25 Best Pics Of Kim Kardashian

Whether you're a fan of the Kardashians or not, you can't deny how enticing their beauty is. Everyone enjoys a sultry picture of a pretty lady, and Kim's famous for her selfies. Are all of them bound to make Kanye smirk with unsaid sweet nothings? These shots are the ones that are especially sultry and eye-popping. The best part is you've probably never laid eyes on these clandestine and intimate images.

This is the queen of the sultry picture. Her photo-shoots are known for breaking the internet, and her beauty is known for breaking basketball players' hearts. Kim Kardashian has more steamy photos than the world can keep track of — is it even possible to narrow down the twenty-five sultriest? Her angel face and famous hourglass curves will be on full display in images of Kim you've probably never seen before. If you're wondering how the model makes her perpetually peeved husband smile, she does it with the curves that will be fully revealed in this article. Not only that, but secrets about this power couple's relationship will be uncovered, and they're shocking. Everything from which clothes Kanye hates on Kim (and the photos to prove it), to the extra AF details about their wedding, these are the steamy pictures to go along with their love story. Here are the 25 sultriest pics of the only human in the universe who can make Kanye West smirk.

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25 This Is Kanye's Queen


The fresh, "I just got out of the shower look", is something that is bound to drive any husband crazy. If Kim came out of the shower giving you this look, what would you do? It's unlikely there's any look that Kim can't make look sexy. If us regular mortals tried to recreate this smoldering stare... it would look ridiculous. Kim has the 'it' factor, and Kanye knows it. Where do you think Kim's inspiration from her selfie book "Selfish" came from? She gave Kanye two "selfie books" in the past before she published millions of copies - one for Valentine's Day and the other for a wedding gift. We bet that Kanye smirked at every delicious selfie. You have to possess a certain level of confidence to think a selfie book is an appropriate gift for your spouse, but Kimye is not your average couple. They're practically royalty.

24 This Lady Knows How To Show Off


It's not fair how good Kim looks out in public when she's dressed casually. Tank tops and jeans suddenly look red carpet ready. This is probably why Kanye has been quoted saying she's the most beautiful human to ever exist. We know he's looking at every inch of her body in this sultry photo and smirking. I mean, who wouldn't? There's probably a gross amount of guys peeping at this and smirking to themselves. While Kim definitely has that resting mean-girl face, I think it only adds to the allure she's created surrounding herself. If Kim is Kanye's phone background, how does he even choose which photo to set it as? Well, honestly, the chances are it's not even close to PG. There's certainly nothing PG about Kanye's wedding gift to his wife, but you'll have to keep reading to see how naughty it truly was... with the photo to match. It's proof that Kim is the only thing that can make him smile.

23 This Is A Delicious Outfit


There is a reason she sets trend after trend after trend. I want to go out and buy this outfit now. You can say what you want about the Kardashian's (they're definitely not saints, contrary to some of their names), but there's a reason they've skyrocketed to fame and fortune. When you look this good, the world wants to see what you're up to. Honestly, if I was Kim's husband, I would be looking at how she's glowing in this photo. Her skin is radiant! Her highlighter is doing something right, and it makes her look so good, how could her husband not be grinning from ear to ear? The best part of this outfit might be the subtle yet sexy choker. Kanye must be doing something right. Why else would Kim rent out an entire island for her husband's birthday? Yep, she literally did that. I'm trying really hard not to be jealous.

22 Kanye Probably Wants Her To Wear This Everyday


KIM: YOUR GIRLS ARE BURSTING OUT OF THAT TOP. THEY'RE TRYING TO ESCAPE! Maybe it's because they want more time in the spotlight? This outfit is wild. Is she making a statement or hopping off the back of a motorcycle? Whether you think it's sexy AF or weird, Kanye is probably giving her a thumbs up from behind the camera. The sunglasses truly finish the bad girl vibe pulsing from this image. Somebody call this lady up and tell her she needs to wear more leather. You might have noticed that cell phone in her hand - did you know, that without Kim, Kanye may have never bought himself a cell phone? It was after Kim became engaged to Kris Humphries that inspired Kanye to buy his first cellphone ever. Why? He felt like he had to "talk to Kim or something." It looks like the conversation went well.

