25 Bougie Accessories To Satisfy Every Woman's Inner Diva

There is an endless amount of incredible accessories in the world, from the artistic to the athletic to the classic. And as all good fashionistas know, the way that you accessorize can have a pretty decent impact on how you portray yourself to the world, allowing you to potentially be someone different every day. Hence why fashion is considered the ultimate game of dress-up. While on most occasions simplicity will do, we all have those days where we're feeling just a little bit extra...or even super extra. Well, don't worry, we have you covered.

Whether you wear these items for just one season and are on top of the hottest trends, or are the type to invest in luxurious pieces to last you for years, buying excessive and eclectic accessories is a fun way to inject a bit of indulgence into your every-day. Heading to the Tennis Court? Dior visor. Beach? Missoni towel. Pool? Prada sandals. From mink slides to Fendi keychains, we've rounded up 25 of the most incredible, out-there, over-the-top accessories on the market. Whether you're shopping for a treat-yo-self moment, or simply looking for fun, here are 25 incredibly indulgent and bougie accessories.

25 A Totally Drool Worthy Gucci Fanny Pack


If you're going to wear a fanny pack, especially if you're going to invest in one, it should be Gucci. Although they make the it-bag in a ton of styles, you can't go wrong with the classic black and iconic Gucci stripe.

The athletic belt featuring the recognizable motif adds a sporty and casual feel, while the supple black leather is beautifully crafted.

Since fanny packs are everywhere right now, you don't have to wait until your next festival to wear it; pair it with trousers for work, or throw it over an LBD for a cocktail night. A definite step up from your average fanny pack, the Gucci upgrade will run you about $790.

24 The World's Cutest Chloe Coin Purse

Far Fetch

This round Chloe coin purse is the cutest thing, and if you can't quite swing a full Chloe bag's price tag at the moment, this little luxury is the perfect compromise. The palm-sized coin purse features plenty of the quintessential Chloe charm, packing in a number of the brand's recognizable traits into a small piece. The gold circular handle and attached charm are classic Chloe, as is the elegant black leather. The little details, such as the leather pulls and embossed decorative elements, come together to make this quite a polished and indulgent-feeling gift or splurge. The price tag of $300 on FarFetch includes import taxes of this French-made item.

23 A Banana That's Already Brown (But It's Okay Because It's Fendi)


Perhaps the world's most luxurious banana. This keychain by Fendi is super fun and just the right amount of kitschy. For the person who either needs a reminder to eat their Potassium every time they pick up their keys (K), or alternatively, for the banana enthusiast. If you know a monkey who's hard to buy for because they just have everything already, look no further.

The closure on this intricately created charm is actually its own decoration, the Fendi F in a circle.

Made of yellow leather and Fendi monogrammed jacquard fabric, this banana does not come cheap— it's $600 on My Theresa.

22 Up Your Tennis Court Cred With A Dior Visor

Far Fetch

Be the most extra player on the court in this Christian Dior tennis visor. The brim is made of 100% acetate, to keep your eyes protected from the sun and your *eye* on the ball. The elastic strap is wide enough to support the visor even in a heated match and to fit the Dior brand dame. Designed for *serving* sporty, casual and cool looks, both on the court and off, this super-chic visor is not for those not invested in the diva lifestyle. Available in a range of colors and priced at $320, it's almost convincing us to take up tennis.

21 Slip Into Luxury In Mink Fur Slides

The premier product of the Queen of Excess herself Zizi Donohoe, these colored mink slides ooze old-world glamour and luxury.

Made of real mink, these slides envelop your feet in first-class softness and splendor.

Worn best to the supermarket, pool, important meeting or anywhere else that mink slides may be totally unnecessary but absolutely indulgently enthralling. The shoes are handmade to order in the United States and come in a rainbow of pastel and jewel-toned colors. They cost between $1,290 and $1,490, dependent upon your shoe size (mink is expensive, sorry).

20 Zizi Donohoe Mink Fur Scrunchies

If Zizi's mink slides are slightly out of reach for you, may we suggest a candy-colored mink scrunchy instead? These furry donuts are made of the same high-quality luxurious fur and inject the same thrill of indulgent fun into any part of your day. The saga mink is ethically sourced for all of Zizi's products, and all are produced at her in-house L.A. atelier. The mink scrunchies are 3 inches in diameter and come in sets of two, sold for $100. They come in the same rainbow of colors as the slides, and if you're lucky enough to splurge on both you can get matching!

19 I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Fendi

Far Fetch

In an evolution of the extremely popular Fendi monster keychain, the new collection of Fendi keychains is effervescent and lighthearted without being overly juvenile.

This fluffy ice cream cone marries jouissance and luxury. 

The cone is made with embroidered calf leather, overflowing with a mixture of mink and rabbit fur in brightly colored "scoops." The whole charm measures six inches long and also features small metal studs along the top attachment piece. Although adorable, this piece does not come with a pint-sized price tag— get ready to scream for ice cream, because this piece costs $700.

