25 Celeb Ponytail Ideas That Even Noobs Can Re-Create

Who doesn't love a good ponytail? When it is so hot that temperatures seem to be doing nothing but getting higher and higher, this quick and easy updo can bring so much relief. It’s a simple way to keep hair off your neck during those hot Summer days - and it also has a way of instantly making you look polished and pulled together.

If rocking ponytails has always been your solution when coping with common hair problems - like facing a sudden bad hair day or getting ready in a hurry because you’re unbelievably late - then you’ll be more than happy to know that they are finally having a moment this summer. But to make this old classic look chicer and more glam, we put together a list of 25 best celebrity ponytail ideas that are absolutely killing it this summer. We have at least one for every occasion - and thanks to some clever styling hacks you’ll be ready to pull off whatever look you pick in no time.

From Olivia Munn's ultra-low pony to Gwen Stefani's retro-inspired hairdo (plus some ‘90s vibes comeback!) we have every hairstyle idea you could be asking for.

Keep reading to see how Hollywood stars are styling their ponytails this Summer!

25 Chloe Kim’s Loose Tendrils

Chloe Kim’s is the perfect ponytail hairstyle to copy if you’re in a hurry (or having a bad hair day) but still want to look presentable for whatever occasion you’re attending. Lift up your hair but let some tendrils run loose on both your face’s sides, so that they frame your final look perfectly. This last chic touch will definitely give your ponytail a sultry feel, while it stays a low-maintenance and easy-to-recreate look.

Our suggestion is to save Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim’s picture - just in case you’re running to attend a special occasion but your hair refuses to collaborate!

24 Jessica Alba’s Sleek And Straight Ponytail

Looking at her best while showing off a perfect smile, Jessica Alba decided to bless us with this iconic ponytail idea. And we’re happy as fish in the water. The long straight trendy hairstyle with side braid is cut through the back and sides, blending into the top jagged cut layers, bringing it a lot of texture.

However, bad news is this hairstyle might not rock on everybody’s face shape - so be careful. Particularly suggested for heart-shaped or elongated faces, it can also be shown off by slightly-square-shaped faces.

Pair this low pony with some simple eye-makeup and a nude lipstick and you’re ready to go! Jessica Alba without any doubt knows when to play up her hairstyle and when to keep it simple, and this sleek ponytail is just another smart proof.

23 Kendall Jenner ‘s Fairy-Tale-Esque Long Ponytail

Kendall Jenner has never stepped onto a red carpet and not turned heads - so she couldn’t allow the Met Gala 2018 to be an exception. She decided to put aside her usual lob for waist-length locks for one night and spice up her look a little bit.

The 21-year-old model - with the help of a well-trained stylist and some A+ extensions of course - fastened her strands into a sleek low ponytail, making her smoky eye, glossy lip, and flawless highlight look appear even more dramatic.

You might need to be quite handy and comfortable with using extensions to recreate this look, but it’s definitely worth the try (or a drop at your favorite hair stylist salon!)

22 Kourtney Kardashian’s Slicked Back And Poker Straight Ponytail

According to none less than Kourtney Kardashian, slicked back and poker straight is the best way to wear your uber long ponytail.

With a Kardashian-approved makeup - as you would expect - and the brightest smile, Kourtney, 38, rocked this long ponytail during the launch event for her first ever solo fashion collaboration with PrettyLittleThings.

The hairstyle has been sustainable enough to last not only for the whole duration of the event but also during the Paris Soccer Game the Kardashian sister attended with her boyfriend Younes Bendjima right after. Definitely recommended for a busy-but-glamorous day!

21 Gwen Stefani’s Retro-Inspired Ponytail

The only thing we can think of when looking at this ponytail hairstyle rocked by Gwen Stefani during Nickelodeon's 2017 Kids' Choice Awards is “I want one!”. To sculpt your pony into elegant textural layers - like Stefani did - you’ll need to use a few volumizing products. And don't forget to curl the bottom of the tail to complete the retro-inspired hairdo!

