25 Beauty Hacks From Celebs That Are (Surprisingly) Budget-Friendly

We all love to look good. Some of us like looking good for ourselves, others like the attention they get while walking down the street, and sometimes a combination of the two is the reason why we spend so much time every day getting ready in the mornings before we head out into the world.

Besides the time and effort it takes to look good, we also have to often reach deep into our pockets in order to achieve these amazing looks we’re after. That is perhaps the most unfortunate aspect of it all. Some of these beauty products can cost a fortune and we definitely aren’t crazy about that. None of us like spending too much of our hard earned money, and it seems like celebrities feel the same way. You would think that with all the money they have, they wouldn’t mind dropping major bucks on some skin products but as you’ll see in this list, that is not always the case.

Some of the celebrities we have here have the best beauty hacks to help with your hair, lips, skin…you name it. And because sharing is caring, we couldn’t keep all these juicy and amazing secrets to ourselves. Oh no. We had to share this with our beloved readers so that we can all get out there looking our best while not breaking the bank. We now excitedly bring you the 25 beauty hacks from some of your favorite celebrities and all we can say is – you’re welcomed, ladies.

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25 Grapeseed Oil Does It For Emma Stone

Via ENews

We start this exciting list off with the actress, Emma Stone. We’ve all see how incredible her skin looks when she's in movies and the red carpet and if you thought that she uses a major brand to achieve her glow, then you’re wrong.

Emma has revealed in a number of interviews that the secret to her super soft and smooth skin is using natural Grapeseed Oil from the grocery store as her moisturizer.

Grapeseed oil contains Vitamin E and has anti-oxidant properties which are perfect for the skin.

24 Miranda Kerr Highlights With Her Lip Balm

Via Instagram

Miranda Kerr is arguably one of the most beautiful women alive. The supermodel revealed to Elle that she uses a lip balm to highlight her brows and cheekbones. Yep, you read right. Of course, she is very gifted in the genetics department as she naturally has striking eyes but to have that extra glow around her beautiful eyes, she turns to her lip balm. Just make sure that you use a natural lip balm and not lip gloss to avoid irritation.

23 Use Fragrances Like Jessica Chastain

Via TaringaNet

Everybody loves to smell good but unfortunately, the summer heat sometimes gets in the way of us smelling our absolute best throughout the day. Actress, Jessica Chastain, has figured out how to deal with that.

This is perhaps one of the smartest beauty hacks on our list.

Jessica simply applies her favorite fragrance onto a cotton ball and then places that cotton ball in the center of her bra. As the day progresses and you start sweating, that results in more of the fragrance being emitted from the cotton. All we can say is – pure genius!

22 Add Some Glow The Kim K Way

Via Glamour

Kim Kardashian West being on this list comes is no surprise. The woman pretty much looks perfect every time she steps out, so you know that she has a number of tricks up her sleeve. One trick she has openly shared is the fact that she adds sugar to her body wash. This helps to exfoliate your skin, while also getting a clean scent from the body wash. Brown sugar is the preferred option because it is more gentle on the skin, so this is perfect for those with sensitivities.

21 Use Ice In A Bowl Like Kate Hudson

Via Twitter

Okay, so this one is for the brave and if you’re bold enough to try it, the results will be worth it. In an interview with Redbook, Kate Hudson shared her ice water trick.

“A makeup artist taught me this trick: I fill a bowl with ice water, then dunk my face in and out of it for about a minute. It brings out all the color in your cheeks”.

The ice water trick is also great because it tightens your pores, reduces any swelling that you may have, and it also revives the skin, helping you to look youthful and fresh when you’re makeup free.

20 Blake Lively Loves Her Ketchup

Via Instagram

Condiments are amazing and some may say that they take a meal from ordinary to extraordinary. Have you ever thought of taking those condiments and using them on you your hair? Yes, we’re serious. Blake Lively regularly uses condiments such as mayo or ketchup on her hair. With ketchup specifically, it helps to color correct her hair if she recently dyed her hair. Apply this much-loved French fries condiment onto your hair from root to tip and leave in for 15 minutes before washing off with warm water.

19 Cranberry Juice Is Nicole's Go-To

Via Glamour

If you’re not crazy about putting some ketchup in your hair, then maybe cranberry juice is for you. Yep, cranberry juice is not only delicious but can also work wonders on your hair people. Nicole Kidman revealed to Longevity that she regularly washes her hair with cranberry juice.