21 Why Leave Anything To The Imagination When You Could Flaunt It?


This outfit is showing off her unbelievable body from head to toe. It's jaw-dropping how toned she is. That sassy hair flip says "yeah, I know I'm hot." We're not wondering how Kanye knew Kim was the one - just look at her. But how did Kim know? She probably could've had anyone she wanted. Kim reportedly knew he was her soulmate the first night she stayed over at his place. Kanye had the heating on, and that's all it took for Kim to know she wanted him forever because Kim “loves only hot rooms and hates when the air conditioning is on". Maybe that makes sense, considering how steamy Kim is 24/7, but that's definitely a little bit... weird. While we can totally judge how strange Kimye's relationship is at times, I'd rather be scouring the internet for this outfit because it is SO CUTE. Kanye definitely agrees, but when does his wife not look good.



There are some photos of Kim that make your eyes pop out of your head. It's a sight that resembles the way her cleavage pops out of this outfit. From her chest to her hips, this fashion statement is wild from beginning to end. Kim can be extra AF sometimes, and that's a quality she shares with her husband. For example, at their wedding, instead of having place cards made for the guest seating, they had a stone mason engrave the names of the guests into a marble table. Who's idea was that? You could put money on Kanye. One of the reasons he probably loves his wife so much is because she's so extra, just like him - seriously, who else would wear something like this? If you think that's the only insane fact about this couple's wedding, you're wrong, because they wanted to have it at the Palace of Versailles, but were denied access to the venue. Yup, Kanye's probably smirking about how ridiculous he and his wife are.

19 We See Why Kanye Put A Ring On It


In a rare photo of Kim where the focal point isn't her body, we get to witness her face in all its glory. And it is glorious. That is the most smoldering expression the internet has ever seen. While the chances are it's been photoshopped and touched up here and there, because no one's skin is actually that perfect, we're positive that Kanye doesn't care. We've covered how Kim knew her husband was the one, but what about her family? A male needs the approval of the entire Kardashian clan before they can be married. Well, the latter answer is almost as bizarre as the former. Her family knew the rapper was Kim's future when they discovered “no one else would want to sit in her closet for hours and watch her try on clothes". It's impressive he has that level of patience. True love? The proof is in the closet.

18 Model Or Angel?


You should have kept your blonde hair, Kim! Everything about this picture is positively angelic, and it's sultry in a way no other photo is on this list. She isn't striking an overly seductive pose, her outfit isn't too flashy, she's just done up and smiling. Honestly, her face barely even looks human it's so pretty. Agree? Just look at her glowing skin and plump lips. Kanye probably has this photo framed in the bedroom. Do you think Kanye is never smiling because he uses all of them up on Kim? Maybe his face hurts from always grinning at this pretty lady he gets to live with. People can debate whether Kim is a model, an angel, or something entirely different, but while we admire her from a distance, Kanye gets to spend his life with this enticing human. A bit of the hateful gossip is probably jealousy, from both men and women.

17 I Know, It's Hard To Stop Staring


Kim out in the wild! It's a rare sight, but she's a vision as always. If you're out on a hike, it doesn't seem practical to wear a full face of makeup, but we imagine her setting spray is high enough quality to handle the heat and sweat. We don't need to spell it out; Kanye is smirking at this because she's beautiful and his. While Kim is putting the heat to the test on this hike, she's been known to put the heat on her friends as well. When North was born, she and Kanye sent different photos of a random baby to all of her friends. Why? They wanted to see which one would leak the baby photo to the press. Not just leak it, but SELL it. One of her friends did sell the image, and the fake baby North photo circulated around the internet for a time. Clever, but that was shady AF for Kimye to do.

