he finally met Millie Bobby Brown (who plays Eleven in the show) he really couldn’t hide his fandom.

The two are apparently close friends now and text each other all the time. And, of course, she is a major fan of his so when she heard he was fangirling over her, she, in turn, freaked out and did the same.

24 Anne Hathaway Basks In Mariah Carey’s Presence

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Stars run into each other all the time of the red carpet, so it’s no surprise that sometimes, the camera will catch a celebrity fawning all over another celebrity who they happen to admire from usually a distance. In this case, it was actress Anne Hathaway rightfully fawning all over superstar singer and diva Mariah Carey when she caught sight of her in the background as she did an interview. As if right on cue, Anne freaked out at being in the diva’s presence.

23 Taylor Swift Is All Of Us When She Meets Chance The Rapper


It’s often said that when two stars collide, we’re in for, basically, a supernova event that transcends all we consider to be beautiful.

This happened to be the case when it came to superstar singer Taylor Swift and the international mega rapper Chance the Rapper.

Taylor has never been shy about when she fangirls over celebrities she’s fond of, and Chance was no different. You can see the look on her face in the photo–it seems to scream “I GET TO HUG CHANCE!”

22 … Speaking Of Taylor, Who Wouldn’t Lose Themselves Over Ian McKellen?


Like we said before, Taylor is a mega fangirl herself and she’s not afraid to show it. However, this is a strange case: After both Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart did dramatic readings of lyrics from Taylor’s album “Bad Blood” they both asked to meet her via Twitter and, of course, Taylor freaked out online and squealed with delight. I mean, when the two greatest actors in the entire world ask to meet you, you act accordingly. And by accordingly, I mean freak out.


21 Jennifer Lawrence Is Out To Prove How Normal She Is By Being Stunned By Bill Murray


Jennifer Lawrence is basically everyone’s best friend. She’s the girl we want to go out and party with and then have brunch with later in the week when we’re all nursing a hangover.

And, of course, we find it enduring when she freaks out over meeting other celebs like one Bill Murray.

We can only imagine what they both said to each other while screaming at the top of their lungs on the red carpet–hopefully, they discussed plans to make a movie together?

20 Cara Delevingne Wants To Be Reese Witherspoon’s Bestie


We’ve all wanted to be Reese Witherspoon’s best friend since seeing Legally Blond all those years ago and our need has grown even stronger with her recent wave of successful ventures, including starring in HBO’s hit limited series Big Little Lies. And obviously, supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne shares our sentiments. When she met up with Reese, she couldn’t help but give her a hug and fawn all over the actress because… hello, well, she’s Reese Witherspoon. You always should hug Elle Woods if she’ll let you.

19 The Mutual Fangirling Styles Of Taylor Swift And Lady Gaga


Every year, it seems like singer/actress Lady Gaga is on top of the world. Whether she’s headlining a Super Bowl halftime show or she’s starring in American Horror Story, she seems to blow up everything she happens to grace with her presence.

And this year is no different thanks to her show-stopping role in A Star Is Born.

So what happens when someone like Lady Gaga meets and fangirls all over someone like Taylor Swift? Fireworks, fireworks is what you get.

18 Demi Lovato Isn’t Shy About Her Love For Kerry Washington


For us normal folk, social media is a way to connect with other people from walks of life online. They even help us connect with celebrities sometimes. And, more often than not, it helps celebs connect with other celebs, which happened to have been the case with actress Demi Lovato who gushed about Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope (Scandal) on Twitter. Well, as you’d have it, Kerry got a peek at Demi’s tweet and answered her back, sending Demi into a tailspin of overwhelming happiness.


17 Selena Gomez Gets To Meet Jennifer Aniston And Has To Remind Herself Not To Faint

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Even though both of these women are extremely famous, you have to give Jennifer Aniston the slighter edge here because she’s been around Hollywood for a little longer than Selena Gomez has (and yes, both have been in the business since they were fairly young).

So, it made sense when Selena absolutely tried to hold it together when she came face to face with the Friends icon.