This helps to bring out the red tones for redheads, strawberry blondes, and some brunettes.

Mix a cup of organic cranberry juice with a ¼ cup of water in order to achieve this.

18 Ground Coffee In Halle Berry's Body Wash

Via femmeactuelle

Halle Berry is a gorgeous woman who does not look a day over 30. To find out that the actress is actually in her 50s comes as a great shocker. Okay, so obviously genetics is a huge help here, but her other trick happens to be ground coffee. Halle adds ground coffee to her body wash and this helps to exfoliate and also smoothen her skin. We have no doubt that there will be an increase in ground coffee sales for the next few weeks.

17 Lady Gaga Can't Live Without Sticky Tape

Via Instagram

Lady Gaga is much-loved for her music and unique personality, and now we have to say that we love her a little more because of her honesty. She revealed to Porter Magazine that she uses Sticky Tape to give herself a face-lift. Why?

Well, Lady Gaga shared that she uses it to pull back the sagging skin around her eyes as well as other places on her face.

We know that sticky tape is a definite beauty hack item for many reasons, and we’re glad that we have now learned a new way to use it.

16 Chloe Grace Moretz Grabs Some Olive Oil

Via Twitter

In recent years, it seems like the wonders of olive oil have been revealed to us and we know and understand that it can be used for more than just cooking or as a salad dressing. Chloe Grace Moretz also discovered its powers. The young actress revealed to Allure that she uses the popular ingredient as a face wash. She explained that it has worked wonders for her acne. This is yet another reason why we just can’t get over olive oil.

15 Coca-Cola For Shampoo? Really Suki?

Via Pinterest

Now, even though we’re trying to lead healthier lifestyles and cut back on that sugar, Coca-Cola is a much-loved beverage for people from all walks of life. As we discovered, it turns out that there’s more to the beverage than we thought.

Suki Waterhouse sometimes uses it as a shampoo to make her hair look healthier.

Yep, you read right. If you’re going to steal this tip, make sure to also use your own shampoo as the drink won't clean your scalp, it will just make your hair look shinier because of the high level of acidity.

14 Extra Ketchup For Sienna Miller

Via Instagram

We’ve already shared how ketchup is one of Blake Lively’s favorite condiments, and it looks like Sienna Miller is also in love with it. Sienna always has ketchup not far from her as she has learned from a young age that it is the perfect ingredient to have for a dye job gone wrong. Sienna has used ketchup a couple of times to remove green tinges from her hair strands. We love our hair looking good, so it seems like we too will be requesting extra ketchup.

13 Baby Oil For Nicki Minaj

Via Pinterest

Nicki Minaj is one of the hottest female artists out there. She always looks her best when stepping out and we might have just discovered how she gets that incredible glow to her skin.

The answer is baby oil.

Nicki once tweeted, “Steaming hot shower, soap rinse, soap rinse, pour baby oil all over, don’t rinse, shower off, don’t dry, just blot”. All we can say is – thanks for sharing Nicki because this now means we can have that amazing glow as well.

12 Vaseline Is The Answer For Rachel Bilson

Vaseline has for years been a much-loved go-to for people from all walks of life as you can use it in so many different ways. We love it because it is definitely one of the most affordable items out there. Rachel Bilson also loves it, and she uses it specifically as a makeup remover. This totally makes sense as Vaseline is gentle on the skin, while also moisturizing. If you’re going to steal this tip, try to go for scent-free Vaseline as this will help avoid any possible irritation on your skin.

11 Margot Robbie Found A Gem For Her Lips

Via Instagram

Margot Robbie is one of the hottest actresses out there at the moment, so it is quite refreshing to know that she too has budget-friendly beauty tricks up her sleeve. The actress told Elle Magazine that she uses Bepanthen for nursing moms, to moisturize her lips with.

This totally makes sense, since nursing usually leaves the area dry, sore and sometimes cracked and this item is a go-to for many nursing moms.

It feels like we’ve just discovered an amazing alternative to the basic lip balm route.

10 Milk Facials Is The Secret For Cindy Crawford

Via USWeekly

If you’re one who loves using kitchen ingredients and incorporating them into your beauty routine then you’re going to love this. The fact that Cindy Crawford does this excites us because the woman looks amazing. Cindy has shared that when she can’t get a professional facial done, she does one herself. She mixes mineral water with milk and spritzes the mixture onto her face. This totally makes sense as milk has lactic acid which helps to exfoliate. This will leave your skin feeling and looking good.

