25 Celeb Eye Makeup Looks That Are So Creative (We Want To Try Them Right Now)

They taught fans how to dress and showed them what they didn't even know the masses wanted. And now they are ready to change the face of regular ladies' makeup routines too.

Who are they? Just average everyday celebs.

Only, they aren't that really. Because in this decade, having a signature style is the equivalent of being a snooze fest. And what's a celeb if not a trendsetter? We've seen it with Kylie, but she's not the only icon who gives fans #stylegoals.

So here are 25 celeb eye makeup looks that are so creative that fans will want to try them right now. Like right now right now.

These are not the everyday smokey eyes and colored-liner looks. The name of the game is vibrant these days, and these celebs know to bring it, whether with a jewel-toned smokey look in shades of blue and purple or a look created with fake freckles and space glitter.

And watch out for the seemingly simple ones. Those are the trickiest ones to recreate. Although that's not the case with all of them.

Ready to soak up some makeup inspo and get started shading with the freshest eyeshadow palette? Let's dive in!

25 Kristen Stewart: Chunk It Up


Kristen Stewart's dark brown roots fading out into a messy platinum blonde updo might have gotten everyone's attention at first, but the real star of the show is her eye makeup.

And what a refreshing change from her regular smokey eye, which we all know puts her right to sleep!

Here's the cracker though: that chunky silver look has been scribbled onto her lids with silver eyeliner, and then finished off with some black shadow on her lower lash line. Easy peasy!

24 Logan Browning: Pink Whimsy


Take the cue from Logan Browning and stop being afraid of the pretty pinks and the flashing neons. Because whoever said bright makeup doesn't go well with darker skin tones was obviously a simpleton.

As for this look, Browning's lip gloss and upper-lid shadow have been matched perfectly to give that monochromatic whimsical effect of falling cherry blossoms, and then blended with a contour shade of dark coral at the outer V.

23 Rowan Blanchard: Jewel Bug

Getty Images

Keep the lips subtle if your eyes are dramatic. At least, that's what the basics say.

But not when you are outfitted in retro chic like Rowan Blanchard and have an intelligent MUA like Amy Strozzi to paint you pretty.

Not that you need a professional to recreate this look. All you have to do is blend a transition shade so the eye compliments the lips. Just like Strozzi has done here by transitioning from the metallic blue on the lid to matt purple at the outer edge and crease so that the look works seamlessly with the ruby red of the lipstick.

22 James Charles: Stars And Rainbows


Makeup lover and YouTuber extraordinaire, James Charles is known for pushing us beyond our comfort zones when it comes to eye makeup. Because, sister, there's nothing better than a bold, colorful look!

Thus, this brilliant rainbow eye look with a cut-crease sharp enough to give us a sugar rush.

And in case you were wondering, to get that star at the inner corner of your eye, you just need to paste a sticker at the right position before you begin applying your shadows. And once done, just peel it off.

21 Kylie Jenner: Sunshine In My Eye


Brighten up your everyday look with a pop of color at the inner corners of your eye, just like Kylie's makeup artist Ariel Tejada has done here.

You can get the brightness by either using an eyeshadow palette that's highly pigmented or by using eyelid primer and then packing on the color a few times.

Be careful of fallout though!

To finish the look, blend the brightness with a more subtler shade on the lids and then finish up with a winged liner and some mascara on your upper lashes. Leave the lower lash line bare for a more formal look.

20 Lupita Nyong'o: The Visage Of A Queen


Look closely and you will see the reason why this clashing eye and lip look works so well on Lupita. The answer lies on her t-shirt.

Her makeup artist chose to work with the exact shade of pink and blue that's printed on her white t-shirt. And then took it all up a notch by mixing a hint of purple with the pink lipgloss just so it cools down the shade to match the iciness of the metallic blue on her eyelids.

19 Lily Collins: Just The Outline

Getty Images

Leave it to Lily Collins to show us that you don't always need to spend an hour on your eye makeup to achieve a dramatic look. Sometimes all you need is an extra flick of black liner.

And boy, does it look dramatic! Especially when paired with those ruby red lips.

It's a page out of the classics with an unconventional twist.

Plus, it's super easy to achieve (depending on how good you are already with winged liners). All you have to do is use the upper lashline as a reference to create the top wing and then start from the lower lashline to connect with the former.

