25 Beauty Products All Women Will Need, Want, Or Hate in 2018

What woman doesn't want to look hot and feel good in 2018? We spent the holidays chowing down on turkey and chocolate, so now it's time to detox, reboot and gets rid of that bloat. While you're getting your body whipped back into shape, you should also take a look at what you're doing (or not doing) for your hair and makeup routine. It's easy to get into a rut and use the same old beauty products, again and again, recycling your look until you and everyone around you die from boredom. So dig into your vanity drawer, get rid of your dried-out mascara tubes and check out what we have to offer.

You're going to need the updated versions of basic supplies we've listed below if you want to put 2017 behind you. We're going to help you get your contouring game on point and have the best hair of your life! While we were researching the necessities, we came across some drool-worthy style tools that we can't justify buying. We couldn't help putting them on the list, and you won't be able to help buying them for yourself. Then we found some trends in beauty products that we hope end fast. Kylie Jenner's chest contours, anyone? So get settled, and see everything the beauty world has to offer in 2018.

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24 WANT: The Aurora Band Night Roller Will Give You The Best Natural Waves

So you learn that not everyone has naturally perfect waves in their hair, and for those of us who can't afford to have their stylist put in a set every few days, the only option seems to be curlers. As in, you roll your hair up like a 1950s housewife and sleep on a pile of plastic all night. When you wake up in the morning you pull out the curlers and voila! A set of totally artificial-looking ringlets. Yeah, we're going to pass - try the Aurora band instead.

All you do is roll your hair up around the band, go to bed, and wake up with a set of loose curls that would put Leighton Meester to shame.

If your friend always has effortless long waves, trust us - this is her secret.  

23 NEED: Kate Middleton's Makeup Artist Says Drop The Moisturizer And Cleanse With Facial Oil This Winter (We Suggest Herbivore Lapis)

If you haven't resolved to moisturize in 2018, be sure to add that to your list pronto. Wrinkle creams are a total scam. No one wants Botox. If you don't want to look like a paper bag by the time you're thirty the key is prevention, prevention, prevention. Kate Middleton still has gorgeous skin after two babies and running a country, so we're going to take a tip from her talented makeup artist: drop the creams, and go straight to facial oil. It's a time-tested method that pretty much every female celeb in her thirties has adopted in her quest to age with as few wrinkles as possible. Kate's stylist recommends a facial oil whose price makes us swoon, but you can get a vial of Herbivore Lapis for around $30. Still pricier than Vaseline, but believe us, it's worth it.

22 HATE: Glittery Lipstick Is Making A Comeback (Why Won't It Just Stay Dead?)

We don't know who came up with the idea of adding a crust of glitter to lipstick, but whoever it is should be banned permanently from everything. Whenever we go out on Saturday night, it's always the tackiest girls wearing glitter lipstick and trying to jump the line at the club. What was so bad about classic red, girls? The bouncer is going to be way more likely to let you in if you don't look like you're auditioning for an alien invasion. Not to mention,

your glitter is not going to stay inside your lip line. By the end of the night, it's going to be smeared all over your chin,

your wine glass and every single person you encountered in the club. Spare the poor soul who makes out with you from flossing glitter for the next week.

21 NEED: Be Proactive About Your Frizzy Hair With An Air Humidifier

Dry, cold weather spells doom for those of us with crazy, frizzy curls. If you don't want to go through fifty bottles of hair putty a day, you're going to have to make your environment much more friendly to your gorgeous waves. And if you straighten your hair, don't let those two hours spent in the intimate company of your hot iron go to waste.

The best way to cut down on static is to up the moisture content in the air.

We like to use humidifiers that have an essential oil option, so you can moisturize and keep your room smelling glorious. Anything that keeps our skin soft, our hair silky AND smells amazing is a must-have in our book. Get out there and find the humidifier of your dreams!

20 WANT: Lush Bath Bombs Turn Getting Warm Into A Spa Experience

It's winter, and unless you're lucky enough to live in Southern California, you're going to be cold and miserable on the daily. There's nothing like coming in from a winter storm to a warm house, and it takes us straight to cloud nine to climb into a hot, steamy bath when we're wiped out from the cold and a long day's work. With Lush bath bombs, you can crank your bath experience up to eleven. It's like having bath salts and bubble bath all in one, enveloping you in mermaid colors and some of the best scents on the planet. Light some candles and put a glass of wine next to the tub, and you've got a perfect evening. Make it the best night of your life by inviting someone special to join you in the tub.