And the hug must have really sent her over the top, cause it would have with me.

16 The Spice Girls Wow Us Too, Emma Stone

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If you’re a millennial woman, chances are you freaked out over the Spice Girls like the rest of us. I mean, how could you not? Actress Emma Stone is just like us in that sense. When she was touring for her latest Spiderman movie a few years ago, she was surprised on a radio show by The Spice Girls (notably Scary Spice and Sporty Spice) on Facetime. Seeing Emma freak out over the call was especially charming because we all know how she must have felt.

15 Jennifer Lawrence Calmly Freaks Out Over The Homeland Cast


Jennifer Lawrence has never been one to hide her emotions, even if it’s on the red carpet in front of a bunch of cameras.

The night she met some of the cast of Showtime’s award-winning drama series Homeland was no exception either.

When talking to Access Hollywood, actor Damian Lewis (who played Nicholas Brody) happened to be doing an interview not far from Jennifer and she saw him and just lost it. He, of course, was charmed by her fan girl awkwardness (as we all are).

14 Miley Cyrus Loving On Britney Spears

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First of all, who DOESN’T love and appreciate Britney Spears? The woman is practically an icon now. We watched her rise to stardom when she was a mere teenager, we watched her make a transition to film from the pop world, we watched her have a meltdown in her later years, and finally, we watched her come back at full force in her job. So seeing that Miley Cyrus is a massive fan of Spears and seeing her rock out at one of her concerts is definitely a relatable mood.

13 Ariana Grande Is Bruno Mars’ Number One Fan


As of late, Ariana Grande has been showing a lot of celebrities who are on Twitter some love, and they’ve been loving her back (and causing her to freak out. Did you see Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, and Mark Hamill reach out to her after her newest music video “Thank U, Next” dropped?).

This also happened when she gushed all over Bruno Mars and, to her surprise, he answered her back with his own praises for the singer.

It’s always good to see two celebs who are clearly fans of each other fawn over the other in front of the Twitter world.


12 Remember The One Time Blake Lively Pretended To Be Emma Bunton


If you’re a fan of either Blake Lively or her husband Ryan Reynolds, you follow both on IG–no exceptions–mainly to see them completely and utterly razz on each other on the social media site on a seemingly daily basis. However, one day, Blake blessed us with a “TBT” picture of a young fan thinking she was Spice Girls singer Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) when SHE was young. Emma, of course, left a comment of amusement on the picture, which prompted Blake to wig out.

11 The Kardashians Want To Adopt Millie Bobby Brown Too


As we said, EVERYONE wants to be Millie Bobby Brown’s friend. That includes the mega super Kardashian family. When Millie went on The Tonight Show, she explained to Jimmy Fallon that she was obsessed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians and even adopted a lot of their language.

Of course, the Kardashians got wind of this and freaked out because they too were mutually in love with her as well.

Finally, both she and Kim actually met up and fangirled over each other on Kim’s Snapchat.

10 Sophie Turner Straight Up Lost Her Mind Over Ryan Gosling


If any celebrity happened to run into any (and we many ANY) of the cast from Game of Thrones, chances are we’ve heard about it already online. Well, the opposite holds true of the cast of GOT. When Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa Stark on the HBO series) caught sight of Ryan Gosling at an awards ceremony, she couldn’t hide her excitement. Did the two meet up? Probably, but we love this “before” shot of her silently swooning over the leading man from a distance.

9 Emila Clarke Couldn’t Hide Her Affection For Matt LeBlanc


Like her other Game of Thrones co-stars, Emila Clarke has to be feeling on top of the world lately. She and the cast just wrapped up the final season of GOT, so not only does it have to feel bittersweet, but she must be fighting off fans left and right, including celeb fans that she, in return, is a fan of as well.

Just like Matt LeBlanc, who famously played Joey Tribbiani on Friends.

From the looks of it, she’s the one silently freaking out while he looks like he’s contemplating asking if her character (Daenerys Targaryen) sits on the Iron Throne at the end of the series.