18 Emma Stone: The Bokeh Effect

Getty Images

This spectacular glittering eye look on Emma Stone is the handiwork of her makeup artist Rachel Goodwin. And the trick is quite simple.

She started with a mauve smoky eye that went well with Emma's outfit and then embellished the upper lid, inner corner, and lower lashline with the Lemonhead LA Spacejam Glitter. It's remarkable what a little well-placed glitter can do for you!

Just remember to be careful with the glitter if you try to recreate this look. You don't want any of it to get in your eyes.

17 Jasmine Sanders: Now See Blue

Getty Images

We love this look! It's bold, bright, and the perfect way to jump onto the bandwagon of the biggest trend of this season–neon.

Now for the details: this look on Jasmine Sanders was created by makeup artist Hung Vanngo who is known for his bold brushstrokes and flair for the dramatic.

And he primarily used neon blue eyeshadow to pull this off.

To entire look was completed by adding just a touch of brighter blue to the center of the upper lids and by speckling the inner corners with a hint of silver. Beautiful!

16 Kim Kardashian: The Original Smoky Eye


Kim K and her faithful friend and makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, are the reason why contouring has reached cult-level importance in the beauty industry. But that's not their only contribution to makeup. Kim is also famous for her dramatic smoky eye look, complete with fake lashes as big as butterfly wings.

So if you want to recreate the above, you are in luck since there are enough tutorials to guide you through the entire process. Plus, Kim's makeup company, KKW Beauty has recently launched a 'Glam Bible Smokey Volume 1' kit to help you achieve the same level of perfection.

15 Simran Randhawa: An Artist's Brushstroke


Got a date but don't have any time to do an elaborate look? No problem. You can copy Simran Randhawa's beautiful and unconventional eyeliner look to go from girl-next-door to glam cat in under ten minutes!

The trick is to first create the perfect winged eye with a bold liner and then draw the second line along the curve of your brow bone until it gently meets the wing.

Think of it as the eye makeup version of overdrawing your lips.

14 Bella Hadid: Smoke And Wings

Getty Images

If the smokey eye look and the cat eye had a baby, what would you get? A smokey cat? Okay, that name's never gonna stick. But if the look is right, who cares if it has a name?

Plus, it's only moderately difficult (just because there's a lot of blending involved).

All you have to do is use a flat-tipped brush to dab black eyeshadow along the edge of your upper lid just as you would create a wing and then follow the curve of your crease only halfway in. Then use gray to transition between this shade and the glitter shadow on the lid.

13 Ruby Rose: Silver Highlights

Getty Images

This eye makeup look on Ruby Rose is so good that we couldn't take our eyes off of it for the longest time! But when you observe it closely, there's nothing complex about it.

Ruby's makeup artist, Jo Baker, has just used a blinding silver eyeliner to highlight the center of your lower lashline and the middle of her upper eyelid.

The rest of it is just black eyeliner and mascara. It's a great trick when you are not in the mood to spend twenty minutes blending out eyeshadows!

12 Scarlett Johansson: Two-Toned Smoke

Getty Images

Scarlett Johansson stole the show at the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War with this beautiful ultraviolet eye look created by makeup artist Frankie Boyd. And of course, she did! It's so jeweled that it's awakening the inner magpie in us. And also our inner Gollum! #precious

And the best part is, it's a moderately easy look that capitalizes on the contrast between purple and violet to create a smokey effect while simultaneously using the shimmer in the shadows to open up the eyes. Absolutely divine!

11 Yara Shahidi: Frostbite


Yara Shahidi's frosted makeup reminds us that smokey eyes and cat eyes aren't the only things you can do with your eyeshadow palette.

This beautiful photograph highlights the editorial side of makeup by using bold brushstrokes of slate gray eyeshadow over dark skin to create a minimal but dramatic look and then pairs it perfectly with a frosty pink gloss over the lips and some fake freckles.

Is it an everyday look? Definitely not. But it's one for those days when you want to add a bit more sass to your swag.

10 Lucy Hale: Emerald

Getty Images

Leave it to Lucy Hale to take bold colors like shimmering emerald and silver and then whip them into a girl-next-door look. Or maybe that's just her personality shining through those eyes while the backdrop is trying to tell a more glamorous story.