19 NEED: The Latest Word In Hair Salons Is Natural Bamboo Paddle Brushes

Read our lips: bamboo paddle brushes. If you want a hairbrush that's gentle on your hair, detangles knots like it was born to the job, and lasts until the end of time, you need to go bamboo. Not a single decent hair salon exists that doesn't use this kind of brush exclusively. Plus, have you seen how classy it looks? This is a hairbrush that wouldn't be out of place in a swanky woodland spa.

Get a large one for brushing out your hair at home and a small one to carry in your purse. 

When that nasty buildup starts showing on the brush bristles, just take it into the shower with you and give it a good rub with shampoo. This brush doesn't shy away from a little water.

18 HATE: Let's Keep The Contouring On Our Faces, Not Our Chests, Okay?

Kylie, can we maybe use your family's ocean of cash to find you a stylist that isn't colorblind? It looks like she fell tits-first into a bucket of yellow paint at the recent Nip+Fab makeup company event. And she's not the only one. Chest contouring is the latest fashion in Hollywood and maybe it's just us, but we can't wait for it to fade out. Boob jobs are tacky enough. Painting one on with highlighter and foundation cream is beyond the pale. We can't pull up our Instagram feed without unleashing a torrent of makeup tutorials that feature some woman taking a foundation brush to her cleavage and doing glittery violence to a pair of perfectly normal boobs. And seriously, how do you avoid getting all that bronzer on your bra?

17 WANT: Look Classy AF On Your Bad Hair Day With A Stylish Wrap

Have you ever looked at your straightener and thought, not this again? Listen, you're not alone. Taming your frizzy curls day in and day out with an iron and a metric ton of hair cream starts to grate on any girl after a while. Fortunately for us, in 2018 the stylish head wrap is making a comeback. Once you learn how to tie a few nifty knots in your favorite headscarf, you'll never have to worry about waking up early to do your hair again. All you have to do is wrap, tie, and go! It's a look that comes together quickly and has a timeless elegance to it. Go the road of classic style icon Audrey Hepburn and current Hollywood darling Lupita N'yongo, and get yourself a head wrap for everyday wear.

16 NEED: The Right Shampoo For Your Hair AND Scalp Type

Did you know that dandruff shampoo could be making your dandruff worse? That's because flaky scalps are usually caused by harsh treatment with chemicals that are not pH-balanced. The medicated shampoos are for people who actually have fungus on their heads, and they're packed with acid. If you don't have dandruff that's caused by an infection, it's worth it to find a shampoo that is gentler on your hair and scalp. You don't even need a shampoo that lathers - the bubbling action of a shampoo does little to clean your hair in reality and was mainly included by manufacturers so that you think your hair is getting extra clean. If you have oily hair, you should be gentle as well. Strong shampoos can make your scalp secrete extra oil to protect your skin, so don't give it a reason to freak out.

15 HATE: Just Rub Sandpaper On Your Face Instead Of Doing This At-Home Chemical Peel

Who hasn't wanted to get a facial from the comfort of their own home? But there's a good reason we leave it to the professionals. Even if you follow the directions on home chemical peels to a T,

there's a good chance you're going to end up peeling more than you should off your face.

A spa keeps the humidity perfect and adjusts toners and moisturizers as the technicians go along, keeping the skin on your face balanced as they peel and exfoliate. You and your girlfriends are slapping on some goop from the drugstore that, trust us, has not been verified by any health authority. Women doing home spa treatments end up in the ER all the time because they opted for cheapness over quality. Don't let that be you.

14 NEED: Charcoal Black Head Remover Is Weirdly Satisfying And Totally Effective

Don't lie to us - popping pimples and extracting blackheads is so satisfying, it almost makes blemishes worth their trouble. If you want to keep your skin smooth while maximizing the joy of seeing the weird gunk from inside your pores revealed, we recommend you use a charcoal blackhead remover mask.

It feels so much better than a pore strip, and the charcoal component means that you're getting oil balancing and gentle antibacterial action while the mask is on your face.

It's so easy to peel off, and you can feel the stuff coming out of your skin as you pull. You can see the buildup plain as day. You need to clean your pores, so why not use the best on the market? Your secret desire to check out your skin gunk is safe with us.

13 WANT: Get A UV Gel Polish Mani-Pedi That Lasts For Months Instead Of Days

How much of a letdown is it when you go out with your girlfriends for a mani-pedi, then bang your hand on the steering wheel the second you get in the car? Depending on the salon, that's forty or fifty bucks down the drain, and you're going to have to pour smelly nail polish remover all over your hands if you want to the rest of your nails to match the ruined ones. If you get a gel manicure, though, you can go straight from the salon to the gym without a single scratch. The nail technician uses UV light to lock down the nail polish, basically baking it onto your nails. The only downside is that the polish is so durable, it has to be ground off if you change your mind about the color.

