25 Celeb Hairstyles That We’ll Be Seeing Absolutely Everywhere

Celebrities aren't just famous for their movies, products or reality shows—they're famous because they're fabulous! Celebs teach fans everything from what kind of relationships to have to what and what not to wear. They're the real trendsetters in the world and fans are (usually) all on board when a celeb shows off a new style.

It's still the beginning of 2019, which means there are going to be bursts of new fashion styles, new makeup looks, and new hairstyles and colors. Who is going to show the average folks whether a look is good or not? Celebs, of course! They're the ones taking risks and trying the latest trends. All anyone else needs to do is compare face shape and skin tones to see if fans can pull off their looks or if they need to tweak a little here and there.

So who is impressing with their amazing hair so far this year? What's the latest trend? What are the latest colors? What about throwbacks to styles that never really left the spotlight? Who stands out from the crowd to pave the way for everyone else? Here's a list of celebrity hairstyles the world is going to see absolutely everywhere:

25 Kylie Jenner's Raven Black Locks

Kylie Jenner

Let's face it, Kylie Jenner has been a trend-setter for years, and it's not going to stop any time soon. She could probably start wearing tutus over a pair of skinny jeans and the masses will follow her lead!

This year, she started fresh with lovely raven locks.

Anyone can get this look by using an at-home dye kit or by getting the professionals involved. Long hair, short hair, straight, curly—it doesn't matter! Raven locks look good on any skin tone, any length, and any style.

24 Leigh-Anne Pinnock's Waist-Length Braids

Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Go big or go home, right?! Why stop with a cute little bob of braids when you can be a beautiful goddess featuring waist-length braids? While Leigh-Anne Pinnock chose to go with green, you can stun with any color. The great thing about super long hair is that you've got the Rapunzel look going, which is always reminiscent of a gorgeous princess (and who doesn't want to be a princess?)!

The great thing about long locks is it tends to drive men wild and it can even help make a girl look a little taller.

23 Keira Knightley's Center Part

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley has shown off a few great hairstyles over the years, but in 2019 she chose to keep it at a medium length and utilize the simple center part.

While the side part has been popular for a while now, the center part can't help but come back every now and then.

It can add a polished look to an otherwise humdrum style, not that Knightley ever has to worry about that! If you're looking for a new look but aren't sure you're ready to cut your hair, go for the humble middle part.

22 Lana Condor's Windblown Look

Lana Condor

Lana Condor's short hair caused a small ruckus in many social media circles, but the overall look is simple and amazing. Not only does she look a little more flirty and fun but she does appear younger as well. This youthful style is perfect for a casual night out with the girls but is versatile enough to turn heads when you're out with your man.

Accessories aren't necessary, but can absolutely spruce up the look for nicer events and parties. Low-maintenance is always a fan favorite! We're definitely down with this simple, flirty look!

21 Dua Lipa's Textured Bob

Dua Lipa

Bob cuts are always fun, and let's face it, they are pretty low maintenance (perfect for girls who are always on the go!). What really helps them out is their versatility as well, so what are we going to see all over the place this year in 2019? That's right, Dua Lipa's textured bob. It's fun, it's easy to style, it adds a touch of mystery and tons of playfulness to her look, so why not go ahead and try it out for yourself?

Guaranteed this look is going to be everywhere this year, from schoolyards to the office. Don't hesitate, go for this fun bob!

20 Isla Fisher's Deep Roots & Highlights

Isla Fisher

No one wants the same color throughout their hair, so 2019 is going to be full of dye jobs. Isla Fisher's deep roots and highlight combo makes for a fun look that doesn't get old.

Even as her hair grows and the natural roots start to really fill out, she'll look perfectly polished.

This is a lower maintenance look that really pops when paired with natural skin-toned makeup and lush eyelashes. As shown above, it also helps make the more dramatic, darker eye makeup colors look amazing!

19 Khloé Kardashian's Pink Tint

Khloé Kardashian
Glamour UK

She's a Kardashian, she's got style, she's got flair, and she's got awesome new hair. Need we say more? It's no surprise that Khloé Kardashian has been leading trends for a while now (just like the rest of her family), so when she goes and tints her gorgeous hair pink, guaranteed there's going to be a huge following.

Move over rose gold, Khloé is calling for pink, so pink it is (and we're not arguing)! Men and women of all ages are already in love with pink, so there's going to be no hesitation when it comes to trying this super cute look.