Anyhoo, you cannot deny that the eye makeup is sharp and on-point. In fact, the best thing about it is its minimalism because it's just an eyeshadow and mascara look without a single line of kohl anywhere.

But don't go on appearances. Because the effortless eyeshadow looks require tons of blending time behind the scenes.

9 Lily Collins: Retro Aqua

Getty Images

If it's Lily Collins, it has to be unconventional and almost not there. And Vincent Oquendo, Lily's makeup artist for the day, chose the perfect look to match that aesthetic.

It's quite simple really. Just a dash of pale turquoise across her upper lids and some white liner on her lower waterline to make her eyes look big and bright.

He finished it up with a bit of mascara to give her that twiggy finish popular in the '60s.

The rest of her face has been iced out to match the coolness of the eye look. So the entire effect is very china doll-like.

8 Barbara Palvin: It's Getting Warm In Here!


Barbara Palvin showed us how to turn up the temperature a few degrees with this beautiful, all reds and corals eye makeup look. And we can't wait to try this!

But before you grab your palette, be prepared for a ton of blending since this easy-seeming look was actually created by mixing and transitioning a lot of colors in the warm spectrum of the rainbow. At least, you won't have to line your eyes afterward though.

Pair it with a sleek, all-black outfit for maximum impact.

7 James Charles: Pots Of Gold


This look is so rad that we can't even! It's a serious talent. And the best part is, it's a complete package.

Right down to the pale pink lips that make the gold in his eyes stand out all the more better.

The trick here is simple. Use the gold to highlight your eyes up from the inner corner to slightly more than midway across the upper lid, and then smoke up the rest of the lid with black eyeshadow until the shape is a bolder version of the natural curves of your eye.

You can check out James' tutorial for the same on his YouTube channel.

6 Gabrielle Union: Look Into My Eyes


We are obsessed with Gabrielle Union's fashion sense! It's too mesmerizing. And so is this eye makeup.

Plus, remember how we said that only simpletons think vivid makeup does not go well with darker skin tones? Well, it bore repeating!

It's all just a trick of the light with this one. Light and shadows. Because while it may look like just a simple blue eyeshadow look from afar, in reality, there are different shades of blue in there, working together to highlight the right areas and darken the rest.

5 Gigi Hadid: B&W Cat Eye


We know what you are thinking. That this looks too easy. But don't be so sure. Take a closer look.

Because when you do, you'll realize that the black and white lines over Gigi's upper lids are perfectly synchronized with the curve of her outer lashes.

And that, my dearies, requires an extremely steady hand and the right positioning of the head while you draw away those lines.

But as they say, never say never. So practice away. Unless of course, you are great at makeup already.

4 Priyanka Chopra: Peacocking


There are so many things we love about this look on Priyanka Chopra.

We love the way the blue, green, and purple shimmer shadows are giving her eyes a distinct peacock-feather aura. We love the mauve lipstick in matt that's bringing out the chocolate in her skin. And we absolutely love the deep blue hue of the mascara coating her feathery lashes.

In all, it has a mesmerizing effect and we can't wait to try it!

3 Taylor Hill: Water Line


There's nothing complex about this look on Taylor Hill. That's why we love it so much. We know we can recreate it in a jiffy.

It's all about the liners with this one. Aqua blue and dark gray.

In fact, it's the latter which is more responsible for the success of this simple, everyday-gone-glam look. Because how many of us would choose to fill out the outer edges of our lashlines with dark gray instead of black? Not many, that's for sure.

2 Vanessa Hudgens: Monochrome


Sometimes simple is the best thing one can do in fashion. After all, it lets our personality shine like a diamond. And Vanessa Hudgens seems to be of the same opinion here with this simple monochromatic eye makeup look.

All you need to recreate this is cover your upper lids with a glittery eyeshadow that matches your favorite glossy lipstick. And then finish up your eyes with some simple black liner and mascara. Tada! You are now ready to wow your date with your fresh face and your intelligent mind.

1 Chloë Grace Moretz: My Lashes Are Blue Too

Getty Images

If Barbie was a real girl, she would hire Chloë Grace Moretz' makeup artist to do her looks in a jiffy after seeing this. It's really fresh and feminine, after all.

Plus, blue and pink work together in the same eye look only when you are going for the cutesy vibe and are dressed like a princess, which Moretz is here.

In fact, Elsa from Frozen would have snatched the look too once she saw how good it looked with that color.

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