Turns out that’s not the only occasion Stefani showed off this ponytail style, though. Seems like, after all, the American singer is a big fan of this pony - just like us!

20 Rihanna’s Effortless Ponytail

Rihanna's ponytail might seem quite effortless and messy at first sight but definitely looks the part in the end. In May 2014 Rihanna appeared at Dior show in a tiny pink dress that was underlined by bright rosy lips and an unforgettable high ponytail hairstyle - which alone stole the show.

This ponytail trend has actually re-surfaced this summer - alongside with the scrunchie (too many 90s vibes to handle!). As usual, Rihanna loves rocking a trend before we even know is a trend!

19 Nicole Scherzinger’s Coordinated Look

Even though she might look like a new member of the Kardashian family - particularly for the hairstyle in question and her curves - Nicole Scherzinger is not. Ex-member of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole proved she can shine even while wearing a total-black outfit (the red lipstick is a nice touch by the way!).

Recreating this ponytail hairstyle won’t be too challenging, and we suggest you keep it paired with a total black outfit and red lipstick for a touch of glam. If your intention is to impress, then secure your ponytail with a barrette that matches your hair colour and you’re good to go!

18 Lady Gaga’s Back-Grazing Ponytail

Since dropping “Joanne”, Lady Gaga has proved the general public that she is able to go from one genre to the other with ease - a fact that holds true for her musical expression as well as for her sense of style. This amazing long ponytail with a touch of beachy waves is just proof.

Currently, the use of hair extensions seems to be a constant when it comes to achieving the latest summer hair trends - among which there’s this back-grazing Lady Gaga-inspired ponytail.

17 Olivia Munn’s Messy And Chic Ponytail

Olivia Munn's hairstyle may look tousled from the front, but is actually hiding a chic, messy ponytail in the back.

Known for her role in “Deliver us from evil”, Olivia Munn showcased her beautiful as original hairstyle on the red carpet for the 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards at Barker Hangar on June 16 in Santa Monica.

The actress and model even accessorized her 'do with a cute hand-shaped ponytail holder by Epona Valley - which definitely added a touch of class and uniqueness to the whole blow-out!

16 Jenna Coleman’s Loose Ponytail With A Touch Of Chic

Jenna Coleman officially proved there’s nothing chicer than a loose ponytail held together with a pretty black ribbon. The hairstyle in question is not only incredibly easy to recreate, it’s also immensely versatile. It is indeed suitable for all various types of situations.

Whether you need to quickly tie back your hair on the beach or while taking out the trash - there will be no moment you won’t appear classy in while wearing this iconic yet simple hairstyle.

15 Serayah’s Romantic Curls

At the 2018 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards, held on June 21 in Beverly Hills, Serayah McNeill could do nothing other than slaying. She definitely turned heads as she stepped in on the red carpet with her hair styled in a pretty low ponytail finished with romantic curls. For the occasion, the singer also rocked a beautiful all-black long dress, that almost seemed to be made for that hairstyle (or vice versa).

Serayah's hairstyle will look good with any ensemble and it’s particularly suggested to be showed off during a night date in the summer breeze!

14 Ariana Grande’s Iconic Hairstyle

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without an Ariana Grande-style ponytail look. I mean, it’s almost like she invented this trend after all. It’s no secret the high ponytail is her signature hairstyle and she simply rocks it like there’s no tomorrow. She likes wearing the fierce-looking pony almost every chance she gets.

For a cool modern twist on the classic and iconic ponytail, you can add metal hair rings - like Ariana did herself. Need convincing? Put on some cute cat ears - one of Ariana’s signature accessories - and you’ll slay no matter what party you’re attending!