12 NEED: Get A Contouring Brush Set So You're Not Smoothing Out Your Cheekbones With A Paper Towel

Have you ever thought that if you lost a little weight, you'd have the best cheekbones ever? Well, ditch the diet and grab a brush set, because contouring has your back. With careful application of three or four different shades of foundation in key locations, you can create the illusion of sharper cheekbones and a smoother nose line. But you can't just use whatever brush came with your bronzer.

Without the proper tools, contouring can go horribly wrong.

Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian should've fired their makeup artist years ago - it looks like their contouring gets slapped on with a paintbrush. If you get yourself a good brush set from NYX or MAC, you'll be two steps ahead of the next girl when it comes to bringing out the lines of your face.

11 HATE: Instagram Is Having A Dark Eyeshadow Phase And It Still Makes You Look Like A Raccoon

You have never looked good in black eyeshadow. Your friends may have told you that it makes your eyes pop, that it gives you a sexy, sophisticated allure, but we're here to tell you that your friends are lying like dogs and you need to ditch the raccoon eyes immediately. We put on makeup to hide the bags under our eyes. We bring out our facial features by using colors that enhance our skin tone, not obliterate it. The only thing that black eyeshadow brings out is puffy purple skin and blue, pulsing veins. Not to mention it makes your eyes look small and beady. Why did makeup companies try to force black eyeshadow on us? Stick to using black for eyeliner and mascara, and put some color on your lids.

Okay, okay, we know that all we need is a natural eyeshadow palette with browns and pinks for weekdays and a set of shimmery blue shades for weekend smoky eyes. It's stretching our budget to even add a touch of purple. But what girl doesn't love to experiment? We can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than trying out all the amazing eye looks Instagram has to offer.

With the Chroma Color Eye Palette, it's easy to achieve all your wildest dreams.

Purple smokey eye with blue glitter accents? A red and orange sunset on your face? Even a daring silver base layer with gold going up to your brow arch? The possibilities are endless! It's not like we need to be able to do our eyes in bright green every day, but it's nice to have the option.

10 NEED: There Is One Foundation Brush And It Is The Bobbi Brown

There's a reason you can't go down to the dollar store and buy any old foundation brush. When you're blending two different foundation colors or mixing your base layer with blush and highlights, you don't want stiff bristles that wipe off the creams and powders entirely, but you also don't want a super-soft brush head that can't get the job done. The Bobbi Brown foundation brush is the go-to brush for celebrity makeup artists all over the world because it strikes the perfect balance you need for a seamless color blend. With the Bobbi Brown, your foundation will be so on-point your date won't even realize you're wearing any. If there's one thing from our makeup bag we can't live without, it's this brush. Add it to your arsenal and watch the heads turn as you walk by.

9 HATE: Girls Are Pouring On The Highlighter And They Need To Stop

We love contouring as much as the next girl, but there's accentuating your cheekbones and then there's accidentally becoming the next star of Jersey Shore. Here's a makeup hint we wish some girls would take: once you cake on enough highlighter that it looks like you're made out of copper, you're no longer contouring. You're becoming one of those out-of-work actors who pose as a living sculpture to scam Midwestern tourists for their hard-earned cash. Do you really need to be that shiny? Either buy some silver body paint and go all the way or tone it back down. Foundation and primer go all over your face. The rest is applied strategically. It's called highlighter, so use it to highlight instead of using it like the fill option on Microsoft Paint.

8 WANT: You'll Be Dying To Add This Understated Matte Lipstick To Your Daily Makeup Routine

What girl doesn't want to look gorgeous AND professional at work? Lipstick isn't just for date night and clubbing, it's for advertising your own personal style on the part of you that people see the most - your face! This matte lipstick gives off a casual daytime vibe that still spells major class. Lip gloss makes you seem like a little girl, while traditional shiny lipstick means you're trying too hard. Stick to this stuff if you want to look beautiful while being taken seriously.

Our favorite is the NYX lipstick, which comes in any shade you could possibly need and has the stamp of approval of both Hollywood and Broadway.

Whether you're giving a presentation at work or chatting up a hottie at lunch break, you'll exude beauty and confidence when your lips are looking matte-tastic.

7 NEED: You May Not Be Wearing Foundation That Actually Matches Your Skin Tone

Buy foundation in the summer, and by January you're going to have a line all around your chin where the color that matched tanned, summer you meet your pasty winter skin. Even if you do switch to a lighter shade for the winter, you might not be picking out the right color, to begin with. Do you test foundations and concealers by painting them on your hand? Big mistake.