18 Dove Cameron's Icy Blue Hair

Dove Cameron

When you're tired of changing up your hairstyle but still want something a little different, consider all the fun colors you can try!

There are tons of celebs rocking different colors as inspiration, but the one celebrity who stands out this year is Dove Cameron, who posted a pic of her gorgeous ice blue locks to social media.

Not only does it perfectly frame her face but the color makes anything she wears pop! Take a page from her book and give this ice cool color a try.

17 Jennifer Aniston's Dark Blond Look

Jennifer Aniston

If you're contemplating going blond but you're not quite ready to commit to color with the potential to wash you out, consider Jennifer Aniston's dark blond.

There are already a few other celebrities featuring this relaxed coloring and there are tons more waiting to give it a try, though this should come as no surprise.

Since "The Rachel," from Aniston's Friends days, she's been leading hair trends and inspiring fans across the globe with cute styles and color combos.

16 Ariana Grande's Ponytails With Accessories

Ariana Grande

Okay, so "7 Rings" singer Ariana Grande's high ponytail isn't necessarily new, but she always spruces it up with accessories and now everyone is starting to catch on to how cute this look can really be! Anyone can pull their locks up into a high ponytail. Scrunchies are coming back into style and a cute matte or bright color would look amazing with the ponytail look. Better yet, pair this look with a series of barrettes or a thick headband.

However you decide to accessorize your look, the high ponytail is going to spread like wildfire this year, and we're so excited!

15 Jasmine Brown's Box Braids

Jasmine Brown
Box Braids

Jasmine Brown's social media account is full of gorgeous hairstyles, so it should come as no surprise that she's recently decided to go with box braids for a minute.

It's a cute look on its own, but she's taken it an extra step by parting it, half up and half down, then tying a cute topknot with a large wooden bead in the center.

Though this exact look may not pop up everywhere this year, the box braids definitely will—and it'll look amazing!

14 Taylor LaShae's Wavy Bob

Taylor LaShae

Back to the bob! As we previously stated with the Kim Kardashian entry, there are a lot of cute bobs out there, but Taylor LaShae is definitely rocking it with her wavy bob! Who said only straight hair can get away with the bob cut? Pah! Throw in some textured bangs or simply layer up, however it's cut, anyone with curly or even slightly wavy hair can turn to this chic look.

There is already a following for this simple but striking hair cut and we are all guaranteed to be seeing a lot more of it this year.

13 Kerry Washington's Natural Curls

Kerry Washington
Pop Sugar

Have natural curls ever really gone out of style? Maybe for like a literal minute in the '90s, but overall, people have always let their curls be free.

Kerry Washington's tight locks are so gorgeous, she'd have to be out of her mind to straighten them out or tuck them away!

Anyone with natural curls will be flying them free this year, and plenty of people who have always wanted that look will be heading to their local salons to give it a try.

12 Rowan Blanchard's Short Bang Pixie

Rowan Blanchard

Not everyone can pull off short hair, but those who can are definitely going to copy Rowan Blanchard's short bang pixie style. Not only does it look absolutely stunning, but it's easy to recreate and spruce up with simple accessories. Short hair also has a few positive side effects, such as bringing more attention to the neck, jawline, makeup, and jewelry.

In Rowan's case, it also showcases her gorgeous eyebrows and dangling earrings. Anyone who loves to show off these features will be getting this cute pixie cut.

11 Lady Gaga's Sleek Up-Do

Lady Gaga

Proms, formals, weddings and other formal engagements are all great occasions for a nice up-do, so who is going to lead the way this year? Lady Gaga, of course!

She chose to show off some blue tint but that isn't necessarily the most important factor—check out her lack of fly-away baby hairs!

This sleek up-do is perfect for more formal occasions and can be utilized regardless of hair color. A tint would make this look pop, but of course, the style is the one that will be making headlines this year.

10 Matching Lipstick To Hair Color, Like Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna

Bright hair and bright lips make those dark eyes look both mysterious and amazing! Any color that doesn't wash out a skin tone can work this same magic, so of course, everyone is ready to give it a try! Why go with an average dye job or a fun lipstick color by themselves? Combine the two and, as anyone can see, the look reveals a stunning effect in which a woman's greatest features are on display for all to see.