18 A Prada Fur Belt

Far Fetch

A historic house of luxury and artistic sartorial creation, Prada is not a conventional fashion brand. They are, however, a true top-tier luxury brand, and everything that they create is of incredible quality and top-tier craftsmanship. This quirky-cool berry-colored fox fur belt is super cool and unique. Whether you pair it with a matching monochrome look or use it to add color to an otherwise black ensemble, this belt is sure to look hyper-chic. The minimalistic gold buckle is luxe without screaming with branding. Typically $680, this piece is on sale on Farfetch for $272.

17 A Missoni Beach Towel To Keep You Separate From The Sand

If you love going to the beach but need to be boogie at all times, might we suggest purchasing a Missoni beach towel? Perfect for lounging on the Amalfi coast on the beach of a 5-star hotel in Positano, no matter where you actually are.

They come in endless colors and patterns, as Missoni is known for their beautiful handwoven patterns and color usage, and are not quite as pricey as purchasing a Missoni swimsuit.

The beautiful towels come in a variety of sizes and prices, ranging from $165- $252. Perfect for lounging, even more, perfect for Instagramming.

16 A Baseball Cap By Burberry


Burberry is the house of British luxury, and what's a better way to bring freshness to modern street-wear than infusing it with heritage-heavy luxury? The new Burberry collection did just that, adding their signature historic motifs to urban pieces, making lust-worthy pieces that read as both luxe and cool. This snapback from the new Burberry collection is made in the brand's signature plaid in the Antique yellow colorway. Although the hat itself is simply made of 100% cotton, the Burberry brand name is worth its weight in gold, and what's cool is the heritage of the iconic design. If you need to up your cap game, this one is selling for $320 on My Theresa.

15 Prada Pool Slides


Ready to be the most bougie chick on the beach? Want to be the most over-the-top lady lounging poolside? Prada slides. They might not be made out of anything particular special (they’re the same kind of rubber that Adidas uses for their slides) but these are Prada.

Emblazoned with the iconic Prada triangle, this pair has a classic black base with a chick white strap and a pink accent color.

Although these might be pricier than your average pool slide, they’re a classic item that you’ll be able to wear for years to come. And really, your feet deserve them!

14 Louboutin Nails


There’s something classically chic about a bright red nail. The vernis color was actually the inspiration for Christian Louboutin’s iconic red bottomed high heels. The color is undeniably bold and noticeable, and it’s incredible how slight differences in tone can change its meanings and feeling. The Louboutin red displays power, sensuality and passion, and now, it can be on your nails as well as the bottoms of your shoes. With a boss mani, you feel confident, and with confidence anything is possible!

13 A Hyper-Chic Suitcase


This super glamorous hardshell suitcase ($125) from Net-A-Porter is fit to carry even your most expensive shoes.

The durable outer shell keeps anything from getting crushed, and the inner lining is practically waterproof, meaning all of your valuables will travel safe and sound.

The well-designed interior includes elasticized straps for organization purposes, and the whole thing is expandable (with the pull of a zipper) for when you've bought too many beautiful new pieces on your trip and can't fit it all in to take home. And honestly, the best part is the beautiful dark marbled exterior— you'll have a snap-worthy photo before you even get to the airport!

12 A Miu Miu Headband Fit For A Princess

Far Fetch

Take your Blaire Waldorf dreams to the next level with this glamorous and fun Miu Miu headband. Queen B herself would be jealous of this luxe look, which features a lush black velvet base and real pearls of increasing size wrapping around the band. This look says full indulgence combined with unapologetically girly charm. Whether worn to class or to a dinner date, this headband is refined but playful. Made in Italy, just like all Miu Miu products, this headband is available (including import taxes) at FarFetch for $380.

11 Gucci Socks

Hey, oh, you like our socks? Thanks, they're Gucci. In a surprising twist of fate and marketing, tube socks become cool again. Worn with slides or loafers, these babies are meant to stand out, not to hide under trousers.

The crisp white sock features red and green stripes above the ankle in the signature Gucci palette and pattern, and (to amp things up a bit) an embroidered roaring tiger patch is fixed to the outside.

Although these are perhaps a subtle way to get in on the Gucci patch frenzy, the wearer of these socks knows that the devil is in the details— true luxury is having $100 designer socks.

10 Slip Into Sleep With This Luxe Travel Set


This stunning sleep set by SLIP is designed for travel but would be an indulgent addition to your day-to-day sleep schedule as well. The beautiful fabric is specially created by SLIP, developed and refined over 10 years into their signature Slipsilk™, made of 100% silk. A nap's perfect companion, this set is designed to reduce tugging and creasing of the delicate skin on your face, as well as prevent damaged hair or frizz. With SLIP, you can wake up looking like you've actually had beauty sleep, not like the IRL drool and messed up hair look most people get after they wake up!

9 Louboutin Beauté Sheer Voile Lip Colour

Not only is this Christian Louboutin lipstick an incredible product, but it's packaged in the most stunning gold case ever. This lipstick in itself is art, and every bit as chic and covetable as Louboutin shoes.