Your hand could be as many as four shades darker or lighter than the skin on your face and neck.

If you have problems with uneven coloration, you might even need two different foundation creams that you can blend into each other for a more harmonious skin tone. Stop by a store like MAC or Sephora to get a consultation on your foundation cream. You'll look amazing once you finally land on the right tone for your skin.

6 HATE: People Think Blue Is A Staple Color For Eyebrow Pencils Now

Blue eyebrows are a good look for your niece's fairy princess Barbie, but no human woman should be sporting a brow color that doesn't appear in nature. We'll have plenty of time to look radioactive after some world leader presses the big red button. In the meantime, let's enjoy being beautiful while we can. Big, natural-looking eyebrows are in and you can get creative with highlights that accentuate your hair and eyes without ever leaving the spectrum of normal human colors. There are some great eyebrow pencil kits out there that have everything from platinum blonde to midnight black. As for rainbow glitter eyebrow pencils, we get that the makeup tutorial girls on Youtube get bored but that is going way too far. Forget the human face as a canvas for modern art. Save the weird stuff for Halloween.

5 WANT: Get Meghan Markle's Gorgeous Eyelashes With This Eyelash Curler

Whether you think Meghan Markle's the worst thing to happen to the Royal Family this year or you're rooting for her to become the next Queen of England, you have to admit that her eyes are absolutely beautiful. How does she get those lashes to pop in every single photo? We were thinking it had to be fake eyelashes extracted from baby panda bears, but she says that she doesn't even need mascara! Instead,

she uses the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, which you can pick up for about $20 anywhere that sells makeup products.

We want this big, bright, all-natural eye look so bad that we would take out a second mortgage, but at the price of sushi dinner for two, it seems too good to be true. This is an item that's going straight on our Amazon wish list.

4 NEED: Girl, Get Yourself A Waterproof Mascara!

If you're going to up your selfie game in 2018, you need a mascara that's not going to dribble down your face at the first hint of moisture. This is January, girl, get off your Christmas-cookie butt and get moving! Whether you're burning off those holiday calories at the gym, on the slopes, or throwing it down on the dance floor, you want eyelashes that pop in every Snap story. Every woman looks like a sultry seductress when she pumps up her lashes. And every woman looks like a pathetic wreck when her makeup is running down her face in rivers of black goo. If you have nothing else in your purse when you head out tomorrow morning, make sure that you have waterproof mascara - you'll be ready for anything.

3 HATE: Stick To the Laser Hair Removal Clinic, Home Laser Hair Removal DOESN'T WORK

We know you've seen the ads, and like us, you've thought it was a dream come true. Get your body hair permanently lasered off without the expense and inconvenience of going to a clinic? Yes, please! But we're begging you not to fall for the hype. We want to keep you from living our nightmare of burns, ingrown hairs, and big, furry patches. If you looked like Sasquatch before you use something like the Silk Flash & Go, you'll look like Sasquatch in the burn ward with leprosy afterward. Home laser hair removal is the biggest scam since doctors in the Middle Ages sold lavender sachets for driving off the Black Plague. The year is young, but we think that trying a home laser hair removal system has to be the biggest mistake we've make in 2018.

2 WANT: We Wish We Could Just Smell Like This Perfume Forever

Via: Instagram

We swear, there's just no way to win with perfume. Either you smell like your grandma's lavender water or you spend $500. Is it seriously that hard to make a girl smell nice? We went on a quest to find a reasonably priced perfume that still made us feel like goddesses.

It's still a bit of a splurge, usually retailing for about $75, but trust us when we say it's totally worth the cash. 

Glossier you is exactly what it advertises: it takes your natural scent and pretties it up a bit. Men don't want to smell a flower garden, they want a woman's natural scent. This perfume takes all the sexy parts about the way you smell and brings them to the surface of your skin, where you and your man can appreciate a complex and subtle fragrance that is uniquely yours.

1 NEED: Treat Your Acne While Making It Easier To Apply Concealer With This Primer

When you're breaking out, it seems like you only have two choices: go about your day smeared with acne cream, or slather on the concealer and clog up your pores even more. The thing is, ladies, we now have science on our side. There's a whole world of primer on the market with acne-fighting chemicals included, so you know that moment when you take off your makeup at the end of the day and somehow have MORE pimples than you started with? You're finished with that nightmare.

We recommend Clinique hydro-blur moisturizer, which is soft on your skin, hard on acne and helps you create a perfectly smooth surface layer for applying foundation. 

If that's not available, just check the ingredients list on your primer for salicylic acid, which is the secret sauce of pore cleaning. Get ready to never have a bad skin day again!

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