9 Catherine Plus Bubbly Drinks Equals Great Hair

If you’ve seen Catherine Zeta-Jones on the red carpet, one thing definitely stands out – the woman has great hair. Catherine has openly shared in a number of interviews the secret to her healthy-looking locks and it was a total shock to many - bubbly beverages.

Catherine revealed that she mixes bubbly beverages and honey and uses that mixture as a conditioner.

Well, okay, so you may not smell as good in the shower but, you will definitely be looking good, so hey, maybe it’s all worth it.

8 Epson Salts For Gwyneth Paltrow

Via Instagram

Many would be shocked that Gwyneth is featured on this list. The actress certainly can afford the most expensive beauty products out there, but it turns out that she doesn’t always spend as much as we thought she would on her beauty items. Gwyneth uses Epson Bath Salts to help ease aching muscles. Epson Salts is also great because it helps to flush out toxins. This may be one of the best hacks on this list, so ladies – you’re welcome.

7 Eye Drops Help Ashley Benson's Zits

Via Vavetanews

Nobody loves a zit. Especially those big, red, juicy ones that seem to pop up at the worst of times. They are annoying, we hate them and will do anything to get rid of them, so we’re glad that there seems to be a solution.

Ashley Benson has found a neat trick to get rid of this pesky problem.

Ashley applies eye drops (yes, really) directly onto the zit and it helps to take the redness away and eventually reduces the size of it.

6 Tyra Turns To Petroleum Jelly For Those Eyes

Via Instagram

One of Tyra’s most striking features is undoubtedly her eyes. Of course, this is genetics, but we wanted to find out how she keeps them looking as beautiful as they are. It turns out that petroleum jelly is her secret. Tyra applies petroleum jelly on her under eyes to help moisturize and also give her a wrinkle treatment. Considering the nourishing ingredients that are contained in petroleum jelly, we know that you will be heading out to the store and getting yourself some as soon as you finish reading this article.

5 Salma Loves Mayo On Her Hair

So we’ve spoken about a couple of ingredients that work wonders on celebrities’ hair and it turns out that there’s another special ingredient – mayonnaise.

Glamour Magazine revealed that Salma Hayek loves using mayo in her hair as a hair mask.

Other ingredients that make it into this mask are – lemon juice, vinegar, and eggs. Salma highlights that this lovely mixture helps as it boosts her shine and locks in moisture. Well, she does have great hair, so maybe it is worth a try.

4 Tumeric As Toothpaste For Julianne Hough

Via Instagram

Tumeric for what? Yep, you read right. Julianne Hough uses Tumeric for toothpaste. We know, this is certainly “out of the box”. Well, this list has contained some rather interesting hacks from our favorite celebrities, so this should come as no shock. We guess turmeric is more than just seasoning. Julianne told E!News that she uses it as a base for her toothpaste and she attributes her pearly whites to her using it. She certainly does have great teeth, so we can’t argue with the girl.

3 Miranda Kerr And A Metal Spoon For Eyelashes?

Just like Tyra Banks, Miranda Kerr has incredible eyes.

The beauty has revealed that she doesn’t need an eyelash curler to help make them pop.

Nope, she uses a metal spoon. Miranda revealed that she puts the spoon on the cup of her eyelid and then gently applies her mascara. This spoon trick will do all the curling for her. You know what? We were a little skeptical when we found this out but come to think of it, this is actually a brilliant trick.

2 Hemorrhoid Cream Gets Rid Of Kim's Undereye Bags

Via HollywoodReporter

Of course, we had to have Kim K twice on this list. The woman is gorgeous and undoubtedly has some of the best beauty secrets out there. This time around, we are sharing her trick for great under eyes. Her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic revealed to Insider that he uses a $6 hemorrhoid cream. This item reduces wrinkles, is anti-inflammatory and also gets rid of puffiness. We like the fact that it is budget-friendly and has all those benefits, so we might just give it a try.

1 Bella Takes Makeup Beauty Tricks From The Japanese

Via Elle

The Japanese community has certainly blessed us with a lot of beauty hacks.

This time around, it comes in the form of what is called “Jamsu”, and Bella Hadid swears by it.

This hack involves applying makeup, coating a thick layer of loose powder on top of that, and then dunking your face into ice-cold water for around 15 to 30 seconds. You then complete applying your makeup. The powder locks in the makeup so it won’t get washed off and the ice helps to give you a smooth and shine free look.

References: ElleAllureGlamour, E!News, Insider

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