16 Is This What Kim Wears Around The House?


Chokers and strappy tank tops seem like the appropriate outfit to wear around the house. Keep that cleavage out at all times, Kim. How much does Kanye worship Kim? He does much more than just smirk when he sees these sultry photos of her. Kanye once threw a birthday party for Kim and instructed everyone to come dressed up as her. Now that is devotion because most husbands would faint if they walked into a room and saw their wife a thousandfold. While people will try and copy her style, there will only ever be one Kim Kardashian, and Kanye is totally chill to have her all to himself. Maybe the rest of us should take a lesson from the queen; we should all start wearing these seductive outfits around the house. It's important to be looking your best 24/7, right? That's Kim's motto after all.

15 Kim Kardashian? Or Brunette Barbie?


Kanye enjoys pointing out that Kim's cleavage doesn't receive the credit it deserves. This would be a good image to reference when trying to prove his point. She looks so much like Barbie in this photo it's almost creepy. I'm almost wondering if this is actually Kim Kardashian or a mannequin engineered to resemble the socialite. Maybe it's a robot? Whether she's real or not, her perfection is radiating here. This is the type of portrait she should have on her business card. Of course, Kanye has the patience to watch this stunning lady try on clothes for hours. Sometimes, if they're in an empty clothing store, they conduct their own cute little photo-shoots. All us girls need to find a man who enjoys taking aesthetic pictures of us for hours. Kanye does some questionable things, but this proves he takes care of his queen.

14 Naughty Is The New Sultry


Kanye must lose his mind over every photo of Kim where her curves are on full display. So beyond stunning! This is sultry for a number of reasons. That is a serious "I know I'm hot, come hither" expression. How does Kanye even control himself around her? It looks like that ribbed body suit was made for the model; it fits her like a glove and showcases her figure. While some fans of the Kardashian's (if they exist) feel like they know the family, thanks to their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, many people wonder why Kanye is a rare sight on his lady's television series. As it turns out, Kanye has furiously refused to appear on the show because he hates the way it's shot. Aw, is that not your good side, Kanye? I imagine it's not artful enough for the rapper that claims he's the greatest of all time. He can spend the extra time on his hands drooling over this steamy photo.

13 Girl, Could You Be Any Sultrier?


I too like to look thoughtful while holding a shoe up to my chin. It's honestly a cute shoe, but you barely notice it because of her stunning face. We know Kanye is smirking at the photos of Kim that show off her body, but he must adore the photos that display her angel face. We know North is going to inherit her mother's beauty. Kim has taken great lengths to instill her fashion sense upon her daughter - when she was pregnant with North, she bought multiple strollers to ensure she had one that matched her baby's skin tone. That's right, North, coordinating outfits and accessories to your beautiful skin tone are very important. Why didn't my mother teach me this important lesson while I was still a fetus? Kanye has more than his wife's beauty to smile about; she's obviously a caring mother as well.

12 A Tropical Photo Is So Charming - And Stunning AF


What's the story behind this image? It's unclear, but Kim looks ripped. It's obvious from this photo that it's easy for Kim to drive Kanye crazy, but how does Kim drive him crazy in general? When you're married with children, it's not always love and roses. Well, Kanye once opened up about it. Does she leave her socks on the bedroom floor? Is her make up always left on the bathroom counter? Pfft, those are relationship problems for mere peasants, the common folk, like you and me. No, the one thing that drives Kanye through the roof is "sometimes a designer will email Kim a sketch of an outfit and he’ll ask to see it. Occasionally, Kim forgets to forward the email so he has to ask again and again." Yeah, I get you Kanye, how do you put up with that level of insanity? Oh, what it must be like to be the rich and famous.

11 You Do Look Good From Behind


Is this the dress from earlier on the list, but in black and white? That chair certainly looks familiar. It's amazing what a new filter can do to an image. Kanye probably gets on his knees and prays to Kim's behind every morning, because that beautiful bum is ART. It deserves to be worshiped. Kim has famously broken the internet with her various magazine spreads displaying her butt, and while she's received a lot of criticism for it, it's also part of the reason she's so famous. The debate over if her behind is real or not still rages on years later. Maybe only Kanye knows the truth? We bet he's a fan of every inch of her body, especially in sultry pictures like this where it's out to admire. Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but she knows how to make a statement with her body, just as her husband makes statements with his music.