Blac Chyna went ahead with the look and we don't think she regrets it!

9 Dakota Johnson's Dark Brunette

Dakota Johnson

Why go with an innocent but plain, simple color when you can be a little multidimensional? Dakota Johnson's dark brunette look flips the tables on the whole blonde fad.

She's taken matters into her own hands and has dared to flip-flop an otherwise classic color combination.

The brunette look promises a little extra fun and people are already jumping on this simple but effective combo. It doesn't matter how it's styled, but guaranteed this look will be everywhere in 2019.

8 Amandla Stenberg's Copper Curls

Amandla Stenberg
Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

Curls are already an amazing look, whether they're natural, synthetic, or the result of a talented stylist. With tight curls being naturally gorgeous, how can someone take them a step further? Just turn to Amandla Stenberg. She's gone with copper curls to start this year off and you know there's going to be a following not far behind!

While the color might clash with the deeper winter colors, spring is coming and she's ready to jump into the brighter tones and fun, sun-kissed vibe.

7 Demi-Permanent Gloss - One Of Kylie's Many Amazing Looks

Kylie Jenner

Kylie is known, in part, for her amazing hair. Not only is it always perfect, but she loves experimenting with different colors and styles. It's no wonder she's one of the leading influencers of her generation.

All she has to do is spray a little color in her hair and suddenly men and women are headed to the salon for the same look.

So, what has she done this time? She's used a pretty shade of blue demi-permanent gloss. Somehow we get the feeling this will be everywhere well before summer hits.

6 Rachel Bilson's Warm-Shades Ombre Style

Rachel Bilson

We all love the ombre look, in fact, many celebrities have been rocking this look for a little while now. So, what makes Rachel Bilson's hair stand out? Her use of warm colors! This is the perfect look for winter before spring has a chance to sneak in and make us all want to lighten up our look.

With a few months of cold left in the year, it wouldn't come as a surprise to suddenly see lots of warm ombres popping up all over the place. We're loving it!

5 Kardashian Sleek Is IN!


Having straight hair isn't enough for Kimmy K—she had to add her own personal touch with this sleek appearance. Nothing says "fashion trend" like adding Kim Kardashian's name to things! She showed up in early 2019 with perfectly straight hair—not a single one out of place.

She utilized the middle part and a subtle A-line toward the front to bring this medium-length hairstyle to the tip of perfection.

People around the world were impressed and they're already starting to mimic what's sure to be 2019's most popular look.

4 Emma Stone's $3 Trick For Fabulous Hair

Emma Stone

Emma Stone showed up to the Golden Globes looking elegant, as always, but what was it about her hair that really had people talking? We all saw the soft waves from the front, but what was her tip for the other angles? All she did was add a simple pearl pin along the back of her style, giving a delicate but effectively beautiful look.

According to PopSugar, all she did was add a little $3 Suave Flexible Control Finishing Hairspray to top it all off. If you can't seem to find this particular spray, thank all the fans who already rushed out to get some of their own!

3 Amber Heard's Blonde & Brunette Blend

Amber Heard

Do you want to be blonde or are you good to go with brunette this year? This is a serious question most of us ask ourselves but Amber Heard didn't have to, instead she just chose to fully embrace both.

Notice the way her hair appears blond in the light, but the shadowed areas reveal a rich brunette.

This gorgeous look is only fitting for one of the most beautiful women on the planet! But guess what? She's not the only one who will be sporting this look this year.

2 Chrissy Teigen's Feathered Bangs


Bangs can be tricky. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether they'll look good on a person until after they've already cut their hair. What to do? Obviously, the best and oldest trick in the book is to look up a celebrity with a similar face shape and hair color to see if the look works for them.

As a star, Chrissy Teigen had to go out on a limb with her feathered bangs. No worries though, since it definitely paid off! This cute style is going to be popular this summer, and we can't say we're surprised!

1 Ruby Rose's Pastels

Ruby Rose

The world has seen tons of hair colors. No one is really doing anything to make new colors stand out that much—until Ruby Rose posted a pic of her pastel hair to her IG account.

Unlike most hair colors, she didn't go with a solid color from root to tip.

In a departure from more popular styles such an ombre, Rose chose to mix things up with a series of light and dark colors throughout her short, gorgeous locks. While the haircut might not catch on this year, the use of color definitely will.

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