The beautiful gold vial has a very unique shape, not designed to stand at one end like most lipsticks.

Instead, you have the option of wearing it as a necklace— the gilded product comes with an organza ribbon so that it can be worn as a pendant. The product itself is a world-class lipstick, enriched with natural oils and seed butters to nourish and moisturize your lips, plus it is free from parabens, phthalates, and DEA. At $90 per lipstick, this product certainly doesn't come cheap, but is fit for a queen!

8 The Season's It Bag In Black


Cult Gaia was the company that launched and popularized the circular straw bag for summer, which has only gotten more popular (and been copied by ever more knock-off makers) over the past couple of years. They re-imagined the circle bag in Bamboo instead of woven straw, and the Luna bag was born. Although Natural toned bamboo is the most classic and perhaps the most popular, we love it even more in black. This sculptural masterpiece is a wonderful indulgence, setting your summer bag game way above the standard. The bag itself is 100% bamboo with a bamboo beaded strap and designed to last for years. The price is $219.00, but if it lasts as an heirloom as they suggest, it's worth it!

7 An Elastic Gucci Headband (Because Why Not)

Far Fetch

As always (as per the last few years, thank you Alessandro Michele), Gucci is right on trend with everything up-and-coming in the world of fashion. And that includes the freaky and the fabulous.

One trend set to break soon is the athletic headband accessory.

Worn already by Kim (for the Create & Cultivate women's conference in Los Angeles with a silk suit), as well as Gigi out and about in New York, the Athletic headband used to be something reserved for serious gym trips, tennis courts, and bathroom sinks, but is getting a second (much chicer) life. This Gucci headband is ahead of the curve.

6 A Timeless Pearl Choker

Saks Fifth Avenue

This stunning, classic necklace by Majorica is composed of 14 mm Baroque pearls. The short 17-inch length is a timeless size, evoking old-school glamour and rarity. Whether worn dressed up or as an every-day luxury, these pearls will add elegance and grace to any look. The shimmering white pearls are organically man-made, grown in the asymmetrical baroque style to 14 mm each. The necklace features a golden hook clasp. At $340, this piece is not unattainable but maintains the haute style of a bygone era and will surely become a treasured heirloom, making for an unforgettable gift or an ideal commemorative treat.

5 Gucci Tights

Although perhaps not as baller as Gucci tube socks, Gucci Stockings are one of the it-items set to trend this Fall. The super covetable iconic Gucci monogram print is reimagined on stockings.

The neutral color palette is actually easy to wear, and they layer to spice up any outfit (whether the rest is Gucci or not).

Technically an accessory, these tights can be styled in a number of ways, which means that you'll find yourself wearing them again and again. And really, who doesn't want to have Gucci logos running up their legs?

4 Fendi Bi-Fold iPhone Case


Take your monogram game to the next level by extending it beyond your clothing and outfits— put it on your phone! This Monogrammed phone case by Fendi is the most casual (but simultaneously super extra) way to stake your brand allegiance. The Fendi classic monogram print is hand-painted onto embossed black leather, in a bifold phone case that will protect and dress up your most important accessory. Available for $270, the case also has interior pocket slots to combine your most important necessities. Made in Italy, this is a luxury that you can admire and use every day.

3 Gucci Glasses Fit For A Queen

These fun oversized Gucci sunglasses are almost as dramatic—and fun— as wearing a crown in public, but slightly more socially acceptable. The thick silver frames are decked out in tightly-packed gemstone stars, shining and dazzling while they frame the face.

The cat-eye frame shape is almost universally flattering, and the mirrored lenses are extremely on-trend currently.

These glitzy frames are super over-the-top and fun, but they also pack a serious luxury punch! With the Gucci name and immaculate craftsmanship, these frames definitely pack a punch.

2 Vintage Seashell Earrings Worth Their Weight In Gold

First Dibs

These vintage seashell earrings by First Dibs are an awesome way to celebrate and invest in Vintage jewelry that you'll want to wear for years to come. The seashell is quickly becoming the go-to sartorial detail of the summer, featured everywhere from mini conch shell chokers to golden spiral shell rings. The heyday of clip-on earrings, including shell clip-ons, was the 1980s when these beauties were created. This particular set features real gold detailing, in the contrasting wire trim, the studs and the clip-on attachments. Although they cost a pretty penny on First Dibs, (over $1,000) they're only going to gain in value as they become more collectible!

1 Vintage Chanel Earrings To Treasure For Generations


There is a treasure trove of Vintage Chanel jewelry on First Dibs, and nothing quite says vintage glamour and elegance like vintage Chanel.

These beautiful golden duster earrings were likely made circa the 1980s, featuring clip-on closure and a popular fringe-style attachment.

With a large iconic set of interlocking C's on each lobe, these earrings scream luxury. With attention to every detail, from the fine-crafted chain tassels to the filigree, these beautiful earrings are certain to make a statement!

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