8 Emma Watson’s Ardor For Dan Stevens Is Infectious


We all know everyone knows who Emma Watson is (and if you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple decades, she played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter adaptations), but a lot of people don’t know who actor Dan Stevens is. If you watched Downton Abbey or Legion, you’d know who he is. However, he starred with Watson in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast and every time the two meet up on the red carpet, she looks just as enthralled with him as she did in the movie. Oh, and yes, he is fangirling himself over Celine Dion in that pic.

7 Rita Ora Tries To Play It Cool With Jennifer Lopez


When you come face-to-face with one of your longtime idols, you want to be able to play it as cool as possible, especially if the idol is someone as cool as Jennifer Lopez.

This happened to be the case for Rita Ora when she happened to meet up with J-Lo one day and Ora had to keep calm when talking to her and when the two of them took a photo together.

Would we be able to do the same? Probably not. I’d probably be gleefully screaming at the top of my lungs and lose all chill.

6 Gina Rodriguez Is “Chill” When It Comes To Meryl Streep


Thanks to her role as Jane on the pseudo-telenovela of the same name and movies like Annihilation, actress Gina Rodriguez’s star has swiftly shot to the top of the food chain. Nevertheless, she still manages to adorably freak out when she runs into someone like, say, Meryl Streep on the red carpet. You can see the overwhelming look on Gina’s face as she makes Streep laugh out loud (WHAT AN HONOR!) with her hand gestures. Gina is basically all of us in this picture and Meryl knows it too.

5 It’s Clear That Millie Bobby Brown Is Calm When It Comes To Meeting Blake Lively


When it comes to award shows, a lot of celebrities look at them as an opportunity to rub shoulders with some people they look up to and admire.

In the case of the Stranger Things cast, it is an opportunity to meet some of their biggest fans, most of whom are celebrities themselves.

Take this photo of Blake Lively and Millie Bobby Brown. Chances are, Millie was walking by Blake and Ryan Reynolds’ table and the two started fangirling over her. Judging by the look on both their faces, the feeling was mutual.

4 Is A Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo Bromance In The Works


If you’re one of those fans who believes that somehow actor Paul Rudd stumbled upon the fountain of youth, you’re not alone. The Clueless actor has been around for years and yet he looks much younger than when he first started out (he’s on the verge of being 50 years old). You know who else notices this? Other actors. Take Mark Ruffalo for instance, who was simply walking by Rudd as he did an interview on the red carpet and couldn’t help but ask “Is that Paul Rudd?” while gazing at the man. Awwww…

3 Ariana Grande Worships Rihanna And Who Can Blame Her?


My first thought when looking at this is HOW CAN ARIANA GRANDE BE SO VERY CALM HERE? Usually, when anyone (and we mean anyone, including some very A-list celebrities) happens to meet singer/actress Rihanna, they lose all brain function and suddenly become a babbling mess.

That doesn’t appear to be the case of Ariana here, who is playing it rather cool (though we’d like to know if she was simply losing it afterward) when meeting and posing with Rihanna.

She looks like she’s trying her best to keep it all together.

2 Oprah Is Clearly A Rolling Stones Fan


This picture is nothing short but a crack up. First of all, these two are so exceptionally famous (and not even mentioning the fact that this is a literal billion-dollar photo) that seeing them fan all over each other makes us want to scream out loud with pure and utter joy. Turns out, Oprah Winfrey is a fan of other people–in this case, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. And we can bet he massively fangirled over the world-famous Oprah as well because, it’s true, we all do.

1 … And Yes, Everyone… And We Mean Everyone… Loses Their Marbles Over Beyonce


It seems like we can’t go one week without seeing a viral video of someone, in some shape or form, meeting Beyonce and actively losing their voice and/or minds over it.

Beyonce has rendered ENTIRE ROOMS helpless just by walking into them.

Celebs are no different when they meet her face-to-face (like Lorde here) and are even known to shed a tear or two when in her presence. This is all a given since we’re pretty sure she’s a goddess from another planet and not really from earth.

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