10 Bath Photos Are Steamy By Default, Right?


I'm sorry, Kim, but that bathtub is outshining you right now. I would give my first born child to have that tub in my bathroom, and I'd take the champagne too. My feelings aside, it's clear why Kanye would smirk at such a sexy picture of his wife. The pose is a little odd, but it's artsy and stunning. Kim and Kanye have taken a lot of slack for their relationship, mostly because of how eccentric they are - Kanye in particular. The past year hasn't been easy for them; Kanye's mental health and the terrifying robbery Kim went through put a strain on their marriage. However, for the sake of Saint and North, they're working their way through the rough waters that are bound to flow through any legendary love story. When Kanye looks at pictures like this, he'd obviously do anything to make it work with his baby mama. All you have to do is look at the next sultry photo for proof.

9 If This Was Your Wife, You'd Be Smiling 24/7


While this photo of Kim is absolutely stunning, it's making Kanye smirk for a more endearing reason. Her sexy body is the obvious answer, and it's what the entire internet pays attention to. However, the reason that probably makes Kanye's heart skip a beat, is captured moments like this. Kim is a radiantly beautiful young mother, and holding North, their daughter, makes her glow. These are the two girls Kanye loves more than himself -- and knowing Kanye West, that says a lot. This might not be the sultriest picture of Kim on this list, and it might not make Kanye smirk with dirt running through his mind, but it's definitely the most beautiful picture of her. Kanye probably can't stop smiling with happiness when he sees this. Can you imagine how pretty North will be when she grows up? She'll probably be prettier than her mom!

8 If I Could Pull Off This Outfit, I'd Be Smirking Too


A high leg slit in a dress is one of the most difficult styles to pull off, but Kim works it like she was made to show off those toned legs. What's your work out regimen, Kim? I'd like to get in on it. This is a stunning photo of the celebrity. That outfit is positively delicious, and Kanye might like it more than when she isn't wearing anything at all. Are you looking for a little proof that these sultry pictures of Kim drive Kanye wild? All the proof you need is in Kanye's wedding gift to Kim - a specially commissioned painting of Kim in a thong, with "My Queen Kim" written on one side of the painting, and "Perfect B***h" written on the other side. Yeah, that's art. Whether or not you think that's an appropriate wedding gift is up to you. To find out more wild facts about their wedding, the next photo tells all about this extra AF couple. And trust me, the photo made Kanye's jaw drop - more so than this one.

7 Positively Steamy


Kanye once likened his love story with Kim to Romeo and Juliet. It's safe to assume Kanye has no idea what that Shakespeare story is about. While he spends his time nowadays making horrible analogies, Kanye has been obsessed with Kim since early 2004, like the rest of the entire world. He's even admitted it himself. I mean, look at this picture - if you're a fan of beautiful women, it's pretty easy to become obsessed with Kim. However, Kanye was beyond WEIRD about his obsession with his dream girl. Like seriously, you know how weird this guy was? He used to draw himself next to Kim on the yearly Kardashian Christmas card he would receive from them in the mail. I'm fairly certain that is not how the story of Romeo and Juliet goes, but maybe Kanye is reading a different version of the story. The version where Romeo spends his time drawing stick figure versions of himself next to Juliet on her family's Christmas card. Weird, Kanye, just weird.

6 Kanye Couldn't Smirk When He Saw This Because His Jaw Dropped


Um, hello cleavage. Does anyone else miss Kim's blonde hair? It was positively her best look, without a doubt. Kanye has publicly lamented that his wife's boobs don't get the credit they deserve. We can see what he's talking about. Her behind has generated so much gossip, that her chest is often left in the shadow of her rear. That sounds like a Greek tragedy. It's time for everyone to take notes from Kanye, because why not worship cleavage as glorious as this? While beauty is subjective, and women like Kim might not be everybody's taste, a loving quote from Kanye states that Kim is “the most beautiful woman of all time. Arguably of human existence.” Yeah, she's beautiful Kanye, we'll give you that. Part of the Kardashian's allure is their ability to take amazing selfies. Maybe if we could all take high-quality selfies like this, we would all be the most beautiful human in existence.