13 Alison Brie’s Super High Ponytail

Alison Brie decided to bring a hit of the 60s to the MTV Movie & TV Awards’ red carpet with a super high ‘The Avengers’ style ponytail. The coordinated blue eyeshadow was also more than perfect to complete the look. The hairstyle was created by her hairstylist Robert Vetica using Leonor Greyl products.

“Our inspiration for the look was the ‘60s - we wanted to go very mod to complement her sheer Sandy Liang gown. I did the look in two separate sections—the ponytail piece and the base of the style.” revealed Vetica to Rouge18. On the same occasion, he also shared a detailed tutorial on how to recreate this high ponytail. Spoiler: it’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth a try. Don’t you think?

12 Kim Kardashian’s Cohesive Pony

In terms of beauty looks, there's a few we've come to expect from Kim Kardashian. Nude lips, a fantastic contour, and straight, glossy hair are only some of the trends she’s known to often pull off. But at the 2018 CFDA Awards, where Kim K. W. was to accept her Influencer Award, the social media star decided to veer in the complete opposite direction.

With the help of celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, Kardashian's hair was pulled up into a textured, messy high ponytail. The process of achieving the pony was shockingly simple, too. You can find a complete guide on how to recreate Kim Kardashian's sleek and cohesive pony on Instyle.

11 Mandy Moore’s Low-Maintenance Summer Hairstyle

We knew that low ponytails were going to be big in 2018, and the fact that the trend took over the red carpet at the MTV Movie & TV Awards is just further proof. The hairstyle proved to be versatile as well as chic, with various celebrities showing off their own version of it. Among them, there was ‘This Is Us’ star Mandy Moore, who sported a super-long, 18-inch ponytail down her back. Celebrity stylist Ashley Streicher was the woman behind Mandy Moore's waist-length ponytail.

Of course, extensions were the main protagonists, but Mandy's sleek ponytail is overall considered a sultry yet low-maintenance Summer hairstyle.

10 Fan Bingbing’s Haute Couture Superhero Ponytail Vibes

Probably the most original (with a subtle touch of glam) ponytail hairstyle on this list, Fan Bingbing’s is giving us some haute couture superhero vibes. The dark grey hair color and the braid used as a hair band to keep everything tied and clean are the perfect final touch.

It doesn’t seem too complicated to recreate, but a quick look at some Youtube videos is certainly mandatory. Perfectly made to resist the summer breeze, this ponytail will easily turn heads.

9 Hailey Baldwin’s 90s-Inspired Pony

It’s official. Stop the press, because according to the New York Fashion Week (and Hailey Baldwin!) the scrunchies are back. Yup, the go-to 90s accessory that you thought you'd left behind with stirrup leggings is having a moment...again - particularly for the summer.

American model Hailey Baldwin rocked the ponytail hairstyle in various occasions while walking on the red carpet, but this one seems by far her favorite way to wear it: tied together with a scrunchie.

Just a quick look at this hairstyle can tell how versatile, quick and easy to recreate it is. So no more excuses: rock this summer with a ‘90s touch à la Hailey Baldwin!

8 Jennifer Lopez’s Voluminous Ponytail

The American actress and singer looks just like a ‘60s doll with this hairstyle - while the bright eyes, full lashes and pink dress make the whole look even more stunning. The 48-year-old siren slipped into a very sleek yet simple light pink dress with a black lining as she shot scenes for her show World Of Dance, which she stars in and produces.

Lopez then decided to showcase the remarkable look on her Instagram account with a shot where the caption read: “Glamorous glam by @scottbarnes68 @chrisappleton1 @marielwashere @robzangardi @tombachik”

At least now we know who we need to praise for this amazing inspiring ponytail: her superstar hairstylist Chris Appleton, who pulled the hairstyle together.

7 Barbara Palvin’s Smart And Casual Pony

Barbara Palvin’s ponytail looks like the perfect hairstyle to pair with a simple sundress, sunglasses and a pair of gold hoop earrings - in the perfect Summer style. The remarkable touch of glam here is definitely her choice to have a slicked back hair band made of her own hair. That’s just genius.

If you don’t really like spending too much effort (and time!) on combing your hair, this is the perfect solution to keep the whole look smart and casual yet very sleek.

6 Karlie Kloss’ Lustrous Hairstyle

The hard truth is most hairstyles that look “effortless” at first sight can actually take, well, a lot of effort (sometimes even hours!) to do. Luckily, there are a few exceptions like the high pony Karlie Kloss wore to a Mayweather vs. McGregor fight pre-party in Las Vegas.

You can consider the model's tousled pony your solution when all of your attempts to pull of the perfect (but complicated) hairstyle you had in mind have failed, or you've got to cope with a bad hair day.

Kloss simply pulled her golden blonde hair up into a high pony and left what was left of her wavy blowout as is. A swipe of matte red lipstick - just like the one the model is wearing - can also capture the attention and save your plans. Our last advice? Add a drop hair oil to your hair before styling it.

5 Bella Hadid’s Passion For Hair Accessories

One of Fashion 2018’s obsessions is with hair accessories and many models seem to be already following the trend. We saw Hailey Baldwin’s passion for scrunchies, for example, and now get ready for Bella’s enthusiasm for bobby pins.

All eyes were on the supermodel as she revealed her incredible curves in a backless black dress at the Dior Art of Colour in China in February. For the occasion, Hadid's iconic signature high ponytail underwent certain changes: it had a slicked-back hair band made of her own hair. And of course, quite a few bobby pins were used to keep everything together.

Unfortunately, this hairstyle is certainly not easy to recreate at home - and requires quite some nerves!

4 Madelaine Petsch’s Soft Loose Waves

This is a hairstyle Madelaine Petsch likes to pull off pretty often, and we can easily see why. It’s neither too easy or too hard to recreate and is able to give every outfit a unique touch.

Also, those soft curls paired with the soft half-up ponytail look not unlike Cheryl's (the character she plays in ‘Riverdale’) signature bombshell waves. If you want to recreate this hairstyle, once you've secured your pony, be careful ro use a large barrel when curling your hair to create those soft loose waves Madelaine Petsch is slaying with.

3 Zendaya’s Summer-Appropriate Look

It’s a fact the ‘90s hairstyles are making a comeback right now. We’ve seen scrunchies, double buns, and now - thanks to Zendaya - the high half-up ponytail is also back in the spotlight. Super sleek on top with major texture in the bottom, the actress’ updo definitely turned some heads when she wore it for the New York Film Festival.

This is the perfect style if you feel more confident with your hair down, but you still want it pulled out of your face. The key to get that Zendaya's Rapunzel ponytail? Place it right on the top of your head and bring your luscious curls forward to sit on your shoulders.

2 Beyoncé’s Long Crimped 'Do

With its crimped texture, extreme length, and go-with-the-flow attitude, this ponytail was arguably the best and most stand-out party guest at Serena Williams’s New Orleans wedding.

Even though the megastar wore a low-cut Alexandre Vauthier dress (with a whopping price tag of $1,530) for the occasion, the real gem of this look was without a doubt the updo. The ‘Single Ladies’ singer definitely served some ponytail envy with this hairstyle!

Thank you, Queen Bey, for giving us such an iconic hairstyle idea.

1 Amandla Stenberg’s Iconic Hairstyle

If you think ‘bigger is better’ applies when it comes to ponytails, then Amandla Stenberg’s updo will be your favorite on this list.

Amandla Stenberg topped her two-part pony with red ribbon galore - all perfectly coordinated with her outfit. The actress looked fierce while stepping in on the red carpet to show off her look during the MTV Movie and TV Awards 2018, held in Santa Monica.

To recreate this hairstyle, you’ll definitely need to invest some nerve and effort in it, but you can also find step-by-step tutorials all over the Internet - so don’t worry!

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