5  Did Kanye Buy You That Outfit, Kim?


I can't decide if those are sexy boots or socks with holes in them, but whatever it is, it's a statement. You know what else is a statement? Those HIPS! Kim obviously chose that outfit with the intent to show off her stunning figure, and no one is complaining about it. It leaves us wondering, though, did Kanye have a say in that dress? Kanye famously hired a stylist to clear Kim's closet of all the clothes HE didn't like. If they weren't his taste, he would get rid of them. That is a whole other can of worms that we won't open today, but it leads us to wonder, did he pick that outfit out? Honestly, it wouldn't be a surprise - what husband wouldn't want his wife flaunting her figure like that? Kanye's laughing at the world as everyone ogles his wife. "Yup, that's all mine," is what he's thinking to himself.

4 Kim's Husband Is Impressed


That glow! Girl, where do you buy your highlighter from? Oh yeah — your own makeup line! Women slave for hours in front of a mirror to achieve this look, and Kim pulls it off effortlessly. It's nearly painful to see how picturesque she appears in this photo. Girl, are you real? Even when Kim is wearing something a little cuter and a little less steamy, she still manages to show off her amazing figure. She's the girl-next-door but with a pinch of HOT added to the cliche. Kanye has a lot to say about Kim showing off her amazing body. He made an interesting comparison - he said that Kim not showing off her curvy body would be similar to "Adele not singing". It's unclear if we should agree with Kanye... is having a conventionally scrumptious body the same as being wildly talented? Whatever your opinion is, everyone can safely agree this is one pretty lady in this picture.

3 Only A Kardashian Could Pull This Off


These fashion statements are expected from Kim at this point. Does it lessen the shock value when we see it? No, because seeing a body this glorious is bound to stun anyone. Forget about leaving things to the imagination, am I right? What's the point of looking like a goddess if no one ever sees your inhuman beauty? Kanye might be the biggest fan of Kim's nudity. A direct quote from the rapper about his wife's body describes Kim as, “a Renaissance thing, a painting, a modern version of a painting". Right, whatever that means. Maybe you stare at this outfit and think, "yeah, a Renaissance modern painting thing, totally" - or maybe it's just Kanye being Kanye. It's not like the man is known for making sense. Whatever your opinion is on Kim's naked body, it's totally irrelevant, because it's just for her and Kanye to enjoy. I know, it's hard to pretend you're not jealous.

2 We Know Why Kanye Is Smirking In This One


Somebody call the fire department because we're already burning up. This photo is nearly too sinful to handle, and we're taking bets that Kanye has this hung up in their bedroom. It's probably framed and covers the entire wall, or maybe this is the picture featured on their yearly Christmas card. Kanye famously emptied Kim's wardrobe of any article of clothing he didn't like early in their relationship, and while it was allegedly because Kanye didn't like Kim's style, I'm thinking it's because he didn't want Kim to wear any clothes period. Kim's expression is so sultry it's hard to look away. You're glancing over your shoulder because you don't want anyone to know you're peeking at dirty pictures. This isn't the only sexy image Kanye is smirking at. It's difficult to believe, but they get a little dirtier as the list goes on, so keep the fire department on speed dial.

1 Is This The Sultriest Picture of Kim... Ever?


This might be one of my personal favorite photos of Kim. Not only does this dress fit her in a way that nothing else ever has, the soft pink and glimmer look is stunning with her skin tone and platinum hair. She looks regal and tasseled in this elegant setting, and if I was Kanye, this would be the background on my phone - lock screen and home screen. Are we going to beg the question about her hair? Who messed it up like that Kim, was Kanye running his hands through it? Kanye has an interesting analogy to what life would have been like without Kim. He said not being with the model and socialite would be like “Michelangelo being told he’s not allowed to carve with marble but told he’s got to use cement". It's difficult to wrap your mind around that one... but that's Kanye for you. Instead of trying to make sense of anything that comes out of his mouth, enjoy the beauty in this sultry image of Kim - and there's more where this came from.

Sources: Buzzfeed.com

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